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FirstMile is an e-commerce package carrier for both domestic and international shippers. The headquarters of FirstMile is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They deal with eCommerce shipping, order fulfillment, multi-carrier eCommerce, and returns management.

The shipping services offered by FirstMile are everything from expedited to the economy. They assure the best combination of price and service for the package.

First Mile ships to more than 200 countries with daily shipments ranging from 50 to 50000. The shipment tracking management provides a full tracking facility with delivery confirmation.

First Mile supports more than 600 international couriers such as UPS tracking, DHL tracking, FedEx tracking, TNT tracking, USPS tracking, China Post tracking, and Hong Kong tracking

How Do Upper Package Tracker and First Mile Work?

The Upper Package Tracker is a useful tracking tool to monitor your parcel. We at Upper have the benefit of tracking both domestic and international shipments.

The package tracker helps to track your parcel from store to door. This tool is updated on a regular basis to provide the most accurate tracking update.

Every detail like where the package was, where it is now, and when you can expect delivery can be traced. This will help for on-time deliveries thus retaining more customers.

In order to find the journey of your parcel, you can use the package tracker for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track the FirstMile package without a tracking number?

No, you cannot track the FirstMile package without a tracking number.

However, if you know which company the package is being shipped through you can find your package. You would need a few details like reference number and date of shipment.

The most common companies FirstMile uses are USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Who offers better tracking, Upper or FirstMile?

Both Upper and FirstMile offer tracking updates with the help of tracking numbers.

But, Upper is better than FirstMile because the FirstMile tracker is limited to only FirstMile packages, whereas Upper can track packages from up to seventy-five different services.

At what time may I expect the FirstMile package delivery?

The FirstMile package delivery time may depend on the courier delivering it, as they use a variety of couriers to deliver packages. Generally, the delivery may take place somewhere between 8 AM to 9 PM.

However, if the delivery is for any commercial address, then you may expect it within business hours.

How to track the FirstMile package with Upper?

To track your FirstMile package with Upper, you simply need to enter the tracking number. The tracker will automatically detect the courier and show you the up-to-date tracking information with expected delivery details.

You can also track the package on the official website of FirstMile.

What is the timeline for international deliveries with FirstMile?

As FirstMile offers the best price and service, hence there is no specific time frame for international deliveries. It may depend on the courier and can take up to 10 business days or more.

What needs to be done if I do not receive my FirstMile parcel?

Firstly, you need to check the tracking details and the last update. If it shows delivered, you need to check the safe place or with your neighbors to find out if that is misplaced.

However, if you still do not find any updates, you will need to file a claim with FirstMile.

What to do if I miss the FirstMile parcel delivery?

If you miss the FirstMile parcel delivery, a door tag will be left with a note of attempted delivery and the details of the nearby facility.

You can either contact them for re-delivery when you are available or visit the nearby facility with a government-issued photo ID to collect your parcel.

How to sign for a FirstMile parcel?

Signing for a FirstMile parcel will depend on the courier. The delivery driver will guide you about the signature on the form or the electronic signature on the device as needed. The courier may also request your photo ID as proof when collecting the parcel.

What if FirstMile loses my package?

You will have to file a claim if FirstMile loses your package. The final reimbursement is done based on the claim investigation and the weight of the package.

How do I contact FirstMile customer service?

You can contact FirstMile through the below options: