What Does WISMO Mean & How to Get Rid of it

keyKey Takeaways:
  • WISMO stands for ‘Where Is My Order?’ and is a common customer inquiry when order status is unclear.
  • Avoiding WISMO inquiries is achievable through timely updates, improved communication, strong customer support, and self-tracking options.
  • Streamline your delivery process and reduce phone calls by using route optimization software like Upper.

WISMO has been a common issue for eCommerce delivery businesses. You get many customer calls citing concerns about the order status. Mostly, customer inquiries are regarding ‘Where is my package?’. If your customer support team is dealing with the same problem, then you need to fix it anyhow. Or else it may affect your business’s growth.

Modern customers want their orders to be delivered immediately as soon as they click on the “Buy Now” button. If you don’t deliver on time because of delays in dispatch or unavailability of drivers, then you have to deal with the WISMO situation. This issue has forced many delivery businesses to develop robust strategies in order to bring smiles to their customers’ faces.

So, whether you are running a delivery business, logistics services, or a seasoned player looking to enhance customer service, this blog will serve as a handy guide. Let’s decode the complexities of WISMO, but first, understand what exactly WISMO is.

What is WISMO? (Where Is My Order)

Simply, WISMO refers to the customers inquiring about their packages by calling up your customer support team. If somehow the order is not delivered on time, you may get calls from customers asking where the order is or why it is still not delivered. No one wants to keep following their order status, but when they think the delivery process takes too long, they start yelling at support staff. 

Such situations can not only affect your employees but also reduce the customer retention rate. And if it continues for a long time, you are surely losing your potential customers. 

For example, let’s say a customer purchased a product from your website, and it is expected to be delivered in 2-3 days. However, your delivery team is running late due to unexpected delays in the dispatch process. Soon, your customers will contact your customer support team, worrying about their missing parcel. And this is how you land in a WISMO situation.

How to find the issue

Business owners will need special efforts to figure out if there is a WISMO issue. You need to pay close attention to customer feedback before you take any steps. Also, monitor clients’ inquiries related to missed or delayed delivery. If your customers often complain about communication and wrong tracking details, WISMO problems can be identified. 

Additionally, you need to check how your support staff is responding to customers’ queries. If your after-sales service is not as per their expectations, you are likely to lose customers. And what’s even worse is your new clients may not approach you if they find your post-sales service is not proper. 

How to Reduce WISMO in 5 Ways

Business owners need to implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce WISMO inquiries. Here are the 5 ways that you can start following to get rid of the WISMO issue.

1. Timely delivery updates

WISMO issues can be reduced quickly by sending delivery updates to your customers. With this clear information, customers will stay updated and are less likely to come up with inquiries. You can implement advanced monitoring software that can send automated alerts in case of unfortunate events or delays.

The software can notify customers by identifying the issues like delivery delays or changes in routes. Also, it sends customers the reason for delays along with the revised ETA. Hence, sending accurate delivery updates can save you from WISMO hassles. 

2. Accurate self-tracking

Delivery businesses should roll out self-tracking features for their buyers to maintain transparency during the delivery process. It would be easy for customers to check at which point the driver is approaching. The real-time tracker on the customer’s side can reduce numerous WISMO phone calls.

Customers can access the delivery information right from their mobile screen. You can send the real-time tracking link or ask customers to use the app to know the delivery status. 

3. 24/7 support

24-7 support to improve WISMO

Whether you run a small business or handle a large-size delivery team, the customer support team should be on standby round-the-clock, especially for clients in different time zones. Customers can come at any moment, citing dissatisfaction regarding order status or minor delays in delivery.

Therefore, your team should be ready and provide an effective solution in a polite manner. Your team should give quick assistance and resolve complex issues.

4. Improved communication

Who enjoys waiting without updates? No one, right? That’s why enhancing communication is essential. Throughout the delivery process, customers shouldn’t feel left in the dark about their order status. Provide detailed delivery updates so they know when to expect the driver. Additionally, offers a direct communication channel for customers to convey important instructions to drivers. This not only enhances the tracking experience but also minimizes WISMO issues.

5. Ask for customer feedback

A feedback loop can prove to be a worthy tool for you when it comes to reducing WISMO calls. By actively seeking feedback from customers, you establish direct communication to gain valuable insights and understand pain points in the order tracking process. Implementing a feedback loop allows you to gauge customer satisfaction and identify tracking-related challenges.

Analyzing recurring issues enables you to take proactive measures to address them, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and a significant reduction in WISMO inquiries. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Performing On-time Delivery with Upper

‘Where is my package’ is what becomes a headache for many businesses when they get customer inquiries. The main reason behind this is drivers getting short of the actual delivery time by not following optimized routes. Such routing problems can be sorted using reliable route optimization software like Upper. 

The software is capable of finding the most efficient routes within a minute. Using optimized routes, your drivers don’t have to waste more time and quickly rush to the delivery spot. Eventually, you won’t receive WISMO calls as your clients would be much more satisfied. 

Upper comes with an advanced feature set that is worth having in your delivery business. Of course, let’s shed more light on them.

1. Route optimization: 

Upper has the quickest route optimization feature to find efficient routes in less than a minute. It takes into account several factors like weather, traffic flows, driver preference, and priority deliveries before finding out the fastest routes. Hence, you don’t need manual checkups once the route plan is ready. 

2. Live tracking:

The route planner empowers the dispatchers to track their delivery drivers anytime during the ongoing process. So, if any customer query pops up, they can inform them about the driver’s location immediately. Additionally, admin users can consider this feature for analyzing driver’s performance.

3. Customer notifications: 

It is an essential feature for your business when you are dealing with customers across different service areas. This automated feature lets your customers know the order status with actual ETA. This means they neither get worried about the delivery of their parcel nor they come up with WISMO inquiries. 

4. Proof of delivery: 
Delivery proof is a must-have thing when you are running a delivery business. The delivery team collecting the proof of delivery via signature or photos means you can refute false WISMO queries. Your delivery agent can use it numerous times by just accessing the driver app on their mobile phone.

Your Delivery Route Planning Chaos Sorted

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delayed deliveries, unclear communications, dispatching issues, or wrong order tracking are some common reasons that can lead to WISMO inquiries. Customers want transparency throughout the delivery process. Otherwise, they will get worried and come up with a WISMO issue.

Business owners should prioritize sending delivery updates frequently at regular intervals. Also, you can provide a tracking link to let them see how soon the order will get delivered. By doing so, your customers will patiently wait by tracking drivers until you get their order delivered.

During peak seasons, firstly, you should extend your customer support. Provide your clients with round-the-clock support to resolve their queries. If needed, you can use automation tools like chatbots to hear customers’ issues and give the proper assistance. Such things will help you raise the customer satisfaction rate.

You can organize a training session for your support staff once or twice a week. Secondly, you can send the list of guidelines to them so that they can effectively resolve client’s inquiries without taking too long. By doing so, your customer executives will have effective communication and quick resolution no matter how many WISMO inquiries they get.


As we are inching closer to the conclusion, you must keep in mind that WISMO (Where Is My Order) is more than just a query. It could be an opportunity to fix loopholes and fine-tune your delivery service. As a business owner, you must ensure your customer’s feedback is heard and complaints are resolved. So, streamline your delivery process and see how your little efforts can bring happy faces. 

Basically, all you need to do is implement a customer-centric approach by understanding their needs and making them happy. In this process, the use of advanced software like Upper can prove worthy. Upper, a route optimization software can help you send timely notifications to your clients. As a result, your customers will be satisfied and may consider your business for future purchases. Get your 7 days free trial to get off the mark.

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