10 Apps for Delivery Drivers to Boost Performance in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • From route planning to music or communication to destressing, delivery driver apps cater to every need of delivery drivers.
  • Evaluate your app options, considering features, usability, price, and the value they add to pick the best one.
  • Popular delivery driver apps are AmazonFlex, Flush, Spotify, and Waze.
  • Equipped with unmatched route optimization and flexible scheduling capabilities, Upper can be the ideal delivery route planner app for delivery drivers.

Being a delivery driver is not an easy task. With hectic schedules and tight deadlines, it’s no wonder that burnout is a common concern in this line of work. In fact, according to Zippia, a staggering 66% of delivery workers admit to skipping meals during their shifts due to the demanding nature of their jobs.

But what if there was a smarter way to navigate through the challenges of delivery work?

This is where delivery driver apps come in. These feature-rich apps offer features like route planning and paperwork automation, intending to bring more balance to drivers’ lives. By revolutionizing the delivery industry, these apps strive to alleviate stress and restore a healthy work-life balance for drivers.

Ready for a change? Let’s explore the top apps for delivery drivers that are designed to make work less stressful and more productive.

How We Evaluated These Apps?

At the end of the day, we are humans. And so are delivery drivers. This is why we understand what they go through, and probably better because we have been delivery experts and faced those issues first-hand.

So, here we are – with a lucid rundown on the top 10 apps for delivery drivers that can make their life simpler and better. We handpicked these apps based on our first-hand testing, features, pricing, and how they help enrich one or the other aspect of a drivers’ job.

Top Delivery Driver Apps At a Glance

Name of Driver App Best for Rating
Upper Route planning and optimization App Store – 4.5 (295 reviews)
Gasbuddy Finding the cheapest gas station App Store – 4.7
Flush Finding local restrooms App Store – 4.7
WhatsApp Messaging and communication App Store – 2.6
Amazon Flex Finding delivery tasks App Store – 4.7
8fit Customized diet and workout plans App Store – 4.7
Headspace Meditation and mindfulness App Store – 4.8
Dumpling Finding local grocery delivery gigs App Store – 4.9
Spotify Music and podcast streaming App Store – 4.8
Waze Navigation and mapping App Store – 4.8

10 Best Delivery Apps to Consider in 2024

1. Upper

Free Trial: 3 days

Pricing: $19.99 per user per month

Key features: One-click route planning, Optimizes hundreds of routes simultaneously

Upper route planner and optimizer app for delivery drivers

Looking to streamline your delivery operations? Upper is the ultimate solution. Unlike other apps, Upper excels at efficient route planning, using advanced algorithms to handle multiple stops at once.

With Upper, you get real-time updates, automatic notifications for customers, accurate ETAs, and proof of deliveries. Plus, it’s user-friendly and works seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

But that’s just the beginning. Upper is perfect for optimizing deliveries, cutting costs, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Easy address validation and alerts for incorrect or duplicate addresses.
  2. Route optimization is based on distance or time.
  3. Planning deliveries or pickups on a single route.
  4. Dedicated service time or overall time windows can be flexibly added for efficient route optimization.
  5. Effectively prioritizing stops based on urgency.
  6. Detailed stop summaries include the details of stops completed, scheduled date, start and end time of the route, etc.
  7. Get accurate ETAs and send automated delivery updates to the recipients for better transparency.
  • Transparent pricing plans with no hidden charges
  • It allows you to conveniently re-arrange the planned stops
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • No free version is available for testing
  • Limitation of 500 stops per route

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2. GasBuddy

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Find the cheapest gas stations, Plan your trip, Calculate your trip

Gasbuddy app

If you are looking for the most affordable gas stations near you, then GasBuddy is the perfect app for you, as it shows you the gas prices of nearby gas stations. Moreover, GasBuddy shows you the prices of all fuel types so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

This app can be an absolute lifesaver if you are running low on gas. While the cost savings might seem minuscule at first, they quickly add up to a massive chunk of money.

  • GasBuddy provides a comparison of current gas prices
  • Users can leave reviews for gas stations and restrooms
  • It provides gas-related tools such as a trip calculator and outage tracker
  • The costs of gas that are displayed and the real ones may vary
  • Transaction problems with GasBuddy cards have been reported
  • The responsiveness of customer service has to be improved

3. Flush

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Toilet finder, User reviews

Flush app

Finding a restroom on the road can be challenging. However, Flush is the perfect solution for drivers, helping them locate nearby restrooms with ease.

Flush shows you the nearest toilets and provides precise directions to reach them. You can even access additional information, such as restroom fees and user reviews submitted by fellow drivers.

  • Accessible list of local restrooms
  • User reviews and ratings for facility cleanliness
  • Ability to download restroom data for offline use
  • Inaccuracy problems were found in less populated regions
  • Flush has technical problems occasionally
  • It focuses on public restrooms only, excluding private ones

4. WhatsApp

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Instant encrypted messaging, Group messaging, In-app calling

Whatsapp app

As a delivery driver, it is essential to have a reliable method of communication with your customers and employers. WhatsApp is a method of communication that has seen widespread global usage, as almost all mobile phone users have it installed on their devices.

WhatsApp allows for rapid data-based communication with all of your contacts and has end-to-end encryption for all users. The app is completely free to use and has plenty of customization features that allow you to use it in any desired manner.

  • This app provides convenient online communication with a large user base
  • It is completely free to use and has no ads
  • WhatsApp offers a calling feature with just one click
  • WhatsApp is vulnerable to hacking and data leaks
  • Customer service might be sluggish and unhelpful
  • Its usage is restricted by limited internet connectivity

5. Amazon Flex

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Local delivery assignment

amazon flex app

If you are looking for a delivery app that gives you a lot of flexibility in your work, then Amazon Flex is here. On Amazon Flex, you get to work the way you want to, as this delivery app pays you based on the number of deliveries that you accept and complete.

The Amazon Flex app assigns drivers delivery assignments. These assignments typically involve picking up packages from Amazon delivery stations or warehouses and delivering them to customers’ addresses.

  • This app offers drivers flexible hours so they can work when they’re available
  • By joining Amazon Flex, earnings from other sources can be supplemented
  • Use Amazon Flex to deliver items and earn a decent wage
  • Some users are having trouble receiving payments from previous shifts
  • Amazon Flex drivers are not workers; they are independent contractors
  • Location, traffic, and weather all affect delivery circumstances

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6. 8fit

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free (in-app purchases included)

Key features: Workout tutorial videos, Meal recipe guides

8fit app

It is no surprise that taking care of your health and diet is quite tedious when you work as a delivery driver. To help delivery drivers stay healthy, 8fit offers pre-made meal plans and workout programs that can be easily done at home or in the middle of delivery schedules.

8fit provides all the workout programs in easy-to-consume video formats that you can easily follow along with. This ease of use is what makes many delivery drivers use 8Fit to improve their overall physical health.

  • 8fit provides a variety of tailored nutrition and exercise routines
  • Select from a variety of programs, including yoga, bodyweight exercises, and more
  • Nutrition and customized meal planning promote healthy eating
  • Recurring payment issues are reported by users
  • The app lacks gym-based choices and concentrates on at-home training
  • Just like any other program, 8fit may have bugs and technical problems

7. Headspace

Free Trial: 7 days

Pricing: Free (in-app purchases included)

Key features: Guided meditation sessions, Soothing music library

headspace app

Headspace is a popular app that is built to help individuals with mindfulness. It is essential for those who are working in stressful fields. The Headspace app has plenty of guided meditation sessions, mindfulness exercises, and other tools for you to use.

What makes it even better is the fact that its sessions are very accessible and short, making it easy for almost anyone to start taking better care of their mental health. Headspace includes a meditation timer feature that allows users to meditate independently without guidance.

  • The app provides simple guided meditation
  • Specific music helps with sleep issues
  • Sleep content, like casts and stories, enhances relaxation
  • It might be difficult to stop receiving regular payments
  • Some users find app content very generic
  • Subscriptions are needed for full features and courses

8. Dumpling

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Personal grocery delivery listing

dumpling grocery app

The Dumpling app is an online platform that enables individuals to start and manage their own personal grocery shopping and delivery businesses. It offers tools and support to help users build and grow their independent grocery shopping and delivery services.

This can be a great side hustle for drivers, as the delivery fee covers everything from the time taken to shop for the listed items to delivering them. With flexible pricing, order management tools, and marketing support, Dumpling helps users build and grow their shopping businesses.

  • For independent contractors, it provides flexible scheduling
  • What distinguishes it from other apps is its direct client engagement
  • With Dumpling, users are free to determine their costs and fees
  • In certain instances, base pay is less than that of rivals
  • Local competitors may challenge independent suppliers
  • The user experience is hampered by app latency

9. Spotify

Free Trial: 4 days

Pricing: $9.99/month

Key features: User playlists, Large audio content library

Spotify app for drivers

Blasting some tunes or podcasts while on a long trip is something that almost all drivers enjoy, as it makes the overall experience of driving more exhilarating. Spotify is the one-stop shop for all of your audio needs, as it has a massive library of content for you to enjoy.

When your favorite music is being played, you certainly wouldn’t appreciate being interrupted by advertisements. To avoid these interruptions, you might want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, which has no ads and many benefits over the free version.

  • Spotify continues to play music even with the phone locked
  • Look through a ton of user playlists and make one of your own
  • Based on your listening preferences, sophisticated algorithms provide tailored recommendations
  • The accuracy and quality of playlists created by users differ
  • This app Isn’t as feature-rich as rival products
  • The free version includes skip limits and shuffle-only mode, among other restrictions

10. Waze

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Free

Key features: Traffic alerts, Optimized routing

waze route planner

If you are looking for a simple map application, Waze is perhaps your best bet. Waze is used by more than 100 million users as their go-to map application due to its functionality. It shows not only the fastest route to your destination but also the traffic and police presence.

Because Waze effectively shows you all of these factors of delay, you can strategically avoid them and arrive at your destination faster.

  • Waze uses real-time data to deliver traffic updates in real-time
  • Partnerships make it possible for apps to integrate seamlessly with navigation
  • Users worldwide can use the software for free
  • Even with real-time traffic updates, routing might not be optimal
  • A large number of features might take some time for new users to get used to
  • Constant updates are the cause of high data use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upper, a route-planning app, is ideal for delivery drivers. It allows them to check their delivery schedules and other route plan details with a few clicks. It also notifies the drivers about multi-stop deliveries in advance so that there will be no further delays.

Here are some essential apps for delivery drivers:

  • Upper: Upper is a powerful app specifically designed to meet driver requirements. It helps optimize routes, saving time and fuel costs by efficiently planning the most optimal delivery sequence.
  • Onfleet and DispatchTrack: These delivery management apps help manage delivery operations efficiently.
  • MileIQ and Everlance: These mileage tracking apps help delivery drivers track their mileage for tax purposes or reimbursement.

Upper is best known for providing proof of delivery and capturing signature features. It allows delivery drivers to capture photos, collect signatures, and add notes for deliveries.

The best food delivery services, like DoorDash and Uber Eats, are best known for having their apps pay the best to their delivery drivers. On average, apps for delivery drivers can easily expect the hourly pay amount to range from $15-$25 on these platforms.

AmazonFlex and Eaze are the two apps for delivery drivers that offer peak pay, with an average of $20-27 per hour of actual earnings. To start delivering for these companies, you just need a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and a background check.

Delivery drivers are in more demand than ever, and so are delivery driver apps. You can earn money working for any delivery company that delivers parcels to customers. However, Postmates and DoorDash are among the best-paying delivery jobs offered by well-known delivery companies.

Choose the Right App to Power Up Your Deliveries

Delivery applications have completely changed the way drivers work, offering essential support to make their busy schedules easier. To handle the demands of the delivery job features like intelligent navigation and optimized routes are essential. 

Upper is one such delivery driving app that offers special features to make deliveries easier for drivers. Its powerful features and easy-to-use interface enable drivers to navigate more effectively and improve their work-life balance.

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