OptimoRoute Reviews: Is it really the best route planner in the market?

In the past few years, OptimoRoute has managed to get a fine grip over the logistics industry. Right, because the route optimization software came to the rescue for delivery-based businesses to uplift them from daily challenges. Since then, it kept on winning the hearts of the small business owners.

The US-based automatic route generator claims it creates an optimal route by using its sophisticated algorithms. Surely, OptimoRoute keeps assisting small or mid-size business owners in performing faster deliveries

Meanwhile, we heard that it does not tick all the boxes right. Now before you keep guessing for long, let us straightway discuss OptimoRoute Reviews, which could be the eyebrow-raiser for you.

Overview of OptimoRoute Planner

Using the automated route planner is not that complex for small or large business owners. Whenever you need to plan delivery routes, you can ask the route planner and it will help you with the best route. Thereafter, it will quickly send the drivers on their way and keep assisting them until they have reached the client location.

The feature-loaded route optimizer software will allow you to plan routes in advance. Therefore, you don’t have to find routes and look out for drivers in a haste. Also, drivers will get informed about the changing of routes if they have cancellation orders. Thus, they can swiftly perform a last-mile delivery. 

It is not just limited to drivers because it also offers customers to trace the delivery drivers along with ETA. As a result, you don’t have to deal with customers’ issues. Now, let us check out what are OptimoRoute’s offerings.

Product Details

Here’s a closer look at the core features of OptimoRoute.

  1. Route Scheduling: The automated software will let you plan deliveries in month advance. So, you don’t have to worry about multiple deliveries on the same day.
  2. Real-time Order Tracking: The buyer can see the location of the drivers and find the arrival time so that they can make themselves available.
  3. Weekly Planner: The owner can plan and manage multiple deliveries in advance. Updating the weekly planner will set you free from last-minute delivery hassles.
  4. Route re-optimization: To make sure the driver completes the delivery operation on time, it will allow you to re-optimize the route if there is a necessity.
  5. Automated Task Allocation: Once the owner has already set up the scheduled delivery, it will automatically assign the tasks to the available drivers.
  6. Shipping Management: From pick-up to drop-off, it will let the package smoothly pass to its owner. During the shipment, it will distribute the work among drivers to make quicker deliveries.
  7. Proof of delivery: The online route planner perfectly works at the time of delivery completion as it collects the delivery proof from clients.
  8. Customer Feedback: Following the delivery, it will request the customer to take time and share the experience.

Best Used For

Most of the features of OptimoRoute are compatible with logistic companies. So, those industries which are related to medical, courier services, HVAC services, or cleaning services can find easier to plan routes. Besides, businesses that often rely on delivery services will also get OptimoRoute support.

OptimoRoute Pricing Details

As of now, it has three pricing plans for its customer. If you are willing to get the OptimoRoute planner, you need to pay the below-stated prices.

  • Lite – $35.10 per month: The base plan offers only limited features to the admin which means they are barred from using real-time tracker and delivery proof services. 
  • Pro – $44.10 per month: It offers a complete package to its user, which has the weekly planner and advanced algorithm to generate the on-demand reports.

Apart from these two plans, it also brings you the custom plan to its user. Here, OptimoRoute considers your needs and offers premium features with the price slightly going high than the two plans mentioned above.

Review of OptimoRoute Route Planning Software

The automated OptimoRoute system divides the task among the employees in such a way that there would be no communication gaps. On either side, the customer would be satisfied as well because they will get automated delivery updates on their device. 

Simultaneously, it also keeps multiple drivers updated by giving them access to the driver app. In short, it will hassle-free transit the package from its release from the depot to the buyer’s doorstep. 

Reviewing the OptimoRoute web app and mobile app versions, its users have mixed responses as far as map navigation and performance are concerned. To know how customers are satisfied with OptimoRoute, we have combined reviews from Capterra and G2 that you should check out.

  1. The route mapping process completely ignores road closures.
  2. It doesn’t allow the admin to customize customer notifications.
  3. One cannot add pictures when they capture digital signatures.
  4. Route planner lacks a calendar view on its portal.
  5. Route mapping does not give accurate timings and it negatively influences reports.
  6. Not a single custom field inside OptimoRoute software.

What Are People Gossiping? – Read Customer Reviews and Comments

Following OptimoRoute software, here is how customers took their time to share the experience in Capterra and G2.


  • Easy to import excel files and no need to enter addresses manually
  • Smartly optimizes routes considering multiple stops
  • Provides automated delivery notifications
  • Reminds you to collect customer feedback
  • Reduces driving time and saves fuel cost


  • The live customer support is worst as you don’t get a proper response
  • It fails to give the exact live location of drivers
  • The driver app lag during the delivery process
  • It uses outdated maps which would gather incorrect addresses
  • Owners do not have options to custom fields
  • Route planning does not count traffic and avoidance zones

Is There a Better Alternative?

Those who are looking to try an alternate option should plan multiple routes using Upper Route Planner. Yes, it is a worthy alternative to OptimoRoute, which plans and optimizes routes in seconds.

Upper Route Planner – Find The Shortest Route Within A Minute

Planning a route is way easier when you have got support from Upper Route Planner. The automated route generator brings you plenty of route planning features for business owners. And a good thing about Upper Route Planner is it does not lag while performing multiple deliveries.

The online route optimizer is so easy that it generates optimal routes with just a few clicks. 

Adding to that, it comes with all the customer-friendly features like a time tracker, delivery proof, and customer notifications. In terms of management, the routing system analysis the delivery timing and stops before assigning to the multiple drivers.

Since it has all the necessary route planning features, you would have no problem performing more deliveries even the customer demand is high. Consequently, it lessens your workload and helps you focus on building new business strategies. 

Here is the list of industries that welcomed Upper Route Planner to eliminate delivery challenges.

  • HVAC services
  • E-commerce services
  • Food delivery businesses
  • Courier services
  • Maintenance & repairs businesses
  • Cannabis dispensaries

Why Should You Make Upper Route Planner Switch?

Moving to the Upper Route Planner, business owners will have a virtual assistant in form of a route planner. This wingman will not only reduce the time finding optimal routes but also keeps you updated about the recurring events.

In case, if your driver is on a leave, the software will automatically assign the task to another driver. This process would further help you avoid last-minute delivery hassles. Also, the customer would not have any complaints regarding delivery services.

Moreover, the admin will find it easier in generating reports considering the past and present deliveries. These small steps will greatly benefit you in expanding your business network and development. Let’s talk about what Upper Route Planner has to offer. 

  • Route Planning: At the time of delivery, it will provide you with the shortest route that can allow drivers to make faster deliveries. Then, the optimized route will reflect on the driver’s mobile, and for that, they do not need to download any app. 
  • Route Optimization: It has got best in class route optimizer which considers the traffic and confined areas while optimizing the route.
route optimization
  • Single Tap Dispatch: The dispatcher team can simply start the delivery process with a single click of a button. Then, the drivers, as well as customers, will be notified as per events taking place.
  • Add Latitude-longitude: Upper Route Planner will allow you to capture the exact address by adding latitude and longitude.
  • Service Time Alert: The route planner will arrange the things according to the delivery route and remind the driver about services.
  • Reports And Analytics: Whenever you demand the reports, the software will quickly fetch the data from the past and present deliveries and present you with detailed reports.
  • Automated Delivery Updates: The ongoing delivery process will also keep customers in a loop so they get the information about the ETA and driver’s movement.
  • Proof of Delivery: To make sure your team’s effort does not go in vain, it will ask the driver to collect the delivery proof before leaving the customer’s location.
proof of delivery

Will It Be An Expensive Buy?

Upper Route Planner was developed to ease the delivery operations no matter which challenges or different seasons may come. Being an alternative to OptimoRoute, it has pocket-friendly plans to offer for small business owners like you. Currently, it has the below-mentioned three plans.

Upper Route Planner Pricing: 

  1. Essential plan: Starting from $80 per month for up to 3 drivers
  2. Growth plan: Starting from $160 per month for up to 5 drivers
  3. Enterprise planContact for more details

The interested businessmen also ask them to provide a customized package for using automated software. To discuss a custom plan, you can directly reach at [email protected].

CTA image

Upper Route Planner

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

No credit card details required


Why not? The OptimoRoute provides you with the maximum features on the list. One of its features, reoptimize route will let you make the amendments in the pre-planned routes. As a result, you can manage the cancellation orders or add extra stops to the delivery path.

At OptimoRoute, neither the admin nor drivers need to ask for feedback. The reason is the automated process which instantly requests the customers to share their words. This process will further guide business owners to check how delivery operations are taking place.

Of course, Upper route planning software will help you organize deliveries in advance and provide the fastest route at the time of service. Also, the online generator will automatically assign the couriers to the available drivers once they get dispatched. Thus, as a business owner, you don’t have to worry about courier services and fleet management.


OptimoRoute is indeed a good option to plan and manage the delivery services. But referring to the OptimoRoute customers’ comments, OptimoRoute could represent a completely different story once you get logged in. And therefore, we recommend you should try using its top alternatives. 

Comparing both the route planner, we found that Upper Route Planner has got everything that is still missing on the OptimoRoute. And this ultimately sums up why Upper Route Planner has managed to leave a positive remark in every major industry.

If you are the one who needs a helping hand in managing delivery services, then you are a click away from So, let’s get things started by exploring all features step by step.

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Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Upper Route Planner. A subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems, Rakesh has been involved in technology for 30+ years. Looking to help delivery businesses eliminate on-field delivery challenges, Rakesh started Upper Route Planner with the ultimate goal of simplistic operations in mind.