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The current market for route planning software is huge, and Route4Me seems to be on the list of the best routing solutions.

Despite having many features and functionalities, many users are facing issues while using this route planning solution. Some small-scale businesses find it expensive, while some businesses do not get proper support as expected.

This is the reason many businesses look for Route4Me alternatives so that they can get complete solutions to meet their daily routing requirements.

Herein we will take a look at 10 suitable alternatives that have their own features, functionalities, pros, and cons. So, let’s us proceed and look at what alternatives are the best for your business.

Why is There a Need for Route4Me Alternatives?

Despite the benefits offered by Route4Me, there are some caveats to the software solution that are usually related to the features offered at the price.

Here are the reasons why you might want to check for Route4Me alternatives:

Here’s why you should be switching to Circuit alternatives:

As you might know that Route4Me charges you extra for the basic routing features, it also asks users to buy plans that have 10 driver seats at a minimum, making it quite overpriced for businesses that have a handful of drivers.

To help you find the best route optimization software for your business, we have compiled this list of all the best Route4Me alternatives. These alternatives range from affordable starter routing solutions to comprehensive enterprise-level solutions that give you a lot more than just efficient routes.

Top 10 Route4Me Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


If you are looking for route planning and optimization software that gives you all the best features at an affordable price, then Upper is for you! Upper offers advanced features, such as live driver tracking, customer notification, and proof of delivery (photos, notes, and signatures) at affordable prices to empower your teams.

Moreover, Upper is known for making your entire route operations easier than ever. Right from planning, optimizing, scheduling, and dispatching the routes followed by dispatching them among the drivers, everything can now be done easily in a matter of minutes.

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Upper Compared to Route4Me

Pricing: Upper has proven that it is the best routing solution for businesses that want all the best routing features at an affordable price. Upper has something for everyone, as it even offers the Upper solo plan for individual drivers.

Easy Access to Free Trial: While signing up for Route4Me’s free trial, they first ask you to enter your credit card details, and then only you are allowed to try the software. This is not the case with Upper. You can flexibly try a 7 days free trial without compromising your confidentiality. When trying Upper, accessibility can be gained without any fear of getting charged automatically.

Parcel information: To help your drivers navigate through all the packages, a feature like parcel information is vital as it lets them know where everything is. Using this feature can result in faster delivery times, less confusion, and greater operational capacity.

Customer support: When you use the Upper, there is absolutely no need to be stressed about any downtimes or learning curves. The customer support team of Upper is more than ready and willing to assist you with any issues that you face with the software.

Pricing comparison between Route4Me and Upper:

Route Management


No discount offered

10 drivers included


Growth Plan


additional 10% off on annual billing

3 drivers included

Unlimited dispatchers

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Detailed feature comparison between Route4me and Upper:

Feature route4me Route4me UpperUpper
Route Optimization right right
One-click Dispatch right right
Time Windows right right
Live Driver Tracking right right
Parcel Information wrong right
Instant Modifications wrong right
Proof of delivery right right
Excel Import right right
Color Coded Stop Priority wrong right
Driver App right right
Customer Notifications right right
API Integration right right
No credit card required

Here are other exclusive features offered by Upper:

  • Allows you to set the route optimization priority by distance or by time
  • Ability to set time windows for all deliveries to meet customer requirements
  • Instant modifications to route plan using reverse route, swap route, and more
  • Accurate ETA notifications are automatically sent to customers to keep them informed
  • Easily dispatch all the planned routes to drivers with just one click
  • Users can choose from multiple map systems such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze
  • Contacts can now be added, or an address book can be made for easy route creation that is recurring in nature
  • Delivery instructions can even be added to update the customers via email or Text Message (SMS).
  • Pickups and deliveries can be flexibly adjusted together in a single route saving essential time and costs.
  • Dedicated driver app supported on all iOS and Android devices.
  • Detailed route plan summaries or customized reports can be generated for comprehensive analysis and record-keeping purposes.
  • Email, as well as live chat support, along with a dedicated support manager, can be allocated for resolving customer queries.

What People Say About Upper

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2. Onfleet



onfleet is one of the most reputed last-mile delivery management software solutions because of its vast suite of features that helps you optimize your daily operations. The task-handling capacity of Onfleet is also impressive, as it can plan routes for thousands of stops.

Pair this with all the features that Onfleet has that help your drivers communicate while on the field, and you have a powerful route-planning app on your hands.

The key features of Onfleet are::

  • Inbuilt driver chat window
  • Enterprise scale routing
  • Customer ETA notifications
  • Proof of delivery
  • Auto-assign tasks
  • Detailed reports

Onfleet Compared to Route4Me

When compared to Route4Me, it is very clear that Onfleet is built for larger operations. For this reason, it is not only priced higher but also comes with features that enhance its functionality for enterprise operations.

Some features, like the inbuilt chat window for staff, are exclusive to software solutions like Onfleet and are not found in Route4Me. There is also no driver limit when using Onfleet, as it charges you based on the number of stops that you optimize.

Price: The pricing of Onfleet starts at a staggering $500/month, which may make it an unviable option for businesses that are just starting their routing journey. But because of the task-based pricing from Onfleet, you are able to have as many drivers and dispatchers as you want at no extra cost.

3. Routific



Routific is well-known as an easy-to-use route planning tool that makes planning, optimizing, and dispatching routes a matter of minutes. You can also stay updated about the entire delivery process using their GPS tracking feature.

Routific also comes with a lot of parameters to help you refine the accuracy of your route plan. These parameters include vehicle capacity, time windows, and stop priority, making Routific capable of adapting the planned route to your specific requirements. Here are some of the Routific alternatives to check.

The key features of Routific are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Route Scheduling
  • Proof of Delivery
  • API Integration
  • Customer Notifications
  • GPS Tracking

Routific Compared to Route4Me

Upon comparison, both Routific and Route4Me seem very similar in terms of their features and functionality. The main differences lie in their pricing and pricing structures. Both route planning solutions are meant to be used by medium-sized businesses that want a simple routing solution.

While Routific prices its services based on the number of drivers you have, Route4Me has 10 drivers on all plans.

Price: Additional functionality costs extra on Routific as they charge $19 per month for customer notifications. Depending on the size of your team and the features that you need, Routific can be a more expensive or affordable alternative to Route4Me.

4. Badger Maps


Badger map

If you are looking for a route planning solution for field sales operations, then you need a solution like Badger Maps, as it is purpose-built for such tasks. With features such as sales prospects filtering, you can ensure that your crew has an easy time conducting field sales operations.

Using Badger Maps is easy as it allows you to create a route plan by simply tapping on all the points that you want to visit on the map. It also allows you to group a bunch of stops and edit them together, allowing for faster routing operations. If you are looking for alternatives to BadgerMaps, do check out a dedicated blog post on BadgerMaps alternatives.

The key features of Badger Maps are:

  • Sales route planning
  • Area filtration
  • Live agent tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Lead generation
  • Reminders

Badger Maps Compared to Route4Me

The applications of both Badger Maps and Route4Me are different as Route4Me is built for a delivery business, whereas Badger Maps is for a field sales team. This is why companies that want higher profits on their sales trips will almost always opt for Badger Maps.

Not to mention the ease of use by filtering areas based on their potential for sales and routing by just tapping on map points makes it easy to adopt for businesses.

Price: When billed annually, Badger Maps starts at $49 per user, which is quite affordable. However, if you switch to their Enterprise plan, then the cost per user shoots up to a massive $95 and gives you additional benefits like custom CRM integration and one-on-one training.

5. Track-POD



Track-POD allows businesses to plan routes and collect proof of delivery on a large scale with ease. Their software solution is best known for heightening the capabilities of delivery drivers when performing operations on the ground.

It also allows your crew to perform vehicle inspections by capturing photos of different components to assess their roadworthiness. This high-capacity functionality of Track-POD is why it is also used as a fleet management platform.

The key features of Track-POD are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Two-way Driver Communication
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Vehicle Assessment
  • Time Windows
  • Offline Operation

Track-POD Compared to Route4Me

It is apparent that Track-POD is meant to be a much more expansive solution when compared to Route4Me as it is not restricted by the number of drivers on the order-based billing plans. It can also process thousands of stops per route with ease.

The roster of Track-POD’s features makes many routing solutions pale in comparison and is geared toward larger businesses that need to ensure the smooth operation of their teams.

Price: Track-POD offers multiple subscription plans between two billing models. You can choose to either pay for Track-POD based on the number of drivers you have or by the number of orders that you complete using Track-POD.

6. RoadWarrior



RoadWarrior is an affordable route optimization software solution that can be used by both individual drivers and dispatchers alike. At just $14.99/month, RoadWarrior is very easy to use for the majority of drivers, but again it does lose out on a lot of advanced features.

RoadWarrior is very easy to use on mobile devices, making it very easy to use if you are an individual driver looking to plan simple routes as fast as possible. Here are the top RoadWarrior alternatives to consider.

Apart from this, there are various other significant functionalities offered by Tookan. Have a look:

  • Route Optimization
  • Manifest Import
  • Progress Tracking
  • Dedicated Driver App
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Reports and Analytics

RoadWarrior Compared to Route4Me

The target audience of Route4Me and RoadWarrior is very different, which is why their feature set is also very different. While RoadWarrior prioritizes ease of use for individual drives, Route4Me tries its best to be a complete team routing solution.

RoadWarrior also misses out on some crucial features like proof of delivery, making it less useful as a route planning solution for companies.

Price: Both the individual driver plan and the RoadWarrior Flex plan for teams cost $14.99 per driver, which makes RoadWarrior very affordable and easy to start with. It also does not bind you with a minimum of 10 drivers as Route4Me does.

7. RouteXL



There are many businesses that are not at a scale where they need regular routing for hundreds of stops. In such cases, you might want to try out RouteXL as it lets you plan routes with less than 20 stops for free in its RouteXL 20 plan.

RouteXL’s overall pricing structure is quite affordable compared to other solutions, but this is because it offers lesser features. If you don’t need the features offered by other expensive route planning solutions, then RouteXL may just be the best option for you. In any case, if you are considering alternatives to RouteXL, then you can consider this blog which contains a list of RouteXL alternatives.

The key features of RouteXL are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Import spreadsheets
  • Route sharing and export
  • Order time windows
  • API integration
  • Route archiving

RouteXL Compared to Route4Me

When RouteXL is compared to software like Route4Me, its weaknesses quickly become apparent as it does not have much to write home about. All the features that help delivery businesses, like live driver tracking, proof of delivery, and customer notifications are missing.

It is not as if these features can be purchased as add-ons either, as RouteXL is very limited in terms of its functionality even if you buy its top-tier plan. But since it has a free-to-use version, RouteXL is the go-to option for some businesses that do not have a lot of deliveries to make.

Price: The pricing of RouteXL starts at €35 for the RouteXL 100 plan, which gives you 100 stops for your route along with premium geocoding. The only limitations of this plan are the features and the number of stops per route, making it good enough for smaller businesses with basic needs.

Route planning and optimization
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8. Logistia



Logistia Route Planner helps your delivery team by giving you the ability to plan your routes using its automated routing algorithms efficiently. These efficient routes help your delivery team traverse through their delivery route much faster due to the added efficiency.

Apart from the routing efficiency, Logistia also provides tracking links to both the dispatcher and the customer. This tracking link from Logistia allows the customer always to know where their package is and keeps them at ease.

The key features of Logistia are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Live tracking links
  • Route dispatch options
  • Custom integrations
  • ETA notifications
  • Route scheduling

Logistia Route Planner Compared to Route4Me

At first, not many differences come up when comparing the Logisitia Route Planner against Route4Me. However, based on the reviews of existing customers of both platforms, Logistia is arguably easier to use because of its simple user interface.

There may also be differences in routing performance, given the fact that these two platforms use different routing algorithms and parameters to find the best route.

Price: There is no meaningful way to compare the pricing of Logistia Route Planner and Route4Me as Logistia has not made the pricing of their route planner available to the public.

9. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is a route planning software that is quite straightforward with its offerings and gives you all the basic features of routing software such as Excel import and driver tracking. One differentiating feature of OptimoRoute is planning routes that span over days or weeks, making it fit for planning long-haul operations.

Optimoroute is suitable whether you have 10 or 1000 stops or service appointments a month. Some businesses that can use Optimoroute are food delivery, post & couriers, field sales, inspection services, HVAC services, and E-commerce. Looking for OptimoRoute alternatives? Refer to this blog on alternatives to OptimoRoute.

The key features of OptimoRoute are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Custom Routing Parameters
  • Customer feedback
  • Automatic workload distribution
  • API integration

OptimoRoute Compared to Route4Me

OptimoRoute and Route4Me are indeed very similar as far as routing software solutions go. There are some features like collecting customer feedback after delivery that OptimoRoute boasts which are seemingly absent on Route4Me

You can accommodate delivery time windows and last-minute delivery changes on these software solutions too. Though the key difference between Route4Me and OptimoRoute again lies in their pricing structures.

Price: OptimoRoute starts at $39 if you opt to pay for it on a monthly basis. You can purchase OptimoRoute based on an annual or monthly subscription, unlike Route4Me which forces you to a monthly price making OptimoRoute a better choice if you want long-term contracts.

10. MyRouteOnline



MyRouteOnline is a multi-stop route planner with a reasonably high route planning capacity. This is because it allows you to plan routes with up to 1000 stops. Unlike most route planning solutions in this price range, MyRouteOnline has a credits-based billing cycle.

One credit accounts for one address which can be used indefinitely for up to 30 days, after which you will have to purchase additional credits to enter more addresses. You also have multiple ways to optimize your route by optimizing it for the lowest time, distance, or a combination of both. Here’s the list of MyRouteOnline alternatives that you can consider.

The key features of MyRouteOnline are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Service time windows
  • Multiple optimization modes
  • Route export options
  • Route storage
  • API integration

MyRouteOnline Compared to Route4Me

When MyRouteOnline and Route4Me are compared, it is clear that MyRouteOnline may prove to be lacking in improving delivery operations. This is because not only does it provide fewer features when compared to Route4Me but it also has a different pricing structure.

Some features that are crucial for delivery businesses such as live driver tracking are not present in MyRouteOnline, which makes it very limiting. Looking at their pricing plans it becomes clear that they mainly cater to smaller businesses that have inconsistent demand.

Price: As previously stated the MyRouteOnline credits-based pricing system where one credit equals one address that can be used infinitely within 30 days. Their pricing plans start at $24 for 50 credits and allow you to pay as you go from then onwards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Route4Me cost?

    Route4Me has several pricing plans. There are three different plans if you choose to go for dynamic routing. This is for businesses whose driving routes change daily.

    • The first plan is Route Management at $199 per month
    • The second plan is Route Optimization at $249 per month
    • The third plan is Route Optimization Plus at $349 per month
  • What is the best free routing app?

    Some of the best free routing apps are Google Maps, Waze, Mapquest, and Maps.Me, and TomTom Go navigation.

  • Which is the best alternative to Route4Me?

    Looking at all the alternatives, it is advisable to start with Upper as it allows you to start a without entering your credit card details. Of course, you get a range of features like route planning, optimizing, scheduling, live driver monitoring, customer notification, and more.

  • How much does Upper cost?

    Upper has a simple pricing plan that covers all major features needed to plan, schedule, and optimize your delivery routes. You can use Upper for $80 per month, paid annually.

  • What are the best route planning software?

    Some of the best route planning software are Upper, Badger Maps, Circuit Route Planner, and Optimoroute as they are trusted by multiple companies for their routing operations.

Final Thoughts on Route4Me Alternatives

Route4Me alternatives mentioned in this blog have been used thoroughly and weighed against the features and pricing of Route4Me. Whether you are a business and enterprise offering door-to-door service or doing pick-ups and deliveries, you will need to keep good routing software in your arsenal.

If you feel like Route4Me is not the best route planning software for your requirements, don’t worry as you can find a lot of alternatives in the market as mentioned above.

Among all, Upper is the most suitable option for any kind of business handling multiple drivers and their schedules. It not only has all the necessary features as a delivery management platform but is also affordable when compared to other route-planning software.

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to plan and optimize local deliveries and driver schedules, Upper is the best bet for you. Try out today and see how it suits your requirements.

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