A Guide to Scheduling: Delivery Management Made Easy

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Managers always want to be productive and reduce wasted time. Creating a shipping schedule is complicated, hard, and time-consuming. This is because delivery scheduling for a business involves a few stages and parties in the business: sales, operations, logistics, and the delivery drivers themselves.

We figured we’d try and help, and this is why we want to write this guide to give you information to easily improve the scheduling, delivery, and satisfaction of your customers. Let’s have a look at some of these items together!

Top 4 Challenges with Getting that Delivery Date Scheduled

There are a great number of problems in managing the supply chain and driver schedules within your company. Here are a few:

Top Challenges With Getting That Delivery Date Scheduled

1 – Managing the Multiple Ways to Take Orders

At the onset of your funnel, there are often multiple ways that clients can take orders. For instance, maybe they purchase on the website. Or maybe they have an account, and they purchase their goods or your solution via the internal group chat that you have, or maybe they use the phone to call to manage the site traffic. The first reason this delivery schedule is hard to make is the variety of means to orders. These lists need to be consolidated into a central list.

2 – Multiple People Involved in the Delivery Service

Stemming from the challenge in the point above, there are often multiple people involved in creating the shipping scheduling. The person taking phone calls, to the sales team, to the person managing the shipment of goods, to the person dispatching the drivers and the vehicles.

3 – Multiple Tools and Software

Another issue is that often there are many tools used up and down the supply chain. This is common in many businesses to have a different type of tool at each stage. This could be the website. Some may use documents or various software solutions and apps along the way.

4- Complexity of Route Planning and Optimization

Another great issue is the problems related to route planning and optimization. As mentioned in our article on route planning. Did you know that if you have 11 stops in a route, that makes 40 million different possibilities of routes? How can a human ever find the optimal way forward? It’s critical to use a route optimization solution to process the data to help the schedule and dispatch of drivers to these deliveries to meet their deadlines and times.

What is Ideal Way to Do Delivery Appointment Scheduling?

An ideal solution to schedule deliveries efficiently would be to have an integrated system that syncs across all platforms, including the website, internal customer relations management software, invoicing, and documents across all business parties.

When you have an integrated solution, it will create a unified experience that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve the shipments’ speed (and expected delivery date and time), and be easier on your carriers and vehicles. It should automate route planning for your delivery business.

We’ll explore one such type of software in the final section of this article.

Benefits of Using Delivery Shipping Scheduling Software

Customers’ expectations have gone up significantly in the past 10 years. They expect to have a precise delivery date and time, and they expect the deliveries to be timely and on schedule. It’s no wonder that every carrier and company with deliveries are looking to save cost and time and increase speed. However, the carrier is not the only one in the delivery supply chain that benefits from this faster shipment.

Let’s see the benefits from all perspectives:

What are The Benefits of Using Delivery Shipping Scheduling Software

For Carriers and Delivery Drivers – Simplified Schedule

  • Less manual processes and documents: Automate using apps and software. This leads to less manipulation of documents and a simpler delivery schedule.
  • Shippers give clarity and focus: Drivers can get direction from shippers. The benefit is getting a clear shipping schedule for your area.

For Schedule Managers and Dispatchers– Better Delivery Performance at Lower Costs:

  • 90% reduction in preparation time: The schedule manager can reduce 90% of her schedule preparation time. This is done by getting rid of manual documents.
  • Less time on phone calls: With an automated schedule process, the delivery schedule can be sent automatically using the software’s automated features. This reduces time on the phone.
  • Accurate data: Tying the customer data to the delivery schedule will improve the accuracy of data.

For Customers – Lower Costs, Faster Servies

  • Lower costs: If the whole delivery process can be accelerated (from the schedule to the final destination), the savings can be passed on to the customers.
  • Convenient and clear scheduling: Having a clear schedule will allow for more transparency with the end-user.

For Business Owners – Business Growth through Better Customer Experience:

  • Schedule more, cheaper: Reduce the times where the shipments are delayed or awaiting documents or manual approvals. Increase shipments to customers.
  • Improved productivity: Achieve through features like driver tracking, error detection, and a process to keep track of each item.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The customer will benefit from the faster schedule and delivery. As we all know, improving the customer experience is very important and valuable.

How Upper Route Planner Can Help You Make Your Delivery Schedule

Upper Route Planner Mobile App

One such application to prepare a delivery schedule is Upper Route Planner. Our software allows companies like flower shops, breweries, retail stores to prepare their delivery schedule in advance, dispatch their drivers, and satisfy customers every time.

Here’s how we can help

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign up for our software, or go to the App Store and Google Play store to get the app now!

Step 2: Gather Your Addresses

In software-speak, we call this gathering the primary input data. This means gathering the small number of key information the driver will need to do the deliveries. (phone number, email, address, name of customer).

Step 3: Create your Weekly Delivery Schedule

ONce you’ve added all the stops, create your delivery routes by clicking on the “optimize” feature. This will put all the stops into the correct order:

Repeat the process as many times as you need to get the routes you want.

Step 4: Assign and Dispatch

Once you’ve got your routes, you’re ready to schedule and dispatch.

The drivers will get notified on the smartphones, and they can use that as a GPS and delivery manager to carry out all their deliveries.

If you’re curious about other options, please consult our review of the top applications: Best Route Planner App for Delivery Drivers in 2022

Plan quickly, deliver faster, delight customers and get home early.

Everyone deserves to have simple and easy route planning.

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