9 Ways To Offer Excellent Customer Experience: Tips For Food Delivery Business

keyKey Takeaways:

  • Plan and prepare in advance to handle the increased demand during the holiday season.
  • Communication is key: keep your drivers informed and ensure they have the necessary information to complete their deliveries.
  • Be flexible and adaptable to changing situations and circumstances.

The food industry is booming, and for good reason. No matter if you start food delivery business from home or new restaurants, you should provide a delightful customer experience to the food buyers. 

Since our busy work life has raised online food demands, it becomes necessary for business owners to provide the best food ordering service to buyers. Anyways, if consumers are unsatisfied with your online food service, your business might take a hit. 

In this blog post, we share 9 tips for food delivery business to improve customer delivery experiences and develop a successful food delivery business.

9 Tips to Promote Your Food Delivery Business

1. Optimize Food Delivery Routes

One way to ensure that your food delivery business is providing the best possible customer delivery experience is by optimizing your delivery routes. You can do this by using a routing optimization software to create the most efficient route for your drivers. This will help reduce wait times and improve overall customer satisfaction.

If you are using a routing optimization algorithm, make sure that it takes into account the current traffic conditions. This will help ensure that your drivers are not caught in traffic jams and are able to deliver food on time.

This will help ensure that your drivers are taking the most efficient routes and are able to complete their deliveries on time, even during busy times.

Another way that you can optimize customer delivery experiences is by investing in newer technologies. This includes technologies such as GPS-based delivery tracking and food delivery management software.

This will help you improve communication with your drivers, as well as ensure that orders are being delivered correctly and on time.

2. Introduce Customer Preferred Payment Modes

Nowadays, customers order food from those restaurants which offer them to pay via online or offline mode. Similarly, customers would like to pay either using master cards or using cash at the time of food delivery. Hence, they won’t have to worry about low cash as they can select the preferred mode for payment. 

Such a convenient option for food clients is one of the best ways to please potential consumers. So, as a restaurant owner of a food delivery business, you should be ready to accept payments via card, google pay, or apple pay as well. Especially, when most companies are offering no contact delivery, it would be easier for customers to go with their preferred payment options.

Moreover, when you have enabled online payment options, there would be less chance of order cancellation. Hence, this step would provide a better customer experience. 

3. Provide Easy Food Ordering Options

Most food buyers love to place orders lying in their comfort zones. And therefore, you must have a food app so that they can check the full delivery menu and place the order. After all, it’s you who want to make your service available to more consumers. Developing a mobile app for your food delivery would attract more food buyers. 

Also, it does make sense as a web portal would be less effective for consumers to order the food. In case you only run your business using a web portal, you should make sure the website is eye-catching and help choosing customer’s favorite food items in less time. In short, you need to make the ordering process smooth for your buyers. It should be so simple that anyone can explore the meal plan from anywhere.

4. Offer Curbside Delivery Option for Customers

Curbside delivery is a great way to make the customer delivery experience more convenient for your customers. With curbside delivery, drivers can pull up in front of the customer’s house and deliver the order without having to leave their car. Curbside delivery can also be a great way to not waste too much time going up to the customer’s house.

Curbside Delivery Tips

  • Offer curbside delivery for customers or food outlet pickup when they place an order.
  • If customers are ordering for their office building, consider offering free curbside delivery for orders of $50 or more.
  • Make sure your signage is visible and easy to read from the street.
  • Have someone stationed at the curb to greet customers and bring their order out to them.
  • Utilize a delivery driver app like GoFetch to help manage curbside deliveries.
  • If you are looking to improve the customer delivery experience for your online food delivery business, consider implementing some or all of these tips. Curbside delivery is a great way to make things more convenient for your drivers and customers alike.

Eventually, the curbside delivery feature reduces time spent on the road and accelerates the delivery process. It is useful for delivery agents and drivers in offloading packages from the vehicle.

5. Let Customers Contact Your Drivers

If you can’t guarantee fast service, don’t advertise it. This is because customers choose one of the food delivery companies and some may prefer a faster option than yours due to personal circumstances or dietary restrictions. This is where your customer support comes in! Let them know that they can contact drivers if deliveries are going slow or that they have any other questions or concerns. Even better if your drivers are able to inform the customers about the delay.

Make it easy for them to reach you by providing multiple channels of communication, such as phone, email, and social media. This will help ensure that they always get the fastest response possible. And if there’s a problem with their order, your team can troubleshoot it quickly and efficiently.

In most cases, customers wants to connect to the driver to send messages or important delivery instructions. However, if they fail to do so, they would not recommend your service to their close ones. Thus, you should have advanced tools for communication between drivers and customers. As a result, there won’t be any communication gaps and but increase in number of happy customers.

6. Keep Your Customers Informed

While your customers are waiting for their food, they might want to know what is going on. For example, it can be useful if the restaurant staff keeps them up to date about when exactly you will deliver their order. Foodies usually prefer to share their packaging delivery experience on social media.

As for the restaurant itself, sending text messages or emails is a great way you can keep your customers informed about what exactly is going on with their order and when it will be delivered. If they know that someone from the food company has received the right address and is on the way, they will be much calmer and happier.

However, if something goes wrong along the way (for example, there was a problem with the order or traffic caused a delay), it is essential to inform your customers as soon as possible. This way, they do not need to worry about anything and can instead focus on something else.

In addition, you should also avoid making your customers wait for the food delivery service as long as possible. If they have been waiting for more than half an hour or even 20 minutes already, then it is better to inform them that their order will be delivered soon and apologize about a delay. To make this information sound less disturbing, you can also add that they will receive a small discount on their next order.

At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that communication is key when it comes to an online food delivery business. 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your customers will have a great experience – no matter what!

-Keep your customers informed about the order status, and apologize if there is a delay.

-Avoid making your customers wait for the food delivery service as long as possible.

-Remember that communication is key when it comes to food delivery businesses.

7. Reach Your Customers

When it comes to online food delivery services, timing is everything. If your business can’t deliver the order on time, you’ll quickly lose customers. Make sure to invest in a good delivery system that can accurately track orders and get them to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Reach out to ideal customers if there are any delays, and apologize for the inconvenience. Let them know what you’re doing to correct the situation and when they can expect their food. This will help keep customers informed and assure them that you’re taking steps to fix the problem.

Delivering on time is one of the most important aspects of a good customer delivery experience. Make sure your business is doing everything possible to meet customer expectations.

This process also includes excellent marketing strategy or in-depth market research to get close to food consumers. It will not only find you new users but also loyal customers who love online ordering frequently.

8. Record Proof of Delivery

When your food business is up and running, it’s important to have some sort of record of each delivery that is made. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most important part is that you have some form of verification that the order was delivered as intended. 

Having proof of delivery can help ensure customer satisfaction, and it can help you confirm delivery of food product or service improvements as well. This is a quick way to verify that your food delivery business has met the customer’s expectations, and it also verifies that there was no damage during transport from point A to B.

POD is useful features for those who own food delivery business. It comes handy in case the food buyer makes false claim regarding delivery. To avail POD option, you can get advanced route planning software. It keeps you informed about attempted deliveries, successful deliveries and incomplete deliveries. As soon as POD is captured by delivery person, you get notified on your system.

9. Use Delivery Management Software to Reschedule Deliveries

Performing deliveries is not only a concern of meal delivery companies but also for many other delivery businesses. Therefore, it would be better to adopt food delivery management software to streamline the delivery services. By doing so, it won’t be difficult for you to reschedule orders in case of backward scheduling. 

In addition, your delivery drivers won’t have to stop asking for destination addresses as they can access route navigation via a mobile app. Even delivery managers would not be required to guide their drivers. Using software like Upper, you can schedule multi-stop deliveries and reschedule them in exceptional cases. It will assist you in getting optimized routes so your drivers can perform instant deliveries. 

So, this is how having a quick delivery rescheduling feature can increase customer satisfaction. 

How Can I Boost My Revenues with Upper Route Planner?

Customer satisfaction is something that all businesses need to work on at some point. Food delivery businesses are no exception. But you don’t have to worry about such things if you use Upper’s delivery route planner. Upper provides a complete automated food delivery process so that you don’t have to spend hours calculating routes or optimizing them. 

Besides, Upper has built-in features that take care of your clients. Features like automated delivery notification, client-side delivery instruction, and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) provide an outstanding customer experience. 

Upper has no issues finding optimal routes, which means it will reduce vehicle, fuel, and overall operational costs. Therefore, it would be easier to achieve the desired profit with fewer resources.

What Upper has in store for you:

  • Accurate route optimization for unlimited route plans.
  • Offers multi-stop delivery deliveries at a specific time.
  • Curbside delivery option.
  • Customer-to-driver communication.
  • Keep your customers informed with automatic delivery alerts.
  • Instantly reoptimization in exceptional cases.
  • Delivery instruction for drivers.
  • Easy to use driver app.
  • An ePOD feature if successful food delivered.

So, if you are planning to start a food delivery business or already running it, you should get Upper to boost your income. It is a delivery route planner, which lessens the restaurant owners’ and drivers’ jobs. 

It directs your drivers till the end of the delivery process and reminds them to capture ePOD. The cloud-based software keeps the records of every delivery so that you don’t need to do any paperwork. 

Manage Unlimited Food Deliveries on Upper

Stepping into the food delivery industry for the first time? Upper is all you need to organize unlimited delivery routes and perform super fast deliveries. Impress your clients by providing timely deliveries.


For improving business, a restaurant owner needs to develop a strong business plan to convert potential customers into repeat food buyers. You can even launch loyalty programs to reward customers. Here are essential factors to improve the delivery business.

  • Follow commitments
  • Live tracking option for customers
  • Timely delivery notifications
  • Empower your drivers with advanced equipment
  • Reduce time spend on the road
  • Lessen manual route planning
  • Offer on-demand customer support

Fortunately, starting a food delivery business can lead to positive growth and expansion of the service network. With the increasing demand for food delivery, you can take your business to the next level by providing flexible and healthier options. So, if you are keen to run a food delivery business or running food delivery startups, it might not take long in getting the desired start. On the other hand, you should offer quality food and great service to continue winning the hearts of food buyers.

If you want to deliver faster or before the given time, you need to get advanced tools for your drivers. It should not rely on paperwork or any guesswork to boost your delivery process. Below is how you can perform quicker deliveries.

  • Keep delivery essentials handy
  • Know your delivery schedule
  • Adopt the right delivery planner app
  • Follow optimized routes
  • Organize break time in the route plan
  • Use the right delivery vehicle

To convince a food buyer, you can follow these steps.

  • Greet your clients
  • Introduce them to your food company
  • Prove you deliver quality foods
  • Offer convenient foodies options for payment
  • Engage your client for future conversion
  • Show positive approach


Starting a food delivery business requires proper planning and developing a loyal customer base in the initial stages. Once you get off the mark, you need to deliver high-quality food, have a smooth food ordering process, and ensure customers receive healthy lunch meals at their doorstep. 

We shared helpful tips for starting your new ventures on a high note. Follow these 9 steps to be at the top of your business. If you are facing delivery time issues, we recommend using Upper to manage delivery drivers and boost efficiency levels. 

Upper Route Planner helps you plan and optimize routes for food deliveries in a very simple and quick manner. It ensures customers stay in the loop throughout the delivery process, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Book a demo with us and see how Upper paves your way in organizing food deliveries.

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