7 Best Last Mile Delivery App Solutions

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Planning routes manually is a painfully lengthy and time-consuming procedure, especially when you have hundreds of drivers making multiple deliveries throughout the day. 

If you do not have a streamlined process for your last mile deliveries, you will lose out on a large market share. A last mile delivery app will help you do exactly that! 

With a good last mile solution, you can save up to 40% of planning time and increase new order capacity by 60% and overcome several logistics challenges

Do you want to know which solutions can help you achieve these kinds of results? Keep reading.

What are the Challenges of Last Mile Delivery?

Here are some of the major last mile delivery challenges that can be solved using a last-mile delivery app:

  1. Inadequate Route Planning & Optimization: Without proper technological support, it becomes difficult to get efficient route planning and optimization for providing faster deliveries.
  1. Driver Inefficiency: Drivers are only able to improve efficiency if they are supported with the right tools and information.
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Upper Crew Crew

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

No credit card details required

  1. Delayed Deliveries: Delayed deliveries prove to be expensive for last mile logistics companies. 
  1. Lack of Visibility: There is barely any visibility into the last mile delivery process for the customers.
  1. Higher Operational Costs: Last mile delivery costs make up at least 53% of the total cost of delivery for the companies. 
  1. Dealing with Customer Expectations: Most on-demand delivery models do not have a way to effectively handle customer expectations.

7 Best Last Mile Delivery App Solutions

Last Mile Delivery App User Ratings Key Features Pricing
  • Driver chat
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Monitoring key metrics
  • $149 Per Month
  • $349 Per Month
  • $799 Per Month
  • $1,999 Per Month
Most PreferredUpper Route Planner
  • Automated route optimization
  • Proof of delivery
  • Set delivery constraints
  • Reports & analytics
  • $39 per month
  • SMS gateways
  • Geofencing
  • Payment gateways
  • Reports & analytics
  • $17 Per Month
  • $53 Per Month
  • $113 Per Month
  • $215 Per Month
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery tracking
  • Instant notifications
  • $29 Per Month
  • $49 Per Month
  • $69 Per Month
Dispatch Science
  • Real-time alerts
  • Turn-by-turn directions and navigation
  • Communication with driver
  • Reports & analytics
  • $650 Per Month
  • $1800 Per Month
  • Intelligent driver & vehicle selection
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • Reports & analytics
  • Starts from $1
  • Dynamic rerouting
  • Delivery route planning visualization
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reports & analytics
  • $50 Per Month
  1. Onfleet

    Onfleet is a sophisticated last mile delivery management app used by thousands of businesses across various industries like retail, e-commerce, food, and pharmacy. Onfleet aims to provide end-to-end route planning solutions for all logistics businesses. 

    Onfleet  Last Mile Delivery App

    Solutions Provided:

    • Advanced route optimization and automated dispatch for streamlined deliveries.
    • Real-time driver tracking and automatic SMS notifications for customers.
    • Inventory tracking, customer reporting, and analytics.
    • User Ratings: 4.7 out of 5
    • Free Trial: 14 days free trial
  2. Upper Route Planner

    Upper Route Planner is an intuitive last mile delivery app that offers efficient route planning and optimization. Upper Route Planner helps food delivery, courier delivery, flower delivery, and many other businesses in maximizing the number of deliveries while still saving time and costs. 

    Upper Route Planner Best Last Mile Delivery App

    Solutions Provided:

    • Quick route planning and optimization for 500 stops among multiple drivers.
    • Dispatch delivery routes to your drivers in a single click.
    • Send routes to your drivers through text or email, no need for a driver app. 
    • Add delivery constraints like priorities, time windows, driving preferences, and curbside delivery.
    • Generate proof of delivery, reports, and analytics for each delivery task.
    • User Ratings: 4.4 out of 5
    • Free Trial: 7 days free trial

    Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

    Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

  3. Tookan

    Tookan offers a great platform for efficiently managing all your delivery operations in one place. It is a system that can be easily integrated with your existing Order Management or Point-of-Sales system. 


    Solutions Provided: 

    • Customers track delivery services in real-time and receive real-time SMS alerts at all delivery stages.
    • Customers can make online payments using multiple gateways.
    • Dispatchers create multiple geofences for assigning specific operational areas. 
    • User Ratings: 4.4 out of 5
    • Free Trial: 14 days free trial
  4. Track-POD

    Track-POD takes away all the stress of manually planning and optimizing routes considering weight, volume, vehicle types, working times, and service times. It can be used by businesses from industries like courier, food, and field service. 


    Solutions Provided:

    • With route planning and one-click optimization, you can instantly plan and map routes for your last mile delivery drivers.
    • Delivery notification and direct customer contact through Android & iOS mobile apps.
    • From delivery location to delivery confirmation, dispatchers can receive all the data on the mobile app.
    • User Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
    • Free Trial: N/A
  5. Dispatch Science

    Dispatch Science is a cloud-based software that lets you automate all steps of delivery route planning and optimization. It helps you eliminate human errors by taking more control over planning and dispatching tasks. Your customers can use the app for receiving quotes, placing orders, and tracking multiple deliveries. 

    Dispatch Science

    Solutions Provided:

    • Receive alerts for customer no-shows, arrival times, delays, driver speed, and location in real-time.
    • It offers two-way messaging for drivers and dispatchers. 
    • Offers an interactive display of orders & drivers, and it integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 
    • User Ratings: 5 out of 5
    • Free Trial: No free trial
  6. Bringg

    Bringg is a cloud-based dispatch and routing platform with real-time visibility across the supply chain. The platform connects, automates, and orchestrates delivery functions between inventory, warehouse, stores, customers, fleets, and drivers. 


    Solutions Provided:

    • Optimize routes and automate logistics scheduling for pick up and delivery.
    • Intelligent driver and vehicle selection; also restricts drivers from delivery to restricted areas.
    • Real-time notifications, delivery tracking, and feedback for dispatchers and customers.
    • User Ratings: 4.9 out of 5
    • Free Trial: No free trial
  7. LogiNext

    LogiNext Mile is a last mile dispatch and delivery management app. LogiNext offers several different products that have been adopted by industries like courier, eCommerce, retail, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and banking. 


    Solutions Provided:

    • Automated route planning and optimization for all distribution models with visualization for routes.
    • Offers electronic proof of delivery as signature, image, timestamp, and geo-coordinates.
    • Provides dynamic rerouting considering customer location, resource capacity, traffic conditions, and time preferences. 
    • User Ratings: 4.3 out of 5
    • Free Trial: 15 days free trial
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Upper Crew Crew

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

No credit card details required

Which Companies Use Last Mile Delivery App Solutions?

A last mile delivery app can be useful to a large variety of industries. Some of the major industries making use of last mile delivery apps are:

  • Courier: Courier companies need speedy and safe dispatch and delivery for all their packages. A last mile delivery app helps them with route optimization, automated dispatching, and delivery analytics. 
  • Retail & Ecommerce: Retail and eCommerce are constantly changing. With such a dynamic process, it is imperative to make use of tools that help you make a smooth transition from one trend to another. 
  • Food Delivery: Food delivery apps need features like dynamic routing, two-way messaging, and proof of delivery which is provided by last mile delivery apps.
  • Flower Delivery: Flower delivery is another popular business that has the need to integrate last mile delivery apps for smoother operations from dispatch to routing and delivery. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies are in constant need of innovative ways of making life-saving drugs available to their customers as quickly as possible. 

The companies that have been making good use of last mile delivery app include industry giants like UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Postmates. These last mile delivery companies focus on providing same-day delivery with real-time alerts for which they require an efficient system in place. 


A last mile delivery software is a system that is used by delivery and logistics businesses to manage and streamline all the steps of the delivery process right from planning and optimization to delivery and daily reporting.

All last mile delivery solutions focus on majorly solving one problem i.e. the Travelling Salesman Problem. Held-Karp algorithm is a common algorithm used in all last mile delivery software solutions to come with the most optimized way of reaching from one address to another.

A last mile delivery app is important for delivery and logistics businesses to provide route optimization, route directions, real-time alerts, and other real-time delivery capabilities to improve customer experience. It is important for streamlining the delivery operations, improving savings, and boosting revenue.

Last mile delivery is often an expensive step in the delivery process because it relies on speed and efficiency. It includes smart algorithms, highly trained personnel, and other operational costs which can contribute to the higher price of last mile delivery.

Which is the App of Your Choice?

A last mile delivery app will help you automate and refine the steps of the final leg of the delivery process and make it more efficient. 

Do you think the apps mentioned in this blog post solve your last mile delivery problems? 

Try out Upper Route Planner and see for yourself how it helps your delivery business. Get in touch with us for a demo today!

Share some of the features that have helped your last mile delivery process or the features that you would like to see in a last mile app.