Streamline Your Pest Control Services with Upper

Streamline Your Pest Control Services with Upper

Streamline Your Pest Control Services with Upper

Get your customers the fastest service possible with Upper. Our software helps you streamline routes for both urgent infestations and routine pest control.

Upper goes beyond basic scheduling, allowing you to specify service requirements and add detailed instructions for each stop. This ensures your technicians have all the information they need to complete the job right the first time.

Contact-Base Scheduling and Multi-Constrained Routing

Contact-Base Scheduling and Multi-Constrained Routing

Effortlessly upload up to 500 customers’ addresses from your contact book and schedule service appointments in advance with Upper. To customize stops, add the amount of pesticide required and the type of building (residential or commercial).

Factor in traffic patterns, vehicle capacity, drivers’ preferences, working hours, customers’ preferred service windows, and legal speed limit to create the most practical routes for jobbers. Assign recurring clients to suitably skilled technicians for personalized service experience.

Contact-Base Scheduling and Multi-Constrained Routing

Simply great software for us!

Paul Newman

Handling an ever-increasing client base was turning chaotic for us until we found Upper. Since its implementation, everything’s on track – right from scheduling our recurring clients’ appointments straight from the contact book to handling last-minute service requests or cancellations. Thanks to Upper, we are serving customers more efficiently than ever.

Paul Newman, Dispatch Manager, BestinPest Services
Paul Newman

Effortless Communication and Streamlined Operations

Fulfilling service orders in a timely and efficient manner is essential for pest control companies. Upper’s pest control scheduling software allows you to achieve it and serve your customers on time.

Benefits of Pest Control Software for Pest Control Businesses


Easy address verification

Bulk-import your addresses from Excel/CSV files. Use error detection capabilities to prevent duplicate or wrong addresses.


Increased revenue

Spend less time driving and more time servicing. Cover more stops per run to reduce fuel consumption and lower operational costs.


Enhanced adaptability

Drag and drop stops to edit or swap routes between drivers. Handle new service orders, jobbers’ absence, or tool malfunction with ease.


Real-time visibility

Monitor technicians’ live locations with GPS tracking to identify and address deviations, over speeding, and delays to ensure on-time service and security.


Customer engagement

To boost transparency and loyalty, keep customers informed with real-time ETAs from when they place a service order until it’s complete.


Easy decision-making

View completed jobs, missed stops, or pending appointments per driver to identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Simplify Your Pest Control Operations

Optimize your pest control routes, provide timely service, and boost your customer satisfaction with Upper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pest control business software?

    Pest control business management software helps a pest control company schedule jobs based on multiple factors, including time, distance, or vehicle-based constraints like service window, maximum capacity per driver, etc., and create optimal routes to complete them on time. It allows for dispatching routes, tracking drivers, sharing service request updates with customers, and capturing photos of work done. You can also use it to generate and send invoices to customers and collect payments from them after the job is marked ‘complete’.

  • What are the benefits of using pest control field service management software?

    A pest control dispatch software solution helps reduce technicians’ driving time with multi-stop route optimization, allowing them to service more customers per day. By ensuring on-time arrivals and keeping customers informed of appointment reminders, this software also helps improve customer satisfaction. It also helps track inventory levels, automates reordering, and ensures technicians have the necessary supplies on-site to complete jobs efficiently.

  • How can pest control field service software help save technicians’ time and increase business profitability?

    A pest control service software solution optimizes routes, reducing travel time between jobs and allowing them to complete more service calls in a day. Pest control management software also minimizes fuel and vehicle maintenance costs by reducing delivery distances.

    It also lets you track service requests in real time to adjust stops and reassign routes in case of emergencies, send accurate ETAs, and ensure on-time arrivals to boost customer satisfaction and attract repeat business.

  • What are the common considerations when picking route optimization software for pest control?

    When picking pest control service management software for your company, the common considerations are your company size and needs, the features needed, your budget, and user reviews.

  • What are the common features to look for in pest field service software?

    The most common features you should consider when choosing the software for your pest control service are pest control job scheduling service, automated routing for pest control, auto-dispatch with just a few clicks, real-time tracking, appointment confirmation, and status notifications, reporting & analytics, integration with existing business systems, mobile app for drivers. Other desired features may include inventory tracking for pest control and client order management.

  • Can pest control routing software integrate with existing business systems?

    Yes, Upper’s pest control routing solution offers an open API that allows you to integrate easily with existing business systems. This integration helps exchange data smoothly across different business aspects and build connected and efficient workflows.