The 10 Best Last-Mile Delivery Software in 2022

Last-mile delivery is the journey of customer products and services from the last transportation hub to the customer. This last leg of delivery is the most vital and central driving force of any delivery business.

Last-mile delivery is a common operation dilemma that many logistics companies face. However, with numerous last-mile delivery software available in the market, solving the last-mile delivery problem is no longer an arduous task.

In this article, we will go through some of the best last-mile delivery software solutions. 

What is Last-mile Delivery Software?

It is one of the most expensive delivery processes, where businesses need to choose a solution capable of managing large volumes of customers and their orders. Last-mile deliveries handle the final transportation of customer goods and services.

A simple reason why last-mile delivery is complicated and costly is the numerous stops and routes that delivery drivers need to cover. Hence, software solutions serving this purpose are highly feature-rich and advanced in their capabilities. So, let’s dive deep top ten software.

Top 10 Last-mile Delivery Software Compared

Delivery App Features Pricing Starts At
Most Preferred Upper Route Planner
  • Single-click dispatch
  • Drag & drop files
  • Route scheduling
  • Reports & analytics
  • Delivery proof
  • Essential version for ($31.99/driver per manually)
  • Growth version for $39.99/driver per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise version for a custom price
  • Tracker
  • Service App
  • Dispatch dashboard
  • Early Stage version for $17/month
  • Startup version for $53/month
  • Growth version for $113/month
  • Standard version $215/month
  • Route optimization
  • Auto-assign
  • Driver chat
  • Feedback collection
  • Business version for $0.09/delivery
  • Startup version for $0.19/delivery
  • Enterprise version for a custom price
Dispatch Science
  • Delivery tracking
  • Instant dispatch
  • Real-time alerts
  • Basic version for $650/month for 10 drivers
  • Growth version for $1800/month
  • Enterprise version for $4900/month
  • Assigning and dispatching
  • Order management
  • Proof of delivery
  • Business version for $0.09/delivery
  • Startup version for $0.19/delivery
  • Enterprise version for a custom price
  • Route monitoring
  • Re-routing
  • Real-time allocation
  • Pricing information on booking a demo
  • Delivery disruption alerts
  • Delivery management
  • On-demand reports
  • Pricing information on contacting the sales team
  • Geocoding
  • Shipment tracking
  • Freight Procurement
  • Pricing on requesting a demo
  • Dynamic routing
  • Dispatch management
  • Access to mobile phone devices
  • Pro version for $10 per month
  • Flex version for $10 per month + $10 per driver
  • Fleet optimization
  • Easy navigation
  • Customer feedback
  • Standard version for $29 per driver/vehicle
  • Advanced version for $49 per driver/vehicle
  • Advanced plus version for $69 per driver/vehicle
  • Enterprise version on request

 1. Upper Route Planner


Upper Route Planner is the modern solution (last-mile delivery app) to all your last-mile delivery challenges. It is an all-in-one delivery management software that caters to a business’s needs, including route planning, route optimization, quick dispatching, robust reporting, and much more.

Besides being a cost-effective investment, Upper Route Planner is also known to improve business productivity and operational efficiency.

Features that make Upper Route Planner the best choice among all others include-

  • One-click dispatch

Using Upper Route Planner, dispatchers can click a button to dispatch multiple drivers over multiple routes. In addition to being highly efficient, drivers also receive all updates as automatic SMS notifications on their smartphones, making this process straightforward.

  • Excel importing

One of the best features of Upper Route Planner is the ability to import Excel spreadsheets or CSV files of all delivery stops and, in turn, receive highly efficient delivery routes.

  • Route scheduling

It allows delivery scheduling for consumers’ orders in advance to improve productivity and boost customer engagement.

  • Robust reporting

Use the reports feature on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to analyze the performance of the delivery partners and make adjustments wherever necessary.

Available on: , iOS, Android

  • Budget-friendly app with vast features.
  • Excel or CSV file import
  • Driver app for E-signatures, photo proof, and notes
  • No free version is available
  • No voice navigation for drivers
CTA image

Upper Route Planner

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

No credit card details required

2. Tookan


Tookan makes last-mile delivery the easiest journey for a business. It is the simplest solution to manage and operate all last-mile delivery operations. The simple web dashboard view of Tookan helps to view everything in one place. You can also add customization through field templates that pertain to activities in your business. 

To improve the performance of the supply chain, the Tookan logistics feature manages and tracks same-day delivery. The mobile app acts as a guide for drivers and field agents to work efficiently. In addition to optimized routes, the Tookan app offers field agents with proof of delivery capturing, task notifications & reminders, easy navigation, and barcode generation for identification.

A few key features of Tookan are offered as extensions or add-ons only. For example, broadcasting alerts to agents or drivers. The app is excellent for businesses that don’t require additional features.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Automatic notifications and integrations are available
  • Simple and functional UI
  • Add-ons make the app expensive

3. Onfleet


The Onfleet logistic software is an advanced last-mile delivery software. With its user-friendly web dashboard and predictive ETA’s, this app offers a few great features. For instance, customers can receive real-time updates about their order, ETA, and more. A few more desirable features include easy onboarding of new drivers, enhanced chat feature, and integration to Onfleet.

The mobile apps are equipped with interactive and straightforward walkthroughs that enable new drivers to familiarise themselves with the software faster. Onfleet has the best in-built communication mechanism via the chat feature where drivers and dispatchers can update each other without needing a third-party app. With Onfleet, your business can continue to use the tools and platforms used for last-mile delivery operations.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Barcode scanning for proof of delivery
  • Chat feature for drivers and dispatchers
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • The costly choice for small and medium businesses

4. Dispatch Science


Dispatch Science is a customer-first delivery management software. This last-mile delivery software is powered by artificial intelligence to streamline the delivery operation for last-mile carriers and shippers. Dispatch Science boasts several business-friendly features such as handling the entire customer journey, better communication with delivery agents, and quick order processing and dispatching.

Also, modern customers are provided with a self-service portal to increase customer satisfaction, simultaneously cutting down costs for businesses. Dispatchers can better communicate regarding delivery status with drivers. A delivery agent can view the commissions and earnings they have received in real-time for better accuracy and to build trust. Effortlessly dispatch orders as fully optimized and efficient routes are planned by the algorithm.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • AI-powered software
  • Cloud-based, all-in-one platform
  • Automatic dispatch and route optimization
  • Expensive compared to other alternatives
  • Complex dashboard and interface

5. Onro


Onro is yet another powerful last-mile delivery management software platform that simplifies last-mile delivery. With its customizable software and advanced delivery operation features, Onro is one of the best competitors in the technology market today. Its features include highly customizable software and order management. This last-mile delivery software can be customized to reflect your brand’s aesthetics.

The order management feature involves several key players like dispatchers, drivers, management staff, and customers. Different stakeholders have access to varying features and views of the application. The pricing feature in the app allows you to view and manage prices. It calculates the cost by considering several parameters like fleet vehicles, distance, surcharges, and more.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • White-label branding page
  • Real-time chat capability with drivers
  • Insufficient knowledge and training available on software
  • No trial version provided

6. Bringoz 

A SaaS-based logistics last-mile delivery platform, Bringoz provides an efficient and scalable delivery structure to all businesses. Its fully automated last-mile delivery solution including automated route planning let business owners take the reign on timely delivery by avoiding common pitfalls. Bringoz key features are delivery route planning, optimizing, last-mile tracking, and fleet management platform. With Bringoz, business owners can focus on delivery needs such as last-mile, on-demand, first-mile, distribution, returns, and much more.

Sudden changes in delivery schedule, for instance, updation to routes, are all accommodated within the application. Dispatchers can now fully monitor the delivery staff, calculate the pickup time of orders, calculate the optimal delivery time, and predict ETA. Create the best delivery team there is for your last-mile delivery companies. The driver recruitment process becomes effortless through screening, compliance, and training.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Electronic proof of delivery with location and delivery time.
  • Customer feedback through ratings, surveys, and driver scoring.
  • Real-time vehicle allocation to drivers that are flexible and efficient.
  • Low network coverage areas are difficult to reach due to built-in GPS capabilities

7. Scurri


Scurri is a highly beneficial final mile delivery software for all business owners, from label generation for shipping to third-party integration. Scurri features that business owners find helpful are increased efficiency, real-time tracking of orders, and improved customer satisfaction.

Scurri allows eCommerce retailers to increase their retail efficiency with reduced operating costs. Scurri allows for live tracking (real-time visibility) of orders. Logs generated include the speed, cost, and other metrics throughout the journey enabling business owners to evaluate specific pain points and improve the last-mile delivery process. It allows customers to stay in a loop with real-time updates.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Customer notification for improved transparency
  • Live tracking of orders
  • Web-only application
  • No price comparison for different carriers

8. Shipsy


It is a route management software that helps business owners plan multiple delivery routes. This last-mile delivery software harbors a smart geocoding engine that lets you convert the pending deliveries into successful ones. The cloud-based software offers visibility of the entire delivery route plan and provides a real-time driver tracking option.

Besides, Shipsy assists the business owners to optimize the fleet management so that dispatchers do not take more time to find the driver. It provides the necessary details like location, parcel information, and contact details directly to the driver. The sophisticated algorithm helps the admin fetch the data regarding vehicle availability. Thus, it will bring down the operational costs and help you earn desired profits.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Easy to understand
  • Real-time tracker works well
  • Flexible integration
  • Limited customization
  • Transport information may vary

9. RoadWarrior


A multi stop route planner helps you find the best routes within a minute. Delivery managers can create the optimized route plan and share it with their drivers to make on-time deliveries. Using the app for drivers, they can know whether the parcel is being shipped or not. Then, they can simply follow the route plan and reach the delivery location quickly.

To perform such hassle-free deliveries, drivers need to download the App on their smartphones. Apart from route planning, RouteWarrior helps you generate reports to analyze past deliveries and driver performance. Even the admin can plan the multi-stop deliveries from the multi-depot.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Automated route scheduling
  • Importing MS Excel files
  • In-app navigation
  • No turning indication on the app
  • Expensive plans

10. Track-POD

It is a route planning and optimization software which assists the owners to make deliveries real quick. Track-POD is equipped with an advanced algorithm that takes less than a minute to optimize the multi-delivery route plan. To start optimizing the routes, you just need to drag and drop the spreadsheet and it will automatically create the route map considering the on-road constraints.

On the other hand, Track-POD also has automation features for its customer. Therefore, the customer, too, can keep the tab on the driver’s location and receive the delivery updates in a timely manner. It ensures two-way communication which means there would be no conflicts post-delivery. During the delivery process, the admin can closely monitor on-road activities and keep their client updated.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

  • Easy to navigate
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Customer support
  • Difficult to reoptimize the route
  • Limited visibility on routes
CTA image

Upper Route Planner

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

No credit card details required


Essential features to keep in mind when looking for a compatible last-mile delivery software or last mile logistics software

  • Real-time web dashboard
  • Automatic driver dispatch
  • Last-mile delivery management platform
  • Robust analytics, and reporting
  • Important Metrics
  • Availability on all devices

Different solutions cater to businesses in slightly different ways. Amongst the ones mentioned above, Upper Route Planner is the best choice for all-rounded management software. It is affordable, manageable, highly optimized, and provides a better delivery experience.

It guides the owners to achieve the desired business goals with fewer resources. Also, it helps them to improve the customer experience and make last mile operations smooth. It makes the simpler route plan for the driver to carry out multiple deliveries in a short time.

The last mile delivery software lets you make last mile delivery operations considering the road and weather conditions. Therefore, it will reduce operational costs and save the valuable time of business owners. Minimizing the overall last mile delivery costs will help you achieve the financial goals for your business.


It becomes increasingly essential for businesses to pay close attention to costly Last-mile delivery operations. Left unchecked, many business profits are lost in delivery processes alone. It is crucial to rely on a software solution that delivers efficiency and cost-effectiveness to avoid manual interventions.

We compared the top ten last-mile delivery software which would help you resolve the delivery chaos. In addition, we reviewed both the positive and negative sides of using each last-mile delivery software. Going through this article, it is clear that new businesses should get route management software to simplify the delivery process. If you are interested in using such last-mile delivery software, at Upper.

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