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Badger Maps has been a popular choice for route planning and optimization. Yet it lags in some areas, which lures users to find an alternative.

Packed with some notable features like route optimization, CRM integration, and lead generation for sales, Badger Maps has been used by many users who have now started looking for alternatives due to its pricing, lack of features, and functionalities.

There are many other options available in the market that have all the exclusive features at a cost-effective rate. In this blog, we will explore 10 Badger Maps alternatives that you can consider while looking for a change. All having different sets of features, usage, and pricing, you will get a suite of choices starting from the best route optimization available.

So, let’s get started.

Why Consider Alternatives to Badger Maps?

There are some areas where the alternatives overpower Badger Maps.

Here are some main reasons why you should consider switching to Badger Maps:

Now, we will discover the top Badger Maps alternatives to help you choose the perfect one for your business.

Top 10 Badger Maps Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


When listing the alternatives for Badger Maps, Upper tops the list because of its vivid features, customization, and affordable pricing. It is the best route planning and optimization software for businesses of all sizes and industries. Using Upper, users can make their daily route planning, optimizing, and dispatching easier than ever.

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Upper compared to Badger Maps:

Route planning and route optimization: Upper holds the expertise in planning routes and optimizing them irrespective of the business you are into. It eliminates the hectic manual process of planning routes. Just import the stops, plan them, and optimize them, all in a few clicks. This automation leads to hours of time-saving every week. Also, optimized routes utilize less fuel, resulting in cost savings.

Effective resource allocation: Upper solves one of the major challenges businesses face is inaccurate resource allocation. After optimizing routes, Upper schedules them considering available users, so you don’t end up assigning routes to the unavailable ones. This helps you make route planning a less hectic and more comfortable task to do.

Proof of delivery: With Upper, you can collect proof of deliveries at every stop your users cover. You can collect PODs either by clicking a photo, taking an e-signature, or both. This helps you ensure transparency between you, your users, and your customers. You can use this feature to save proof of deliveries, report completed field servicing, or provide evidence of successful job completion.

Accurate reporting and data analysis: Reporting is an integral feature of Upper. This feature helps you gain useful insights into your business and make data-driven decisions. With this feature, you get detailed information on various aspects of the delivery, such as driver performance, delivery times, distance traveled, and more.

Pricing comparison between Badger Maps and Upper:
Badger map

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users: 3

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Detailed feature comparison between Badger Maps and Upper:

Feature badgermap Badger Maps UpperUpper
Route Optimization right right
Route management wrong right
Driver dispatch right right
Import with Excel / CSV wrong right
Navigation map option right right
Driver notes wrong right
Curbside delivery wrong right
Reorder routes wrong right
Download or send report (PDF, Excel, CSV) right right
Live chat support right right
Driver tracking right right
No credit card required

Other important features of Upper that you should not miss out:

  • Plan and optimize routes with hundreds of stops in just a few seconds
  • Import CSV or Excel files and avoid adding stop details manually
  • Verify the unverified addresses that are not found
  • Set priorities for any stop and optimize routes accordingly
  • Arrange pickups and drops in a single route
  • Send customer notifications to your customers to keep them updated about the upcoming delivery
  • Manage up to 3 users in a single subscription
  • Dispatch users instantly or schedule them a route in advance
  • Send routes to users via driver app, E-mail, or SMS
  • Consider factors like time windows, priorities, service time, number of users, distance, and number of stops
  • Choose between time or distance based optimization
  • Collect proof of delivery once you or your users fulfill the deliveries

What People Say About Upper

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2. Track-POD



Track POD is another solution to plan and optimize delivery routes for your business. It is ideal for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Track-POD is a single-dashboard software that helps you overcome routing challenges. You can optimize hundreds of stops instantly, generate shipping labels, and customize proof of delivery templates.

It is supported on three platforms, including web, Android, and iOS. It is simple to install and implement, so you can start getting the benefits of Track POD in just a day.

Key features of Track-POD:

  • Single-dashboard software that means you can do end-to-end logistics management via a single platform only.
  • Track-POD gives 24/7 support. It provides chat, email, and phone support so that customers can choose the most preferable option.
  • Get customizable ePOD templates to generate ePOD as per your choice. Choose from a number of templates, edit them, and send it in PDF form.

Track-POD compared to Badger Maps:

Badger Maps has its usage limitation till field service operations only. While Track-POD is useful for delivery businesses, pick-up businesses, and field service businesses.

Except for Android and iOS, Track-POD is supportable in Windows, Linux, and Mac devices, too, unlike Badger Maps. In Track-POD, there are more integration options available compared to Badger Maps.

Furthermore, if you choose Track-POD, it could cost you more compared to Badger Maps. But with a high price, you will also get access to some features that are not a part of Badger Maps.

Price: You will get a standard subscription of Track-POD at $29/driver/vehicle/month. The price increases with every upgraded plan.

3. Tookan



Tookan is a cloud-based delivery management software. It streamlines operations for delivery businesses. It has various features like real-time tracking of delivery drivers, reporting, alerts, barcode scanning, behavior monitoring, and scheduling.

To access customer information and update task status remotely, Tookan provides iOS and Android apps for delivery drivers. It has pricing on a monthly and annual subscription basis, with support available through phone and online channels.

Key features of Tookan:

  • To track the live location of delivery drivers, Tookan uses geographic maps using geofencing technology.
  • Performance management tools of Tookan help you monitor and evaluate the performance of your delivery drivers.
  • Track key metrics, such as delivery times, driver performance, and distance traveled, enabling data-driven decision-making easier.

Tookan compared to Badger Maps:

Tookan has more integration options available compared to Badger Maps. That makes it easy for many businesses to get their work done on one platform only. While Badger Maps is ideal for field sales businesses, Tookan is useful for field sales and delivery businesses, also.

Tookan has very appealing customer support. Badger Maps provides in-person training to its new users, unlike Tookan. Talking about the investment, Tookan is comparatively more costly than Badger Maps, but on the positive side, you will also get access to some advanced features.

Price: The premium subscription of Tookan starts from $69/month and allows 700 tasks/month.

4. Dispatch Science


Dispatch science

Dispatch Science is another comprehensive alternative for Badger Maps. It streamlines delivery operations for various industries. Basically, it is ideal for courier businesses, yet other delivery businesses also use this to plan and optimize routes.

Apart from planning and optimizing routes, Dispatch Science has other useful features like customer management, order-booking, dispatching, tracking, and returns management. To extend its functionalities to accounting, e-commerce, and order management, Dispatch Science is easily integrable with other third-party applications.

Key features of Dispatch Science:

  • Dispatch Science’s quick integration allows you to integrate it with other third-party software.
  • This feature allows you to track your driver’s activity and keep an eye on them. This helps you maintain work quality and loyalty among your employees.
  • Dispatch Science has built-in proof of delivery templates to customize and use it for your business needs.

Dispatch Science compared to Badger Maps

While Badger Maps is ideal for field sales businesses only, dispatch science caters to various delivery industries such as delivery services such as courier services, eCommerce, manufacturing, 3PLs, food & beverage, and medical deliveries.

Despite having a high price, Dispatch Science charges extra for customer notifications, while you will get this feature included in the price of Badger Maps.

Price: The basic version of Dispatch Science starts from $650/month, and it includes 10 drivers. For every extra driver, you have to pay $35/month and $0.03 per SMS notification.

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5. Route4me



Another trusted solution is Route4Me which helps businesses streamline their routes and manage their delivery operations efficiently. It provides a dedicated driver app that enables your drivers to check their routes and navigate through them.

Its additional features include Excel import, real-time mileage tracking, and driver tracking. It incorporates mapping and searching capabilities and aims to provide live GPS tracking for drivers at multiple locations.

Key features of Route4Me:

  • To ensure convenience to drivers and customers, Route4Me features curbside delivery. It enables you to plan and execute deliveries to the curb efficiently.
  • Recurring routing allows you to set up and automate repetitive routes saving time and effort in planning and executing regular deliveries or service visits.
  • Route4Me provides accurate reporting & analysis so you stay updated about your drivers’ performance, stops covered, distance traveled, and time taken.
  • Route4Me’s advanced geocoding allows businesses to establish geofences around specific areas for monitoring.

Route4Me compared to Badger Maps

When compared with Badger Maps, Route4Me is definitely a better option because it provides additional features like barcode support, billing & invoicing, compensation management, customer database, dispatch management, and 24/7 customer support.

Despite having an integration option in Badger Maps, it does not provide API access to its users, while Route4Me provides API access. Also, Route4Me is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, and Badger Maps isn’t.

Price: The premium subscription of Route4Me starts from $199/month. It allows up to 10 team members.

6. Circuit



The next Badger Maps alternative is Circuit Route Planner. It is designed to improve routing operations by allowing you to create efficient routes and assign them to drivers in just a few minutes. Using a CSV or XLS file, you can import data directly from your system.

With multi-stop route optimization, it also provides other robust features like customer notifications, proof of delivery, and reporting to ensure transparency and effective communication. If you are not worried about the budget, Circuit Route Planner is a viable option.

Key features of Circuit:

  • Circuit helps you inform your customers about their upcoming delivery or sales visit with real-time updates.
  • Circuit supports multiple drivers and depots, allowing businesses to efficiently manage and assign routes to their drivers and optimize the allocation of resources for streamlined delivery operations.
  • Circuit provides valuable data-driven analysis on delivery operations. It helps you track key performance metrics and make informed decisions.

Circuit compared to Badger Maps

According to some users, Badger Maps has a steep learning curve which makes it difficult to get hands-on. While Circuit is comparatively easy-to-use and you don’t need dedicated training to master it.

Price: The subscription of Circuit starts from $100/month and allows you to allot 2 drivers at once.

7. Routific



Next alternative, Routific, is a route optimization software ideal for medium-sized local delivery businesses. Routifc has built-in algorithms that optimize routes considering factors like vehicle capacity, time windows, and vehicle type.

Routific comes with live GPS tracking for easy navigation and tracking. In case of sudden driver unavailability, Routific allows you to reassign the routes to other drivers so your delivery operations don’t stop.

Key features of Routific:

  • As soon as you optimize routes, you can send them to the driver app and dispatch drivers instantly for the delivery tasks.
  • You can track your drivers and keep a note of their moves using GPS tracking. So they do not get derailed during the job.
  • Routific enables your drivers to collect proof of delivery by collecting photos and customers’ e-signature.

Routific compared to Badger Maps

Routific can be used for any job, pickup, delivery, or sales. It gives 24/7 customer support, so you are always on the go. The paid subscription to Routific does not come with a built-in SMS notification feature.

Price: The paid subscription of Routific starts from $39/vehicle/month

8. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute offers advanced route optimization capabilities to practice efficient route management. This app also works on low-cost phones with minimal data plans, providing a user-friendly experience.

It generates the most efficient and optimal routes considering factors like real-time traffic conditions, delivery time windows, and vehicle capacities. Alongside the basic plan, you can upgrade Routific and get a customized plan to access additional features like planning thousands of stops and expert support.

Key features of OptimoRoute

  • OptimoRoute enables businesses to plan, create, and manage optimized routes effectively, minimizing travel time and reducing costs.
  • Whether you’re an experienced logistics professional or new to route planning, OptimoRoute provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • With Routific, you can send ETAs to your customers so they are constantly updated about their upcoming deliveries.
  • In case of any emergency or mishap, you can modify your routes in real-time and re-assign them to other drivers too.

OptimoRoute compared to Badger Maps

Route monitoring capabilities of OptimoRoute are better than Badger Maps. You can plan a route with up to 750 stops at once. The live driver tracking feature of OptimoRoute easily tracks the location and progress of all your delivery drivers.

Unlike Badger Maps, OptimoRoute has limited customization options which limits your scope of routing operations.

Price: The paid subscription to OptimoRoute starts from $35/month.

9. Samsara



Samsara is a comprehensive fleet management platform that optimizes routes, assigns drivers, and tracks progress. Its live GPS tracking and detailed reports enable real-time monitoring, better route planning, last-minute dispatching, and accurate ETAs for customers.

It allows users to capture real-time images, perform vehicle inspections and offers features like trailer tracking, automated historical logs, and user-based maintenance.

Key features of Samsara

  • To share accurate ETAs with your customers, Samsara provides live updates using live-to-the-second GPS tracking.
  • This feature helps you efficiently manage and allocate your resources, such as vehicles, equipment, and drivers, for optimized operations and increased productivity.
  • With vehicle performance tracking, Samsara enables your businesses to monitor and analyze key metrics such as fuel consumption and distance covered.

Samsara compared to Badger Maps

Samsara is ideal for route planning and scheduling routes for large businesses and enterprises. It provides you with a real-time vehicle inspection dashboard to stay updated with important updates.

Despite having many benefits, Samsara has some technical bugs that limit users from buying yearly plans. There are also some bugs in the driver app that urges drivers to force stop it. Although it is a considerable fleet management platform when it comes to finding an alternative to Badger Maps.

Price: N/A

10. MyRouteOnline



The subscription model of MyRouteOnline is different from other alternatives. In the paid plan of MyRouteOnline, you get address credits to plan routes. So, for every stop added, it will use one address credit. Once you add a stop, it can be reused for 30 days without any additional cost.

MyRouteOnline allows you to save unlimited addresses online and plan routes with up to 1000 stops in each route. To fasten your stop-adding process, MyRouteOnline enables you to import contacts from Excel, text, or CSV files.

Key features of MyRouteOnline:

  • MyRouteOnline provides animated directions for a visual review of your planned route.
  • You can import stop details and contact details directly from your system, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Add multiple stops in a single route in no time and save hours by avoiding manual route planning.
  • The API integration of Badger Maps allows you to integrate any third-party app of your business. From e-commerce to invoicing and CRM to order fulfillment, it integrates all.

MyRouteOnline compared to Badger Maps

MyRouteOnline is costly compared to Badger Maps when you have to deal with a lot of addresses because of its address credit system. One of the drawbacks of MyRouteOnline is it does not provide returns management.

Also, there is no reporting or analysis feature by which you could get to know the statistics of your company. On the other hand, the activity tracking feature enables you to know the whereabouts of your drivers.

Price: The paid subscription of MyRouteOnline starts from $24/month and gives you 50 address credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I modify stops once they are planned in Badger Maps?

    No, once you plan a route in Badger Maps, it doesn’t allow you to modify stops. This is one of the drawbacks of using Badger Maps. Once you have planned a route in Badger Maps and find a necessity to modify stops, you have to re-plan the whole route.

  • Does MyRouteOnline offer unlimited routes like Badger Maps?

    No, MyRouteOnline works on an address credit system where each credit represents one stop. Multiple stops can be made using the same credit within 30 days, but additional address points need to be purchased for adding more addresses to the route plan.

  • Is Badger Maps ideal for a food delivery business?

    Despite having capabilities of planning routes with multiple stops, Badger Maps is an ideal route planner for sales operative businesses. If you are a food delivery business owner looking for a route planner, Badger Maps is not a preferable route planner. Instead, try Upper or OptimoRoute.

  • Does Badger Maps provide in-depth reporting?

    No, Badger Maps does not provide in-depth reporting or analytics to its users. Despite being one of the most important features in any transportation or logistics business, you will find it missing.


Badger Maps is one ideal route planner for sales and service businesses but when it comes to other businesses like courier delivery, food delivery, HVAC service or any other business requiring route planning, it is not suitable. This is where you will need to find alternatives to Badger Maps.

In this blog we looked at 10 Badger Maps alternatives that suit best for various business industries. The list started from Upper, a route optimization software that is ideal for every business having routing requirements. No matter what your business is, if you need route planning with multiple stops, Upper is the one for you. You can avail its to measure the impact it can impart in your routing operations.

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