Proof of Delivery Templates for Successful Deliveries

During the pandemic, multiple people reported never receiving their orders, and many complaints were registered with online shopping.

Following the traditional approach of delivering products and the pandemic’s limitations, companies couldn’t take the physical proof of delivery.

But taking the proof of delivery is essential for both customers and businesses to avoid future misunderstandings and troubles.

It helps protect your business from claims of unreceived goods that can put your business brand in a difficult situation. It can also give your customers satisfaction for the smooth product delivery.

So, what are the solutions?

Online proof of delivery can help you bypass the difficulties faced during the new delivery conditions, and the cases of misunderstanding and customer claims can be minimized.

You need to choose from one of the best proof of delivery templates to help you take the delivery receipt for your business and customers and absorb the cost of replacement orders, unnecessary refunds, and repeat deliveries.

What is Proof of Delivery (POD)?

A proof of delivery or delivery receipt is an acknowledgment that a business and customers can keep as proof of successful delivery. It lets the company and clients know that the order was delivered at its destination.

Different types of delivery receipt formats are used by businesses globally.

  1. Using pen & paper

    The traditional approach to creating proof of delivery is using the delivery receipt form. The recipient is asked to sign a proof of delivery form, and the delivery person gives away one copy of the receipt to the customers, capturing essential delivery details.

    The other copy is for the delivery business, where they can record the successful delivery transaction, including detailed information, in their records.

    But because of minimal interaction during the pandemic, the paper delivery receipts were not preferred by both the parties involved, and different alternatives were integrated into the delivery ecosystem.

  2. Digital signature

    A solid alternative for printable delivery receipts is the digital or pdf format of the proof of delivery document. The delivery person signs the digital proof of delivery using the mobile devices or can provide proof using a one-time password generated on their mobile devices during delivery.

    The customers automatically get a copy of the delivery receipt via their emails, and the company can save the delivery receipt on their in-house servers that can be accessed anytime.

  3. Photo

    A robust alternative for the situation when the receiver is not available at the destined location of the delivery, the delivery person can take a photo to show the delivery details like when was the item delivered, the delivery address, and the accurate time of delivery.

    Using a signature tool can also help streamline the process and save time. The photo can be shared with the customers as proof of delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience and helping the delivery business avoid unreasonable customer claims of failed deliveries.

    These formats are important for taking the proof of delivery, and based on your preference; you can select one method for your delivery business that can help streamline your delivery operations and deliver a quality customer experience.

    But you must understand that these different delivery receipts or proof of delivery hold strong importance in the delivery industry.

What is the Main Purpose of POD?

A delivery receipt’s key focus is to provide the customer with up-to-date delivery information and ensure that their order has been delivered successfully. 

It provides digital or paper trails to protect businesses against different customer disputes or different credit card chargebacks. 

Businesses can reap multiple benefits by providing customers with proof of delivery.

  1. Improve Delivery and Shipping Accuracy

    POD confirms that the shipment has arrived at the desired location and the items were delivered successfully in the package. 

    You can also see that the customers have received the order and the details of the order deliveries, which can help you prevent misunderstandings.

    The accuracy of the shipping and delivery can improve, and the confirmation team can ensure minimal discrepancies in the delivery process.

  2. Enhance customer experience

    You can use a professional delivery receipt template to help you attain better visibility of the order status and get a bird’s eye view of the delivery.

    You can improve the delivery service based on the data that delivers a quality customer experience. 

    Goods delivery receipt that contains all the necessary information about the deliveries and the legally binding electronic signatures of the customer can minimize the friction between the delivery business and the customer.

  3. Settle disputes

    A delivery ticket can help the delivery company settle disputes with the clients or other delivery companies to minimize business troubles.

    You can show the proof of delivery to the legal professionals and avoid troublesome situations that can hinder the delivery brand image.

    The proof of delivery can also avoid situations where the driver might lose the package or mark the packages as delivered without arriving at the delivery target.

You can avail of these benefits if you include the basic required elements on your delivery ticket template.

What Proof of Delivery Templates consists of?

Elements like detailed information about the package, delivery details, and proof of delivery provide a great value to the customers and your company.

You must provide your customers with the information to connect the packages with the delivery they received. It will help protect your company from future disputes and give peace of mind to the customers.

Look at the basic items you should include in the proof of delivery.

1. Seller information

Include the company name, telephone number, business address, and other contact information like the email address in your delivery receipts that can increase the reliability of the proof of delivery.

The detailed seller information shows that the order is from the desired sources which enables the customers to contact the seller in case of a problem.

2. Order number

The reference or order number enables the company and the customers to identify the order or items delivered in case of a problem with the package or if the delivery goes missing.

The order number can easily help the company track the details of the shipping process in their system and deliver quality customer support that can boost the overall delivery experience of the clients.

3. Shipment address

The shipping address on the proof of delivery shows where the order needs to be delivered. It can help to minimize the delivery problems like unavailability of the customers at the specific destination or sending of order to the wrong shipping address.

The shipment address can guide the delivery team to ensure that the deliveries are accurate and on time to boost the delivery process quality.

4. Order description

Include the order’s contents in the packaging list on the delivery receipt. It can help you resolve customer disputes like when the packages’ products don’t match the descriptions or something goes missing from the packages.

The order information/description can help you know what the complete order was and what items are needed to be shipped to the customer.

5. Billing details

The billing information includes the details of the payment received from the clients and the specific destination where the package must be delivered.

The billing details can be used when the customer raises a dispute, which leads to credit card chargebacks. You can use the customer’s billing information that can help save time and use clear evidence for reverse payments.

6. Time and date

The data and time of the order are important for the delivery confirmation. You can use the information to get detailed information about the delivery.

If you use paper delivery receipts, the delivery driver can fill in the time and data and then get it signed by the receiver, but if you use electronic delivery receipts, the system can automatically set the delivery date and time when the driver finalizes the proof of delivery.

7. Client’s signature

The proof of delivery must include an e-signature or physical signature that can be used as successful delivery confirmation. This e signature acts as a proper record of successful delivery in the form of electronic proof.

The recipient’s signature is important to ensure that the consignment is delivered to the desired delivery address and is received by the concerned person. A signature tool offers multiple options that you can use to fill in the signature field from your client.

Best Templates for Proof of Delivery

You can use multiple proofs of delivery templates available in the industry, but there are a few basic and professional templates that you must consider first.

1. Professional proof of delivery template

The proof of delivery template includes the basic details about your company, data, invoice number, address, email address, and phone number.

The template contains all the vital information required in a quality proof of delivery template you can use for your business.

The proof of delivery template is simple to use, with no complexities in the customization process. You can add the required details based on the individual order and use it for the manual delivery process.

The printable delivery receipt template can help you increase your business efficiency and minimize the extra efforts.

professional proof of delivery template

Proof of Delivery PDF Template

Access The Template

2. Delivery receipt form template for bulk orders

The form can help dispatch managers quickly fill out the electronic delivery receipt to indicate the quality, content, and weight of the bulk order packages. The recipient’s signature field in the delivery receipt ensures that the package was received in great condition, ultimately contributing to a successful delivery.

These form templates are ideal for B2B delivery service operations that can minimize the hassle of delivery receipt creation.

delivery receipt form template for bulk orders

Delivery Receipt form Template for Bulk orders

Access The Template

3. Simple proof of delivery template

A straightforward and simple delivery receipt template can help you to swiftly enter the description, quantity, invoice numbers, and consignor/seller’s contact details.

You can use the template for completing different local individual orders for quick processing.

Simple proof of delivery template

Simple Proof of Delivery Template

Access The Template

Select one of the professional proof of delivery templates and create a professional POD for your delivery business.

But if you don’t like any of the listed template examples, you can also create your proof of delivery template using Microsoft Word or different professional software that can help you simplify the process.

Reduce Your Delivery Time Using Upper’s ePOD

Upper Route Planner is a leading route planning and optimization software offering more than just an ePOD feature for your delivery business.

You can create multiple routes and schedule, dispatch, and monitor different route planning and optimization processes for your delivery drivers.

Upper’s ePOD feature helps you with paperless data capture and ensures that you can collect signatures and photos for successful deliveries within seconds.

Your driver can install the Upper Route Planner application that is the driver app on their mobile device to minimize manual data entry and save time. The proof of delivery is reflected at the end of the daily data reports that your management team can analyze and cross-check.

The ePOD software provides the following benefits.

  • Real-time data for package delivery.
  • Improves driver reporting and accountability.
  • Pictures can be used as reliable communication to understand where the package was left.
  • Drivers can add relevant notes for additional information.
  • No delivery paperwork.
  • Notifies dispatchers and admins regarding successful delivery

These benefits can help your drivers simplify the multiple-stops routing process and deliver an excellent customer experience.

So, avail the and transform your delivery business.

Opt for Paperless POD on Upper

Now collecting POD is quicker and faster than ever. Use Upper and record an electronic proof of delivery from your mobile app or take images of delivered parcel.


Yes. The proof of delivery templates are legal and can be created or downloaded within no time.

The cost of the paperless POD depends upon the software you choose for your delivery business. Different software has different pricing.

Yes. Capturing photos is also considered proof of delivery. Using professional software, the delivery driver can take the picture as proof of delivery that can be uploaded on the enterprise cloud network and viewed by the management team.

You must include the seller and buyer’s address and contact information, proof of delivery, invoice number, item details, and other vital information in the delivery template.

Summing It Up

Using a professional proof of delivery document can help you maintain proper records and help you streamline your delivery management process.

With the help of Upper’s ePOD feature, you can capture the delivery data with finesse and escape the manual processing. 

Not just that. 

The software can help also help you minimize the delivery route planning and scheduling time. It can help you minimize the delivery operational cost and boost your profits.

Because of traffic congestion and ineffective route planning, each American loses $1,348 and ​​97 hours yearly. 

You don’t want these delays and losses to impact your delivery business, right?

Avail the .

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