Routific Pricing & Plans Guide for 2024

Are you considering Routific for your delivery route optimization needs? If so, you’re probably wondering about the cost and whether it fits within your budget. 

Many people like you are searching for detailed information about Routific’s cost structure to make informed decisions for their delivery businesses. 

Here’s what you might be looking for:

  • The different pricing plans Routific offers.
  • Evaluating if Routific fits within your budget and meets your business needs.
  • Comparing Routific’s pricing with other route optimization software options.
  • Determining the value of Routific’s features and if it’s worth the investment.
  • You are an existing Routific user looking for an upgrade.

This blog will dive into these points to clearly show Routific’s pricing.

Our goal is simple: to help you understand the various Routific pricing plans, assess whether they align with your budget, and compare them to other options. 

So, let’s get started and make sense of the numbers together.

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Routific Pricing Plans 2024

Essential Professional Professional +
Monthly pricing $49/vehicle $69/vehicle $93/vehicle
Suitable for Small businesses needing basic route optimization Growing businesses with a need for real-time visibility Established businesses with a focus on customer experience
Features included
  • Route Optimization
  • Dispatch to driver mobile apps
All Essential features, plus:
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Photo POD and signatures
  • End-of-day reports
  • API integrations
All Professional features, plus:
  • Customer notifications
  • Customizable templates
  • Real-time delivery tracker

Each plan has a 7-day free trial. 

Routific Pricing Plans Explained

Essential Plan

The Essential plan is Routific’s entry-level offering. It’s designed for small businesses or those just starting with route optimization. At $49 per vehicle per month, it covers the basics: route optimization and dispatching to driver mobile apps.


This plan is great if you want to avoid manual route planning. It can help you cut delivery costs and save time. 

However, it lacks real-time tracking and more advanced features. This plan could be a good fit if you’re a small local business or a startup with simple delivery needs.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan steps things up a notch. At $69 per vehicle per month, it’s aimed at growing businesses that need more visibility and control.

This includes everything from the Essential plan, live GPS tracking, photo proof of delivery, and end-of-day reports. These features give you real-time insights into your operations. The added API integrations allow you to connect Routific with your other business systems.


The Professional plan is ideal for mid-sized businesses looking to scale their delivery operations. It offers more tools to manage and analyze your deliveries. 

This could be the right choice if you’re outgrowing the Essential plan or need more detailed tracking and reporting.

Professional+ Plan

The Professional+ plan is Routific’s top-tier offering at $93 per vehicle per month. It’s designed for businesses that want to provide a premium delivery experience.

This plan includes all Professional plan features, customer notifications, and a real-time delivery tracker. These additions focus on improving the customer experience. 

You can inform your customers with accurate ETAs and allow them to track their deliveries in real time.


The Professional+ plan is best for larger businesses or those prioritizing customer satisfaction.

This plan offers the tools to stand out with superior delivery service in a crowded market.

Remember, all plans have a 7-day free trial, which lets you test the features before committing. Consider your business size, budget, and specific needs when choosing a plan. What works for one business might not be the best fit for another.

Routific Pricing vs Competitors

Now that we’ve unpacked Routific’s pricing structure let’s compare it to some of its leading competitors: Upper, Circuit, and Route4Me. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of their starting plans:

Routific Upper Circuit Route4Me
Starting plan Essentials Essentials Essentials Route Management
Monthly price $49/vehicle $50/user ($150 minimum for 3 users) $200 (Price includes first 1,000 stops) $40/user ($200 minimum for 5 users)
Discount offered Discount on annual plans Save 20% flat with annual billing Not Available Not Available
Route optimization
Stop limit Not specified Upto 250 stops per route Only the first 1,000 stops Not specified
Route limit Not specified Unlimited routes Only the first 1,000 stops are allowed, no matter the routes Not specified
Features offered
  • Route optimization
  • Driver app dispatch
  • Import stops
  • Vehicle type customization
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Email customer notifications
  • Marketplace
  • Email and chat support
  • Create optimized routes
  • Unlimited team members
  • Add and visualize destinations
  • Plan routes using an interactive map
  • Dispatch routes and track driver progress
  • Provide voice-guided navigation
  • Send customer email notifications
  • Capture proof of delivery or service

Pricing Analysis

1. Pricing structure: 

Routific and Upper use a per-user/vehicle model, while Circuit charges based on stops. Route4Me has a per-user model with a high minimum fee.

Features included:
  • Routific: Offer essential features like route optimization and dispatching.
  • Upper: Includes additional features such as import stops, vehicle type customization, email customer notifications, and a marketplace for add-ons.
  • Circuit: Provides route optimization and tracking but lacks features like proof of delivery and customer notifications in its starting plan, which is available in higher-tier plans.
  • Route4Me: Offers features like proof of delivery and customer notifications in their base plan but lacks route optimization, a core function for delivery businesses.

2. Billing options:

Routific and Upper offer monthly and annual billing options with discounted monthly subscription rates. Circuit and Route4Me currently offer only monthly billing plans.

Trial period: 

All four offer a 7-day free trial, allowing businesses to test the software before committing.


  • For value for money: Upper’s Essential plan offers the most comprehensive package at a competitive price. It provides key features like route optimization, a driver mobile app, and other essential route management features without limitations in other competitors’ basic plans.
  • For smaller operations: Routific could be a good choice for businesses with fewer vehicles but needing solid route optimization. However, they might quickly outgrow the Essential plan if they need advanced features.
  • For consistent, low-volume deliveries: Circuit’s stop-based pricing might work well for businesses with a predictable, low volume of deliveries. However, costs could escalate quickly for growing operations due to potential extra charges for exceeding stop limits.
  • For basic dispatching needs: Route4Me’s starting plan, while offering some useful features, lacks route optimization, which is crucial for most delivery businesses. Its high minimum monthly fee also makes it less accessible for smaller operations.

While each route planning software has strengths, Upper offers the most balanced and scalable solution for various business sizes and needs. Its features, pricing structure, and flexibility make it a strong contender in the route optimization software market.

Is Routific Worth the Price?

Yes, for small to medium businesses. If you’re handling many deliveries and currently plan routes manually or using basic tools, Routific could provide reasonable time and fuel savings.

However, it’s crucial to calculate your potential savings against the software cost. For a small business with just a few vehicles and simple delivery needs, the Essential plan at $49 per vehicle per month could still provide value. However, the return might not be as dramatic as for larger operations.

The higher-tier plans could be worth the investment for growing businesses or those prioritizing customer experience, especially if features like live tracking and customer notifications align with your service goals.

Ultimately, Routific’s worth depends on your business model, delivery volume, and specific needs. It’s advisable to take advantage of their 7-day free trial to assess the software’s impact on your operations before committing to a paid plan.

Looking for a Good Routific Alternative? Take a Look at Upper

If you’re considering Routific but want to explore other options, Upper is a strong alternative worth considering. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to businesses of all sizes, from small local operations to large enterprises.

upper all in one route planning software

Here’s a quick overview of Upper’s pricing plans:

Essential Growth Enterprise
Price $50/user/month ($150 minimum for 3 users) $60/user/month ($300 minimum for 5 users) Custom pricing
Users 3 5 5+
Stops per route Up to 250 Up to 500 500+
No. of routes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Driver app Included Included Included
Features Offered
  • Import Stops
  • Vehicle Type Customization
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Marketplace
  • Email and Chat Support
Everything in Essential, plus:
  • Live Tracking for Admin
  • Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • In Transit Route Changes
  • Time Windows Customization
  • Contacts
  • Email Customer Notifications
  • Shopify Integration
  • Export to Garmin
  • Custom Fields
  • Priority Support
Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Zoning
  • Customization
  • Custom Reports
  • Zapier Integration
  • Custom API / FTP Integration
  • Setup Help

Why consider Upper?

  1. Flexible pricing: Upper’s tiered pricing structure allows businesses to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget. The per-user pricing model is often more cost-effective than per-vehicle pricing, especially for businesses with multiple drivers per vehicle.
  2. Feature-rich plans: The Essential plan includes route optimization and vehicle customization. The Growth plan adds valuable tools like live tracking, proof of delivery, and email customer notifications without a significant price jump.
  3. Scalability: As your business grows, Upper grows with you. The transition from Essential to Growth to Enterprise is smooth, with each tier adding more advanced features. 
  4. High stop limit: Upper’s basic plan allows up to 250 stops per route and unlimited route creation, which is generous compared to many competitors. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with dense delivery areas or high-volume days.
  5. Add-on options: Upper offers features like text customer notifications, live tracking for customers, and in-app navigation as affordable add-ons. This allows you to customize your plan to your specific needs without overpaying for features you don’t use.
  6. User-friendly interface: Upper is designed for ease of use, making it accessible for businesses of almost all tech levels.
  7. Customer support: With email and chat support available even on the basic plan, Upper ensures you have help when needed.

Upper stands out from Routific in several ways. Its basic plans offer a more flexible pricing structure, higher-stop limits, and a more comprehensive feature set. The ability to add specific features as needed also provides more customization options for your business.

While Routific is an average choice, Upper provides a more adaptable and scalable solution that can grow with your business. Its advanced route management features, flexible pricing, and user-friendly design make it a compelling alternative for businesses.

Remember, Upper offers a with no credit card required. Before committing, you can test the software and see how it fits your business needs.

Feeling Like Routific Isn't the Perfect Fit?

Explore Upper’s user-friendly interface, flexible pricing, and comprehensive suite of features that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Finding the Perfect Route Optimization Solution

Choosing the right route optimization software can be a tough call. We hope this guide has helped you navigate the features and pricing of Routific and its competitors.

While Routific offers basic routing features, Upper stands out with its flexible pricing, comprehensive features, and scalability.

Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Before deciding, consider your delivery volume, required features, and team size.

Take advantage of the free trials offered by most route optimization software, including Upper. This will allow you to test the features and see which best fits your workflow.

Ultimately, the ideal route optimization software should streamline your deliveries, save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Routific uses a per-vehicle pricing model, which can be compared with per-user or stop-based models used by competitors like Upper, Circuit, and Route4Me.

Yes, Routific offers discounted rates for annual subscriptions.

Yes, Routific offers a 7-day free trial without requiring a credit card.

The Essential plan is best suited for small businesses needing basic route optimization.

The Professional plan includes live GPS tracking, photo proof of delivery, end-of-day reports, and API integrations.

Routific’s pricing is per vehicle, so you can manage as many vehicles as you need. Each vehicle will be charged separately.

Routific’s advertised prices cover core features. However, some advanced features might incur additional costs. Always check the plan details carefully.

Yes, Routific can be suitable for small businesses. However, alternatives like Upper might offer better value with more features at a similar price, especially for businesses with multiple drivers per vehicle.

Upper offers flexible pricing, higher stop limits, comprehensive feature sets in basic plans, scalability, and additional customization options.

Look for software, like Upper, that offers robust API integrations and support for third-party apps. This integration capability can streamline operations and data management across your entire business ecosystem.

A per-user pricing model, like that offered by Upper, can be more cost-effective for businesses with multiple drivers per vehicle. It provides flexibility and scalability without being limited by the number of vehicles.

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