Top route scheduling software

Planning routes ahead of time and having them scheduled for the future is a meticulous task that involves a lot of variables.

To aid in such a situation, many businesses call upon route scheduling software for multiple stops to calculate all relevant parameters to give them the shortest route possible.

Also, you know how manual route planning and scheduling can be difficult and be a bottleneck to business operations, which is why it is imperative to switch over to automated solutions.

But with many routing software, it is often difficult to select which option would be the best for you. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 multi-stop route scheduling software that help you schedule multi-stop routes in advance.

Selected on the basis of their ratings, reviews, features, and functionalities, this list combines both paid options along with some free route planners. Choose one that meets your business requirements.

10 Best Route Scheduling Software


Best Multi-Stop Route Scheduling Software

Starting price

up to 3 users

Free trial

30 days

Key features

Schedule routes in advance for weeks, Manage multiple driver schedules, & Archive recurring route schedules

Upper stands as one of the most powerful multi-stop route scheduling software that helps you optimize routes and schedule them instantly. You can easily plan multi-stop routes for last-mile delivery, pickups, and inspection using Upper.

Such is the efficiency granted by Upper, which can take a lot of stress off the shoulders of dispatchers. Pick multiple drivers for a route schedule, and Upper will divide the addresses according to their start and endpoints. Moreover, archive planned routes with Upper and refer to them whenever you require.


  • Simply import CSV or Excel file to add hundreds of stops at a time
  • Plan and optimize routes based on time or distance as per your preference
  • Schedule optimized routes in advance for weeks and dispatch them to drivers
  • Assign service time and time window to help driver deliver on-time
  • Prioritize urgent deliveries and delight your customers
  • Drivers can collect proof of delivery with photos, notes, and e-signatures
  • Send automated and customizable customer notifications through Email or text
  • Keep your customers informed about delivery status and ETAs
  • Live driver tracking feature to actively track the location and progress of your drivers
  • Allows you to make last-minute changes on the go
  • Automatically identify incorrect and duplicate addresses
  • A PDF version of the delivery performance report can be downloaded from the web
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers in a single click via Email, Text, or Driver App notification
  • Add unlimited contacts and create routes directly from the contact book
  • Swap routes between drivers in case of emergencies and make last-minute changes on the fly
  • With the reverse route feature, no need to re-plan the entire route again
  • Simply drag & drop any stop and update your timeline automatically
  • With the multi-selector tool, make quick modifications even after routes are optimized
  • Curbside delivery option to make pickups and deliveries smoother
  • Get highly detailed reports and analytics to improve business operations
  • Support via Email, chat, and telephone
  • Integrate Upper with any third-party platform or software, such as an eCommerce portal, CRM, and any other business platform
  • A dedicated driver app that allows drivers to check assigned routes, update delivery status, and collect proof of delivery

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Curve parker


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker


Best For Logistics Service Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Schedule routes for the entire delivery team, Multi-stop routes are planned in seconds

Route4Me a route optimization software, boasts of planning multiple stops in less than a minute. Route4Me reduces planning and scheduling time for many delivery teams to less than 10 minutes per day. With bulletproof visibility, teams can also view their drivers’ location where the drivers were using battery-efficient smartphone GPS tracking.

The software offers additional functionalities such as geocoding, address validation, route monitoring, GPS tracking, and reporting tools. It can be accessed through a web interface or mobile applications, making it convenient for drivers and dispatchers to access and update route information on the go.


  • The software offers a 7 days free trial that allows you to explore all the features and functionalities.
  • The software is easy to use for truck businesses, which makes it easy for them to plan and schedule routes in a few taps.
  • Your multi-stop routes are planned in seconds for all your drivers.
  • Routes can be reassigned to different drivers as per the urgency.

Matteo. G

Very easy to use with a fantastic interface that doesn’t require any kind of training. Platform speed is very high, and API availability makes Route4Me the standard de facto about route planning systems.


  • There is no option or function to be able to add notes to a route.
  • The software has limited support, so it will usually take time to get a solution for your problem.
  • The software glitches due to heavy site load that irritates users while accessing it.

Stacy. S

Sometimes I can’t get a job to show up on the route where it is supposed to. When I need to rearrange the jobs it will throw one job way out in left field so to speak and all but ignore it. And then I have to report it as a problem on the map so customer service can fix it for me

Badger Maps

For Field Sales Reps

Starting price


Free trial

4 days

Key features

Plan and optimize routes quickly, Custom check-in reports

If you are looking to schedule a route with multiple stops for field sales, then your best bet would probably be going with a solution like Badger Maps. This is because, unlike other route planners, Badger Maps is specifically created for the purpose of field sales.

Bader Maps makes it very easy for you to create a route for field sales, as you can just draw one by just using your fingers alone. This ease of use, coupled with its forte being field sales, is what makes it so appealing to businesses that tend to require route planning for their field sales operations.


  • The software has the ability to filter areas depending on previous sales records.
  • One of the best things is that it has the ability to quickly draw a route by just using your finger.
  • This software is known for providing great customer service, so you get quick answers to your queries.
  • Badger Maps makes it more efficient by saving time and increasing overall productivity.

Chris. M

“Badger maps gives you a visual of all your customers and prospects and help you map out a route quickly and easily. It saves a ton of time, and you don’t miss the chance to call on customers/prospects that you did not even realize were right around the corner of where you are.


  • The software has a poor ability to reliably keep notes which frustrates users, making it lose key information on a number of occasions.
  • The software has confusing and limited settings & filters for text or numbers. So, you can’t choose your own color coding that conflicts with your own.
  • The software is not tech-savvy, making it difficult for users to access all the features and functionalities.

Steve. D

Badger has had a poor ability to keep notes that I have entered reliably. I have been frustrated losing key info on numerous occasions. I stopped reporting the issue because it kept happening so often. I do have to keep separate notes with key contact data because I cannot trust that the info will be there when I need it from Badger. The red map points of accounts I have on the map will often have to be tapped several times for the account to be accessed. The action will either stop and not load, or the app will switch to the blue Google badge.


Best for Logistics and Transportation Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

Up to 20 Addresses

Key features

Plan a Route with Multiple Stops
, Calculate Route Only With One Click

RouteXL is a route planning software for logistics and transportation businesses that require a simple way to plan multiple routes. While the free is very limited in terms of what it can do, it is still considered to be much better than other free alternatives.

The software allows you to optimize routes with hundreds or even thousands of locations, making it suitable for businesses with extensive delivery or field service operations. You can also have additional functions made available by purchasing additional plans that are competitively priced. These extra functions include adding more stops to your route plan.


  • RouteXL provides a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive and accessible for users to plan and optimize routes with multiple stops.
  • By optimizing routes, RouteXL helps reduce fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance costs, and labor expenses.
  • The software provides real-time updates, allowing users to adapt to changing circumstances, such as traffic congestion or unforeseen events.
  • The software excels in optimizing routes based on factors such as distance, time, and vehicle capacity.

Jared. B

Free! How can you beat that? Also, the software has the ability to add multiple stops and locations. It also has the ability to save previous routes and add details to each stop. Overall, RouteXL is very comprehensive.


  • RouteXL has limited integration capabilities with other software or systems.
  • Advanced features or customization options in RouteXL may require a learning curve or technical expertise.
  • Users have reported mixed experiences with customer support, citing delays or limited responsiveness.
  • RouteXL’s pricing structure may not suit all budget ranges.

John. M

I feel it could be more user-friendly and intuitive.


Best For Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

14 days

Key features

Real-time data, Analysis &
improvement, Proof of delivery

Onfleet markets itself as the ideal route-planning solution for large-scale enterprises with giant fleets that conduct thousands of deliveries on a daily basis. While it is definitely not a free route planning software, it is used by those who need to plan routes for many stops.

This is reflected by its pricing and features showing its capability of handling big fleets with dozens of drivers. It comes with features like live driver tracking and an inbuilt chat window to communicate with your staff which is a massive relief for larger corporations.


  • Onfleet provides a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.
  • Onfleet provides integration options with popular platforms and services, such as e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and third-party apps.
  • Onfleet offers built-in communication tools that allow drivers and dispatchers to stay connected.
  • The software offers real-time tracking of deliveries, providing visibility into the progress of each delivery.

Jillian. T

With us needing to do 2,000 deliveries per day, we really needed a straightforward and high-capacity route optimization too. OnFleet is that and everything more. I love that there’s a driver app, in-app communication, and real-time tracking.


  • Onfleet’s pricing structure is on the higher side, particularly for smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets.
  • Users may experience a learning curve when initially setting up and utilizing the software’s advanced features.
  • Onfleet heavily relies on internet connectivity, and users may face limitations when operating in areas with poor or no network coverage.

Hannah. K

The price point feels a little bit too high since the last increase


Right Choice For Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

4 days

Key features

Automated Scheduling, Track vis GPS, Customer Notification

WorkWave Route Manager is a cloud-based, end-to-end field service software solution that generates more revenue by freeing up time for more daily delivery stops. WorkWave automates the entire route planning process, right from initial order entry to final delivery.

It allows employees to track and manage orders in real time according to the delivery instructions received from different sources, making routing and GPS tracking easier. They have a solid reputation in the industry as they have been providing solutions for service teams for over 40 years.


  • The software offers powerful algorithms to optimize routes, making it easy to save time, resources, and effort.
  • Get real-time tracking of vehicles so that you can monitor the progress of deliveries or service appointments.
  • Streamlines dispatching processes by providing automated scheduling and assignment capabilities.
  • Get various integration options to integrate with third-party applications and systems.

Derek. C

The responsiveness of route optimization is a pleasant surprise compared to other routing software I’ve used. It can handle a huge workload of orders, and the available customization options for order attributes and the display interface help to streamline the user experience.


  • Mobile app version of WorkWave Route Manager may have some limitations compared to the desktop version
  • Businesses with specific requirements may need assistance to fully configure and optimize the software to suit their needs.
  • Certain advanced features or add-ons may come at an additional cost that is not suitable for many small and startup businesses.
  • Some users have reported that the software’s flexibility is limited compared to other route management solutions.

Tracey. M

The rep told me I was tied into a 12-month commitment? I haven’t even used the software yet, and they charged me 99. I’m still patiently waiting for someone to go over the onboarding process with me. I was told I could not cancel at any time! I didn’t know I signed a 12 month contract! Very misleading sales rep!

Speedy Route

Best For Delivery Drivers & Sales People

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Plan Routes For Multiple Vehicles, Re-orders the Locations

Speedy Route is a free route planner app for planning routes with multiple locations. It creates a route schedule that seems most appropriate and easy to follow for delivery businesses that need to make multiple stops. On the free version, users are limited to 10 stops per route and a total of three routes per day.

Users have the option of creating route schedules for a single vehicle or multiple vehicles. Speedy Route considers time constraints like optimal waits or arriving at a location on or before a certain time.


  • The software offers a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly input addresses and generate optimized routes with ease.
  • Speedy Route software allows users to input a large number of stops and generates optimized routes to minimize travel time and distance.
  • Companies can minimize their resources and unnecessary expenditures, resulting in cost savings.

Jennifer. K

I like the software because you can use several addresses at a time. I used about 15-20 at a time and it calculated them up as perfect and as fast as it could have. Great service for real estate professionals or anyone needing to go to multiple homes in a decent amount of time.


  • Users have experienced occasional delays in customer support response times and limited availability.
  • Users may require additional training or technical expertise to fully utilize the software’s capabilities.
  • The software does not offer real-time tracking or live updates on the progress of deliveries or service appointments.

Chad. B

I spent hours each time manually reorganizing the route to reduce overall mileage & time significantly. But then, what was I paying for?! Customer Service…forget about it. I sent many emails to support hoping they could fix the issues I had because I liked the service, but they just won’t respond. I finally gave up.


Route Scheduling Software for Small to Mid-Level Fleets

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Simplifies Route Planning,
Drag-n-Drop Your Location Data

Since 2008 RouteSavvy has helped many businesses organize and start optimizing routes to boost their bottom line with its route planning solution. They possess a lot of relevant experience in the industry, given how long ago they started offering their routing solutions.

With an affordable starting price tag RouteSavvy is a great option for growing businesses though some features, such as GPS tracking and the mobile app, are add-ons that have to be purchased separately.


  • RouteSavvy is known for its cost-effectiveness, offering valuable features at an affordable price point.
  • The software provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Route sharing via email is a great way to easily ensure your drivers have access to the route plan.
  • Customer support has been excellent in helping answer questions on how to use the product.

Tamiann. P

I love that this product was able to be set up with “bulk” entry, using a spreadsheet to enter all of our locations. It made it very fast and easy to get over 500 addresses into the program. The program is easy to learn and quick to set routes. It has been an extremely cost-effective solution that meets our needs beautifully.


  • Users with specific complex requirements may find the feature set to be somewhat limited.
  • Additional training or technical expertise may be required to fully maximize the software’s capabilities.
  • The software has limitations when it comes to customization options or specific workflow configurations.
  • It is important to ensure that reliable support channels are available to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Verified LinkedIn User

After a short while, caching becomes an issue. stops removed sometimes stay on the list. locations or stops don’t always show up on the map, and you have to zoom way out and lets the locations or stops load to see them. The same goes for routes. It is a somewhat difficult process to transfer stops from one route to another. no ability to change the departure date.


Best For Asset & Fleet Management

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Simplifies Route Planning,
Drag-n-Drop Your Location Data

Being a cloud-based route planning solution, FleetUp gives businesses great flexibility in managing their routing processes. With the mobile app, you can also drastically speed up communications and operations with your fleet. It also tracks staff time cards, assigns assets to operators, and even sends job orders.

Another feature of FleetUp is its ability to show you the diagnostics and GPS location of shipments and fleet vehicles, which is quite helpful to fleet managers. You can also ensure traffic law compliance as FleetUp detects any violations made by your drivers and reports them to you.


  • The software provides real-time GPS tracking, allowing businesses to monitor the location and status of their vehicles at any given time.
  • FleetUp enables businesses to monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling.
  • It assists with regulatory compliance, particularly with ELD requirements, ensuring businesses adhere to federal rules and regulations.
  • The interface with customer service and their ability to understand users’ needs is paramount to the purchasing process.

Lesley. J

Customer Service is awesome, but the software is great too. Being able to find a fleet at any time has saved us time and $$!


  • FleetUp may have limited integration capabilities with other software or systems, which could impact seamless data exchange and integration with existing workflows.
  • Users have reported mixed experiences with FleetUp’s customer support, citing delays or limited responsiveness.
  • The software doesn’t have a friendly reporting system, as you need help using it.

Carrie. L

If you’re in a spotty internet area then you get no signal.


Best For Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Track Drivers in Real-Time & Proof-of-Delivery With Photos

Routific has established itself as a reliable way to plan and schedule delivery routes with an easy-to-use interface. It has the capability to perform multi-stop route planning with factors like time windows, service time, and the driver’s shift time.

On Routific, you can also set the capacity of all the vehicles in your fleet to ensure that you get a more accurate route plan. These route optimization parameters customization is what Routific is best known for among customers looking for route scheduling software.


  • The software has great 24/7 customer support that is responsive and supportive.
  • Routific has clean clustered routes with live GPS tracking for easier progress management.
  • It is easy to schedule and flexible driver breaks to account for the downtime
  • The software allows you to reassign stops between drivers instantly

Adam S.

Really lovely people, great customer service. Good response times and always happy to help.


  • The software has only email support that is available for sending customer communications.
  • There is no live driver tracking feature that is made available in the Lite driver app variant.
  • An additional cost of $19/month/vehicle for the SMS notification feature.

Verified G2 User

No actual like-tracking of drivers’ real-time location. Only shows the last completed stop as the last known location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to plan a route with multiple stops?

    The best way to plan routes with multiple stops is using a multi-stop route planner like Upper. Other standard apps like Google Maps will only allow you to plan routes with up to 9 stops, which is why it is recommended to opt for a specialized solution such as Upper.

  • What is route scheduling software?

    A route scheduling software is one such type of software that is designed to optimize and schedule routes for days in advance. It is commonly used by businesses and organizations that have delivery fleets, field service operations, sales teams, or any other operations that involve visiting multiple locations in a single trip.

  • Why is multi-stop route scheduling important for businesses and organizations?
    • Boosts efficiency and reduces distance and time
    • Saves costs by minimizing fuel expenses and optimizing resource utilization
    • Increases productivity by enabling more stops in less time
    • Enhances customer service with accurate arrival times and timely deliveries
    • Offers flexibility to adapt routes to changing circumstances
    • Provides valuable data for decision-making and performance analysis
    • Scales to accommodate business growth and varying demands
  • Can Google Maps plan a route with multiple stops?

    While you can use Google Maps to add up to 10 stops to your route, they will likely not be optimized for peak delivery performance. This is why while Google Maps can indeed be used to plan a route for multiple stops, it is usually not recommended to use them for your business operations.

  • Which is the multi-stop route scheduling software?

    Upper is the best multi-stop route scheduling software that helps different businesses to plan, optimize and schedule routes in just a few simple taps. Whether you are managing multiple driver schedules for furniture delivery, meal delivery, or inspection services, you can effortlessly create optimized routes for months in advance.


Planning routes for deliveries or service operations is already difficult as it is, but scheduling such routes in advance is an even greater challenge due to its unpredictable nature. To rid yourself of this predicament, you might want to use route planners that possess the ability to schedule routes in advance.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for you to choose from on the market, each with its own special abilities that aid specific industries. You may also find options that are completely free to use; however, they do lack some of the more advanced features offered by paid apps.

The best course of action would be to go with a reliable and feature-rich option, such as Upper, that cannot only schedule routes but can also enhance your fleet’s capabilities. It is best to try out the perks of using Upper yourself by utilizing our

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