Key Result

  • 98%

    digitization of the delivery process

  • 2

    Times more deliveries achieved

  • 88%

    of planning time reduced

  • 64%

    overall productivity increased

The Challenge

Parkwood Products Ltd., a renowned door manufacturer in New Zealand, had a diverse client base in the form of schools, organizations, and individuals.

As described by Jacob Turner Steele, Supply Chain Manager at Parkwood Products Ltd., their primary challenges include:

  • Dependency on drivers: The company used to depend on the drivers to plan routes and execute them every time. This approach had limits since they had to depend on the knowledge and experience of that individual driver. It raises the chances of human error while planning the routes.

  • Inefficient processes: To this challenge, Jacob said, “Before we started using Upper, we were essentially pulling up Bing Maps, putting in the addresses that we were planning to deliver to and estimating the time taken to deliver and repeating it for every single delivery.”

  • Lack of control: The lack of control was also a significant challenge. Being a supply chain manager, it was difficult for Jacob to rely on drivers to plan routes every time. Moreover, he wanted to have control over the delivery process, as completely relying on the driver meant Jacob had limited control.

Though these challenges were not too complex, they were time-consuming. As per Jacob, time is money, so he wanted to find a legitimate solution that could help to improve overall efficiency and grow business.

With plans to introduce delivery trucks, they needed a solution to streamline their delivery routes and eliminate heavy reliance on drivers for route planning.

Jacob turner steele
Jacob Turner Steele

Supply Chain Manager, Parkwood Products Ltd.

The Solution

Jacob was looking to introduce trucks for delivery routes but did not have much expertise in delivering. So, he started looking for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that can help him plan routes seamlessly.

Upper was the kind of solution that provided a comprehensive solution to their challenges. Here’s how the supply chain manager described the solution:

“Introducing Upper to our delivery process was really good, which means I could take full control of what was going on, and I didn’t have to rely on the drivers. If I were away, anybody could step in and take control of the situation.”

Streamlining delivery routes with advanced route optimization

Before adopting Upper, Parkwood Products Ltd. used to rely heavily on manual processes for their deliveries. The drivers used to plan the routes manually, and they also depended on drivers to navigate the routes efficiently.

With the introduction of the Upper, the delivery operations have been transformed completely. The route optimization feature of Upper used advanced algorithms to determine the most effective delivery routes. This automation not only disposed of the need for manual route planning but also streamlined delivery routes for time and fuel efficiency.

Replacing paperwork with digital manifests and signatures

The transition from manual paperwork to digital manifests and signatures enhanced efficiency for Parkwood Products Ltd. Prior to adopting Upper, the company depended on actual paperwork for each delivery. However, the implementation of digital manifests and electronic signatures achieved a few outstanding advantages.

First and foremost, it improved the overall efficiency of the delivery process by significantly reducing errors and delays caused by manual paperwork. Moreover, this change brought about a total shift to a paperless delivery system, prompting significant time and resource savings.

Upper helped us digitize everything. We no longer needed to create manual manifests that drivers needed to carry around and collect signatures on.

Jacob turner steele
Jacob Turner Steele

Supply Chain Manager, Parkwood Products Ltd.

Preventing complaints with photo documentation

The “Proof of delivery” feature of Upper played a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction. This feature enables users to take photos of the delivered goods with the end customer, which confirms the proof of successful deliveries.

The ability to capture images of the delivery goods helped to reduce the chances of any type of customer complaints about the arrival of damaged goods. This not only streamlined the process of dispute resolution but also reinforced client confidence in the delivery process.

Subsequently, consumer loyalty expanded significantly, determined by a more transparent and responsible process that ruled out ambiguity or uncertainty.

Adapting to challenges like the pandemic

The adaptability of Upper was featured, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. Upper’s adaptability proved crucial to business continuity.

It allowed quick adjustments to delivery routes and accommodated new delivery stops as needed. This not only minimized disruptions but also imparted trust in drivers, thus empowering the company to adjust to evolving conditions.

Upper not only streamlined processes but also provided answers to explicit challenges, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction for Parkwood Products Ltd.

The Impact

The adoption of Upper ignited a comprehensive transformation at Parkwood Products Ltd. Their delivery operations embraced digitization, marking an urgent move toward a paperless delivery process.

The software boosted accountability by facilitating electronic signature collection within the application, eliminating disputes and raising customer satisfaction. Additionally, Upper exhibited its versatility, ensuring continuous service, even in the midst of unanticipated difficulties like the pandemic.

Performance Metrics

Metrics Before Upper After Upper
Average Route Planning Hours Per Week 10 hours/week 2 hours/week
Time Spent on Paper Manifests 15 hours/week 2 hours/week
Average Productivity 75% 100%
Customer Satisfaction 70% 90%
Probability of Customer Complaints 10 4

Overall, the Upper drove a multifaceted change. These improvements helped to streamline operations, intensify customer satisfaction, and cut down costs, laying it out as a foundation of Parkwood Products Ltd.’s success.

Efficiency is no longer just a buzzword; it’s our reality since when we are using the Upper.

Jacob turner steele
Jacob Turner Steele

Supply Chain Manager, Parkwood Products Ltd.