Upper - Your Secret Ingredient for Meal Prep Delivery Success

Upper – Your Secret Ingredient for Meal Prep Delivery Success

Upper - Your Secret Ingredient for Meal Prep Delivery Success

In meal prep delivery, efficiency and freshness matter most. Upper’s meal delivery management software helps you achieve that by streamlining operations and ensuring your culinary creations arrive fresh and hot every time.

With Upper, you can plan routes, schedule deliveries, and track them in real-time, ensuring timely order fulfillment. Automated notifications, proof of delivery, and efficient dispatch make the process seamless for your customers.

Upper stands as one of the secret ingredients behind the success of meal prep businesses.

Import Multiple Stops

Import Multiple Stops

There is no need for you to deal with manual data entry woes.

With Upper, you can import delivery addresses directly from spreadsheets or your order management system with just one click.

This not only saves you time but also reduces errors in meal delivery optimization, ensuring smooth and accurate operations.

Import Multiple Stops
Optimal Route Optimization

Optimal Route Optimization

Optimal Route Optimization

Experience unmatched efficiency with Upper’s advanced route optimization.

Our algorithms ensure that your chef-crafted meals travel the most direct route to your customers’ plates, arriving piping hot and as fresh as possible.

By minimizing travel time and optimizing routes, Upper helps maintain the integrity of your meals until they reach their final destination.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Stay on top of your deliveries with real-time tracking provided by Upper.

Track your drivers’ locations, provide accurate ETAs to customers, and get instant updates on delivery progress.

This level of transparency and reliability in deliveries enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Real-Time Tracking
Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Accommodate your customers’ cravings effortlessly with Upper’s flexible scheduling feature.

Set precise delivery windows, prioritize urgent deliveries, and make last-minute changes seamlessly.

This ensures that your meals always arrive at the perfect time, delighting your customers with every delivery.

Upper transformed the way we deliver meals by automating our operations.

Client element

We now deliver meals faster, keep our food fresh, and make our customers happier than ever. It’s made a significant difference for our business!

Olivia Clark, FlavorfulFeasts Delivery
Olivia Clark

Deliver Meals Fresh and Quickly with Upper’s Powerful Features

Upper’s innovative features are designed to simplify meal delivery operations and exceed customer expectations.

Enhance Your Meal Prep Delivery with Upper’s Flavorful Advantages


Freshness guaranteed

Optimized routes and flexible scheduling of menu items to ensure your culinary creations arrive at their destination hot and bursting with flavor.


Customer loyalty, served

Delight customers with accurate ETAs, real-time updates, and flexible delivery windows, fostering a loyal following for your meal prep company.


Hunger for growth, satisfied

Seamlessly scale your operations with Upper’s powerful features, accommodating increasing demand for your delicious meal prep offerings.


Plate perfection

Customizable fields allow you to cater to dietary restrictions and special requests, ensuring every meal meets your customers’ unique expectations.


A taste of efficiency

Optimize operations with efficient dispatch, automated notifications, and proof of delivery, freeing you to craft flavorsome meal plans.


A side of insights

Obtain useful data-driven insights through an advanced analytics and reporting system, enabling you to refine your recipes for success continuously.

Deliver Fresh, Hot Meals on Time, Every Time

Effortlessly manage routes, communicate with customers, and ensure timely deliveries with Upper’s meal prep software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is meal prep delivery software?

    Meal prep delivery software is designed to help businesses manage the logistics of preparing, packaging, and delivering meals to customers. It optimizes routes, tracks deliveries, and ensures efficient operations to maintain food freshness, enhance customer satisfaction, and help stay competitive in the meal prep industry.

  • What factors does meal delivery software consider while optimizing routes?

    Meal prep logistics software like Upper factors in delivery time slots, drivers’ schedules, priority of stops, vehicle capacity constraints, and traffic constraints to optimize meal delivery routes. Optimizing routes can make your meal prep business profitable by allowing you to cover more deliveries per day.

  • What key features should I look for in meal prep delivery software?

    Key features in meal prep and catering software include route optimization, real-time tracking, automated notifications, proof of delivery, flexible scheduling, inventory tracking and management, label printing, and integration with CRM, marketing tools, and payment systems.

  • Does the meal kit software integrate with other systems and platforms?

    Many meal preparation delivery software solutions, like Upper, offer integration capabilities with various third-party systems and platforms. These include online order processing platforms, subscription meal delivery or management systems, inventory management software, and more. Integration allows for seamless data exchange, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy across different systems.

  • How does meal prep delivery software streamline operations for a meal prep company?

    Meal prep business software streamlines operations by automating route planning, driver dispatch, customer communication, and proof of delivery. It eliminates manual planning, reduces errors, and ensures efficient resource utilization (vehicles, drivers, fuel). Additionally, real-time visibility enables quick decision-making and adaptability to changes.

  • Is meal prep delivery software flexible enough to handle last-minute changes in delivery schedules?

    Yes, most premade meal prep logistics software solutions, including Upper, are designed to be flexible and accommodate last-minute changes in delivery schedules. Businesses can adjust routes, add or remove stops, and reassign drivers as needed. The software will then recalculate and optimize the routes accordingly, ensuring that changes are seamlessly incorporated into the delivery plan.

  • Is there any limit to how often I can reoptimize my in-transit route?

    No, Upper lets you add, delete, or change the order of your stops as many times as needed based on changes in real-time traffic patterns, emergencies, or last-minute orders or cancellations. This gives you unparalleled agility that helps handle unforeseen situations, such as vehicle breakdowns or emergencies.