15 Best Navigation Apps for Android & iOS Devices

Whether you are traveling to a new city, finding lower gas prices, or even cutting down sometimes on your daily trips, there are many GPS apps for navigation.

Each navigation app comes with distinct features that set it apart from the competing apps.

With such a variety of GPS navigation apps available on our mobile devices, it often becomes confusing when choosing the most suitable for you.

Most people use navigation apps for three reasons:

  • To locate the new address by GPS-enabled app.
  • Finding the best route to reach the location.
  • To share the route map with their travel partners.

If you are one of them, this article is for you. Here, we have listed some of the best navigation apps of 2022 to help you weigh their usefulness.

What is a Navigation App?

A navigation app is an application on your mobile phone or any portable electronic device that uses GPS technology to offer real-time turn-by-turn directions with an estimated time of arrival and other useful information.

A good navigation app will provide you with features like turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, traffic updates, estimated arrival time, bicycle routes, and access to offline maps. These apps must also be functional on the most popular platforms like the web, iOS, and Android.

In the next section, we have rounded the 15 best navigation apps whether you need help planning a road trip, your daily commute, or a walk to the nearest park or restaurant.

A Comprehensive List of Best Navigation Apps for Android & iOS Users

Logo Navigation Apps Top Features Ideal for
google Google
  • Route Planning
  • Google assistant
  • Live traffic updates
Trip Planners
upperrouteplanner Upper Route Planner
  • Route planning & optimization
  • Route scheduling
  • Street views
  • Voice navigation
Delivery services
waze Waze
  • Map navigation
  • Real-time updates
  • Parking notifications
Better driving experience
mapquest MapQuest
  • Custom maps
  • Displays gas prices from gas stations
  • Webcams
applemaps Apple Maps
  • GPS-enabled Apple maps
  • Integration with Apple device
  • 360-degree map view
Frequent travellers
copilotgps CoPilot GPS
  • Custom route plan
  • 3D maps
  • Offline Maps
Long-haul deliveries
mapsme Maps.me
  • Offline maps
  • Pedestrian navigation
  • Auto-follow mode
herewego Here WeGO
  • Heavy traffic and parking information
  • Routing
  • Offline access
Road trips and vehicle parkings
inroute InRoute
  • Multi-stop routes
  • Non-direct trips
  • Weather alerts
Multi-stop trips
mapfactornavigator MapFactor Navigator
  • Download maps
  • Street view
  • Audio navigation
Tour guides
tomtomgo TomTom GO
  • Customizable maps
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Driving guidance
City riders
sygic Sygic
  • Lane guidance
  • Voice-enabled navigation
  • Driving instructions
Heavy duty vehicles
google Polaris GPS Navigation
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Track records
Outdoor activities
backcountrynavigator BackCountry Navigator
  • Navigation access
  • Offline access to map
  • Favorite destinations
roadtrippers Roadtrippers
  • Trip guides
  • Pre-planned routes
  • In-built compass
Off-road adventures

Here are the 15 top navigation apps for android and iOS devices:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android

Google Maps, with its data-driver simplicity, offers real-time traffic information and ETAs to the users. Travelers like the vast library of events, activities, bars, local restaurants, and must-try places curated by experts and Google Maps itself. This can be extremely useful for people on road trips. 

Google Maps includes offline maps for searching and navigating with turn-by-turn directions using your GPS device without Wi-Fi or data coverage.

Other additional features like street view, satellite images, voice navigation make Google Maps one of the most favored GPS apps.

  • Google Maps provides the most efficient route for biking, walking, and driving
  • Updates you about live traffic.
  • Google Maps Offers street view, accurate ETA, and offline navigation.
  • The GPS drains your phone battery very quickly.
  • Google Maps can only create a route with up to 10 stops, including the starting point.
  • Collects user data.
  • Social media sharing option is unavailable.

    If you want a navigation app with more than 10 additional stops, try pro version of Google Maps, Upper Route Planner for your future trips.

    2. Upper Route Planner

    Price: Starting from $31.99 /month

    Available on: iOS, Android & Web 

    Upper Route Planner is a highly-intuitive route planning software that supports businesses as well as individual drivers. Users can schedule optimized route plans for timely and accurate deliveries.

    Upper Route Planner has one of the most advanced route optimization algorithms that help businesses and individuals by optimizing multiple routes. 

    The routes are optimized according to several constraints like – vehicle type, delivery time window, service time, and priority. 

    Delivery businesses can easily maximize the number of deliveries they do daily, thanks to Upper Route Planner’s savvy route planning and optimization capabilities. 

    Upper Route Planner has been adopted by businesses from several industries like meal-kit delivery, pet food delivery, field sales, HVAC services, and inspection services. 

    While GPS apps will be useful for people with one route to plan or only need navigation and no optimization, for professional delivery drivers and contractors who make multiple deliveries daily, a navigation app will not be enough. 

    Upper Route Planner helps you navigate your trips and optimize them in the best possible way. It allows you to plan unlimited routes at once.

    • Offers cost-efficient route planning in a few seconds.
    • Human-centric design approach for an intuitive user experience.
    • Set parameters like driver breaks, time windows, curbside pickup, and priority stops.
    • Only offers a 7-day free trial.
    • You can only add limited route plan in free version.

      Upper Route Planner

      A simple-to-use route planner
      that every one is talking about

      3. Waze


      Price: Free

      Available on: iOS & Android 

      Waze was acquired by Google back in 2013 and further developed as a community-based GPS navigation app. It comes with real-time crowd-sourced social networking features, which is one of the highlights of the app.

      Waze provides its users with alerts regarding hazards, accidents, police activity, speed traps, road closures, etc., that may require the user to change the route. Waze allows users to listen to music from platforms like Spotify from within the app.

      Waze comes with a more playful interface and has a strong preference for driving mode, speed camera warnings, real-time traffic, etc. The GPS app works in alliance with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

      • User community base is Waze’s strongest feature.
      • Waze lets users share current fuel prices.
      • The app also allows users to connect to Facebook and Google Calendar.
      • It helps find event addresses and create directions.
      • Waze’s design has icons that are difficult to understand. This creates a cluttered layout of the maps.
      • The battery power and data resources that Waze consumes is high, due to the numerous icons and large data sharing.
      • Difficult to find directions from places that are not your current location.

        4. MapQuest


        Price: Free

        Available on: iOS & Android 

        Mapquest is one of the original and long-running GPS apps that is available in desktop and app formats. Even with options like Google Maps and Waze around, MapQuest is still a good app because it includes real-time traffic data and access to live traffic cams. With this feature, users can stay informed about the on-goings on their commute.

        With real-time traffic alerts from MapQuest, users can choose to find alternative routes. Users can mark their favorite locations using custom icons. In addition to this, MapQuest also has a speed limit display and on-demand roadside assistance.

        • Offers multi-segment routing and built-in traffic information.
        • Gives you live traffic camera.
        • Lets you find the best prices.
        • Driving friendly features like night mode, driver speeds display, and real time traffic data.
        • Doesn’t offer directions or details for public transit.
        • Can be used only by 1 driver.
        • Recurring pop-up ads.
        • No offline use.

          5. Apple Maps

          Apple Maps

          Price: Free 

          Available on: iOS

          Apple Maps comes preloaded on all Apple devices. Following the criticism it accrued at its launch, Apple Maps has since been working to fix its initial bugs. With Apple’s map app, you can use Siri for voice command inputs and advice.

          Apple Maps features include turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, interactive 3D maps, and proactive suggestions for choosing the right lane. Apple Maps can automatically record the parking spot you left your car in, and you can also select public transport, car services, and walking options on the map.

          • Excellent map design and visual style, including 3D map view and buildings.
          • A virtual tour guide feature.
          • Apple Maps gets you weather and AQI for the selected location.
          • Users mention that Apple at times has issues locating destinations.
          • No recommendation points of interest on Apple Maps
          • In Apple Maps, ‘Look Around’ doesn’t work for every user.

            6. CoPilot GPS

            CoPilot GPS

            Price: starts from $14.99 per year

            Available on: iOS & Android

            CoPilot GPS is a navigation app that focuses on route planning for cars, RVs, and larger trucks. It offers customizable routes for all vehicle types by considering factors like road width or low clearance.

            It offers driver-friendly directions with clear driving views, uncluttered maps for offline access, and easy-to-read instructions. Drivers can easily add up to 100 stops on a single multi-stop route. The premium version of the app offers audio navigation, 3D maps, and traffic information.

            • Offers navigation for pedestrians and cycling.
            • It is possible to navigate using offline maps.
            • It has 3D maps
            • There are often errors while navigating.
            • After your first year of using, you need a subscription to get access to traffic details.
            • You can only add up to 52 stops per route.

              7. Maps.Me


              Price: Free

              Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry

              Maps.Me is another free GPS app for travel tips and navigation. Maps.Me is known for offering high-quality maps around the world. It offers turn-by-turn directions, offline map options, and updated maps via OpenStreetMap.

              Using Maps.Me, users can bookmark locations, search offline, get traffic data, and receive worldwide support. It offers full offline functionality, including a search feature, navigation, and searching for a destination or stop. Since users can do everything offline on Maps.Me, it saves battery power on your smartphone or mobile device.

              • Provides auto-follow mode with turn by turn directions.
              • Allow you to share the location.
              • The night mode option is quite good.
              • Not all businesses are available on the maps.
              • There is no way to distinguish between the fastest, shortest, or most efficient route.
              • No way to hide buttons or configure language.

                8. Here WeGo

                Here WeGo

                Price: Free Base plan

                Available on: iOS & Android

                Here WeGo is a slightly lesser-known mapping and navigation app on the list. This navigation app is designed specifically for city travel. Users can download maps of cities in more than 100 countries. Here WeGo can help users find major points of interest like restaurants, tourist spots, ATMs, etc.

                Here WeGo offers real-time updates, price information, and public transport directions in a select number of cities. It is also possible to order a taxi from the app and receive a price estimate for your trip. In addition to that, HERE WeGo also offers bike line navigations and path information with elevation details.

                • A user-friendly app that works perfectly without the internet.
                • Offline navigation gives the names of the streets as well as the names of places, landmarks, businesses, etc.
                • The navigation can find you routes using public transportation.
                • Not very accurate at indicating traffic jams and recalculating routes.
                • Not very reliable when it comes to routing, place of interests, and live traffic.
                • It consists lots of Ads.

                  9. InRoute


                  Price: Free 

                  Available on: iOS

                  When you initially download InRoute, the app is free. But you have to pay for accessing features like turn-by-turn navigation.

                  For driving directions, pedestrian, or public transport directions, Google Maps is still a better choice. But if you are planning a long trip and want to incorporate weather data, InRoute is a useful app.

                  InRoute GPS is a decent app for navigation, but it offers limited service until you are opting for premium upgrades. Also, the interface isn’t so easy to navigate.

                  • Efficient trip planning with info like weather forecasts and road conditions.
                  • Offers the “drag and drop” features to find exact location.
                  • Allows exporting routes to other apps.
                  • Only limited to Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch).
                  • Allows 7 extra routes in a free version.
                  • If you go off route, it can’t seem to figure out where you are and even get you back to where you were going.

                    10. MapFactor Navigator

                    MapFactor Navigator

                    Price: Free 

                    Available on: iOS & Android

                    MapFactor Navigator is a free navigation app. It comes with free offline maps from OpenStreetMaps. It offers intuitive turn-by-turn voice navigation, speed limits, camera warnings, 2D/3D mode, and other useful features.

                    You can navigate without an internet connection in 200+ countries. MapFactor Navigator is one of the best offline navigation apps for Android. It is a very reliable app that even works for offline use.

                    • It offers free map updates every month.
                    • Users can define vehicle type, road preferences (highway, secondary roads, local road).
                    • MapFactor warns you if you approach a speed camera or exceed the speed limit.
                    • Usually gets you wrong traffic data.
                    • Sometimes the navigation or alternate routes suggested by it are questionable.
                    • You can’t exit without being nagged to install other apps.

                      11. TomTom Go

                      TomTom Go

                      Price: Starts from $4.99 / month

                      Available on: iOS & Android

                      TomTomGo is a powerful navigation device. The interface is functional and easy to navigate, with large, easy to tap buttons, and vibrant colors. 

                      The interface is easy to control, thanks to the responsive touchscreen and a new processor, which make this the fastest sat nav you’ll ever use. 

                      TomTom Go is an easy-to-use app to limit distractions and help you see only what is important on the road.If you are looking for an app purely for navigation, TomTom Go is the app for you.

                      • Tomtom is the only mapping system that is efficient and has an audible warning of speed and red light cameras.
                      • It has a navigation assistance and provides key details like speed limits and traffic camera alerts (driver a photo feature).
                      • It allows sharing of ETA to others.
                      • The app will often freeze and require a restart while driving. It can be annoying and sometimes very difficult to do safely.
                      • The maps won’t download in the background. So you must keep the app open and primary in your phone.
                      • TomTom didn’t get frequent updates.

                        12. Sygic


                        Price: Starts from $13.99

                        Available on: iOS & Android

                        Sygic is a world-class navigation app that includes high-quality 3D maps. It guides you safely to your destination even if you do not have access to an internet connection.

                        Sygic offers the most up-to-date information about fuel prices at petrol stations. It helps you avoid speeding tickets with warnings for speed limit and speed camera.

                        It also offers voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directions, spoken street names, and pedestrian GPS navigation with walking directions and tourist attractions (POI).

                        • A lot of issues in the app are now fixed with new updates.
                        • Offline 3D maps are great.
                        • Real-time sign detection is extremely useful.
                        • It seems to expect you to know the full address as there is no way to get address suggestions.
                        • It tells your speed and distance but there are no cues to warn you about exits or turns.
                        • The inaccurate navigation makes it difficult to know where to turn next.

                          13. Polaris GPS Navigation

                          Polaris GPS Navigation

                          Price: Free

                          Available on: Android

                          Polaris is an easy-to-use GPS navigation app for wherever you need guidance in your travels. Users are not required to setup an account setup or get a subscription.

                          Polaris is used primarily for Hiking with the best hiking maps, Back country exploration and outdoor adventure, Trail recorder, Sailing, Boating, Fishing GPS, Hunting, Geocache, Camping, Mountain Biking, Backpacking and other outdoor sports, Compass orienteering.

                          • It has accurate navigation services.
                          • The ability to get a position even without cell service and send a location quickly via text when you get a bit of signal is great.
                          • GPS works great for walking or driving.
                          • It has too many full screen ads after almost every click.
                          • The app is quite inaccurate for tracking time and distance.
                          • It is not made for daily use.

                            14. BackCountry Navigator

                            BackCountry Navigator

                            Price: Starts from $9.99

                            Available on: Android

                            BackCountry Navigator is an off-road topo mapping handheld GPS app to explore beyond cell coverage for hiking and other recreation. 

                            Explore outdoors with the help of our huge selection of maps on BackCountry Navigator. Download maps for the US and many other countries, you don’t need cell coverage for the navigation.  

                            To make things even more easier and handy for its users, BackCountry Navigator’s app supports Android wear as well.

                            • It provides you with maximum up & down speeds, time moving and other statistics.
                            • It works great offline, no cell service needed.
                            • You have to choose areas to download onto your device before you go out and use it.
                            • It takes a bit of practice, but it’s a powerful navigation tool just works well.
                            • It just keeps crashing when you’re trying to start it.
                            • The maps are also quite out-dated compared to other apps out there.
                            • Importing waypoints is difficult and downloading maps takes hours sometimes.

                              15. Roadtrippers


                              Price: Starts from $ 6.99

                              Available on: iOS & Android

                              Roadtrippers is one of the efficient tools for navigating routes. Especially, for those who are fond of organizing an adventure trip. It lets you create a route plan and once you are ready to step out, you can access the turn-by-turn navigation via the mobile app. 

                              In addition, like other navigation apps, it also allows you to add extra stops while creating a route map. Users can even download the map and share it with their travel partners. The app itself recommends you add new stops so that travelers can also explore new places.

                              • It provides accurate information for new places.
                              • Navigation for outdoor activities such as off-roading adventure and hiking.
                              • It has in-built compass for route navigation.
                              • Offline maps downloads.
                              • The app is suitable for daily commuters.
                              • It lacks user-friendly display in a mobile app.
                              • Shows you ads while you access the map.
                              • Premium version is quite expensive.

                                Get Upper for Multi-stop Route Planning

                                Include more than hundred of stops in your route plan and find the efficient routes instantly. Use Upper for your multi-stop delivery and save planning time.


                                It usually depends on the user’s requirements. If you are looking for a navigation app for route planning, Google Maps, Apple Maps, or MapQuest are ideal for you. But, if you want an all-in-one app for navigation, Upper Route Planner is the best navigation app for you.

                                Navigation app is an app that lets you provide turn-by-turn directions using the GPS system. It offers information about added stops and calculates ETA based on the traffic conditions.

                                Google-approved mapping platform is best used for route planning upto 10 stops. However, if you need more than Google Maps, switch to Upper Route Planner. The online route planning and optimization software helps you find optimized routes including 500 stops.

                                Below are the best GPS apps that are completely cost-free.

                                • MapQuest
                                • Google Maps
                                • Apple Maps
                                • Waze
                                • Maps.me

                                Google Maps or Apple Maps are widely used for GPS and navigation purposes. These two popular apps are considered the best GPS apps in comparison to other apps.

                                Upper Route Planner is a perfect alternative option for Google Maps as it allows optimization with advanced routing features.


                                With the best technology, we have navigation apps with accurate location information, street view, and real-time traffic data, to safely navigate our desired location. Also, they offer many other features that help users in dodging traffic, real-time road incidents, toll checks, etc.

                                Navigation apps are used to reduce the hassle and enhance your journey to your destination. Whether you are looking for a GPS app to suit your new device or one to suit your changing navigation needs, the navigation apps mentioned above will help you.

                                Author Bio
                                Rakesh Patel
                                Rakesh Patel

                                Rakesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Upper Route Planner, a route planning and optimization software. With 28+ years of experience in the technology industry, Rakesh is a subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems. His ultimate goal with Upper Route Planner is to help delivery businesses eliminate on-field delivery challenges and simplify operations such as route planning, scheduling, dispatching, take a proof of delivery, manage drivers, real time tracking, customer notifications and more. He loves sharing his thoughts on eliminating delivery management challenges via blogs. Read more.