7 Benefits of Electronic Signature for Your Business

keyKey Takeaways:
  • An electronic signature is used to sign a document digitally and it is usually safer when compared to paper documents as they cannot be tampered with or damaged by anyone.
  • Electronic signatures can improve productivity, by streamlining processes and making them simpler,
  • By offering a convenient and contemporary signing experience, electronic signatures can raise trust among consumers and boost customer satisfaction. Contracts, agreements, and forms are just a few of the document kinds that can include electronic signatures.

eSignature is one of those concepts that made its debut with uncertainty. People thought long and hard wondering if electronic signatures would truly take off. With the coming of the modern age, the same people that doubted the potential of electronic signing started using it.

Turns out the only aspect limiting electronic signatures from taking off was technology itself. Screens that can precisely track the finger’s movement and replicate it have only been standard for a few years. 

Taking this into account it is astonishing that electronic signatures have caught on so fast. Having a way to electronically sign documents is soon going to be an essential part of any business and why it is important. Let’s find out the benefits of eSignature in this blog.

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What is eSignature? 

An electronic signature is used to sign a document digitally and send it online. This eliminates the need for a wet ink signature on paper making the process of signing documents swift and easy. Using an eSignature allows you to sign any document from anywhere on the planet at any time. 

The electronically signed document is usually safer when compared to paper documents as they cannot be tampered with or damaged by anyone. 

How do eSignatures work?

To electronically sign documents a person would have to draw their signature on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. This drawn signature will then be uploaded and saved by the electronic signature software to confirm that you have signed the given document.  

Since the signatures are stored on a server they can be easily accessed by the concerned parties in an instant. Eliminating the need for the collector to physically take care of and deliver your signature. 

How Businesses Benefit from eSignature

eSignature benefits almost everyone in any given industry though, Believe it or not, eSignatures benefit businesses more than customers. As businesses have more ways to save a lot of time and money with eSignatures.

1. Save time spent on collecting signatures

The electronic signature solution shoots two birds with one stone by allowing the collector to instantly collect the signatures and send them off to the concerned parties. They also have real-time access to signatures as soon as they get collected.

2. Leads to better customer experience 

Electronic signatures are a hassle-free tool for both employees and clients as their simplicity makes the signing process one that is secure and fast. Knowing customer expectations, it is clear that one would very much appreciate the ability to simply sign with their finger instead of doing it on a clipboard. 

3. Spend less on materials

The amount of money spent on paper and ink might seem minuscule at first but it can add up fast when you consider how much of it is used every day. This is why companies are rushing to replace paper contracts with digital contracts. 

4. Greater security

Greater security - benefit of esignature

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of electronic signatures is the enhanced security that it provides. Unlike with paper documents, your collected signatures are not subject to forgery, misuse, or damage. 

5. Less room for error

Since the document is signed online it leaves little room for human error as the document can be resigned on the spot in case of a botched signature. Unlike physical documents, you wouldn’t have to be printing the same document again in case of an accident. 

6. Ensures compliance

Electronic signatures ensure that no forgery occurs and thus resolve almost all compliance issues. Electronic signatures are a security measure that benefits the integrity of contracts and is essential for a business to have on its side. 

7. Increases mobility of crew

Increases mobility of crew - benefit of esignature

A contract in the form of an electronic document is much easier to log around than a bulky clipboard. Carrying documents around severely impacts the mobility of your crew. This is why many companies choose to rather go with mobile devices to collect eSignatures. 

eSignature Vs Wet Signatures (Paper-based Sign)

 it is time to directly compare them against traditional signatures made on paper documents. It is very important to know if traditional signature methods have a chance of outperforming electronic signature software. 

Regardless of your business type, it seems like electronic signatures are simply better. Though it is better to investigate the matter further and see how superior signing electronically can be with a table showing what each option needs to be operational.

eSignature Wet Signature
Operation only requires a mobile device Requires printed documents and physical pens to collect signs
Data is uploaded to secure servers making forgery nearly impossible. Security depends on the discretions of handlers
Greater cost savings due to zero material cost. Requires you to spend money on documents and pens.
Customers are comfortable using their fingers to sign digital documents Customers find it a hassle to sign documents on a bulky clipboard

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Electronic signatures are used wherever a contract requests a signature. Though you might want an example in order to understand the applications. Here is the list of some areas where electronic signatures are used

  • Delivery Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Data Verification
  • Government Applications
  • Financial Transactions
  • Employee Contracts

Yes, e signatures are recognized by courts. They hold the same level of validity as handwritten signatures in the eyes of the law.

An electronically signed document is better as it looks better, saves time, and is more secure. It also prevents forgery and misuse of the document.

Signing Off

Electronic signatures have truly been revolutionary in the world of the delivery business. This is because it has given remote work employees access to the benefits of signing without the costs associated with them. 

To easily track every single signature and the people associated with them is a true lifesaver for countless people that deal with contracts. The security benefits are also impressive with authenticity only being second to something more intensive like biometric authentication.

Upper, much like electronic singing has truly made a big positive impact on business operations. Without Upper, it is very likely for a company’s delivery performance to never be able to achieve peak efficiency.

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