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In this fast-paced business environment, where every second counts, delivering efficient and dependable transportation for those with medical needs is critical.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services are vital in providing safe and pleasant transportation for patients who need specialized care but do not require emergency treatment.

However, NEMT operations management and optimization can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. This can result in inefficiencies, delayed services, and disgruntled patients.

But now, there is a simple and comprehensible approach for transforming how NEMT services are planned and executed. NEMT dispatch software is one such solution that is created specifically for businesses in the NEMT sector. The software automates your dispatching procedure, optimizes routes, and elevates the quality of your services at the push of a button.

Herein we are going to explore the best NEMT dispatch software options and examine how they can completely change the way you operate your NEMT delivering business.

8 Best NEMT Dispatch Software

1. Upper

Best NEMT Dispatch Software

Starting Price

up to 3 users

Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Route planning, Multi-vehicle route optimization, Live driver tracking, Customer notification

About Upper

Upper is the ideal NEMT dispatch software, perfectly designed to revolutionize the way non-emergency medical transportation services operate. With its user-friendly route planning and optimization capabilities, Upper simplifies the complexities of NEMT dispatching.

From quick stop additions and route optimization to delivery scheduling and one-click dispatch, Upper streamlines the dispatching process with precision and ease. It even empowers businesses to prioritize urgent deliveries, meet critical deadlines, and provide patients with prompt transportation services.

Using Upper, NEMT providers can enhance their service quality, improve operational efficiency, and ensure a superior patient experience.


  • Efficiently manage and store contact information and addresses.
  • Filter addresses through smart search functionality in the contact book and creates routes directly from there.
  • Export routes to GPS devices or navigation apps for seamless driver guidance.
  • Swap routes between drivers in case of emergencies or changes.
  • Reorder routes to accommodate changes or optimize route sequences.
  • Provide drivers with a dedicated app for efficient route management.
  • Track drivers’ locations in real-time through live driver tracking.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics for performance evaluation.
  • Access support through live chat, priority email support, technical consulting, and a dedicated support manager.

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!curver quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

2. RouteGenie

Best Dispatch Software with Billing Functionality

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

DispatchGenie, BillingGenie, DriverGenie App

About RouteGenie

RouteGenie is a comprehensive NEMT dispatch software that automates the scheduling, billing, routing, and dispatching procedures for NEMT business.

It streamlines NEMT operations and provides effective service through optimal scheduling, reduced driver work, and real-time adjustments for changes.

While features like vehicle monitoring and maintenance tracking improve operational visibility, its electronic billing capabilities ensure accurate and quick invoicing.


  • Real-time adjustments in RouteGenie allow for seamless handling of last-minute changes, no-shows, and unexpected vehicle breakdowns, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • RouteGenie offers enhanced operational visibility through vehicle tracking and maintenance tracking features, enabling effective fleet management and proactive maintenance.
  • RouteGenie’s HIPAA-compliant electronic billing system simplifies billing processes, allowing for faster invoicing and reducing the likelihood of billing errors.
  • By providing customizable reports and analytics, RouteGenie empowers data-driven decision-making, enabling NEMT service providers to evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

Kristin P.

Driver Efficiency has increased tremendously since implementation as well as the Dispatcher’s ability to locate drivers.


  • Users have reported that the training provided felt rushed and overwhelming due to the software’s extensive functionality.
  • The routing functionality is occasionally inaccurate, providing longer estimated travel times than necessary.
  • Some users have found that learning how to use the NEMT software requires significant effort due to its complexity, potentially leading to a steeper learning curve.
  • Users have described the scheduling process as cumbersome, suggesting room for improvement in terms of usability and efficiency.
  • The interface has been criticized for its unintuitive UI, making it challenging for users to navigate and work efficiently.

Brian V.

The interface looks like it was coded for a mainframe in 1983 and then patched and patched again and then patched again. There is simply NOTHING intuitive about the UI.

3. TripMaster

Best for Public and Private Transit Agencies

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Integrated voice response (IVR) system, Mobile solutions and rider app, Automated scheduling, and dispatching

About TripMaster

TripMaster is a transportation management software system that serves the demands of both public and private transit businesses. TripMaster delivers effective scheduling, dispatching, and billing features with a user-friendly interface.

It is designed to help transportation service providers of all sizes that offer paratransit, demand-response, and NEMT services. It gives them the ability to manage their business more effectively and offer dependable transportation services at reasonable prices.


  • The IVR system offered by TripMaster reduces no-shows, increases service dependability, and helps with communication by automatically contacting passengers.
  • TripMaster’s automatic vehicle locator features make it possible to track fleet vehicles in real-time, improving fleet management.
  • TripMaster’s suite of modules covers a wide range of NEMT operations, including automated scheduling, billing, and reporting.
  • In order to ensure that users receive assistance and guidance throughout the implementation and use of TripMaster, the software offers dedicated support and training.

Marit K

Overall, TripMaster is a good software that I would recommend to anyone just getting into this industry. The cost is high but, hopefully, will go down at some point.


  • Customers have reported that the NEMT software often goes offline and has GPS tracking issues.
  • The details needed to generate reports are spread across multiple areas within the software, making the procedure time-consuming and perhaps difficult.
  • When it comes to changing or removing planned trips in TripMaster, users have encountered problems. The procedure often involves multiple steps, which can be frustrating and take up significant amounts of time.
  • There is a significant learning curve involved with TripMaster, according to some users. It may take some time to become familiar with all the features and review tutorials.
  • TripMaster might not be the best choice for NEMT service businesses that are operating 24 hours a day. Round-the-clock operations can be hampered by certain inconveniences, such as having to re-enter information at midnight after logging out.

John G.

This is not software for a 24-hour operation like ours. It is not convenient to have to re-enter things at midnight after having to remember to ‘log out’ beforehand.

4. Tobi Cloud

Best for AI & ML Based Route Scheduling

Starting Price


Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Multi-fleet capable, Auto-scheduling, Booking portals

About Tobi Cloud

Tobi Cloud is NEMT dispatch software that has been designed to streamline and enhance scheduling, dispatching, billing, and reporting procedures. The user-friendly interface and customer-driven features of Tobi Cloud make it an excellent choice for meeting the specific requirements of NEMT service businesses.

Users of this innovative software are given access to sophisticated features, including multi-fleet management, automated trip attestation, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, and integration capabilities.

NEMT business can establish itself as a leader in the sector by streamlining its processes, enhancing service quality, and increasing overall efficiency with Tobi Cloud.


  • Users can stay connected with their fleet using advanced GPS technology to track and monitor vehicle locations in real time.
  • It’s easier to streamline the billing process by automating trip attestation with brokers, ensuring faster and more accurate payment processing.
  • It’s possible to manage multiple fleets on a single platform, simplifying subcontracting and cross-dispatching.


Our drivers and vehicles are all visible in real-time. Texts and notifications are sent directly to passengers with a link that allows them to see the driver on a map. Great software!


  • It takes some time to fully understand and grasp all the features and functionalities of Tobi Cloud.
  • Tobi Cloud is currently only available on Android and is not accessible through the App Store.
  • Depending on the complexity of the software and the level of customization required, users may encounter difficulties configuring Tobi Cloud.


The application is not on the App Store and only works on Android. The configuration of the application to adapt to business is difficult.

5. MediRoutes

Best for Real-Time Fleet Visibility

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Real-time dispatching, Automated & optimized scheduling, Billing & reporting

About MediRoutes

With an emphasis on non-emergency medical transportation, MediRoutes is an extensive NEMT dispatch software created to make operations more efficient.

MediRoutes offers effective route optimization, GPS-enabled driver mobile application, and strong integration capabilities with a focus on fleet management and real-time visibility.

This effective solution streamlines dispatching, boosts on-time performance, and reduces patient wait times. It ensures that businesses can concentrate on providing both NEMT and reliable medical transportation services.


  • Robust integrations with payers and billing systems simplify the billing process and ensure accurate invoicing for different funding sources.
  • Real-time GPS tracking and driver mobile apps enhance fleet management and enable effective communication with drivers.
  • Seamless integration with major brokers across the U.S. facilitates efficient collaboration and smooth workflows.


App works nicely on my iPhone. Pretty straightforward and easy to use.


  • Inconsistent performance and frequent issues with app updates are causing new problems.
  • Automatic logouts at midnight disrupt workflow and prevent the completion of necessary tasks.
  • The app’s “maps” button sometimes transcribes incorrect addresses, leading to incorrect routes.
  • App crashes frequently, slows down, freezes, and requires re-login, causing disruptions and frustration.
  • Battery drain issues were reported after app updates.
  • GPS inaccuracies and the need for paper trip sheets due to app unreliability.

Josh P

This app helps people get to their doctor’s appointments, and the “maps” button often transcribes a completely incorrect address from the one written in the app. I’ve had customers check the address, and it’s completely right, and then I’ve been 20 minutes from the correct address. Yesterday, I was sitting in a customer’s driveway after taking them home, and the app told me I was almost 10 miles away from the correct address. The address was correct in the app.

6. WellRyde

Best for Optimizing Transportation Coordination

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Real-time driver visibility, Dispatch management, Billing & reporting

About WellRyde

WellRyde is NEMT cloud dispatch software for people’s transportation that brings together trip sources, brokers, and transportation providers into one integrated system.

It provides various features utilizing artificial intelligence technologies and sophisticated optimization algorithms. These features include automated route creation, real-time vehicle tracking, electronic signature capture, and paperless documentation for proof of pickup and drop-off.

For NEMT brokers, hospital networks, and home healthcare providers, the platform’s user-friendly design and extensive capabilities make it a useful tool. It provides them with network-wide insight, faster operations, and improved client satisfaction.


  • Simplifies the billing process and supports trips from multiple sources on a single platform.
  • User-friendly mobile app for drivers with features like signature capture and immediate updates.
  • Paperless documentation for proof of pickup and drop-off.

Stacie Guess

I like the app; the only thing that would make it better is that the driver gets notifications via email. Don’t know if I have rides until I log in.


  • Requires location services always to be on, which can be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Completing pick-ups and drop-offs requires multiple steps and passenger signatures, which can be cumbersome.
  • App glitches and disappearing trips require logging in and out or turning the phone off to resolve.
  • Crashes frequently, impacting usability and wasting valuable time.
  • Battery drain and lack of user control over the app running in the background.

Elias Hernandez

Now trips disappear and appear, which is very frustrating. And sometimes they go away and don’t come back on my screen at all.

7. RoutingBox

Best for Real-Time Tracking and Driver Accountability

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Scheduling, Dispatching, Billing

About RoutingBox

RoutingBox is a comprehensive NEMT dispatch software solution designed by industry experts to streamline dispatch, scheduling, and billing operations. The user-friendly system simplifies scheduling by eliminating paper-based processes and offers route optimization to enhance driver efficiency. Real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers eliminates miscommunication and improves passenger satisfaction. Additionally, RoutingBox facilitates fast and accurate billing processes by automating invoice generation and providing seamless integration with national brokers.


  • GPS tracking and trip verification with signatures ensure accurate and accountable transportation services.
  • The auto-scheduler feature optimizes scheduling to maximize trips with minimal resources.
  • The smart trip importer allows quick and accurate import of trip data from other sources.
  • RoutingBox ensures data security with SSL encryption measures in place.

John P.

This product has enabled us to optimize and bill our NEMT demand-responsive business. We are able to dispatch and manage this portion of our operation.


  • The app frequently freezes and takes a long time to load, especially on iOS devices.
  • Users have reported issues with the app reverting back to “pending” after marking “arrived at pick up,” requiring multiple refreshes for proper clocking.
  • The app lacks reliable notifications, causing users to check their phones for updates constantly.
  • Some users have experienced unexpected changes to route settings without prior notification.
  • Technical support response times can be slow and inconvenient for users.

Tanisha C.

Trash. Always loading. Changes route settings on its own. Yet doesn’t notify when updates are made to the schedule. The worst workforce app I’ve ever used.

8. TripSpark

Best for Comprehensive Transportation Management

Starting Price


Free Trial


Key Features

Automated scheduling, In-vehicle apps, Real-time dispatch

About TripSpark

NovusMED, NEMT software from TripSpark, was created specifically to meet the complex requirements of the NEMT sector.

It provides automated scheduling, real-time dispatch, data management, processing for billing and claims, data sharing, online booking, passenger alerts, and strong security features.

The solution gives businesses the ability to organize their processes more effectively, improve passenger experiences, and maintain compliance with HIPAA data confidentiality laws.

TripSpark NEMT offers a complete solution for community transit operators seeking to provide dependable and individualized transportation services, with easy API integration and a strong focus on customization and support.


  • Offers online booking and passenger self-service tools for personalized and convenient trip management.
  • Robust notification system keeps passengers informed of vehicle arrival times, promoting on-time departures.
  • Provides data management and reporting capabilities, allowing agencies to analyze key metrics and make informed decisions.
  • Offers exceptional support with phone and email assistance, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing operations.

Bob B.

The Reporting was very all-encompassing, very detailed, and easy to use.


  • The software lacks comprehensive notifications on the dispatcher side, hindering operational efficiencies and requiring manual searching for added or deleted rides.
  • Users who are new to this type of software may face a steep learning curve, impacting their ability to fully utilize its features.
  • Transitioning from a manual system to an automated one can be challenging for the team, requiring adaptation and adjustment.
  • Integration with Streets is reported to be slow, cumbersome, and lacking true integration, as redundant data entry is required in both systems.

Semia H.

Moving from a manual to an automated system was hard for the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NEMT dispatch software?

    NEMT dispatch software is a technological solution created specifically to help Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers. It helps in handling their dispatching, scheduling, and coordination of transportation services.

  • How does NEMT dispatch software work?

    The NEMT dispatch software works by providing a centralized platform on which dispatchers can manage trip requests, assign drivers, optimize routes, track vehicles in real-time, and communicate with drivers and passengers.

  • What are the benefits of using NEMT dispatch software?

    The benefits of using NEMT dispatch software include

    • increased operational efficiency,
    • streamlined scheduling and dispatching processes,
    • better route optimization,
    • improved communication with drivers and passengers,
    • higher accountability and transparency,
    • and improved billing and invoicing accuracy.
  • Which NEMT dispatch software is the best?

    Upper is widely considered one of the best NEMT dispatch software solutions on the market. With its user-friendly interface, robust route management capabilities, real-time tracking, advanced routing algorithms, and seamless integration with other systems, Upper stands out as a top choice for NEMT dispatch software.

  • What features should I look for in NEMT dispatch software?

    You should consider the following essential features when looking for NEMT dispatch software: trip management, real-time tracking, route optimization, driver and vehicle management, client communication, electronic signature capture, billing and invoicing capabilities, reporting and analytics, and integration with other platforms or systems.

  • Can NEMT dispatch software help with route optimization?

    Yes, NEMT dispatch software can help with route optimization. It helps by evaluating trip data, taking into account factors like passenger locations, driver availability, and traffic conditions, and providing optimal routes to improve efficiency and decrease travel time.


NEMT dispatch software plays an essential role in increasing the efficiency and efficacy of non-emergency medical transportation providers. From automating scheduling and optimizing routes to managing drivers and ensuring on-time performance, an appropriate software solution can have a significant impact on your operations.

The most suitable NEMT dispatch software should be chosen carefully, taking your specific needs into account. Upper is a market leader in the field, offering a variety of features aimed at expediting your operations and improving the quality of your NEMT service.

Experience the power of Upper firsthand by taking advantage of our Sign up today, and don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your transportation services with Upper.

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