Amazon DSP Program: What Is It & How Does It Work?

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Running your own business while managing deliveries for Amazon might be a great opportunity with the Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program.
  • The DSP Program is operating in nations like Italy, Ireland, Brazil, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany apart from the United States.
  • If you want to start a delivery firm and have some experience leading a company or skilled teams, then Amazon DSP program is fantastic.
  • Upper Route Planner, being a professional route planner can solve half of your delivery management and route planning issues.

Are you looking to start your own delivery business?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program can be an excellent opportunity to run your own company and handle deliveries for Amazon.

The DSP program enables you to use the Amazon ecosystem if you are looking for a reliable and trusted business model.

Introduced in 2018, the Amazon DSP program is helping entrepreneurs and hopeful small business owners launch their delivery businesses.

With the pandemic-fueled trend toward online shopping, there’s no time better than now for you to become part of the Amazon delivery service partner program.

But before you enroll in the Amazon DSP program, you must be aware of all its facts and requirements.

Let’s dive deep into this topic to know what is Amazon DSP program.

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What Is the Amazon DSP Program?

Amazon’s DSP Program enables you to start your own business while delivering Amazon packages. It’s not like you are purchasing a franchise, but It’s a business opportunity that can help you use Amazon logistics resources to manage the delivery operations.

The mega-retailer relies on delivery service partners to fill gaps in its logistics infrastructure.

You can operate a fleet of leased Amazon delivery vans, and your drivers can pick up packages from Amazon warehouses which will help you minimize operational costs.

Over 1,700 Amazon Delivery Service Partners associated with Amazon work in different countries. You require about $10,000 in startup costs and get access to:

  • Legal support
  • Recruiting tool discounts
  • Insurance options
  • Discounts on payroll, tax, and accounting software

The DSP program is fully operational in the United States and offers multiple opportunities for American delivery partners. 

Apart from the United States, the DSP Program is active in countries including Italy, Ireland, Brazil, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany.

The DSP program is continually expanding, and you can check the latest updates regarding the list on Amazon’s website.

How Does it Work? 

You can register as an Amazon Delivery Service Partners program by going through a simple online process.

The process will examine whether you can run a full-time business and you can lead or coach a team. 

With low startup costs, Amazon helps you set up your delivery ecosystem to handle Amazon deliveries and book great profits after completing them successfully.

You will have access to Amazon logistic resources that help you get regular delivery business opportunities from Amazon to complete the deliveries.

You must manage your team and streamline their productivity to increase delivery efficiency.

Integrate advanced route planning software like Upper to manage your route planning and delivery team management.

How to Establish Amazon DSP Business? 

The process of setting up an Amazon DSP program is simple. You need to go through the below steps before you can own a delivery business managing Amazon deliveries.

1. Fill in the online application

You can start the DSP program association step by filling in a simple online application form. Amazon will ask you a few basic questions to verify if you genuinely want to start a DSP program.

Here’s the questionnaire:

  • Do you have a strong credit history?
  • Are you ready to commit to being a full-time DSP owner?
  • Do you have liquid assets of at least $30,000?
  • Do you have experience in hiring and developing delivery workers?
  • Do you have experience running a business?

These are the basic requirements that Amazon wants to check before asking for further technical details.

2. Amazon DSP program screening

Once the above questions are answered, you need to pass the Amazon DSP program screening process. You’ll receive a second detailed application for further check.

You should update your resume and include hobbies or activities. As Amazon values community involvement, your resume should prove a steady work history.

Also, Amazon will ask for your driving records; they should be clear and must not contain any violations. The company will also execute a background and credit check to ensure you don’t have any criminal records or financial troubles.

You can be asked more questions, like:

  • Have you trained a community team? 
  • Are you associated with local committees which prove your community involvement? 
  • How would you engage the community members to help you hire people?

3. Interview process

Interview process for amazon dsp program

You must show up for the in-person interviews at the Amazon fulfillment center at locations nearest to you.

The application, screening, and interview process can take months. There will be more than one in-person interview.

If you pass the interview process successfully, you’ll receive a notice of acceptance.

You can then join the Delivery Service Partner program. But remember, competition is fierce, so be thorough with your research.

4. Participate in training programs

Once you receive a formal offer, you can complete the DSP training program. You must attend one week of virtual learning by joining webinars to understand better how to run a delivery business.  

You’ll also complete a week’s training in a delivery station, where you’ll learn from existing DSP program partners. You can see some previous stories of business owners enrolled in Amazon’s DSP portal.

You’ll also be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit with everything you need, like daily operations, to ensure you run your business smoothly. 

The training will also include a detailed operations manual explaining on-road issue assistance for your drivers, how to process and track orders, and a dedicated business coach. 

Your business coach can help with different issues while operating your business operations. 

5. Hire your fleet and start the delivery operations

A beginner DSP partner can start with five delivery vehicles and drivers. So you need to quickly hire a team of Amazon delivery drivers to kick-start your delivery operations.

Look for people with logistics industry or delivery experience to avoid issues with your delivery operations. Hiring high-performing individuals can help you minimize the training period and ensure maximum efficiency at the start of your new business journey.

Here are some qualities to look for in a delivery driver: 

  • Great communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Positive attitude
  • Experience in working with tech apps

You can also look to hire independent contractors from Amazon Flex Program who understand the Amazon delivery operation ecosystem. They can assist you in streamlining your initial delivery operations with finesse. 

Apart from the drivers, you must also learn different result-oriented tips for starting your DSP business.

Tips for Starting Amazon DSP Business Successfully

Being a DSP partner, you are responsible for your success. Amazon offers the same support and resources to all its DSPs, but still, not all are successfully managing the overall delivery ecosystem.

From finding the right location to building your team, from interviewing a driver to choosing from a pool of administrative candidates, you have to manage everything professionally. 

Here are a few tips to strengthen the foundation of your Amazon DSP business for its future success.

1. Use the diversity grant (if applicable)

You can negate the startup costs once you access a diversity grant. Amazon offers $10,000 to Latinx, Black, or American Indian applicants.

The opportunity can help you cover the initial investment cost and launch your business with no fund arrangement burdens.

2. Use the training to the maximum potential

You must ensure that the training provided by Amazon experts is fully utilized to streamline your delivery operations. Also, implement the Amazon company guidelines and training on hiring and training people and building a team.

You should know your job market and the workforce status in your location. Manage your workforce well using professional software or route planner like Upper and minimize your inefficiencies.

3. Access Amazon support

You can access Amazon support if you don’t have extensive logistics experience. Amazon offers  24/7 support to DSP partners to help them bypass different dynamic issues while managing delivery operations.

4. Assemble your delivery team

Assemble your delivery team to start amazon dsp business

Running a successful business requires a strong leader who can guide the team and set up great examples from the front. You should be comfortable in leadership roles in a business and have the know-how to build a solid team.

It can help you leverage the opportunity provided by Amazon to maximum effect and help you earn great profits.

Benefits of the Amazon DSP Program

Now that you know the process and tips to start the Amazon DSP program seamlessly, let’s also understand its benefits. 

1. Low initial investment

The costs required to become a DSP are low regarding other delivery-based startup expenses. The startup expenses are as low as $10,000 if you start with only five vans.

But you can get a great return on investment if you follow the right tips and strategies to achieve maximum efficiency.

2. Get great benefits 

Being an Amazon DSP, you can enjoy discounts on essential business assets, like vehicle leases. You can also access Amazon’s comprehensive toolkit equipped with delivery technology and processes. 

It can help you cut your operational hiccups and deliver professional delivery results. 

3. Expert training

Expert training - amazon dsp program benefit

Although you’ll be working as an Amazon partner, you still represent the business. Amazon wants its customers to get the best delivery experience, so they provide you with expert training. 

The company offers training and on-demand support to its DSP partners to streamline business operations and provide you with essential requirements.

4. Regular business opportunities

The brand presence of Amazon provides you with a steady high volume of orders. You won’t have to stress marketing and attracting delivery business opportunities because Amazon can handle all aspects.

5. Hassle-free business operations 

Starting as a DSP partner requires effort and dedication, but once you develop a delivery process and integrate the right tools and technology, things will simplify.

With the DSP Program, you can focus on developing your team and less on finding work opportunities.

But to manage your team efficiently, you require a route planning software like Upper to increase your delivery business productivity and efficiency.

Perform Efficient Delivery Service Using Upper

An efficient delivery team is equipped with the best tools and technologies to automate time-consuming and redundant tasks. 

Using Upper, you can save your delivery team’s route planning time and effort with the help of an automated delivery process. 

Once you create multiple-stop routes for drivers within a few clicks, you can assign and edit driver information for specific route plans.

Your ​dispatch managers can visualize the entire route plan using the timeline view features provided by Upper. 

The feature gives an in-depth idea of the driver’s route plan. The user can view mapped routes, swap drivers, reassign routes to a different driver, and manually make last-minute adjustments as well.

Upper can help you minimize the initial troubles of starting a new business under the DSP program and ensure you complete all your deliveries for Amazon on time.

Try a 7 days free trial to get hands-on experience with Upper Route Planner.


The process of becoming a DSP program partner is simple. But because of its popularity, multiple delivery business owners want to compete for the limited slots in the future DSP program.

Yes, it is profitable. DSP owners can earn great profits because of the humongous presence of Amazon in the online eCommerce retail business. Consumers actively use Amazon to place orders, and DSP owners get steady business opportunities to deliver packages.

The minimum investment for becoming an Amazon delivery business owner is $10000. You can access Amazon logistic resources to manage your orders and the support provided by the leaders in the eCommerce retail business.


The Amazon DSP program is great if you want to step into the delivery business and have some experience managing a business or professional teams.

But you require the best strategies, tools, and equipment to increase delivery efficiency and execute the operations with finesse. 

Upper, being a professional route planner can eradicate half of your delivery management and route planning troubles. Access the 7 days free trial version now to know more about its advanced features.

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