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From Orders to Delighted Customers.
Upper Handles It All in Between.

Say goodbye to chaos

Say Goodbye to Chaos

Say goodbye to chaos Why juggle multiple spreadsheets when you can run your show from one dashboard? Upper’s Shopify App is your backstage pass to focusing on what really matters—your business.

Run Your Business at your Pace

Run your business at your pace Don’t let orders dictate your life. With Upper, send completed orders when you’re ready and deliver on your own terms. Never miss a beat—or an order.
Run your business at your pace
Unleash efficiency click plan go

Unleash Efficiency: Click, Plan, Go

Unleash efficiency click plan go Introducing your Task tab—think of it as your day’s mission control. One click, and you’re not just planning routes, you’re owning them.

Seamless Deliveries, Zero Touch

Seamless deliveries zero touch Automate the grind. Completed deliveries in Upper auto-sync with Shopify, while your customers receive a polished proof-of-delivery link.
Seamless deliveries zero touch

“Upper’s Shopify App has been a lifesaver for our gourmet food store. With just a few clicks, we seamlessly integrate our Shopify orders, and route planning becomes a breeze. It’s saved us time and money, and we loved the real-time updates too.”


Michael Lannin,

Founder of BiteAized Co.
Michael lannin

Why Settle for Less?
Elevate Your Shopify Experience with Upper

streamlined order fulfillment

One App, Zero Hassle: Streamline Your Orders

Install, select, and voila! Your Shopify orders are instantly sorted in Upper’s Tasks.

Easy delivery management

One Screen, All Answers:
Easy Deliveries

Upper and Shopify work together like besties. Get quick updates on all deliveries without looking anywhere else.

Time saving

Fast-Track Your Day:
More Done, Less Time

Turn hours into minutes. Get more done, use fewer resources, and spend less money doing it.

Error mitigation

Precision, Not Guesswork: Flawless Routes Every Time

Say goodbye to manual errors. With Upper, you’re not just planning routes – you’re perfecting them.

Stay on top of thing

Full View, Zero Search: Everything Right in Shopify

No more hunting for proof of deliveries. Upper updates them right where you need it – in your Shopify store.

Keep your customers updated

Your Customers Are in
the Loop, Always

Eliminate the guesswork for your customers. Upper keeps your customers updated, from click to doorstep.

Meet the Future of Shopify Logistics:
Flawless Routes, Zero Hassles, All in One Click

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I install Upper’s Shopify app?

    Installing Upper’s Shopify app is easy:

    • 1. Use this link to open Upper in Shopify app store
    • 2. Click “Install”
    • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up and link your Upper account if you have one, or

    Alternatively, you can:

    • 1. Head to the Shopify app store
    • 2. Search for “Upper Route Planner”
    • 3. Click “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Can I select specific orders for delivery route planning?

    Yes, with Upper, you can select specific orders for delivery route planning. In your Shopify store, choose the orders you want to include by checking the corresponding boxes, then click “Send Orders to Upper.”

  • How do I start using Upper’s Shopify app to optimize my order fulfillment process?

    To begin using Upper’s Shopify app for streamlined delivery and route planning, follow these simple steps:

    • 1. Install Upper Route Planner from the Shopify app store.
    • 2. Log in to the app using your existing Upper account or .
    • 3. Within your Shopify store, select the orders you want to deliver.
    • 4. Click the “Send Orders to Upper” button to easily transfer order details.
    • 5. Once sent, these orders will automatically appear in Upper under the Tasks tab, allowing you to efficiently plan routes without manual data entry.
    • 6. As deliveries are fulfilled, both Upper and your Shopify store will provide real-time updates, including an easy-to-access tracking link for proof of delivery.
  • What are the benefits of using Upper’s Shopify app?

    Upper streamlines order fulfillment, saves time, provides real-time updates, and offers proof of delivery information directly in your Shopify store. It eliminates manual data transfer, reduces errors, and automates delivery operations.

  • How does Upper handle delivery status updates?

    Upper and your Shopify store stay in sync in real-time. When a delivery is fulfilled, the status is updated automatically in both systems. This ensures you’re always informed about the progress of your deliveries.

  • What kind of proof of delivery information does Upper provide?

    After fulfillment, you can access a tracking link in your Shopify store. This link provides proof of delivery information, including photos, signatures, and driver notes. You won’t need to access Upper separately for this data.

  • Can I integrate Upper’s Shopify app with multiple Shopify stores?

    Yes, Upper’s Shopify app allows you to integrate and manage deliveries for multiple Shopify stores, making it a versatile solution for businesses with more than one online store. You can seamlessly install and use the app across all your Shopify stores to enjoy its benefits for each business location.

  • Is Upper’s Shopify app user-friendly for individuals who aren’t tech-savvy?

    Yes, Upper’s Shopify app is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You do not need advanced technical expertise to install and operate the app. It’s straightforward and accessible for users of all backgrounds.