Real-Time Visibility: How Does it Help You Transform the Supply Chain Process?

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Real-time visibility ensures accurate tracking, minimizing delays and providing customers with timely updates for a better experience.
  • From minimized risks to informed decision-making, real-time insights optimize supply chain processes, reducing delays and potential revenue loss.
  • Utilizing tools like Upper for route optimization and live tracking streamlines operations, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Businesses that are associated with pickups and deliveries will know how difficult it is to get transparency in the supply chain process. But recent technological developments have helped us overcome the challenge of not knowing whether the package has been delivered or not.

Have you been in the delivery industry for a while? Then, you may know that modern customers need full access to the delivery process along with accurate information at their fingertips. Failing to do so can lead to existing customers churning out, eventually damaging your business reputation. 

Otherwise, your customers will not prefer your service in the future, and you might lose the competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. So, the reason is clear why you need real time visibility in your supply chain management.

Without real-time visibility in your supply chain management, you risk losing customer preference in the future and compromising your competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The necessity for real-time visibility becomes evident.

Speaking about real time visibility, it gives you a clear picture of ongoing operations so that you don’t require to take continuous follow-ups with drivers. As a result, you can have an increased delivery efficiency and better user experience without doing manual things. 

In this blog, we will shed light on what exactly real time visibility is and its increasing importance for delivery businesses. So, let’s begin with a definition.

What is Real Time Visibility?

Real time visibility refers to having the ability to track and trace delivery activities on the ground level, providing a clear picture of how the delivery process is taking place from the warehouse to the customer’s location. 

Having real-time visibility means having a virtual assistant that monitors the movement of your products and keeps you informed about whether the package has been released from the warehouse or not. This process enhances transparency in the supply chain, allowing you to take prompt action if anything goes wrong at any stage.

How it works?

At first glance, it may look like a complex process, but it is pretty simple to know how things are going on the field without interrupting the process. Also, your buyers would have peace of mind that their order will be delivered on time.

Real time visibility process is quite simple. What it does is collect the information from data-tracking devices, store it on a cloud-based platform, and then transmit it to the web app, where you can access the real-time data remotely. Let us take an example to understand the process easily. 

Imagine you deliver shoes to the buyer. You can attach a GPS device to the container on the truck, which goes all the way to the buyer’s location. And that’s how you can have real time visibility of the journey of the purchased items. In short, you can view the delivery status of the package anytime, as real time visibility will keep you posted with live updates. 

Why is Real Time Visibility So Important for Your Business?

Having real time information on hand can have significant benefits for your business operations to run efficiently. It is an added advantage when it comes to surviving today’s cut-throat competition. Here is why your business needs real-time visibility. 

1. Minimized risks

Real time visibility can help you minimize risk factors such as operational risk in case of unforeseen events, as it allows you to check and confirm how big the issue is before it results in business loss. If you do not have full visibility of the ongoing process, then managing the delivery schedule is not that easy. All you have to do is plan routes manually from scratch and provide updates to your time. Ultimately increasing customer waiting time, which can put your business at reputation risk. 

2. Better decision-making

A real time visibility offers detailed insights so that better decisions will lead to achieving business goals. You can ensure that the necessary laws and regulations are followed by your delivery team. By doing so, you can avoid hefty penalties and conduct smooth delivery operations. Since you get minute-by-minute updates on your screen, it is easy to make better decisions based on updated information. 

3. Enhanced user experience

When you do not offer any updates on product shipping, think how frustrating it would be for your customers to stay in the dark, having no idea whether the product is out for delivery or not. Real time shipment visibility wipes off such issues by letting modern buyers know how long their order will take to arrive at their location.

What Difficulties Do Businesses Face When They Lack Real-time Visibility?

Businesses can encounter several bottlenecks in the supply chain if they lack real-time visibility in their logistics operations. Let us discuss what could be the major challenges when you don’t have real-time visibility.

1. Delivery delays

In case your business lacks real time visibility, communication gaps are more likely to interrupt the delivery process. It is obvious that you will find it difficult to track the shipping process and have no idea if the driver is going as per schedule or not. If there is an issue with the vehicle, you will take more time to figure out what’s actually happened, resulting in supply chain disruptions and delivery delays. Also, it will include taking follow-ups from drivers and manually creating an alternate route if needed. 

2. Lower customer retention rate

Keeping your existing customers in the dark while performing delivery can lead to business loss. This is because when you don’t provide customers with accurate details about the product delivery, chances are they may churn out. If the process continues for a long time, your business might take a hit and result in a poor customer retention rate. Eventually, you will fall short of business success.

3. Revenue loss

When you have drivers taking longer routes for deliveries, your financial plan might be affected. This is because of poorly planned routes, which let vehicles spend more time on the road and have higher fuel consumption. Thus, you need to spend more money on vehicle maintenance and fuel charges. All these factors can jointly contribute to unnecessary expenses that will result in revenue loss.

How to Use Real Time Visibility in Streamlining Supply Chain Management

As a business owner, if you are willing to adopt real time visibility, then it’s crucial to approach it strategically. Firstly, you need reliable software that helps to manage things, streamline processes, and easy operations. As a result, we can grow our business. Here is how you can make the most of real time visibility in the right way. 

  1. Identify the supply chain process to spot if there are any loopholes that need to be fixed before adopting real time visibility into your daily operations. By doing so, you know where it can make the most significant impact. 
  1. Once done, start analyzing how you will use real time visibility at various stages in your supply chain. At this point, consider inventory management, order fulfillment, and fleet management.
  1. When you are ready with the new strategy, carefully choose the right software and tools as per your business requirements. You can get advanced software that helps you keep an eye on the shipping process. Also, you must check if the chosen software can be integrated with your own system.
  1. Depending on your needs, consider equipping your supply chains with tracking devices, such as GPS trackers for containers and RFID tags for items. These real time visibility tools enhance tracking capabilities.
  1. Thereafter, start implementing real time visibility in the entire supply chain process.  Provide training to your employees to ensure they can track product shipments and manage fleets for efficient deliveries.

Get Real Time Visibility of Your Supply Chain with Upper

If you are facing difficulties in your supply chain operations, we recommend you try Upper to see the delivery progress in real time. Upper, a route optimization software, not only helps you get transparency throughout the delivery process but also keeps the routing chaos at bay.

Loaded with the advanced feature set, Upper helps you perform a fully automated delivery process that has no room for human errors. The best thing is you get real-time updates on the product movement so that you can rest assured about the timely delivery completion. On the other hand, you can even send customer notifications to keep your buyers posted throughout the entire process.

Here are some features offered by Upper that are worth having while performing multi-stop deliveries.

1. Real time driver tracker

Upper allows you to spot the driver’s location in between the ongoing delivery process. In fact, you can send drivers important instructions on the go. This process helps you reduce the communication gaps and helps drivers reach their destination faster. In case your drivers are idle for a long time, you can contact them immediately to know if there is an issue with the vehicle.

2. Customer alerts

Upper solves your major issue of delivering customer updates. You read that right, the software has a customized option for businesses to send automated delivery notifications so that your buyers can make themselves available to collect the parcel. It minimizes the fail or miss delivery chances and boosts your customer satisfaction rate.

3. Delivery proof

Nowadays, conducting multi-stop deliveries means higher chances of customers complaining about undelivered items. But that won’t be the case when Upper helps you collect the proof of delivery in the form of a signature or photos. Eventually, you can refute the false claims with delivery proof once your driver has delivered the product successfully.

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Insights – Try Upper’s Live Tracking Now!

Having no idea about your driver’s whereabouts? Switch to Upper and gain full visibility into on-field activities with a click of your finger.


Firstly, you should have a clear objective in place to align the implementation of real-time visibility with organizational goals. Also, check if the software provides real time visibility by compiling with rules and regulations to secure sensitive information. If possible, try the free version to monitor whether the data provided by the software is accurate or not.

Yes, real time visibility can help you fulfill your sustainability goals and enhance the supply chain ecosystem. The software providing real time visibility helps you find optimized routes for drivers so that they don’t take longer routes, resulting in reduced carbon footprints and lower environmental impact. Thus, you can conduct eco-friendly deliveries using real time visibility.

Yes, you will face challenges like providing data security and privacy concerns when implementing real time supply chain visibility. Also, integrating the software with your own system can pose several challenges. Plus, you need to conduct training sessions for employees to use the software properly, which could be tricky at the initial stages.

There are many businesses that have started implementing real-time visibility for better supply chain management. Among them, DHL and FedEx are the latest to join the list. These two logistics giants track the shipping process with real time visibility and keep their customers posted until the delivery is completed.

Final Words: Real-Time Visibility is Your Key to Competitive Advantage

Real time visibility offers a bird-eye view of the entire delivery process, which means you can identify the issue quickly if there are unexpected delays. At present, modern businesses have started implementing real time visibility to get an edge in the competitive market. After all, it is worth investing in software as you get detailed insights about team performance, the scope of improvements, and, of course, better decision-making power. 

Whether you are in the logistics, pharmacy, or NEMT industry, real time visibility plays a vital role as far as pickups and deliveries are concerned. It transforms the way you manage deliveries and enhances customer satisfaction. In the end, it’s not just about getting real-time updates. 

What matters is taking advantage of opportunities that lead you to the desired business growth. On that note, you can give Upper a shot, as it offers real time visibility using its wide range of features. Get your hands on Upper with a .

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