How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver? Explained 101

Over 55% of the United States’ workforce is looking to switch jobs next year.

74% of people rethink their work situations post-pandemic, while others cite dissatisfaction, stress, and fear.

With unrest in the country’s employment sector, Amazon delivery jobs can assist the delivery drivers in earning extra cash and remaining assured of their job security.

The drivers can associate with the Amazon Flex ecosystem with simple steps to kickstart the required tasks.

But how to become an Amazon flex driver?

Let’s find out.

What is Amazon Flex?

Flex is a program where delivery partners or independent contractors deliver the required Amazon orders and get paid for their effort. Amazon Flex works like Postmates and DoorDash, where you make food deliveries, but with Flex, you need to deliver Amazon packages.

The driver can contact Amazon flex support if they face troubles and want to deliver packages successfully.

Amazon Flex delivery ecosystem includes

  • Amazon packages that are picked up from a delivery station and delivered to the customers. A time slot is allocated to the drivers, usually a 3 to 6 hours delivery block in which they must complete the required task.
  • Groceries and household packages under Amazon Fresh and Prime Now are picked up 2 4 hours Amazon Flex delivery blocks from the Amazon delivery station.
  • Amazon instant deliveries are available in a few areas where the packages are delivered within 15 to 45 minutes.

How Much can a Delivery Driver Earn from the Amazon Flex App?

The Amazon Flex offers a great ecosystem for the drivers, who earn about $18 to $25 per hour, earning a decent amount every month.

The actual earnings of an Amazon delivery driver in the United States are around $39,000, and some of the top earners can make up to $50,500 per year. A driver can ride for a few delivery blocks and become eligible for commissions and payout.

The locations and delivery work also impact the earnings, so drivers need to scale their earnings charts.

The drivers can schedule their work in blocks to self-assign and choose using the application. Beyond the normal working hours, the drivers can take ‘instant offers’ deliveries that add an extra income stream.

These are a few basic things to understand about Amazon Flex. Now let’s discuss the overall benefits Amazon Flex offers to delivery drivers.

Benefits of Applying for the Amazon Flex App

Amazon Flex offers great benefits to its delivery workforce, but there are a few that stand out and make a pitch-perfect working environment for Amazon delivery drivers.

1. Flexible work schedule

The delivery drivers can select their working timings and deliver the required deliveries to a specific location. They can use an application that provides detailed information about the pick-up and drop-off.

Flexible work schedule

Amazon Flex also offers additional working hours to help the delivery drivers work more and earn more commissions.

2. Competitive earnings

Amazon Flex offers a great opportunity for delivery drivers to earn and make a decent career in the delivery industry. Amazon Flex offers a decent commission rate compared to other delivery jobs.

They offer great security and multiple opportunities to earn extra earnings, enabling drivers to live decent lives.

3. Focus on health, safety & training

Amazon provides comprehensive safety training to all its delivery partners and takes safety and security seriously.

Focus on health safety  training

Amazon provides off-road and on-road support to the delivery partners and ensures that the drivers complete the task effectively and efficiently. Amazon uses sophisticated technology to assign the delivery tasks to different delivery partners based on the weight limits and block times for different individuals.

They take regular feedback from the delivery partners from the Amazon Flex app and Driver Support to improve the work ecosystem in the delivery segment.

4. Focus on transparency

The delivery drivers can be their bosses and create a specific schedule based on their preferences. The drivers must sign up in advance with the preferred block timings that enable the software to assign the task. 

The drivers receive direct payment weekly into their bank accounts to ensure complete transparency in the payment processing.

The benefits of becoming an Amazon Flex driver are great, and the application process for the delivery partner position is also smooth.

Have a look.

How to Sign up for Amazon Flex App?

Applying for the delivery driver position takes only a few minutes, and the steps to complete the process are

1. Install the Amazon Flex app

The first step is to download the Amazon Flex app on a mobile device that is easily available on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Access to the application can also be available on the Amazon Flex website, where the application needs to click on ‘Let’s Drive,’ and it will ask the user to download the app from the browser.

Once the application is installed, the driver must create a new Amazon account or log in using an existing Amazon account. The username and password are required to sign in for further application processing.

2. Fill in the basic details

Once the driver creates an account on Amazon, they need to allow access to the device’s GPS, camera, and phone. The application needs these permissions to continue the process.

The user needs to enter a few basic qualities like the type of vehicle, zip code, availability, and others to start the delivery process with Amazon Flex.

3. Answer additional questions

Amazon will further ask a few questions about the delivery job. The users need to provide details about their work history and educational background to enable the company to perform different background checks.

You must enter a few documents and payment details. The user needs to wait for the final approval once the application is submitted.

Once the check is complete, the delivery partner can reserve a block, pay, and deliver items. Amazon offers Flex services in major states like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Portland, New York, and Chicago.

The drivers can use the helpful training videos available on the Amazon Flex website or app to learn about distribution center fills, local Amazon warehouse deliveries, Amazon Flex pay, Amazon logistics operations, and other important segments.

Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Requirements

Delivery jobs are not easy tasks to manage. Amazon Flex Drivers need to ensure that they are physically capable of carrying the delivery packages and can efficiently manage the work.

The Amazon Flex drivers also need to handle conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, snow, or ice, depending on location and delivery timing.

As mentioned above, you need a decent list of essentials to be eligible to become an Amazon delivery partner, but here are a few that are must-haves:

1. Smart device

The driver needs to access the Amazon Flex application a lot of the time during the Amazon driver job, so they need to have a quality and latest smartphone that can run the application.

If the driver has an iPhone, the minimum requirements include owning an iPhone 6s or newer. The iOS device should run on iOS 13 or newer.

The Android phone should have at least 2GB RAM and Android 6.0 or newer to ensure the application runs fluently.

The Amazon Flex driver needs to activate the GPS location and the permission of the phone’s camera that enables the device to scan the barcodes.

2. Delivery vehicle

The Amazon flex delivery drivers need to use their qualifying vehicle for Flex delivery services. The delivery partner should have their own vehicle that can carry the volume and weight of the packages to complete the assigned Amazon flex jobs.

Delivery vehicle

If the delivery partner has an SUV, van, or a pick-up truck, they can deliver more products in a single shift, increasing profits. The Amazon Flex driver must have a valid driver’s license and a bank account to receive direct deposit.

The vehicle must have insurance and vehicle registration. The Amazon Flex driver must comply with different requirements depending upon the location of the delivery operations. You need to have auto insurance to deliver traditional packages on Amazon. 

Once these vital requirements are matched, the application is submitted, and the Amazon team completes the background check to finalize the onboarding process.

3. Clean background

Amazon checks the criminal record and other cases like violence, felonies, theft, or other convictions. The company also thoroughly checks the driving history that completes the final check.

The driver must provide bank account information, personal details, and other required information to access the Amazon delivery program.

The verification process will be completed in a few days, depending on multiple scenarios like the applicant’s experience, document verification, and position to be filled in the particular location.

The delivery driver can also opt for ‘Amazon Flex deactivate’ to quit the delivery job. Being an independent contractor, you can break free from the contract using the service.

Now that you have understood the complete guide on how to become an Amazon Flex driver, it’s time to dive deep into some complexities faced during the delivery process.

Whether you have a team of delivery drivers or want to work for a leading business as an independent delivery contractor, you need professional tools to handle the complexities of a delivery process.

You need dedicated route planning and optimization software to ensure that multi-route deliveries are made on time, have minimal operational cost, and increase business efficiency.

Why is Route Optimization Software Important for Delivery Business?

Route planning and optimization software adds automation to the delivery process and streamlines the business workflow. It can bypass the complexities of the Flex optimization app and deliver goods quickly. 

It can ensure smooth communication between the management and delivery drivers for better efficiency.

You can scale the business operations and boost the number of deliveries made daily for increased profits and commissions.

The software removes the manual processing and minimizes the errors and redundancies in the process. But only a few delivery route optimization software can deliver the highest quality results for your delivery operations.

It’s difficult to filter the best route planning software, but we have made the process easier and simpler for you.

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No, Amazon doesn’t pay the delivery partners the fuel cost because they are independent contractors who must bear the cost of the vehicle, fuel, and other issues. Also, if the driver gets too many customer complaints, they’ll be relieved from the flex program.

The duration of becoming an Amazon Flex delivery partner depends on the applicant, the required position, and the details submitted. The background check involves thorough processing of the software and investigation by Amazon’s backend team, and the time for approval is not fixed.

The Amazon flex drivers can get approvals depending upon the experience of the applicant driver, as the average approval time can be done within a week, or it might take a few months.

A route optimization software can deliver quality optimization results and remove the troubles caused by using the Flex app. It increases efficiency and ensures that the delivery service is smooth.

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