Delivery Route Scheduling Software

Schedule Routes For Months in Advance

Why waste hours in scheduling deliveries, pickups, or inspections manually? Just bring a list of stops & delivery drivers and our route planning software will take it from there.

Upper Route Planner blends route optimization with advanced scheduling to boost operational efficiency. Optimizing routes and scheduling them with our route optimization software is quicker than your daily coffee break.

Route scheduling software
Route scheduling made easy

Planning Routes and Scheduling Them Is Quicker Than Ever

Plan multi-stop routes for last mile delivery, pickups, and inspection with Upper Route Planner.

Whether you are managing multiple driver schedules for furniture delivery, meal delivery, or inspection services, you can effortlessly create optimized routes for months in advance.

  • Reach your customers in a timely & effective manner
  • Maximize service appointments in a given day with optimized routes
  • Optimize routes and archive them for future reference
  • Save time with automated planning & scheduling
  • Improve efficiency & productivity with route optimization algorithm
Save Up To 10 hours of Scheduling Time With Upper Route Planner

Our robust algorithm automatically schedules routes for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes.

Reduce Scheduling Time From Hours To Minutes With Upper Route Planner

Our dynamic route scheduling algorithm allows managers to make adjustments to delivery routes, balance workloads among drivers, and plan weekly pickup and delivery schedules a few months in advance.


Add up to 500 Stops in a Single Click

Our Excel Import feature helps you upload up to 500 addresses instantly. Simply line up all columns and upload your Excel sheet filled with addresses.

Add up to 500 stops in single click
Add multiple drivers

Add multiple drivers

Create multiple driver profiles along with all the necessary information like phone number, start and end location.


Schedule routes in advance

Got a long list of deliveries to be covered in the next few months? You can schedule pickup and delivery routes for months in advance.

Schedule routes in advance
Divide route schedules among drivers

Divide route schedules among drivers

Pick multiple drivers for a route schedule and Upper Route Planner will divide the addresses according to their start and endpoints.


Archive recurring route schedules

Got recurring route schedules each month? You can archive planned routes with Upper Route Planner and refer to them whenever you require.

Archive recurring route schedules
Stuck Creating Route Schedules Manually?

Upper Route Planner will set you free.

Frequently asked questions

Curious how Upper Route Planner can add value to your business? Here are some commonly asked questions

  • Why do I need route planning software?

    A route planning software will not only plan routes for you. It will optimize multiple routes at once. These optimized routes help you save time and fuel costs. Route planning apps make route and fleet management easy for a delivery business.

  • What is the purpose of delivery route planning and scheduling?

    Scheduling is the initial step. Scheduling multi-stop routes requires you to take into consideration driver work times, service time windows, customer availability, and delivery constraints to plan an accurate route schedule. Optimizing routes is the first step towards following the accurately developed route schedule.

  • How does vehicle routing and scheduling software support a logistics process?

    A routing software will not only generate an optimized route but will help you schedule that route for months in advance. It streamlines the planning, optimization, and dispatch aspects of your delivery operations.

  • What are the benefits of route scheduling software?

    A route scheduling software helps a delivery businesses or field service business by:

    • automating planning and scheduling optimal routes for drivers
    • maximizing service appointments in a given day
    • planning route schedules in advance
    • improving efficiency, productivity, and revenue