Amazon Driver Salary: How Much Will You Make?

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Due to the increased demand for delivery services in the pandemic, there has been more opportunities for Amazon drivers.
  • The salary of Amazon drivers may vary from country to country and also within different regions in a country.
  • Several factors like experience, performance, and service area may impact the salary of an Amazon driver.
  • A professional delivery route planning and optimization software like Upper Route Planner can streamline the efforts of delivery driver and ensure deadlines are met.

Most individuals are confused about the true Amazon driver’s salary. There are different factors involved that decide the overall income of an Amazon delivery driver.

The average earnings of delivery drivers working in the Amazon Flex ecosystem are around $18 to $25 per hour.

The annual earnings of Amazon delivery drivers in the United States are around $34,000 to $50,000. The top earners make up to $50,000 per year. 

The delivery drivers can ride for a few delivery blocks and complete initial delivery orders to qualify for payout and commission.

But these numbers are not the complete breakdown of the Amazon driver’s salary. You must know a lot before starting as an Amazon delivery driver or an independent contractor.

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What is The Salary of an Amazon Driver?

The salary of an Amazon prime driver doesn’t have a standard answer because of the variable aspects that fluctuate the salaries of delivery drivers.

Amazon salaries vary from country to country and also within different regions in a country. For example, drivers operating in urban areas earn more than in rural locations because of the demand scenario.

Most amazon drivers earn $18 – $25 per hour but actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors. Amazon drivers can track their pay on the earnings screen of the Amazon Flex app.

But Amazon offers consistent work and a regular paycheck to its delivery drivers and ensures a steady income for helping the delivery drivers cover their expenses and accomplish their needs and wants.

Moreover, Amazon offers unparalleled job security as it has a wide network of over 200 million Amazon Prime members and ships over 1.6 million packages daily.

Here is the average hourly income earned by Amazon drivers across different countries.

United States $19.21
United Kingdom £13.50
Australia A$28.75

1. United States

How much does a Delivery Driver make at in the United States? Different cities like Richmond, California, and New York offer the highest hourly income to delivery drivers, ranging from $18.5 to $25. Which is $150 to $200 per day for 8-hour shifts.

Different cities like Richmond, California, and New York offer the highest hourly income to delivery drivers, ranging from $18.5 to $25. The delivery driver earnings in the United States may fluctuate based on whether a driver works with Amazon or a delivery service partner (DSP).

2. United Kingdom

Drivers in the United Kingdom earn less compared to the United States’ Amazon drivers. The hourly wage depends on the delivery location.

For example, in Cupar, Scotland, the average hourly salary of Amazon delivery drivers is  £15 to £17 per hour, and in Wales, the number reduces to £13 to £15 per hour.

3. Australia

Compared to the delivery driver income in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon in Australia offers more earning opportunities. The average delivery driver’s salary in the land down under is AUD 28.75 per hour, which equals $21.61 U.S. dollars.

The delivery location fluctuates the prices as in New South Wales. The delivery driver can earn AUD 27.83, increasing to $37.80 by July 1, 2025.

But the Amazon delivery drivers also have different major expenses they need to manage using their earnings.

Amazon Driver Expenses 

  • Vehicle Expense

    The Amazon delivery drivers need to use their qualifying vehicle to complete the delivery services. They need to maintain their motor vehicle and handle the fuel expense.

    The vehicle maintenance expense and regular checkups take away most of the delivery driver’s earnings if there’s a major change or update requirement.

    The vehicle registration, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses add to the total expense list.

  • Mobile Expense

    The Amazon delivery drivers have to use iPhone 6s or newer or Android 6.0 or newer to ensure that the Amazon application runs smoothly and they can deliver the required delivery work with finesse.

    Purchasing the latest mobile device and handling the expenses like screen protector, insurance, back cover, etc., can result in extra expenses for the Amazon delivery drivers.

  • Lifestyle Expense

    Most Amazon delivery drivers prefer living a healthy and affordable lifestyle. From taking care of the family to personal expenses, Amazon Flex drivers have to handle different aspects.

    Different expenses like health insurance, meals, personal care, necessities, etc., can increase the expense chart of the delivery drivers.

    Also, the income can fluctuate for different reasons, but the basic expenses remain the same, which can cause trouble for Amazon delivery drivers.

Which Factors Impact Your Salary?

1. Experience

The experience of the Amazon delivery drivers can help you increase your overall salary and performance. The minimum wage of an experienced Amazon delivery driver is higher compared to the new intake.

With the experience, the Amazon delivery driver understands different aspects of the company’s operations and can optimize their performance to achieve the desired business results.

2. Performance 

The performance of the Amazon prime delivery driver work is directly proportional to the payout. The more working hours a delivery driver puts in, the higher the overall income. 

Amazon provides the flexibility to the delivery drivers to choose the delivery timings based on personal preference, which can help to enhance the overall delivery performance and results.

3. Service area 

The area of service operations also impacts the salary of the delivery driver. The city areas offer a higher payout compared to the rural areas. Amazon delivery drivers get a higher income if the demand for the deliveries is high.

Benefits of Amazon Delivery Drivers

The Amazon delivery drivers are offered different benefits from the company that can resolve most of their personal and work-life issues. Have a look.

1. Flexible work schedule

The Amazone delivery driver can choose their work timings and deliver the required deliveries. They can use the Amazon application to explore the detailed information about the drop-off and pick-up.

The delivery drivers can also choose the additional working hours for earning higher commissions.

2. Competitive earnings

Amazon offers a great opportunity for delivery drivers to increase their earnings and build a decent career in delivery operations. The decent commission rate helps Amazon stand out from other delivery jobs providers.

Amazon offers great security and different opportunities to the delivery drivers to earn extra and live decent lives.

3. Health Coverage

Amazon offers health insurance plans to the delivery drivers that cover dental, vision, health spending amounts, and prescription drugs. The delivery drivers can also access Amazon Care which offers 24/7 service for free nurse consultations or discounted doctor consultations.

4. Paid Time off

Amazon offers paid time off to its employees throughout the year to ensure seamless operations to deliver packages.

Delivery drivers also get sick days, and other paid days off that help them perform better at the job site.

These benefits can help the delivery driver enjoy the working experience at Amazon and deliver quality results in the industry. But using the Amazon delivery app for delivery operations can be overwhelming.

You can use a professional route planner to improve your delivery driver operations compared to other drivers, strengthen your position in the company, and boost your tip and payout.

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The Amazon Flex drivers can earn $18 – $25 per hour and are independent contractors that handle the Amazon delivery operations, whereas an average Amazon driver’s pay is around $17.44, which is 8% above the national average.

The average salaries of Amazon drivers in DC are $65,927 compared to the national average of $66,927 worldwide.

The Amazon delivery driver should be versed in vehicle driving operations and have a physical strength to handle the Amazon packages. The delivery drivers should have the strength to handle the dynamic issues during the delivery processing and experience in delivery driving jobs.

According to Amazon flex, most delivery partners earn $18 – $25 per hour. But the actual earnings will depend on your location, tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other delivery factors.

Summing Up

Amazon offers a decent income to its delivery drivers, and the payout can vary depending upon the delivery demand and work put in by the employee.

The delivery job offers decent tips, breaks, and other responsible tasks that can groom the overall skillset of the delivery driver.

Being an independent professional contractor, you should know how to handle multi-route deliveries and put in the hard work to increase your overall income.

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