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The courier industry has undergone a remarkable transformation due to the rise of advanced technology. This revolution set us free from handwritten waybills as well as manual tracking. In fact, it empowered courier services to achieve delivery deadlines timely. Today, businesses can not only overcome modern challenges but can also rule the industry using courier delivery software.

So, if you are looking to optimize courier services or want to track your carriers, the only thing you need is the right courier delivery software. With many software available in the market, choosing the best as per your business requirements can’t be easy. That’s why we have listed the top 10 courier delivery software to meet the changing demands of your business.

So, let us dive deeper to learn more about their key features, price, and additional features that will help you decide on the best software and excel in your courier operations. No matter whether you go for efficiency or better visibility, you will find the ideal courier delivery within this list.

10 Best Courier Delivery Software

1. Upper

Best Courier Delivery Software

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Import Excel, delivery route planning and optimization

About Upper

Upper is the ideal courier delivery software that can help you find efficient routes to meet your delivery deadlines. Simply, you can import the multiple stops using an Excel or CSV file, and your route plan will be ready in the blink of an eye. The route planner streamlines your courier delivery process in such a way that you don’t need any manual effort or frequent call-ups.

Dispatchers can easily share the route plan with carriers so that they spend minimum time on the road and reach the location faster. Also, you get a bird’s eye view of the ongoing activities, which means you never stay in the dark about drivers’ whereabouts. Upon successful courier delivery, drivers can even record proof of delivery before leaving the spot.


  • Directly import Excel or CSV files instead of adding hundreds of stops manually
  • Set time windows or prioritize courier deliveries to meet customers’ demands
  • Get optimized routes based on driver preference, time, or distance
  • Imported addresses will be automatically saved for future route planning
  • Schedule optimized routes for courier deliveries in advance for weeks or months
  • Track your drivers to ensure they take the right turn during the delivery process
  • Use customized automated notifications to alert your customers via email or SMS
  • Let your customers get accurate estimated times of arrival
  • Choose curbside delivery to ensure smooth pickups or deliveries
  • Access timeline view to edit, reverse, or swap routes in just a few clicks
  • Opt for the multi-selector tool to quickly make changes in pre-planned routes
  • Check summary reports to analyze the scope of improvements in your courier services
  • Carriers can collect proof of delivery on the mobile app via signature or photos
  • 24/7 on-demand customer support to resolve your queries

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!curver quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

2. OptimoRoute

Best for Courier Route Management

Starting Price


Free Trial

30 days

Key Features

Route optimization, Live tracking, proof of delivery

About OptimoRoute

When you have multi-stop delivery, OptimoRoute can help you manage courier routes and increase efficiency levels. Not only does it have automated route planning, but also real-time order tracking. You can even do multi-day route planning in advance for weeks. It has a dedicated driver’s app that helps you navigate routes in order to reach the delivery location.

Such features ensure your drivers deliver couriers at the right time. Once courier delivery is completed, delivery agents can collect proof of delivery. OptimoRoute also has an API integration feature that can help you extract the delivery data from any other apps or CRM software.


  • OptimoRoute allows its users to add more than 750 addresses to plan multi-day long-haul routes for drivers
  • It helps you track your drivers to maintain transparency and check whether they are on the right track or not.
  • It has the option for automatic customer feedback that helps you learn about the courier services performed by your team.

Geoff M.

Customer notifications and tracking are outstanding. Address memory is convenient, and the routing is great and very accurate.


  • OptimoRoute still displays an outdated map when you enter the driver tracking module, which could be difficult to use.
  • Not only route optimization but also the estimated time of arrival sent to users is inaccurate in most cases.

Tim B

One downside is that it can be difficult to plan multiple routes at once for multiple drivers in the same city by only using the automatic route generator. I found that often, I have to make minor adjustments to the suggested routes in order to optimize the plan.

3. Routific

Best for Medium-size Delivery Businesses

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Driver dispatch, adjust routes, live GPS tracking

About Routific

Businesses can automate their courier delivery operations using Routific’s unique features. All you need to do is import customer addresses in bulk and get the shortest routes ready. Then, it allows admin users to dispatch optimized routes directly to the driver so that they can go ahead as per the delivery schedule.

On the other hand, Routific also keeps your clients updated regarding delivery status. You can even send the order tracking link to the customers. This means you won’t get unnecessary phone calls, and customers will be highly satisfied with your courier services. That’s how your courier delivery schedule will be completed within a given deadline.


  • Plan optimised routes considering driver’s preference, break time, and shift timings.
  • Routific’s live GPS tracking works well, as you have no issues in tracking the driver’s location throughout the delivery process
  • The customer support team is responsive; they hear your feedback and help you troubleshoot your problems.

Sean H

For months, we have been trying to find an application that would be beneficial and save us valuable time and resources so we can better serve our community. Fortunately, I received a delivery from another company that was utilising Routific, and they couldn’t stop singing its praises. We’ve been able to serve a greater number of people at a more efficient rate.


  • Routific will demand additional costs for users willing to have a customer notifications feature.
  • Customer support is only available by email, so you may need to wait longer than usual.

Rachel B.

It wasn’t immediately obvious how to find on the dashboard the routes already created, but perhaps this was a lack of familiarity, as I did figure it out after a while.

4. Route4me

Best for Managing Optimized Courier Routes

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Delivery management, route dispatch, driver tracking

About Route4me

Route4me is another delivery management software that can eliminate manual intervention in route planning. No matter how many courier deliveries you have, Route4me can find the fastest routes to complete the delivery schedule in a timely manner. With optimized courier routes, your drivers can bypass road closures, avoidance zones, and traffic to arrive at the recipient’s location.

Route4me comes with a user-friendly driver app, which ensures drivers don’t get stuck in traffic queues. Also, they don’t need to stop unnecessarily in-between while picking or dropping couriers. Hence, you don’t need to follow drivers anymore; instead you can invest more time in developing a business strategy.


  • It is very easy-to-use software because of its user interface, so first-time users won’t face any difficulties
  • It really gets you the fastest routes even when you import hundreds of addresses using Excel or CSV files.
  • It offers many customization options, making your routing experience even better.


I’m in field sales, so the app allows me to work more efficiently. I minimize drive time between stops, and so I’m able to see more people in a day. Plus I love the fact that it gives the travel time between each stop; this helps when scheduling appointments


  • The software has logging issues, so even if you log in successfully, it automatically logs out, which can be frustrating for users.
  • Once the driver marks the stop as completed, they would have no clear directions for the next stop.


The routing isn’t great, with wrong locations and routes that don’t make sense Not a lot of great features, and not able to turn features on and off. Terrible customer support. The best way to get a response is by submitting a ticket forget about talking to anyone, and most of the time, I’m just told we can’t help, but that’s a good idea we will submit for consideration.

5. WorkWave

Best for Mobile Workforce Management

Starting Price


Free Trial

4 days

Key Features

Order import, barcode scanning, driver app

About WorkWave

WorkWave Route Manager comes with many advanced features that can help you get optimized courier routes. Being a WorkWave user, you can import multiple orders in one go and let the software generate efficient routes. It empowers drivers with barcode scanning to validate the packages and collect proof of job completion as well.

WorkWave Route Manager allows your customer to get delivery updates with an event tracking feature. This means your customers can see the delivery stage occurring one after another using their mobile phones. Such transparency lets your clients make themselves available to collect the courier.


  • Adding a customer’s preferred time window is a great help to meet customers’ demands.
  • The software can be easily integrated with your own work order management system.
  • It has the ability to track drivers virtually from anywhere, which is a super convenient feature.


Customer service is usually quick and easy. I understand the mandatory upgrade has nothing to do with the customer service aspect, so I will give high marks for the personal service.


  • Initially, users will require time to get used to it, as the software has a complex user interface.
  • Generating on-demand reports is time-consuming, as you need to check manually if it is correct.


There is no dashboard, so there’s no way to get an overall view of the driving behaviour. The vehicle trackers don’t let you save identification information like vehicle VIN number, license plate, or driver’s name. There is only one description field, so if a driver switches vehicles and someone forgets to update the name on it, it’s nearly impossible to tie the device back to the vehicle.

6. Track-POD

Best for Multi-stop Route Optimization

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Live tracking, order management, reports & analytics

About Track-POD

Track-POD is capable of finding the most efficient routes for your courier delivery. It is a route planning solution that also works in the offline mode. This means your carriers can still navigate routes even in an area with no internet service. Once you come back to online mode, it automatically syncs the data so that you don’t have any further delay.

With its advanced algorithm for route optimization, Track-POD is the perfect routing solution for businesses to perform multi-stop delivery. Besides, features like live driver tracking and customer alerts really come in handy once your carrier has left for delivery. Hence, it provides versatile solutions to facilitate your courier delivery process no matter what the size of your business.


  • Track-POD has real-time monitoring to analyze driver’s performance and boost productivity.
  • The driver mobile app provides great help as it is smoothly accessible in low-network areas.
  • It keeps your buyers informed by sending delivery notifications regarding the courier delivery.


The POD captures Geo stamps of the location where the signatures and pictures were taken to avoid discrepancies between company drivers and customers.


  • Track-POD’s customer support is not so good you may not get prompt replies from their support team.
  • Using Track-POD, you are likely to get stuck in traffic as the software mostly fails to spot traffic areas.


We have experienced with the software is the inability to remove a delivery stop on a route once the driver has started their route. In the logistics industry, and our business model specifically, we allow for cancellations and rescheduled deliveries even after the product is in transit and the route is started. We also have instances where a delivery will need to be switched from one driver /route to another, and the software doesn’t allow for a delivery to be removed and reassigned once a route has been started.

7. Onfleet

Best for Last-mile Courier Delivery

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Dispatch management, driver chat, proof of delivery

About Onfleet

Onfleet is preferred by many courier delivery businesses because it is feature-loaded software that can reduce your routing hassles. Basically, it will help you perform a last-mile delivery process with lower operational costs. Once you get optimized routes ready, it has an auto-dispatch feature to assign delivery tasks to the drivers.

Plus, the route optimization software also has live driver tracking that helps you spot their exact location and remaining deliveries. Onfleet has rolled out driver chat options, which means they can receive important updates on the go. Upon delivery completion, drivers can ask customers for their signature as proof of delivery. That’s how you can rely on Onfleet when you handle a large-size courier delivery team.


  • Onfleet allows users to add up to thousands of additional stops to their route plan, which will help them perform multi-stop deliveries quickly.
  • Onfleet has an in-built option to chat directly with drivers in order to share important instructions.
  • It sends notifications to collect feedback from customers right after the successful delivery.


The ability to build routes that tell us exactly when we should arrive at a location allows us to hit a target delivery time over 95% of the time. – The route-building feature has allowed us to get creative with how we route our vehicles, which is also allowing us to make more deliveries along certain routes and has greatly streamlined the route-building process


  • Route planning will take a lot of time, as importing Excel files can take more time than usual.
  • The software has expensive subscription plans, which is likely to affect your financial budget plan.


The biggest issue with Onfleet is a feature that sounds like it could be nice, but it has been nothing but a headache for us. This feature auto-fills a very small form, but it is just such an annoying problem because we have multiple orders with the same customer, so all orders will get auto-updated to the newest entry, erasing the data in the entry before it

8. Tookan

Best for delivery driver management

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Route optimization, agent scheduling, Geofencing

About Tookan

If you are struggling to perform courier delivery on time, then Tookan has got you covered. This is because this delivery management software comes with robust features such as route optimization, behavior monitoring, task notifications, and easy integrations. It works on a fully automated delivery process that has no room for manual checkups. In other words, your courier delivery process can be wrapped up early when you follow the shortest routes.

Besides, Tookan also consists of a behavior monitoring system that alerts you in case the driver breaches the speed limit. The service app offered by Tookan empowers delivery agents to access stop information, package details, and route directions. Thus, you can fulfill your daily routing needs with Tookan.


  • Tookan gives you the shortest routes, where you navigate easily through city traffic to deliver couriers on time.
  • It helps you with automatic barcode generation that makes sure you deliver courier to the right customer.
  • It has smart analytics for dispatch managers to go through the comprehensive delivery reports.


Our most important feature was the ability to white label. We also wanted a feature-rich product out of the box that can be customized. Tookan satisfied all of our requirements, and the team is amazing.


  • The driver app stops working in between the ongoing delivery process, which may consume more time.
  • Users will not get solutions to their problems when they get in touch with a customer support executive.


Optimization isn’t accurate There is a lot of need for data entry as some of the customers don’t auto-populate. While support is very kind, the timing of when they call is never good. Notifying customers before trying to reach us from an unrecognizable phone # is problematic.

9. RoadWarrior

Best for Courier Delivery Startups

Starting Price


Free Trial

7 days

Key Features

Dispatcher web app, monitor route progress, integration

About RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior consists of basic features to take care of your courier delivery process. The software helps you manage optimized routes and dispatch them to available drivers. Once the delivery process takes place, you can monitor the driver’s progress and check how many stops are left to be covered. In short, you don’t need to engage in frequent call-ups with your team.

Also, RoadWarrior has third-party integration features, which lets you add delivery details from other apps. Retrieving the details, you can plan routes, including additional stops up to 200. Besides, RoadWarrior has good customer support to listen to your feedback and help you sort out route planning issues.


  • RoadWarrior is pretty easy-to-use software, so you can quickly plan and schedule optimized routes.
  • The software allows users to create a new route plan from recently added addresses.
  • RoadWarrior can be easily integrated with third-party apps like FedEx, making it simple to generate routes.


I love Roadwarrior it is so easy to use and easy to set up. helps me know how fast my crews are moving through their lists and lets me know what they get done so I know who and how to bill.


  • There’s no way to send an ETA to the buyers, so if they’re not available, drivers might have to perform another trip.
  • Lack of delivery proof means your clients may come up with false claims even after the successful delivery.


I wish I could customize just a little more with start and end points vs. adding a stop and selecting it as my last stop. I wish I could give my drivers the ability to delete routes when they are done- but if they accidentally delete them before they are done (some have fat fingers, I think), it would only delete on their end and not the admin end, so I could re-send it to them vs. building it all over again if they delete it.

10. LogiNext Mile

Best for Last-mile Courier Distribution

Starting Price


Free Trial

14 days

Key Features

Driver working hours, vehicle capacity planning, comprehensive reports

About LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is one of the advanced routing software that can reduce your travel distance by providing the fastest routes. It takes into account several factors like driver preference, vehicle capacity, and geographic preferences while finding optimized routes. That’s how you can reach your destination faster and deliver couriers on time.

LogiNext Mile allows users to customize delivery notifications so that customers don’t stay in the dark about courier delivery. Being a LogiNext user, you can track the driver and vehicle’s location as well. You can also check the completed or pending delivery stops on the go. This will help you plan the next courier deliveries as per your team’s availability. So, you can count on LogiNext Mile in case you have more courier delivery.


  • LogiNext Mile automatically sends customers alerts regarding the ETA of their courier pickup or delivery.
  • Helps you analyze summary reports to spot areas of improvement and develop business strategies.
  • The software helps you track your delivery vehicles in real-time so that you don’t have to take follow-ups from drivers.


This software provides me with real-time tracking and time-to-time updates of my fleet movement; it’s easy to carry, has a long battery life, and is cheaper in cost as well.


  • Several users stated that you might get logged out if you continue to view the same report for a while; this could be irritating.
  • The software is not user-friendly at all, and therefore, you may require training sessions, especially for dispatchers.

Balvinder Singh

There can be more improvement in KM running and the Report Fetching tool. If we need to fetch the Route plan after the Visit of FE, then it should provide a detailed Map and KM run like UBER, where it is easier to Validate. Currently, if There is NO Net Connectivity in-between the Trip, then it shows a Straight line of Travel and Approx Km, which is Misleading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can courier delivery software help in route optimization?

    Courier delivery software uses an advanced algorithm that considers various factors like weather conditions, traffic flows, and road avoidance zones to find optimized routes. It helps drivers follow the shortest routes with minimized operational costs and enhanced delivery efficiency.

  • What types of businesses can benefit from courier delivery software?

    eCommerce businesses, food delivery companies, courier services, or any businesses associated with delivery services can greatly benefit from courier delivery software.

  • What features should I look for when choosing courier delivery software?

    Before adopting courier delivery software, you must look for features like route optimization, route scheduling, live driver tracker, customer notifications, and proof of delivery. Additionally, you should get a free trial to know the speed and accuracy of the software.

  • Can I try the courier delivery software before purchasing it?

    Of course, you should opt for a free trial of your chosen courier delivery software for a specific period before purchasing the paid version. This will help you know whether the software caters to your business requirements or not. Therefore, it is better to check out all the necessary features firsthand.


Today, the courier industry is where every minute counts, and therefore, you need the right route optimization software solution to drive the business success. Here, we went through the 10 best courier delivery software that can help you reduce your workload and wrap up the delivery schedule early.

As we are heading towards the conclusion part, you now have an idea of how courier delivery has been transformed with the help of advanced software. Well, the software has become part of your daily routine as it manages courier routes, driver tracking, customer-side updates, and whatnot. By now, you would have already chosen the perfect software that aligns with your business needs.

However, if you’re still confused about choosing courier delivery software, we recommend trying Upper’s

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