Jason dudney

“Upper allowed me to put in the list of addresses
with just one click import feature and find the best
routes for my service guys. We are now able to
cover a lot more calls in due time efficiently.“


Jason Dudney

Owner of Sunbility

Importing an Excel File Just Got Even Better. Here’s Why.

Drag and drop feature

Simply “Drag & Drop”

Drag and drop feature
  • Add up to 500 stops in a single file import
  • Edit or delete anytime as per your requirement
  • Get your addresses saved on the route planner

Filters duplicate addresses

Filter duplicate addresses
  • Upper allows no duplicate addresses
  • Verify incorrect addresses before you optimise the route
  • Choose a correct address from suggestions
Filter duplicate addresses
 Integration with third-party apps

Integration with third-party apps

 Integration with third-party apps
  • Integrate your system with Upper
  • Seamlessly transfer your data
  • Get delivery details from third-party apps

Option to add custom fields

Add custom fields
  • Customized additional fields as per your requirements
  • Add your data column if needed
  • Compare your data category-wise
Add custom fields
Set priority deliveries

Set priority deliveries

Set priority deliveries
  • Mark priority deliveries while planning the route
  • Set delivery stops as crucial or normal
  • Share priority deliveries with your drivers

Import your Delivery Details Effortlessly

“Drag and drop” is all you need to import your Excel or CSV file to the Upper Route Planner.
Utilize Excel import and get rid of adding stops one by one.

Switching to a Fully Automated Process Means

Traditional way of route planning

  • Requires heaps of paperwork for delivery orders
  • No driving guidance for drivers
  • Frequent call-ups with clients
  • Difficult to find efficient routes

How Upper took it to the next level?

  • Quickly finds the best routes for multi-stop deliveries
  • Provides a 360-degree view of the delivery process
  • Auto-assigns tasks to the available drivers
  • Helps your drivers reach the destination faster
How upper helps businesses

Set Yourself Free from Adding Multiple
Stops to Your Route Plan Repeatedly

Have time-sensitive multi-stop deliveries? Worry not. Just drag and drop
your file into the route planner and get the optimized routes ready in seconds.

Expand your stop list without any hassles and dispatch the routes to
your drivers with a single click.

Add multiple stops easily with import feature
Frequently Asked Questions

Curious how Upper Route Planner can add value to your business?
Here are some commonly asked questions

  • Why can’t I import Excel file?

    In case you are unable to import the file, you should recheck the categories and columns mentioned in your file. If you are still facing difficulties while importing an Excel or CSV file, download the sample file and restructure your data as shown in the file.

  • Can I edit or delete stops once I import the file?

    Absolutely, you can edit the stops or delete as many as you want by using the three-dot menu option or selecting the checkbox. Using Upper, you can add new stops if required in your route plan.

  • What does it mean by “Need to Review”?

    If you are unable to progress due to the message “Need to Review” in the dialogue box, you should verify the addresses or remove duplicate addresses. Once you select the correct addresses, then you will be able to optimize the route plan.