How to Get Medical Courier Contracts? – 6 Effective Tips You Must Know

keyKey Takeaways:

  • Give attention to building strong relationships with potential clients and increase the overall chances of winning medical courier contracts.
  • Ensure your medical courier business meets all the required regulations, such as HIPAA compliance and OSHA safety standards.
  • Have a clear understanding of the particular needs of each potential client in the healthcare industry.

The need for time-sensitive deliveries makes it important for pharmaceutical suppliers to partner with a reliable medical courier company. As this field requires 24/7 work and proper care, it must be run by trained professionals.

Pharmacies that used to focus on more traditional methods to find clients are now using creative ways to target customers. This is beneficial for both the end consumer and the medical delivery company. 

One thing is clear, medical couriers are here to stay for the long haul. A Statista report shows a revenue forecast of around $28.77 billion in the medical courier market by 2027. So, if you are wondering ‘how to get medical courier contracts,’ this blog uncovers 6 simple yet effective tips to get you started! 

Why are Medical Courier Services Growing in Demand?

The demand for medical courier service is growing due to prevalent chronic diseases and the need for immediate surgical procedures. The industry is an upward graph in the requirement of medical samples, medical supplies, lab specimens, and reports day by day. 

Many courier companies have started providing secure and timely delivery of these items. This is due to technological innovations that make it easier to fulfill same-day or 2-hour delivery. As a result, the logistics in medical supplies are likely to see an elevated demand and growth in the upcoming times. 

6 Tips to Find Medical Courier Contracts 

Grabbing delivery contracts from various organizations and regions will help you cater to the medical courier market. In order to get the best medical delivery contracts, here are the essential tips and steps that will make your task seamless. 

1. Prepare your business 

Firstly, you must ensure that you start your medical courier business with the required medical equipment, proper space, and delivery vehicles. Once you acquire the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance, check if you have the needed certifications to get authorization for this service. 

You can minimize expenses and meet customer expectations when you lay the right foundation in your courier business. So, taking the appropriate training for handling such materials will help you earn trust among clients.

2. Research the competitors in your market

Find out the immediate competitors who have partnered with medical organizations and centers in your region. Checking out their pricing and delivery service strategies will help you make the needed improvisations in your business plan. 

Additionally, you can do a competitive analysis that shows you their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With companies providing free shipping on orders, see if they are also offering the same. If they do, check if you can do that in the area you are catering to and attract many contracts. 

3. Bid for courier contracts

Many third-party courier sites, such as Shiply, can help you find suitable courier contracts in your medical services. These sites make it easy to connect with potential clients who are looking for reliable delivery partners to handle their orders. 

You simply need to set up your business profile on the platform and start making bids on the posted jobs. However, these websites may have a lot of competitors as multiple courier services would be bidding on one listing. 

To win the medical courier contract, ensure that your bid is as low as possible. You may have to pay additional fees, so ensure that you prepare a proper bidding strategy. 

4. Attract clients with a website and brand marketing

Although you are delivering medical supplies to customers, creating a brand value helps you stand out from the rest. If you don’t already have a website, ensure that you get it developed through a professional expert. 

Make your website user friendly and provide all the information related to your charges in specific service areas. Additionally, implement different techniques to attract user traffic to your website. 

This can be done by applying marketing strategies like social media marketing and investing in Google Ads. Consistency and proper planning in your marketing techniques will help you generate multiple medical courier contracts. 

5. Attract potential clients in your locality

Getting in touch with potential clients is one of the beneficial ways to find contracts. Devise a methodical process to do this. Start by searching local medical facilities such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, blood banks, and others who need your courier service.

Start by calling them directly or sending emails with proper information about your services. Your call or email must include the verbiage of scheduling a meeting on a specific time to discuss things in detail. 

Provide them with an informative portfolio that showcases your services in a clear and crisp manner. You can also follow up with the companies who weren’t available in the first instance. Your professional team must pitch your services to win the contract.

6. Make your delivery efficient 

Enhance your medical delivery process by optimizing operations and reducing manual work. When you provide super fast and easy delivery services, your clients are sure to spread the word and help bring more customers.

To build a worthwhile reputation in making quick deliveries and offering valuable services to your customer, you must use the right tools. A route planner can help you streamline your medical delivery process and bring the needed customer satisfaction, thereby fetching you more contracts. 

Make On-demand Medical Deliveries Easier with Routes Optimized through Upper 

There will be new challenges once you get your medical delivery contracts, as you need to make organized deliveries to your customers. A route planning software helps manage the processes associated with routing and delivery drivers with ease. Here’s why Upper Route Planner is a cost-effective solution for your medical delivery services:

1. Route optimization with no manual intervention

When you have a lot of medical supplies to be delivered, you don’t want to waste time on route planning, isn’t it? Upper lets you optimize delivery routes directly importing addresses from your Excel or CSV file. You can do this in a matter of seconds, and your drivers don’t need to find routes manually while on the road. 

2. Easy dispatch of multi-stop routes

Your dispatchers can send planned and optimized routes to a single or multiple drivers with a click. Thus, Upper helps dispatchers save hours of manual work. The assigned delivery drivers will receive their specific routes either through email or text. 

3. Cost reduction on fuel & vehicle expenses

The smart algorithm of Upper helps you find the best routes as per delivery constraints and driving preferences. With highly optimized routes, they can reach their destination without having to burn a lot of fuel. Thus, you end up saving a lot of fuel costs, delivering more, and boosting revenue.

4. Timely delivery of medical couriers

Timing is an essential factor in the pharmaceutical service industry. Upper helps you find the most efficient routes that can help deliver packages to your customers on time. You can also set priority levels in case of urgent requests, thereby making your customers happy.

Streamline Your Medical Delivery Process with Upper

Want to optimize your medical courier services using less resources? Upper is a perfect fit to streamline the process and achieve delivery targets in less time.


Yes, as the need for medical supplies is growing each day, a medical delivery service can result in a profitable business venture. You don’t need huge startup costs to begin with. You just need enough storage space and a facility from where you can perform your daily delivery operations.

Certifications in HIPAA regulations, biohazard containment, and OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Handling are normally required to build a trustworthy client base.

A few businesses offering medical courier services include the below:

  • FedEx Corporation
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • MedSpeed


When it comes to finding contracts and getting started with your medical delivery services, you are bound to face challenges in managing it all. You need the latest technology to automate your tasks and ensure least errors in the job. 

While you can’t focus solely on manual work, streamlining your delivery routing process using an advanced route optimization software is the key. Software like Upper doesn’t just help you plan optimized delivery routes, but also helps survive the soaring competition in the pharmacy industry. 

With Upper as your route planning companion, you can release the burden of making timely deliveries to your medical clients. You can simplify your delivery routing tasks, experience cost reduction during deliveries, and enable a great customer experience. 

Make use of the incredible features of Upper by signing up for a 7 days free trial.

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