GPS Mileage Tracking Apps for Delivery Drivers

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Apps for GPS mileage monitoring can make expense tracking easier for delivery drivers.
  • The effectiveness and productivity of delivery operations can be increased by features like live tracking, route optimization, and team management.
  • Time can be saved and errors in manual record-keeping can be decreased with automated mileage tracking.
  • Delivery drivers can easily and accurately track their mileage with the help of Upper Route Planner’s GPS mileage tracking feature.

The last-mile delivery industry can expand to $91.5 billion by 2030.

But over 61% of online retailers believe their delivery operations are ineffective and are looking for solutions to improve.

One of the solutions is to track the vehicle mileage for better operational cost calculation and to ensure that you enhance business efficiency.

But how?

Manual calculation is ineffective, so you need to switch to a powerful GPS mileage tracking app for delivery drivers that can help you get a better overview of the required data and make well-informed decisions.

We have filtered the best mileage tracker apps to enhance your business effectiveness and are easy to use for non-technical drivers.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Mileage Tracker App?

A GPS-based mileage tracker app is a professional program that you use on your mobile device to record, view, and store data from your delivery vehicles used by your on-ground fleet.

It enables you to calculate your business expenses and ensure that you generate quarterly, monthly, or annual reports properly for tax purposes.

You can work on the areas of improvement and ensure that your fuel expenses are minimal and your profits soar high with the help of a detailed mileage data report collected from the application.

The built-in GPS enables the mileage tracker application to detect the vehicle’s mileage based on the distance covered.

Different apps offer different functionalities that can streamline your business operations and minimize the manual dependency in your delivery workflow.

Let’s dive deeper into understanding the importance of professional GPS mileage tracking.

Why is Mileage Tracking App Important for Your Business?

Tracking the mileage for your delivery business is important because it gives you an overview of the distance covered by the driver and the total fuel expense of your delivery operations.

You can also use the information for your tax deduction or reimbursement purposes that can help you minimize your business expenses.

You must align with government guidelines focused on submitting mileage for different purposes or proof of your expenses in different locations.

Many businesses use a pen and paper to calculate the mileage of their delivery vehicles and assign their delivery drivers to note the reading every time they get behind the wheel.

But it’s the most ineffective approach that may include multiple discrepancies and errors, resulting in inaccurate results. You need to switch to automatic mileage tracking to extract accurate and precise readings for better business operations.

You can calculate the operational costs that can help you increase your profits by making informed business decisions.

Now that you understand the importance of quality automatic mileage trackers. It’s time for you to explore the best mileage tracker app in the industry before integrating one into your existing business ecosystem.

4 Best GPS Mileage Tracking App for Delivery Drivers

1. Hurdlr

Hurdlr mileage tracking app


Hurdlr is a user-friendly and powerful mileage tracker application that gig workers and delivery drivers can use easily. The software can detect accurate results and sync them with the financial ecosystem of your business for calculating the operational costs, budget, and expenses.

The mileage tracker can automatically detect movement when the vehicle stops and starts. The software application is simple, and your delivery drivers can adapt to the new change.

They need to turn their GPS and internet connectivity on to ensure that the mileage app can extract the desired business results.

The app can easily integrate with a financial application like QuickBooks for accurate expense tracking and is available in three pricing plans.

You get different mileage classifications for better optimization and provide tax compliance reporting to make your process easy and hassle-free. The mileage app can be downloaded from  Google Play and AppStore based on your preference.

  • Smooth UI/UX
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Highly accurate and precise results
  • You don’t get telephone support, and inquiries can be made using chat or email
  • There’s no significant difference between Hurdlr premium and free versions

2. Stride

stride - automatic mileage tracking app


Stride is one of the free mileage trackers that offers great features to improve the results for your delivery business.

It’s an automatic mileage tracking app that can help you with tax reports, manage your expenses, and calculate the precise operational cost for better optimization.

You can download the application free from Google Play or the AppStore, and you can use the basic features to achieve your desired results because it doesn’t offer a paid version.

  • Tracks all the mileage you incur for your delivery business
  • Take photos of the receipts to track expenses
  • Free of cost
  • IRS-ready reports for your tax filing
  • Easy integration of H&R Block tax software
  • The automated tracking can be confusing
  • There is no start or stop time in the tracking feature

3. Everlance

Everlance-automatic mileage tracking app


Everlance is a powerful mileage tracker software that allows automatic and manual enterprises to track expenses and revenue. You can use the mileage app for accurate and precise tracking for your small, medium, or large-scale delivery business.

The free version of the application enables a delivery business to complete 30 trips per year and use the software’s core features to track mileage of the vehicle and your operational costs.

There are three more pricing options: business, enterprise, and self-employed. The business version is around $120 per year and offers unlimited mileage tracking, customizable reporting, trip classification, admin accounts, and VIP customer support.

The enterprise-level application offers similar features as a business version with built-in management of expenses and location, live training, and a dedicated support manager.

The self-employed pricing options are different from the rest as they include free, premium, and premium plus models at highly affordable prices.

  • Runs in the background with no hiccups
  • You can download the mileage reports in Excel or PDF whenever you want.
  • You can set the mileage tracking on automation or perform the task manually
  • It has a deduction finder feature
  • The data exporting feature is confusing
  • It’s difficult to make changes in the trip classifications afterward

4. Triplog

Triplog - automatic mileage tracking app

Triplog is a leading GPS-based mileage tracking application that delivers comprehensive results in scheduling, handling expenses and managing timesheets.

It offers manual and automatic entry options that integrate with other third-party programs to help gain tax deductions.

The vendor offers different pricing options. The free version of the mileage tracker includes manual mileage tracking that can handle 40 entries of expenses or mileage with tolls and parking logging.

The premium allows up to 10 years at $4.99/month per user, and the premium plus version is around $8.33/month per user.

The enterprise plan offers customized options for unlimited users, third-party tax software integration, and other tax compliance reports.

  • Add-on features that free up your mobile device
  • Super easy to use and operate
  • Allows great customization options
  • Offers quick IRS-complaint data log for smooth reporting
  • Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, and ADP
  • Not suitable for enterprise-level work
  • Only online support is available

How Can Upper Route Planner Provide you More Functionalities Compared to a GPS mileage Tracking App?

more functionalities compared to a gps mileage tracking app

Upper Route Planner is a professional route planning and optimization software that can provide detailed reports of the vehicle’s performance for further optimization.

It has an automatic tracking system that tracks the route history, delivery hours, and operational cost using the GPS tracker provided by the software for better optimization. You can bypass manual tracking and handle unlimited automatic trips using the simple mileage tracker.

Being one of the best mileage tracking apps, it’s not limited to GPS mileage tracking but also offers quality route planning and optimization features that can help your drivers get shorter delivery paths for increased business effectively.

  • Improve calculations

    You can explore the different metrics the software provides to help you with your financial calculations and minimize your business operational costs.

  • User-friendly interface

    You can train your delivery drivers to operate a user-friendly mobile application that can help your delivery business immensely. The application is available in Android and iOS versions and provides a smooth interface to explore the wide range of features.

  • Quick dispatching

    The software analyzes real-time traffic and weather updates to help you dispatch the multi-stop deliveries to your drivers based on their availability and schedule. You can schedule dispatch and manage your workforce to save time and effort to boost business productivity.

    Upper Route Planner helps bridge the communication between your management team and the on-ground workforce to bypass different dynamic difficulties.

  • Digital proof of delivery

    The delivery drivers can access the software to get a digital proof of delivery from the customers, and it can minimize the manual dependence of your business.

    You can automate the notifications for your employees and customers regarding the delivery schedule or updates made to the schedule. Upper Route Planner is ideal for the retail, food delivery driver, pharmacy, and construction delivery industries.

    It can streamline your business operations and ensure you achieve your desired business outcomes within a limited time.

The best features offered by Upper Route Planner are

  • 500 addresses import
  • Save up to 40% of the cost
  • Boost business productivity by 40%
  • Sync with Android, iOS devices, and PC
  • Generate proof of delivery, reports, and analytics

  • Set parameters like time windows, driver breaks, and priorities
  • One-click driver dispatch
  • You can easily track miles
  • Advanced scheduling option available
  • Well-vetted reports for quality results
  • No street view
  • 7 days trial only

Use Upper to Avoid Manual Tracking

Let Upper find optimized routes considering real-time traffic, avoidance zones and weather conditions. Keep your data saved on the cloud storage and utilize them for reviewing delivery performance.


There are multiple other mileage tracking apps available in the industry, but you should choose Upper Route Planner if you have to choose one. It’s a complete route planning and optimization solution that can help you get detailed reports on the vehicle performance that can be utilized to achieve your desired targets. You can also use a free app like Google Maps and handle a free mileage tracker app for achieving different results.

A mileage tracker can help the delivery business track the delivery vehicle’s efficiency to manage the expenses. The expense tracking app can help the business improve its tax filing and gain accurate tax deduction benefits. You can use the smart driver tools to deduct business mileage and ensure that your personal and business trips are monitored with finesse.

The best mileage tracker app can help you with mileage deduction, auto-tracking, managing mileage logs, analyzing expense reports, and tracking miles completed by the delivery drivers. Apart from tracking mileage, a few apps provide a complete trip overview, income, expense tracking, and other premium features. You can use one of the best mileage tracker apps for tax calculations summary, unlimited receipt uploads, and execute other expense tracking functions.

Route planning software can help track mileage, achieve tax deductions, and plan unlimited trips. You can track mileage of your overall business, analyze your mileage log, calculate actuarial expenses on delivery, and boost mileage deductions. The income and expense tracking app features offered by different route planners can help you in expense tracking for better business results.

Yes, you can earn great profits from running a delivery business because of the high demand in the online industry since the global pandemic. The industry requires quality delivery service providers to handle the demand and maintain premium quality for a great customer experience.

Choose Wisely

A mileage tracker can play a vital role in transforming your business’s financial aspects and allows you to improve the quality of your delivery service for better outcomes.

And if a tracker can offer you a wide range of features, including GPS mileage tracking, it becomes the best option.

Upper Route Planner, a quality route planning and optimization software, provides you with the freedom to extract the required mileage data from its powerful reporting system and use route planning features for better results.

The intuitive user interface can simplify tracking expenses and ensure all the business miles are monitored for better results. 

Access the to get a hands-on experience with the tool.

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