Reduce Route Scheduling & Optimization Time With Route Planning Software For Property Preservation And Inspection

Manually scheduling real estate and property inspection jobs is complex, confusing, and time-consuming.

On top of that, dispatchers deal with inspector availability, time windows, client availability, priority jobs, and last-minute changes.

If you run a real-estate inspection or property maintenance and preservation business, then you probably deal with these challenges on a daily basis. It will be challenging to handle these constraints while catching up on the increasing demand.

The root cause for these problems is manual planning & scheduling. Have you figured out how much time manual planning eats up on a daily basis? A free app like Google Maps won’t cut it.

But you can save up to 80% of time, reduce operational costs, improve client experience, and do much more using a route planning software for property preservation and inspection.

Challenges Faced by Inspection Businesses

  1. Time-Consuming Planning Activities

    Inspection businesses with 8-10 inspectors or more can’t keep planning schedules manually. It will eat up the majority of their back office time and the routes will still not be accurate.

    On top of that, manually considering strict time windows or client priorities are difficult to manage. It just makes the planning more complex for inspection businesses.

  2. Inspection Delays

    Delays in inspection are not only inconvenient for your clients but also for your business, we know that. When your building inspectors or appraisers do not have the right tools to help them on the road, it becomes challenging to reach the clients on time or even keep them informed about any delays.

  3. Manage Last Minute Changes

    A lot of times inspectors have to deal with last minute changes like inspection cancellations, client changing time windows, and absent inspectors.

    These last minute changes can’t be handled well manually. What happens if you try to replan the entire route depending on the last minute changes? It is inefficient in so many ways.

  4. Unable to Inform Clients

    Clients often complain about not being informed if there is a delay or a rescheduling. When your clients are not informed on time, you are wasting their time. It eventually affects client satisfaction and brand identity.

  5. Manual Proof of Service

    How do your inspectors or appraisers capture pictures of the property? Do they have to sort them all at the end of the day?

    How about capturing pictures at each property and having them in an end-of-day report to know which pictures belong to which property? Yes, it is possible.

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Upper Route Planner

A Simple-to-use route planner that every one is talking about.

  • Save up to 95% of planning time
  • Save up to 40% of time on the road
  • Plan 500 stops at once

Overcome Route Planning Challenges With Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner equips you with all the necessary functionalities to get the most out of your route scheduling.

  1. Quick Address Input

    Quickly import up to 500 property addresses at once using an Excel sheet. Make sure you line up all the columns and fill in the necessary information. Upper Route Planner quickly places these customer addresses on the map.

  2. Plan in Advance

    Using Upper Route Planner, you can plan inspection schedules for months in advance. Let’s say you have clients lined up till the end of March 2022. Upper Route Planner creates and optimizes routes for all these route schedules in advance. All you have to do is upload the addresses and optimize them.

  3. Select Time Windows

    Manage specific inspection time windows and let Upper optimize your multi-stop routes accordingly. Time windows consider customer availability and driver’s work timings. For instance, if you have a customer who prefers that your inspector comes over between 3 PM and 4 PM and another client wants to be attended between 11 AM and 12 PM, the route will be optimized accordingly.

  4. Choose Delivery Constraints

    Setting delivery constraints helps you create realistic inspection schedules. Delivery constraints like service time, traffic, and road closures are considered while optimizing the routes. When the planned routes are generated, real estate inspectors know what to expect from their day.

  5. Divide Workloads

    You probably have hundreds of inspections to be covered all over the city. After uploading the addresses you realised that 30 inspections will not be covered by only one inspector. You can choose two inspectors and Upper Route Planner will divide the workload equally among your inspectors.

  6. Set Start & End Points

    Dispatchers can set unique starting and ending locations for each real estate inspector on the team. Whether your inspectors start their work from their home or after coming to the office, you can easily add specific start and end points for each agent. You can choose the same location or different locations (route start and end) for all building inspectors.

  7. Optimize Routes Automatically

    No need to manually figure out the best way to reach from one appointment to another when you have Upper Route Planner. Once you have uploaded all the stops and filled in the necessary information, click on Optimize Route and the software presents you with the most efficient route to cover all your home inspection appointments.

  8. Accommodate Last-minute Changes

    With a dynamic route planning software like Upper Route Planner, there’s always room to accommodate any last-minute changes. Whether an appointment gets cancelled, pushed back, or needs you to reach in a specific time window, you can re-plan routes to fit in any necessary changes to the existing routes.

  9. Keep Clients Informed

    Keep your clients informed with real-time notifications. Recipient notifications to your clients are sent through email or SMS. Each recipient notification includes estimated time of arrival and a tracking link to see where the agent is on the route. It immensely helps boost customer satisfaction.

  10. Record Proof of Service

    Your agents can collect signatures of the clients once they are done inspecting the property. Agents can also capture pictures of any damages on the property. These images and signatures work as proof of service for each real estate inspection. Inspectors can include pictures of damages or repairs.

  11. Generate Daily Reports

    Upper Route Planner’s insightful daily reports provide you with all the necessary information to measure your efficiency and make informed decisions. You can view reports for a particular date or driver to assess inefficiencies and make better decisions.

Real-estate Inspection & Field Service Professionals Need The Right Tools

Ditch mapping apps and get an automated route scheduling and planning software for the necessary support.


An inspection management software or a real estate route planner is a tool that allows you to:

  1. Create a digital checklist for inspection jobs;
  2. Save inspector profiles;
  3. Save client profiles;
  4. Assign job schedules to inspectors;
  5. Provide an optimized route schedule for each inspection job;
  6. Improves fuel efficiency with optimized routes;
  7. Captures proof of service;
  8. Presents you with reports & analytics.

The best inspection management software is the one that allows you to plan inspection job schedules for months in advance. It should not only help you create job schedules, but also provide you with the most efficient routes to reach multiple locations.

Inspection management & field service businesses need route optimization to help them save time in the office as well as on the road. Automated route optimization relieves your dispatchers from manually planning each stop on the route.

When your drivers or inspectors have efficient routes or thoroughly optimized routes on hand, they save time on the road. They do not have to look for each address manually anymore.

Automated route scheduling & optimization helps inspection & field service businesses by planning each job schedule in advance. When planning activities are automated, dispatchers and drivers save many hours each week.

In addition to that, getting a digital checklist and the most optimized way to reach your clients on time helps your inspectors reach more clients throughout the day. It also saves payroll hours. So it not only saves you money, but also helps you earn more each week.

Most Efficient Route Planning Software for Inspection Business

Why schedule manually when you can have an automated process to help you save time and boost productivity?

Upper Route Planner is the route planning software you need for planning routes for property preservation and inspection. It provides the most efficient multi-stop routes and helps you save fuel costs, boost efficiency, and reach more clients throughout the day.

Have questions about integrating Upper Route Planner into your planning and scheduling process? Get in touch with us. Our support team will be happy to help you!

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