What is Courier Service and Why Do I Need It?

The past decade saw a rise in online shopping, causing several courier services to pop up to streamline the online shopping experience for users across the world. It has enabled people to order products not only from the local market but also from international addresses, no matter how large or heavy their orders. Apart from delivering consignments and parcels, individuals use courier companies to transport relevant documents and mail, especially for those who work from home.

This subject is so vital that there are even a great many academic papers written on the subject. In this article, we will cover and answer the question, “What is Courier Service and why do I need it?” In doing so, we will give a broad definition of the matter; we will look at different types that exist, we will explore benefits as well as the Pros and Cons.

What Is a Courier?

What is Courier

Couriers are an ever-present commodity in the present world, from the United States to the United Kingdom to New Zealand. Simply put, a courier service lets one send or receive any form of parcel or consignment from one location to the other, whether it is delivery of a single letter from within your city, country, or from abroad. Brands and businesses form partnerships with courier services, especially those who sell online to have a safe and reliable shipping method. The multiple shipping and delivery options provided by these courier services are what sets them apart from the traditional mailing services. Often couriers will be used for last-mile delivery. Moreover, the payment procedure is entirely secure, and people can choose to pay either online at the time of booking their order or pay at the time of delivery, as per their convenience.

Courier vs. Postal Services


A postal service (known as the post office) is cheaper than a courier for delivery as you only have to pay for the shipping cost. Courier costs, on the other hand, includes a fee for parcel handling, additional fuel, duty, and taxes, if any. One can find these on a website in the terms or use or part of that page.

Service Quality And Reliability

Governments operate the postal services, and they are usually not as responsive as the courier. They are affordable but not always reliable when it comes to essential shipments, especially international ones. Lack of frequent package tracking, irresponsive customer service, and other issues with delivery are some of the many factors that contribute to the inefficiency of traditional postal services. Courier services take care of everything, from shipping to duty and tax costs, while allowing you to track your delivery as it travels through multiple stops until it reaches its destination. In case of any issues with your parcel, a CSR is always there to assist you.

Types Of Courier Services

There is certainly no shortage of courier companies in the world as almost 400 companies ply their trade of providing courier services. We’ve seen this many times in the news. As referenced by IBIS world, experts expect the industry to increase in the next few years rapidly. Each of them has a certain goal and is offering its services in a particular niche. Here’s a brief review of some of them.

International Courier Services

The largest and most well-renowned courier services include international shipping services. The shipping can be between any two countries. For example, it can be between countries like the UK, Japan, India, Singapore, France, the United States, Ireland, and more. These companies usually have a bus fleet, several trucks, and in some cases, they also own jets to carry out international shipping. They promise delivery within 3-4 days of consignment booking, making them a worthy choice of important shipping packages overseas. Many of these companies, like UPS, FedEx, or DHL, are located in the United States.

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Express Couriers Service

An express courier, as the name suggests, relies on the speediness of the delivery to woo their customers. They offer same-day delivery within the same metropolitan area, making them ideal for businesses that rely on private communications. Among these are law firms that require same day shipment of court orders or notices to their clients.

Overnight Courier Services

The overnight courier delivery service is a godsend for achieving the speedy delivery of packages. In case of urgent deliveries, you can ship using this option and rest assured your package will be delivered at your address the next day in the morning.

Standard Courier Service

The basic courier services provided by a shipping company takes a little bit longer than express courier services. These companies will ensure the delivery of your packages within two to three days of processing, making it less speedy, but more cost-effective.

Benefits Of Courier Services

The benefits of courier services vary from company to company. Large delivery companies can opt for an in-house delivery setup. However, for small to medium organizations, courier services offer a wider range and collection of exclusive features and benefits. Small companies and businesses could avail of some benefits if they chose a courier service over in-house shipping and delivery to the final destinations. The categories of those things are:

Benefits of Courier Service


Courier services are focused on making parcel deliveries a hassle-free experience for you. Their efficient fleet management, route planning, and trained staff ensure on-time deliveries of your parcels to their destination. Airlines help to transfer pallets and share posts more rapidly. Freight, of course, is better for high-level volume transportation.

Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.


Courier services provide one of the most reliable delivery services when it comes to logistics. They offer a host of options like tracking services, door to door deliveries, and a meticulous work ethic. With smartphone apps and GPS tracking services, you can keep an eye on where your item is and instantly get notified when they misplace a package. Information is now readily available too. Companies provide a quote and a price for all items to be shipped. Details of the product can also be sent by email to someone who is waiting on the pick-up arrival side. This check can take the form of a signature or the ability to message the van in real-time.


In-house courier services cannot match the safety of professional courier services. These courier companies have established procedures, trained staff, and have state of the art logistics management. Using courier services reduces the risk of incurring losses in case of any in-transit damage to shipped articles. By relying on external couriers, small businesses can enjoy the peace of mind that their parcels are in safe hands. They can continue focusing on running their business without having to worry about shipping damages. They also provide insurance, something to ensure a feeling of security for senders.


Courier services may be slightly expensive than your standard mail carriers, but they provide a level of business efficiency and affordability that the former cannot. Setting up a fleet of trucks, training the staff, and the administrative cost of managing logistics can be a nightmare for a small to medium enterprise. Courier services provide a platform with optimal rates, thereby simplifying the overall process.

Pros & Cons Of Using A Courier Service

The advantages of courier services outweigh their drawbacks. A few examples are the following: Courier services offer many benefits, including efficiency, speed, reliability, affordability, and safety. Whereas in traditional mailing services, consignments change hands at multiple stops making it less reliable and more prone to damages.

Of course, it depends on the needs as a whole. Courier services charge premium rates for normal deliveries and have stricter limitations when it comes to package dimensions and weight. These are but a handful of limitations to an otherwise perfect solution for budget small and medium enterprises. These are all good options for those who are looking to save on their delivery expenditures and company resources.

We also ensure any company or business to read material and online reviews. The account of other people and the messages they post can give you the type of information that can be very useful.


This term refers to a service that delivers goods, packages, letters, and documents to your door. A company that provides such a service is a courier service. We consider them to be a fast and expedient service. A courier service is professional and specialized in delivery services.

There are four principal types of courier services. There exist international couriers that serve deliveries between countries. Express couriers will specialize in speed. Overnight couriers seek to get a package delivered within 24 hours, often working through the night. Standard couriers will take a few days to deliver.

The main difference is that one is public, and the other is private. The Courier company is a delivery service that is generally a for-profit venture that aims to be competitive in speed, efficiency, and service. They tend to be more costly. Whereas mail services (like China Post and Australia Post) are a shipping service that generally runs slower, less efficiently, and cost less.

Courier Services Are Becoming More Reliable

All the renowned e-commerce businesses depend on courier services that give them value for their money. Their state-of-the-art shipping techniques have helped thousands of businesses run their shipping operations successfully. Moreover, these courier services have taken the lead in looking after customs, taxes, and duty fares in international shipments. They take these measures to ensure neither the buyer nor the sender has to worry about losing their parcel in transit. These couriers integrate GPS technology to give you a seamless tracking experience. There are fees associated with these aspects, of course, and discounts are hard to come by. Yet most individuals agree that the stress of solving these problems outweigh the costs. As always, let us know if you have any comments, questions, or feedback. We’d love to hear from you.