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Are you experiencing a hurdle in quickly delivering life-saving medicines to your patients? Do you need an efficient route plan for serving disabled or elderly patients on time? Manual planning won’t cut it. What you need is something more practical.
 Pharmaceutical Home Delivery Service
Medicine Delivery Business Solutions
  • A major shift from hospital-care to home-care.
  • Rise of direct-to-patient drug sales.
  • Prescription delivery services market to expand at a CAGR of 18.4% in 2030.
  • Sellers are exploring options hyperlocal and manufacturer-to-consumer delivery.

Delivering medicines will now be on time
and cost-effective!!

Overcoming Last Mile Delivery Complexities Faced By Pharmacy Delivery Businesses

Rising incidents of chronic and infectious ailments have created a demand for free same-day delivery and refill orders. Your pharmacy delivery service needs efficient delivery routes and accurate delivery times to help you tackle these logistical challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Adopt Upper Route Planner to handle these challenges effectively.

Serve 50% more patients

Serve 50% more pharmacy orders.

Cut down 2-3 hours of planning time each day

Cut down 2-3 hours of planning time each day.

Easily plan your routes in advance

Easily plan your routes in advance.

Capture delivery proof for each medication delivered

Capture delivery proof for each medication delivered.

Last-mile Pharmacy Delivery

Facilitate Direct-to-patient Medicine Sales With Upper

You will need an efficient route optimization system to survive the cut-throat competition in this market. Planning & optimizing prescription deliveries will be quicker than ever. Offer on-time deliveries to patients with Upper Route Planner and stand out from your competitors.

Enhanced Driver & Dispatcher Efficiency

Enhanced Driver & Dispatcher Efficiency

What if we told you that your dispatchers and drivers will save time in planning and on the road? Upper’s Import Excel feature, advanced route optimization, and one-click driver dispatch will help dispatchers and drivers save hours of manual work and improve overall efficiency.

Plan Routes in Advance

Plan Routes in Advance

Do your dispatchers struggle with planning all the delivery routes on the dispatch day? Using Upper, dispatchers can plan routes for weeks in advance. These routes will take less than 5 minutes for optimization and planning. On the day of delivery, share them with the respective drivers and they will be on their way to deliver the drugs.

Optimize Overhead Costs

Optimize Overhead Costs

Upper’s optimization algorithm helps you avoid congested roadways and provides you with the accurate location of your stops. As a business, it is always a priority to save on fuel expenses. You will be optimizing your operational costs and also boost revenue by delivering more on a single route.

Making On-Time Deliveries

Making On-Time Deliveries

Timing is essential when delivering prescription drugs. Upper provides you with optimized and reliable delivery routes that will help you dispatch prescription drugs to all your customers on time. Upper helps your drivers maintain their efficiency and your customers in maintaining their health.

Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors By Optimizing Your Prescription Delivery Services

Whether you are delivering medications to individuals or medical institutions, boost your delivery process and increase productivity by 40% with Upper!

Boost Pharmacy Delivery Service Business

Make Your Prescription Delivery Service Seamless With Upper

Efficient Planning & Dispatch

Route Planning & Optimization

Route Scheduling & Optimization

Upper Route Planner helps you plan and optimize routes with up to 500 stops from start to finish in less than 5 minutes. It not only provides smarter routing but also helps you improve key business metrics.

One-click Driver Dispatch

One-click Driver Dispatch

Dispatchers can instantly send out planned and optimized routes to multiple drivers simultaneously. One-click driver dispatch allows dispatchers to send out optimized routes through email or text.

Medicine Delivery Route Planning and Dispatch
Automate Independent Pharmacy Delivery Service

Details for Accurate Deliveries

Route Planning & Optimization

Set Delivery Constraints

Dispatchers can optimize & get the fastest route according to specific delivery constraints like driving preferences, time windows, and curbside delivery options. Delivery constraints help dispatchers add more accuracy to the routes.

Add Details For Each Stop

Add Details For Each Stop

Dispatchers can add details for each stop on the route. The details can be regarding the service time, priorities, or other additional notes for the drivers. The delivery driver can better manage their jobs with these details.

Collecting Data & Documentation

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery

Digital proof of delivery can be captured by delivery driver to demonstrate the successful delivery of the package. Drivers can capture photos, customer signatures, or add notes as proof.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Dispatchers create daily, weekly, and monthly reports for all delivery routes. Reports and analytics are a great way to turn data into actionable insights for better identification of problems and improved decision making.

Proof of Delivery for Medicines Delivery
Manage Pharmacy Delivery Business

Planning Reliable Deliveries Will Take Less Than 5 Minutes With Upper’s Optimization Algorithm

Help your consumers get their prescriptions on time with optimal route planning and optimization

How Does Upper Manage Your Pharmacy Delivery Business?

Proof of Delivery

Plan Routes in

Plan routes with up to 500 stops in just a few seconds. Optimize and schedule routes for multiple drivers weeks in advance so that your drivers deliver medication always on time.

Eliminate Delayed Deliveries

Eliminate Delayed

Drivers can easily plan for deliveries and eliminate delays when equipped with planned and optimized routes in advance. Now, no more delayed deliveries with Upper.

Manage Customer Expectations

Improve Customer

Tackle late deliveries in the supply chain process and better manage your customer expectations by delivering on time.

Maximize the Use of Your Delivery Resources

Maximize the Use of Your Delivery Resources

Delivery resources can be utilized to their full potential when you have an efficient route scheduling and optimization system in place.

Archive Routes for Future Use

Archive Routes for
Future Use

Archive routes you periodically or regularly deliver for future references and repeat deliveries.

Provide Curbside Delivery

Provide Curbside

Dispatchers can activate the curbside delivery option for particular stops. It indicates the driver to meet the customer on the sidewalk to hand over the medications.

Better Driver & Dispatcher Productivity

Better Driver & Dispatcher Productivity

Upper provides optimized routes in less than 5 minutes. It helps dispatchers and drivers spend time wisely and focus on more urgent medicine deliveries.

Cut Costs & Improve Revenue

Cut Costs & Improve

Optimized routes will save fuel, which will reduce the overall costs. It will also boost your revenue as you can accommodate more deliveries on the same path.

Deliver To More Customers With Improved Efficiency

An advanced optimization software like Upper can help you reduce costs and improve profitability by helping you deliver on time.