Mastering Pharmacy Delivery Marketing: 8 Proven Strategies for 2024

The pharmacy industry handles the research, development, manufacture, and distribution of medical supplies. A report from Statista shows the total pharmaceutical market revenue of around $1.42 trillion in 2021

This means that establishing a pharmacy delivery service is beneficial for both: medicine delivery business and end consumers. The rise of Covid-19 cases and the need for immediate medical attention in special cases drew a lot of eyes toward contactless home delivery. 

So, when you have a prescription delivery business, you need to use the best strategies to reach a wider audience. This blog covers all the important pharmacy delivery marketing tips that will boost your revenue.

Is Pharmacy Delivery Service Important?

Pharmacy delivery is crucial due to the growing need for same day delivery of prescription drugs. Nowadays, people have started using trusted medicine delivery apps to fulfill these requirements. Below are the other factors that mark the significance of medical courier services:

  • Whether you fulfill orders through a pharmacy delivery app or a local business, you can stand out from your competitors. Thus, you can retain customers and bring in new ones.
  • People with busy routines fail to take time to visit the store and buy medications. A pharmacy delivery service can make it easy for consumers to place online orders at their convenience. 
  • Those with chronic conditions and disabilities find it tough to leave their homes. A pharmacy delivery service can help them with the prescribed medicines.
  • Pharmacy delivery services can help reduce the waiting time in local pharmacies and streamline the process of delivering medications.

How to Market a Pharmacy Delivery Business?

Now that you know the importance of pharmacy delivery services, you must ensure that you reach your target audience seamlessly. Here are the most effective strategies that you can implement in your pharmacy delivery service marketing:

1. Identify your target customers

The primary step toward building your customer base is researching and creating a profile of your target audience. You can differentiate this through demographics such as age, health status, lifestyle (hobbies, activities, etc.), gender, and family status.

Know their buying motivation and frequency when using a specific pharmacy delivery service. Additionally, analyze if they are mostly buying prescription medicines on specific days of the week.

Checking up on your competitors will help you understand the strategies they use to market their services and attract more customers. Moreover, know your locality and the areas where you want to provide medical courier service. 

2. Increase website traffic with powerful branding

A website is like a portfolio that serves as a platform for people to check your services and price lists. To stand out from other market players, ensure that it has:

  • Unique logo
  • Eye-catchy fonts
  • Specific brand colors 
  • Images

Increase your website visitors by adding the below:

  • Areas you ship medical items to 
  • Informative blogs and articles 
  • Medical delivery guidelines 
  • Frequently asked questions 
  • Contact details and more

Ranking your webpages on Google through SEO best practices and keyword targeting is the top priority. The reason being, your prospective customers can find your services when they search for related keywords. 

3. Update your listings on the web

There are tons of websites and platforms apart from Google, wherein you can list your medical courier business. Here are a few of them:

Update your listings on the web
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo 
  • Bing
  • Shiply
  • YellowPages

Try to add your pharmacy delivery service to other similar platforms as well. Showing up on high-traffic directories will help boost your SEO. Ensure that your listings include your:

  • Business name and logo
  • Contact details and location
  • Operational hours
  • Website URL
  • Products and services
  • Photo of your storefront or services

Be consistent with your information across all the platforms you add your listing to. Additionally, ensure that you keep updating your listings whenever you have promotional offers or changes in operational hours.

4. Roll out online app

Roll out online app for pharmacy delivery marketing

A medicine delivery app will help you improve customer convenience as it is an easy medium to deliver their orders. Many companies have started leveraging the power of technology to generate revenue through mobile apps. 

These apps will grow in demand as more customers will be using them for easy and smooth order fulfillment. The medicine delivery app must be safe and secure to use. Also ensure that you provide real-time tracking and proper app navigation,including offline usage if possible.

Here are a few other factors you must keep in mind while developing a medicine delivery app:

User Interface: App must be simple and easy to use for customers 

Operational hours: A 24/7 supply is a great option to fulfill urgent medicine deliveries

Payment methods: Offering different payment modes will help customers buy freely

5. Promote your medicine delivery services

The most widely used pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy is Google Ads. It is another way to market your courier services in the pharmacy industry and gain visibility across your target audience. Google Adwords helps drive immediate traffic to your landing pages.

A regular social media presence across channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help boost your brand awareness. These platforms allow you to place advertisements and share updates about your services. 

Email marketing is another way to promote your delivery services. With more than 4 billion active email users across the globe, it is sure to drive results in your pharmacy delivery business. You can send newsletters to your target audience and help them remain informed about your promotional offers and health-related content.

6. Offer incentives and referrals

Bringing referral bonuses into your marketing program is an excellent way to attract clients. A happy customer creates the opportunity to bring many customers in a business. Ensure that your delivery drivers perform faster deliveries and gain positive customer feedback. 

Such customers will be naturally inclined to spread the word about your services with others. This makes referrals one of the best strategies to market your business, as people prefer choosing services through recommendations.

Encourage your loyal customers to refer you to their relatives and friends by offering them a good incentive. You can offer them a discount coupon for any new customer who orders over the counter drugs through your delivery business.

7. Tie-up with local communities

Tie-up with local communities to market pharmacy delivery services

Local businesses gather entrepreneurs from particular regions or fields. These local community groups mainly aim to help businesses grow. Here are a few benefits of partnering with local businesses:

  • Helps increase your knowledge and expertise in this field
  • Improves visibility for your pharmacy courier business
  • Enhances your business credibility 

Additionally, you can contact local medical facilities, pharmacies, and hospitals that would be requiring a delivery service provider. These can help you grow, as they already have an established customer base that may need urgent pharmaceutical deliveries. 

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Upper comes with customer notifications, which sends regular alerts to them about the estimated time of arrival. Thus, they can remain updated and remain present at their location to collect their order. This boosts your reputation and helps provide delightful customer service.

4. Proof of delivery

Delivery proof doesn’t just boost your driver’s credibility but also helps avoid any false claims on ‘order not received’. Upper lets your delivery agents collect proof of delivery using e-signatures and photos. They can also put in additional notes if required during a medical delivery.

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While it may depend on the factors related to your business, the average startup cost for a medical courier business is around $18,000.

Amazon delivers prescription products to all the 50 states in the US, thereby making customers’ lives easier. Amazon Pharmacy delivers medicine parcels to customers’ doorstep with discreet and secure packaging, along with sharing delivery status.

You can gain ranking among the best pharmacy delivery service businesses by adhering to a few factors like:

  • Coverage area you serve
  • Easy access for customers when required
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Honesty and transparency about your business
  • Special offers and discounts


Now that you know the ways to market your prescription delivery service, you can easily navigate through this field. As delivery services are great at revenue generating and speedy medical help, their importance is rising in the medical field like never before.

Getting route optimization software can help you deal with daily route planning and dispatch tasks effectively. Upper Route Planner is all you need to schedule multi-stop medical deliveries and find the best routes. You can auto-assign a route if a delivery driver isn’t available. So, Upper is your one-stop solution for your delivery routing needs.

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