2024 Ultimate Guide on Courier Management

keyKey Takeaways:
  • The coordination and optimization of courier services from order processing to final delivery are part of courier management.
  • Businesses may automate and optimize their courier operations with the use of courier management systems, increasing productivity and lowering mistake rates.
  • Deliveries can be performed safely, effectively, and on schedule with the help of courier personnel who have received the proper training and support.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of courier management can be increased through integration with other business systems, including those for inventory management and order processing.

Modern customer demands change as the economy evolves. So, the market adjusts to those specific changes to provide new growth avenues. The emergence of courier, express, and parcel (CEP) services is evidence of this growth in the transport and courier industry.

According to sources, the global courier, express, and parcel industry will be worth 375.5 billion euros in 2020.  Therefore, it is expected that businesses can begin their own in-house courier services with reduced operating costs and customer satisfaction.

However, there will be challenges to consider that come with courier management. To overcome those challenges, you may need effective courier management software. And that’s what we will cover in this blog.

What is Courier Management?

The process of organizing and managing last-mile courier delivery operations is known as courier management. Based on your delivery business strategy, size, and other variables, courier management could include daily tasks such as

  • Efficient scheduling of shipments
  • Automatic Assigning of deliveries
  • Fleet management
  • Route optimization services
  • Fuel costs management

A robust courier management system enables a courier company to optimize and manage these complex delivery operations in a centralized location. Some platforms offer driver dispatching, GPS package tracking, real-time tracking, and real-time updates to drivers. The majority of complete courier management systems integrate with accounting software, CRMs, ERPs, and other advanced features.

What is Courier Management Software?

Courier management software, also known as courier software, allows you to manage the handling and delivery of packages and shipments from your warehouse or transit hub to the end customers.

A courier management system automates the numerous delivery operations involved in operating transportation businesses and tracks the dispatch of packages and parcels at every stage of the route.

The courier software allows you to:

  • Acquire new deliveries
  • Manage efficient scheduling of drivers
  • Enhance courier tracking
  • Create efficient route optimization
  • Optimize live tracking
  • Monitor delivery vehicles using GPS tracking
  • Integrate courier scanning systems

Shipping software, logistics software, direct courier software, and delivery management software are all terms associated with courier management software. They aid transportation businesses in the dispatch of packages.  The software automates and accelerates the logistics operations from your distribution center to the in-house delivery of items to the end customer. With the advancement of technological solutions, there has been an increase in the demand for next-day and same-day deliveries in recent times.

Therefore, courier management systems play a significant role in addressing the challenges and needs for effective product delivery. They aid in the efficient scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries, as well as the management of all operations involved in running a profitable logistics and courier company.

What is the main purpose of Courier Management?

Courier management helps you get rid of obstacles on the field or off the field. It facilitates your business by simplifying delivery operations. Its sole purpose is to help couriers overcome the challenges while performing the delivery. Here are three main objectives of courier management. 

To ensure packages reach the right buyer

Once the purchased order is received, you need courier management to ensure the parcel is delivered to the right buyer. It improves the delivery efficiency which means the packages would be delivered faster than the scheduled time. Products will be transported without any damage. 

Assist couriers during the delivery process

Implying courier management tools means that your drivers may receive clear instructions regarding the driver location. It keeps them posted because couriers are the only attendants who meet customers. Thus, the courier will have less workload to handle as most of them will be reduced by proper management. 

Provide a fantastic customer experience

Not only your couriers but also customers will be pleased by receiving a positive experience. It comes under courier management to lend a helping hand to customers in need. Also, it aims to deliver items ontime in a pre-decided time window with the help of a customer-centric plan.

Top 3 Courier Management Software

Here are the best three courier management software to consider for your business.

1. Upper Route Planner

Upper is widely used by business owners for in-house courier delivery management software. It makes the courier’s job easier by finding optimized routes. It automates the entire delivery process in such a way that you don’t need to worry about the courier’s availability. You can closely monitor the ongoing delivery projects with the help of a timeline view. 

This courier management software helps your drivers take faster routes and offer a better experience to customer as well. It also offers the live driver tracking option for its users to analyze driver’s performance. It sends automated customer notifications for customer service requests. With Upper, you don’t need to rely on guesswork as it provides accurate delivery information. It lessens your workload and saves hours from manually planning routes without any human error. 

Some notable features of Upper: 

  • Route optimization
  • Route scheduling
  • Live Driver tracking
  • Analytics & reports
  • Proof of delivery (e-signature capture)
  • Customized automated notifications

Modernize Your Courier Services with Upper

Still using a manual route planning for your courier deliveries? Switch to Upper’s fully automated delivery process and reduce your working hours. Experience it now!

2. Bringoz

Bringoz can help you in managing your couriers or delivery drivers with its advanced features. It offers necessary help to drivers to show up at the right place and hand over the parcel to the right buyer. Bringoz offers driver tracking to get more insights into the delivery process. The software gives an end-to-end solution for those who are involved in courier and logistics services. It is capable of route optimization, live monitoring, and also for invoicing a bill of lading. It is the best courier management software for inventory management.

3. Samsara

It is another courier management software system that helps you in streamlining fleets and couriers. Samsara offers an array of advanced features that play a vital role in minimizing transportation costs. Your customers can check the delivery status updates or if the driver has left the warehouse or not using Samsara’s real-time tracking.

This software helps the admin user in getting a better view of their fleets and driver’s performance. On Samsara, you can record observations and share frequent updates for customers. It aims to deliver an exceptional delivery hand-off and also boost the efficiency level.

Common Benefits of Courier Management System

Courier delivery management solutions, or CMS, is business software that facilitates courier management and routing. It simplifies the following tasks:

  • Planning and optimizing delivery routes efficiently.
  • Courier tracking and scheduling to streamline delivery solutions.
  • Analyzing your courier performance with reliable insights.
  • Track packages during delivery service and eliminate availability issues.
  • Tackle difficult shipping issues with accurate delivery estimates.
  • Real-time customer updates and delivery confirmation.

Planning and scheduling routes manually are time-consuming activities. It is difficult to choose the optimized delivery route through cities with thousands of unique roadways. 

It is practically impossible to do manual calculations when you have hundreds or even thousands of locations. However, this problem can certainly be dealt with through a courier management system.

Here’s a listicle of the major benefits of using a courier management system

1. Increased Effectiveness

Courier management systems assist delivery drivers in driving more effectively and delivering packages on or before the expected arrival time. 

A proper courier management software enables delivery companies to plan and create optimized delivery routes with several stops. 

These courier management software solutions generate efficient delivery routes by taking into consideration factors such as

  • Driver availability
  • Driver availability 
  • The number of priority stops

Taking these variables into account eliminates the errors that arise when manually planning routes and guarantees drivers arrive at their destination stops on time.

2. Reduced Operating Costs

reduced operating costs

Route management capabilities in courier management software optimize routes to cut fuel and labor costs and overtime for parcel delivery drivers. At the same time, inventory management software’s auto-dispatch feature ensures the right available drivers are being sent at the right time.

Furthermore, a fleet management software solution can adapt to changes in real time, enabling delivery drivers to accommodate changing situations without adding additional time to their delivery schedule weeks in advance.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

With features, such as accurate delivery ETAs, operator chat, and real-time delivery tracking service, courier dispatch software assists logistics businesses in offering better tracking for customers and increasing the level of customer satisfaction scores. Online shoppers can use seamless communication capabilities to contact dispatch management teams for a better delivery experience.

4. Provide Data That is Relevant and Advantageous

Effective courier management software usually provides relevant and actionable insights that are generated in an incredibly simple manner and is used wisely. 

Users can track the performance of the courier management teams, delivery team and individual driver performance determinants on basis of feedback from customers, on-time delivery rate, and distance traveled.

5. Improved Driver Safety

Automatic rerouting and a live GPS tracking link function connect drivers to dispatch centers instantly and effectively. This allows delivery drivers to keep their hands on the wheel rather than worrying about manually changing their route deliveries to avoid traffic, construction sites, or other roadblocks.

How Can Upper Route Planner Optimize Courier Management?

Upper Route Planner is a comprehensive courier tracking software that can help you optimize your business processes with ease. The software is suitable for small or mid-sized logistics companies in multiple ways:

1. Save route planning time

Upper Route Planner’s advanced route optimization algorithm strives to make each stage of the planning and delivery process as simple as possible. Therefore, your entire dispatch team can save up to 95% of your route planning time by generating idle routes for several drivers.

2. Plan and optimize routes instantly

You can create multiple effective delivery routes for multiple drivers simultaneously. If you have got hundreds of stops to divide among multiple drivers, worry not. The route optimization software will create efficient routes and allocate them seamlessly among the delivery drivers. With us, you can plan optimal routes for same-day delivery at once without any trouble.

3. Helps you achieve a number of delivery targets

When you optimize delivery routes efficiently, there is always room and time for more distribution of deliveries. You can simply incorporate additional delivery stops with each route with the Upper Route Planner software, allowing you to make more deliveries.

4. Lower transportation costs 

When you optimize delivery routes effectively, you won’t need more resources or an increase in vehicle capacity. This will help you in reducing shipping costs while delivering more customers at the same time. The courier software solution allows you to deal with the rising demands with less workforce for increased deliveries of shipments.

Upper – An Ideal Software for Courier Management

From optimizing the best routes to dispatching courier packages, Upper ticks all the boxes right. Upgrade to Upper and manage your delivery teams hassle-free.


Automated courier management software platforms are cloud-based systems that optimize all courier-related tasks. It manages the entire procedure, from scheduling the package to picking it up and delivering it.

In addition to using courier software such as Upper Route Planner, you can implement the following advice to manage your courier service business efficiently.

A delivery service system is any means or process for conveying a product or service to the end customer. Using a delivery service management solution such as Upper Route Planner.

A courier management software is an effective delivery management tool used to optimize the delivery process from start to finish. It can benefit both the delivery drivers and end consumers.

Drivers can streamline dispatch last-mile delivery operations and pick-up processes and get optimized routes to reach the customers quickly to make the last-mile deliveries on or before time.

Get Upper Route Planner for Courier Management

Gone are the days of manually planning routes and struggling with delayed deliveries and re-deliveries. With Upper Route Planner, now you can efficiently plan delivery routes with multiple stops in a matter of moments with automation. Our courier software can help you reduce operational costs and fuel expenses and increase the efficiency of your business processes and profitability. Try our free 7 days trial today or book a demo to learn how you can scale your courier business with robust automation and comprehensive features.

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