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Our delivery lists are no longer a headache for us. Now, planning routes is faster, error-free and stress-free. Switching to Upper was a game-changer for us! Love the drag and drop spreadsheet feature.

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Excel-erate your deliveries

Bulk Import of Stops

Bulk Import of Stops

Bulk Import of Stops

Say goodbye to manual entry. Embrace a world where adding hundreds of stops is just a click away with Upper, ensuring error-free additions every time.

Import Relevant Information:

Import Detailed Information

Efficiently incorporate vital details like driver preferences, customer notes, delivery windows, and more in the spreadsheet. Upper’s import eliminates the hassle of manual copy-pasting, saving precious time.

Import Detailed Information
Pre-assign Drivers in Excel

Pre-assign Drivers in Excel

Pre-assign Drivers in Excel

Import data via spreadsheets and efficiently plan routes for multiple drivers while accommodating various driver/technician constraints and demands.

Customizable Fields

Customizable Fields

Integrate custom fields unique to your business directly into your import. Upper swiftly recognizes and applies these details, accelerating your route planning with precision that’s tailored just for you.

Customizable Fields
Filters duplicate addresses

Address Verification

Filters duplicate addresses

Upper proactively identifies any duplicates and errors in your addresses, employing smart geofencing to suggest the best alternatives, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy in your routes.

Flexible Editing and Updating

Update and Edit Routes

Encountered post-import data errors? No worries. Adjusting stop details in Upper is quick and straightforward, without importing the spreadsheet again.

Update and Edit Routes

Effortlessly Plan Routes by Importing Spreadsheet

Directly Import Stops from Spreadsheet (Excel/CSV) save time, reduce data entry errors, and handle large datasets effortlessly for route planning.

tickBulk Stops Import
tickError-Free Entry
tickSave Time
Importing spreadsheet

Benefits of using Excel Import feature to
add stops into Upper Route Planner

Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Importing stops via Excel significantly reduces the time needed for manual data entry. This is especially beneficial when dealing with a large number of stops.

Systematic Processes

Systematic Processes

Maintaining data in a xlsx or csv format for each route makes record keeping easy. This systematic process makes training easy for new team members

Reduced Human Error

Reduced Human Error

​Manual data entry is prone to errors. Using the Excel import feature minimizes these errors, ensuring more accurate route planning.



​​The feature supports various data types and formats, enabling users to import a wide range of information, including addresses, time windows, and special instructions.



Users can customize the data they import, including specific details like customer notes, driver assignments, and priority levels.

Integration with Workflows

Integration with Workflows

​​Many businesses already use Excel for various tasks. This feature integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, making the transition to digital route planning smoother.

How to Create a Route from Spreadsheet in
Upper Route Planner?

1. Log in to your Upper account


2. Go to either “Home” or “Route Plans” section by selecting the option from navigation bar on left


3. Click on the “Create Route Plan” button on top right


4. Import the spreadsheet containing all your stops and details by either clicking on “Import Stops” button or drag and drop the xlsx/csv file


5. After importing, a “Match the Data” box appears. Confirm that the software’s categories aligns with your spreadsheet’s columns, then click “Done.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious how Upper Route Planner can add value to your business?
Here are some commonly asked questions

  • What types of files can I import into Upper?

    Upper supports the import of .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files, allowing you to easily transfer your data into our system for route optimization. Additionally, you can use Google Sheets and/or connect your existing tools with Upper and import stops even faster. Send us an email on [email protected] for further details.

  • Is there a limit to the number of addresses or stops I can import?

    Upper is designed to handle large amounts of data and you can import up to 250 addresses in a single route in the Essential plan and up to 500 addresses in the Growth plan. If you need to add more than 500 stops in a single route plan, you need to upgrade to the enterprise plan. In all the plans, there is no limitation on the number of routes you can create.

  • Can I create a route from multiple spreadsheets?

    Yes, Upper allows you to create a single route by importing addresses from multiple Excel/CSV files. You can do this by importing the required spreadsheets one at a time. While doing so, you need to make sure you do not exceed the allowed number of stops in a single route as per your subscription plan.

  • Can I import data from Google Sheets directly?

    You can import data from Google Sheets using integration from Zapier. This can be done on the enterprise plan. Send us an email on [email protected] for further details.

  • Is there a specific format of writing address in the spreadsheet for import to work?

    There is no specific format for writing a stop address in the spreadsheet. You can write the complete address in one cell or break the address into street address, city, region (state), zip code (postal code), and country. However, if you have a building name, apartment or unit number in the spreadsheet, we recommend adding that in a separate column as sometimes the address validator may not pin these details.

  • Will I need to format my spreadsheet in a specific way for importing?

    There is no specific format needed for Excel or CSV files. However, you need to ensure that the first column is not empty and the first row has column names. We also recommend that you do not have multiple sheets in a single file, as Upper will read the first sheet only. For your reference, we also provide a sample sheet once you log in to your Upper account.

  • Can I import customer details for customer notifications?

    Yes, you can import customer name, business name, phone number and email address in the spreadsheet along with any notes/instructions for each customer. For customer notification to work, you need to make sure the email address is correct and there are no spaces or special characters in the phone number. Example, +14374887337 is correct. However, +1 437 488 7337, 437 488 7337, or (437)-488-7337 are not valid formats.

  • Can I edit or delete stops after importing my spreadsheet?

    Absolutely! Upper allows you to make adjustments to stops by clicking on the three dots next to the stop you want to edit or delete. You can even delete multiple stops by selecting them from the checkbox and clicking on the “Delete” button.

  • Can I add stops manually after I import in Upper?

    Yes, Upper provides the flexibility to add addresses manually to your routes. To do this, click on the "Add stop" button after importing the spreadsheet, fill in the necessary details, and select "Done". You need to make sure the total number of stops do not exceed the maximum allowed stops per route according to your subscription plan.

  • What happens if there are errors in my spreadsheet data?

    Upper's import tool will identify potential errors or inconsistencies in your data based on geofencing, and prompt you to review before finalizing the import. This helps you identify any duplicates and inaccuracies in your data. Additionally, the map view helps you visually find and correct any inaccuracies if needed.

  • Why can’t I import a spreadsheet?

    If you are not able to import a file, you need to check for certain things in the excel/CSV file. You should check for the following things: the first column should not be empty, the first row should only contain column names, avoid special formatting and formulas, and avoid multiple sheets in the same file. If you are still facing difficulties while importing an Excel or CSV file, you can try downloading the sample file and restructure your data as shown in the file or email us on [email protected].

  • What happens if the import function does not recognize a field/column name from my file?

    When Upper does not recognize a field from your Excel/CSV file, you can click the dropdown and select the most suitable category name for your field. When this is done, Upper will remember this selection for the next time you import a file in similar format..

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