15 Free Route Planners with Unlimited Stops

Optimizing a delivery route with multiple stops or planning a multi-stop road trip can be challenging when done manually. Trying to map out an efficient path across so many points will surely make your head spin. 

However, there’s a solution to make things more convenient. 

A route planner with multiple stops is the key! It can smoothly handle the intricacies of complex trips with numerous stops and waypoints.

While many free online route planners exist, most have strict limits on the number of stops you can add to a trip. But there are some free options that allow a fairly high number of stops.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the free route planners with unlimited stops that allow you to map out multi-stop itineraries. Whether you’re planning a mega road trip adventure or mapping deliveries across a city, these route planners can help optimize your route and simplify the process.

So, here are the best free route planners with unlimited stops that are selected based on their exclusive features and ratings.

1. Google Maps

Best free route planner app for basic navigation requirements

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

Google maps - free route planner app

Google Maps is a go-to choice when you need a multi-stop free route planner. This app is not just for finding your way; it’s great for planning trips with multiple stops, like road trips or deliveries.

By using Google Maps route planner, you can easily add up to 10 stops to your route. It also helps you avoid traffic with real-time updates so you reach your destination faster. 

The best part is Google Maps route planner works offline too! Just download the maps you need before your trip, and you’re good to go, even without the internet.

Google Maps even gives you the functionality to access your saved places, recent searches, and personalized maps, making your whole experience smoother. Recently, Google has even incorporated some AI-powered features in Google Maps.

Key features

  • Voice navigation: Google Maps provides turn-by-turn voice navigation, making it easy for you to focus on the road without constantly checking the map. 
  • Street view: Offering a unique perspective, Google Maps Street View allows you to explore the surroundings of your destination virtually.
  • Public transit information: You can easily plan routes that involve a combination of driving, walking, and public transportation. This makes it a suitable tool for various travel scenarios.
  • Share location in real time: You can share your real-time location with friends or family, enabling others to track your movement in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for coordinating with your loved ones and keeping them informed about your journey’s progress.
  • Customizable route options: You can choose between the fastest route, shortest route, or routes that avoid tolls or highways, providing a degree of flexibility in planning.
  • Stay informed about real-time traffic conditions to optimize routes and minimize delays
  • Access detailed business information, including reviews, opening hours, and contact details
  • Receive accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) based on current traffic conditions
  • Receive automatic re-routing suggestions based on real-time traffic
  • You can only add up to 10 stops (including the starting point) in a route
  • Lacks automated route optimization functionality. You need to set the order of stops manually
  • Offers limited options for customizing and planning delivery routes according to specific preferences

2. Upper

Best route planner for delivery business owners and individuals alike

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

Upper emerges as an advanced solution for individuals and delivery businesses seeking a reliable route planner with unlimited stops. It allows you to create unlimited route with multiple stops, reduce delivery costs, and refine your delivery strategy while offering a 7 days free trial with no credit card requirement

With a focus on saving time and fuel costs, Upper allows you to import hundreds of addresses from a spreadsheet, optimize routes in minutes, accommodate last-minute changes, and dispatch routes to drivers in just one click, unlike Google Maps. 

The route optimization software even provides functionalities for real-time tracking, proof of delivery, customer notifications via text and email, and actionable reports. This ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly route planning experience.

So, with Upper route management software, you can optimize your multi-stop route to find the shortest and fastest paths, leading to significant savings on gas bills.

Key features

  • Create unlimited routes: Upper allows you to create an unlimited number of routes, providing the flexibility you need for varying delivery schedules and locations.
  • Import spreadsheet: Accelerate the route planning process by importing multiple delivery addresses directly from a spreadsheet (XLS/CSV), saving time and effort.
  • Proof of delivery (POD): Streamline paperwork and enhance transparency with Proof of Delivery. It allows you to capture in-app signatures, photos, and notes for instant verification.
  • Real-time visibility: Gain control over dispatch operations with real-time visibility into driver status and route progress.
  • One-click dispatch: You can quickly send optimized routes to multiple drivers simultaneously. Routes can be dispatched to drivers via email, text messages, or directly to the driver’s app. You can even export routes in XLS or CSV formats and print them.
  • Customer notifications: Delight customers with automated and customizable notifications, keeping them informed about delivery ETAs and statuses.
  • Actionable reports and analytics: Leverage detailed reports and analytics for targeted improvements, providing valuable insights into delivery operations.
  • API integration: Upper facilitates seamless API integration, enabling you to incorporate multi-stop route planning into your existing systems effortlessly.
  • Creates quick and optimized routes, reducing travel time for efficient deliveries
  • Allows you to customize routes as per priority stops, time windows, and service times
  • Leverage detailed analytics for targeted improvements in delivery operations
  • Allows for last-minute adjustments to routes with ease
  • An easy-to-use interface that allows you to create routes in 3 simple steps
  • Upper’s effectiveness may rely on internet connectivity
  • While many features are available in the free trial, some advanced functionalities are reserved for premium plans

Ready to Save Hours on Delivery Time and Miles on Your Routes?

Discover Upper’s advanced route planner – your shortcut to efficient deliveries!

3. Waze

Best free route planner for short road trips

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

Waze - free route planning app

Waze, a free navigation app, stands out as an interactive and community-driven solution for route planning.

Unlike other free route planners, Waze taps into real-time updates from its community of users. This makes your daily commute not just directions but a shared experience. 

With Waze, It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about optimizing your route based on live traffic, police alerts, construction updates, and more.

Waze, now part of Google, brings extra perks like custom voices and special routes. The free route optimization app even learns your favorite routes over time, providing personalized suggestions.

Perfect for car and motorcycle users, using Waze adds a social touch to your commute. This route management software makes it suitable for those who want an easy, collaborative, and efficient route planner.

Key features

  • Real-time traffic updates: Stay informed with live traffic data from Waze’s user community, ensuring accurate and up-to-the-minute route planning.
  • Community-generated alerts: Users actively share alerts on accidents, police blocks, and more. This makes Waze a dynamic and real-time mapping software for precise route suggestions.
  • Custom navigation voices: Personalize your experience by choosing custom navigation voices, including fun celebrity options.
  • Specialized Routes: Get specialized routes for carpool lanes, catering to various commuting needs and preferences.
  • Enjoy personalized route recommendations based on your commuting patterns
  • Earn points and achievements as you contribute to the community
  • Dynamic rerouting options keep you on the fastest path
  • In rural areas with fewer users, Waze’s crowd-sourced data effectiveness diminishes
  • Users are restricted to adding a single destination only, limiting its usability
  • The inclusion of ads within the app may pose a distraction
  • Waze is not tailored for business use, lacking features like GPS tracking

4. Apple Maps

Best route planner app free for Apple users

Available on: Mac, iOS

Apple maps - free route planner app

Apple Maps, a navigation application by Apple Inc., stands out as a user-friendly and efficient free route planner. It specifically caters to the needs of iOS users and allows them to create a multi-stop Apple Maps itinerary

Seamlessly integrated into Apple devices, this app provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and reliable route planning for drivers. 

Offering a clean interface and a suite of features, Apple Maps ensures a smooth and convenient navigation experience for users looking to optimize their routes with multiple stops for free.

Key features

The latest iOS 17 update brings exciting features to Apple Maps, including: 

  • Offline maps: Download maps for offline use, ensuring navigation continuity in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Real-time EV charging: Access real-time information on electric vehicle charging station availability with customizable filters.
  • Interface update: Enhanced turn-by-turn directions interface with intuitive voice volume control options.
  • Enhanced navigational views: Detailed 3D landmarks, road markings, and elevation levels for major cities.
  • Curated city guides: Over 2,000 curated guides from publishers like AllTrails and Lonely Planet for an enriched travel experience.
  • Provides real-time traffic information
  • Integration with Siri enables hands-free navigation
  • Access information about local businesses, points of interest, and services along the route
  • Only allows to add up to 15 stops to a single route plan
  • Exclusively available on Apple devices, limiting accessibility
  • Lacks advanced route planning features

5. MapQuest

Best free route planner for road trips

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android

MapQuest - free route planner

MapQuest has been a pioneering online mapping service since 1996. It is an American platform providing detailed street-level maps and driving directions for various cities and countries. 

MapQuest primarily caters to users seeking accurate navigation, real-time traffic updates, and point-of-interest searches. 

With features like preference-based inputs, gas price comparisons (U.S. only), and a route planner allowing up to 26 stops for free users, MapQuest proves valuable for route optimization. 

It is a versatile tool, delivering a free and subscription-based service to meet diverse route planning needs. 

However, MapQuest may fall short when it comes to longer routes. In that case, you can go with some advanced MapQuest alternatives.

Key features

  • Extended stops: By using MapQuest, you can plan up to 26 stops for free, making it suitable for multiple destinations on the itinerary.
  • Fuel cost estimates: You can obtain total estimated fuel costs for a trip, assisting in budgeting and cost-effective route planning.
  • Avoidance options: MapQuest offers the ability to avoid toll roads, highways, or seasonal roads, which allows you to tailor routes to their specific needs.
  • Diverse input methods: Users can add stops line-by-line, use copy/paste functionality, or import addresses from a spreadsheet, offering flexibility in the planning process.
  • Points of interest: The MapQuest app includes layers beyond basic points of interest, providing information on bars, airports, banks, and more. 
  • Real-time information: You can access real-time traffic conditions, accidents, and traffic webcams. The free route planner app for multiple stops also displays local temperatures for added convenience.
  • Provides cost estimates for fuel, which assists in planning budget-friendly trips
  • One-tap location finding enhances efficiency and convenience during on-the-go navigation
  • The algorithm considers road types, speed limits, real-time traffic, and construction for user-friendly route planning
  • Provides detailed and immersive street view options
  • Mapping tool to view, create, and interact with maps and other geographic data.
  • There have been instances of providing inaccurate time estimates and suggesting longer routes
  • The free version requires users to watch ads for various functions
  • Criticized for displaying incorrect business addresses

6. MyRouteOnline

Best route planner for logistics and field operations

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android

MyRouteOnline - route planner for multiple stops

MyRouteOnline streamlines route planning, catering to both large fleets and individual operators, offering delivery services. With a user-friendly interface, it allows importing address lists, crafting routes for up to 1000 stops, and optimizing workloads through territory assignments.

The platform even offers robust customization options, allowing users to set service times and optimize routes based on specific goals, such as minimizing distance or time. 

The cloud-based solution offers integration capabilities and provides navigation assistance through the MyRoute app.

Though the routing software is not free, MyRouteOnline is a valuable tool for businesses looking to navigate their routes with precision and efficiency.

The point worth noting here is that MyRouteOnline works on “Pay as You Go” model, which can be a bit costly for large businesses. For some liberal pricing options, you can explore MyRouteOnline alternatives.

Key features

  • Multi-stop route planning: Plan routes with multiple stops efficiently, accommodating up to 1000 addresses in a single run.
  • Cloud integration: Easily import address lists from popular cloud storage systems like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Exporting and sharing: Export routes to various formats, including Excel. You can even share them through email or popular navigation platforms like TomTom, Garmin, and Google Maps.
  • Mobile app support: Stay connected on the go with the MyRoute app, enabling route tracking, notifications, and additional route adjustments.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform
  • Direct data import from Google Sheets
  • Map-based planning with the Lasso tool
  • The route planning process can be time-consuming compared to other route planners available online
  • “Pay as You Go” model may become costly when managing a large fleet
  • The algorithm may not always set up routes efficiently, requiring manual rearrangement

7. RouteXL

Best route planner for small businesses

Available on: Web

RouteXL - route planning for mutli stops

RouteXL is your go-to road route planner for multiple stops. It cleverly organizes addresses to cut down travel time, making your deliveries or pickups faster and more fuel-efficient.

RouteXL provides a free plan with limitless routes that can include up to 20 stops. For the unlimited stops requirement, you can check out RouteXL alternatives.

With a focus on user-friendly features, this route planning software simplifies the optimization process. You can simply import addresses from various applications, spreadsheets, or emails, enhancing convenience.

Then, once you have added departure and destination points, the route is calculated with a single button press. 

The generated routes can be printed, exported to navigation devices, or shared via email, offering flexibility in dispatching.

Key features

  • Versatile navigation maps: Users have the flexibility to choose from popular navigation platforms, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.
  • Advanced algorithm support: The algorithm supports time windows, optimizing routes based on specific time constraints such as pickup, delivery, and visit times.
  • Smart routing features: RouteXL goes beyond route planning, offering a range of features such as geocoding, GPS tracking, data sharing, search functionality, route sharing, and QR code scanning.
  • Easily import numerous addresses at once
  • Share routes seamlessly with QR codes
  • Routes are automatically tagged as private, providing security and exclusivity
  • Can easily be connected with other applications seamlessly through API
  • It’s a web-based route planner; lacks Android/iOS apps for on-the-go accessibility
  • The web interface is challenging and less intuitive
  • The free plan is restricted to 20 addresses, limiting functionality for extensive routing needs

8. HERE WeGo

Best free route planner for frequent travelers and daily commuters

Available on: Android, iOS

HERE WeGo - free routing app

HERE WeGo is your personal navigation app, ensuring stress-free journeys with optimal routes and real-time traffic avoidance. 

Whether for daily commutes or multi-modal trips, this user-friendly mobile app provides turn-by-turn guidance, real-time traffic updates, and offline capabilities. 

With features like door-to-door travel support, global speed limit updates, and continuous map coverage, HERE WeGo ensures a seamless and efficient journey.

The app is one of the perfect choices for those in need of a reliable and multi-stop route planner.

Key features

  • Multi-modal journey planning: Plan your trips your way, whether by car, bike, public transport, or on foot, with HERE WeGo’s multi-modal route planning.
  • Turn-by-turn guidance: Enjoy stress-free navigation with real-time updates, dynamic estimated time of arrival (ETA), and intuitive maneuver prompts, both online and offline.
  • Rest areas information: Stay informed about the best rest stops en route, including fuel stations, hotels, and restaurants, with distance and details for upcoming stops.
  • Flexible map customization: Personalize your map view with options like satellite view or plain map. You can choose preferred layers and map elements for a customized navigation experience.
  • Seamless offline navigation for uninterrupted travel
  • Real-time traffic updates for dynamic route adjustments
  • Comprehensive door-to-door journey insights for better planning
  • Global speed limit notifications for safe driving
  • The presence of frequent advertisements
  • Occasional instability in the application
  • Lack of mapping tool
  • Limited coverage in rural areas

9. Roadtrippers

Best free route planner for road trip enthusiasts and travelers

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

Roadtrippers - free route planner for road trips

Roadtrippers is a free route planning software designed to enhance your travel experience across the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

With features like turn-by-turn navigation, gas cost estimation, and reviews from fellow travelers, the free version offers a range of tools to plan up to 7 waypoints

If you are seeking an enhanced experience, you can go for Roadtrippers alternatives or choose  Roadtrippers Plus plan, which provides additional perks like planning longer trips with up to 150 waypoints. This free route planning software plan even offers additional functionalities like offline maps, collaborative trip planning, live traffic conditions, and exclusive discounts from travel partners.

With Roadtrippers, you can plan your route, explore off-the-beaten-path stops, build a detailed itinerary, and even book accommodations or tours directly through the app. 

Key features

  • Suggested stops: Discover a variety of recommended stops, including hotels, attractions, outdoor activities, restaurants, and more. Roadtrippers provides curated travel guides to enhance your trip.
  • Gas cost estimator: Budgeting for your trip is simplified with Roadtrippers’ gas cost estimator. Get an estimate based on your vehicle’s MPG to plan your expenses accurately.
  • Save favorite places: Discover a cool destination and save it as one of your favorite places, allowing you to revisit and add it to future trips effortlessly.
  • Offline maps: Explore areas without internet connectivity by downloading offline maps, giving you the freedom to venture off-grid.
  • Ad-free experience with Roadtrippers Plus for uninterrupted planning
  • Access offline maps for exploration without internet connectivity
  • Collaborate with friends for a shared and exciting road trip experience
  • Stay informed with live traffic updates for efficient navigation
  • Exclusive deals and discounts from Roadtrippers’ travel partners
  • Free version limits trip planning to 7 waypoints
  • Mandatory credit card details for the 7-day free trial
  • No monthly subscription option; annual payment is mandatory
  • Limited features in the free plan require an upgrade for full access

10. TruckRouter

Best route planner for long-haul truck drivers and small trucking companies 

Available on: Web

TruckRouter - route planner for multi stops for trucks

TruckRouter is a specialized and free route-planning software tailored explicitly for the trucking industry. 

Ideal for truckers, fleet managers, and dispatch professionals, it provides truck-specific routes that consider height and weight restrictions, which are not usually available in conventional free route planner apps. 

This web-based platform offers crucial features such as alerts for low clearances, information on toll roads and costs, and a trip cost calculator to estimate expenses.

TruckRouter is among the top delivery route planner choices for trucking professionals looking to optimize multiple routes and stay informed about road conditions.

Key features

  • Truck-specific routes: Ensures routes are optimized considering truck-specific limitations such as height and weight restrictions.
  • Alerts for low clearances: Notifies drivers about potential obstacles like low clearances, enhancing safety during the journey.
  • Toll road information: Provides insights into toll roads and associated costs, aiding in budgeting and expense planning.
  • Trip cost calculator: This enables you to estimate trip expenses, making it a valuable tool for budgeting and cost-efficient route planning.
  • Offers valuable features without a subscription fee
  • Easy registration and intuitive interface for quick route optimization
  • Conveniently download trip details in XML format for record-keeping
  • Gathers and provides data on toll roads and associated costs
  • Limited accessibility without dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Best suited for long-haul routes, may not be ideal for frequent stops
  • The absence of standardized rates may cause confusion for larger trucking teams

11. BadgerMaps

Best route planner for field sales representatives and teams

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

BadgerMaps - free route optimization

Badger Maps is a specialized route planning and sales mapping software designed for field sales reps and teams. Its user-friendly app allows salespeople to visualize territories, optimize routes, and strategically plan daily appointments. 

The software’s intuitive design facilitates easy route optimization through tools like “Lasoo,” making it an engaging experience for users. 

As a comprehensive solution for on-field sales activities, Badger Maps provides valuable tools for managing appointments, discovering new leads, tracking customer interactions, and improving overall sales efficiency. 

Overall, Badger Maps route planner stands out as a valuable asset for teams seeking streamlined route planning and sales management capabilities.

If you want a budget-friendly option, you can check out some Badger Maps alternatives.

Key features

  • Live traffic: The platform provides live traffic information, enabling you to optimize routes based on real-time traffic conditions. 
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Badger Maps supports turn-by-turn navigation as it is compatible with popular navigation apps such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Garmin, and Magellan.
  • Stats and mileage tracking: You can easily access statistics, including mileage, travel time, and full-day time of their routes. This feature helps understand the overall efficiency and performance of sales routes.
  • Lead discovery with “Places”: The “Places” feature enables you to discover new leads on the go. By entering industry-related keywords, you can identify potential accounts in specific areas.
  • Optimize routes with the “Lasso” tool for smooth navigation
  • CRM integration for customer data import and meeting management
  • Find new leads on the go
  • Add notes and photos after each appointment with the “Check-ins” feature
  • Track team performance with graphic reports and route adjustment
  • Inability to track reps and vehicles in real-time
  • Absence of a free version for users to explore. Only 7-day free trial
  • Inability to send notifications via email or SMS to customers
  • High pricing may not be suitable for businesses of all sizes

12. Plotaroute

Best free route planner for outdoor enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, and walkers

Available on: Web, Android, iOS

Plotaroute - free route mapping

Plotaroute is a versatile route-planning tool designed for runners, walkers, and cyclists. 

Whether you prefer the traditional point-and-click method, selecting waypoints, or having the app generate suggestions based on your desired distance, Plotaroute offers four convenient ways to create your perfect route. 

Plotaroute goes beyond basic planning, providing foresight with features like road surface checks, hill assessments, and access to Google Street View. 

The best free route planner app’s versatility extends with functionalities for merging or splitting routes, reshaping paths, adding detours, and even analyzing detailed route profiles and elevation stats to prepare for the terrain.

All in all, Plotaroute offers a dynamic and interactive platform for planning, sharing, and tracking your outdoor endeavors. 

Key features

  • Intuitive editing tools: Foresight tools for checking road surfaces and hills, coupled with world-class recreational maps, provide users with an intuitive editing experience. 
  • Comprehensive analysis: Detailed route profiles, elevation statistics, and a precise distance measurement tool empower you to make informed decisions.
  • Customization and annotation: Personalize routes with annotations, modify turn cues, add detours, and include photos for an enriched mapping experience. 
  • Sharing: Plotaroute supports seamless route sharing across platforms, including websites, social media, and GPS devices.
  • Create user-friendly routes for walks, runs, or bike rides
  • Explore the world with high-quality maps, enhancing your outdoor experience
  • Enjoy route optimizer on the go with the mobile device app
  • Offers a free app with optional premium membership features
  • Plotaroute does not offer live traffic updates
  • Several standout features, including voice navigation, Garmin sync, and bulk route downloads, are exclusive to premium users
  • Plotaroute lacks features tailored for commercial users, such as inventory tracking and driver GPS tracking

13. Speedy Route

Best route planner for delivery drivers and salespeople

Available on: Web

Speedy Route - free routing optimization

Speedy Route is a powerful route optimization tool designed for individuals and businesses with multiple stops. It meticulously calculates the best route, ensuring each location is visited once before returning to your starting point in the shortest and quickest way possible. 

This web-based route planning platform offers full driving directions between all stops, making it an invaluable asset for optimizing your travel.

Ideal for single or multiple delivery vehicles, Speedy Route adapts to your specific needs. It produces the optimal route for the number of delivery service vehicles available, maximizing efficiency. 

Speedy Route excels at solving the Travelling Salesman Problem, providing free routing software that redefines the delivery and sales route optimization experience.

Key features

  • Scenario planning: The platform provides scenario planning capabilities, allowing you to strategize and optimize routes based on various scenarios and variables.
  • Vehicle maintenance: You can incorporate considerations for vehicle maintenance into your route planning. This way, you can ensure that routes are efficient while also accounting for the condition and maintenance needs of the vehicles.
  • Routing alerts: Speedy Route includes routing alerts, keeping you informed about potential issues, traffic updates, or other factors that may impact your routes.
  • Route simulation: You can simulate routes to visualize and assess the proposed plan and make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.
  • Speedy Route is available worldwide, providing route planning solutions not only in the United States but also in various regions
  • Whether you operate a single vehicle or manage a fleet, Speedy Route accommodates both scenarios
  • You can choose from different subscription plans based on your needs
  • Not entirely free; a subscription needed for routes with over 10 locations
  • Voice navigation, Garmin sync, and bulk route downloads are reserved for premium users
  • No dedicated Android or iOS apps are available; access is limited to the web version

14. inRoute

Best route planning app for Road trip enthusiasts

Available on: Mac, iOS

inRoute - route optimization app free

Designed for trip planning, inRoute employs advanced route optimization that ensures the fastest, most efficient route for the journey. Safety takes center stage as the app considers elevation, weather conditions, and road curves, providing a holistic approach to planning. 

The app’s user-friendly features extend to its seamless device synchronization. It allows you to access your route plans across various platforms, be it iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

Voice-guided, hands-free navigation ensures a safe and convenient driving experience, with turn-by-turn directions and interactive charts depicting route elevation. 

Whether searching for nearby facilities, customizing routes, or strategically adding layovers, inRoute, a free driving route planner for multiple stops, emerges as a versatile companion. It offers advanced functionality for a diverse range of travel needs.

Key features

  • Weather-informed planning: Safety is a priority with inRoute, as it incorporates detailed weather information, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation. 
  • Search for nearby facilities: Easily locate crucial amenities such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and other points of interest along your route. The search feature enables you to plan breaks, refueling stops, and other necessities conveniently within the app.
  • Flexible import options: inRoute supports the import of routes from various file formats, including XLSX, GPX, and KML files. 
  • Interactive elevation charts: Visualize your route with interactive elevation charts. This feature allows users to anticipate and prepare for changes in terrain, providing valuable insights into the upcoming road conditions.
  • Easily create travel plans with up to 150 stops using the Pro plan
  • With amenity search, quickly locate crucial amenities nearby
  • Effortlessly synchronize route plans across various devices Apple devices
  • Intelligently designate layovers for rest stops to improve ETA predictions
  • The free version restricts routes to 8 stops
  • Basic features require a paid version, incurring additional costs
  • Limited to iOS devices only
  • Limited options for users or businesses with complex logistics needs

15. DynoRoute

Best free route planner app with unlimited stops for individual drivers and small businesses

Available on: iOS

DynoRoute - free route planner unlimited stops

DynoRoute is your ultimate delivery companion, redefining the way you handle routes. This powerful iOS app offers seamless route optimization, allowing you to streamline your deliveries and save valuable time and fuel effortlessly. 

With an intuitive interface, even non-tech-savvy users can enjoy the benefits of DynoRoute’s optimized deliveries.

All you have to do is add multiple stops, customize each with important details, and witness the app’s advanced algorithm optimize your route with just a few taps.

Additionally, DynoRoute stands out with its flexible pay-as-you-go credit points system. Unlike Circuit for Teams, it ensures budget-friendly control without the burden of monthly subscriptions.

So, say goodbye to inefficient routes and embrace a more efficient, cost-effective solution with DynoRoute.

Key features

  • Efficient route optimization: DynoRoute dynamically optimizes your delivery routes based on factors like distance, time, constraints, and traffic updates, ensuring significant time and fuel savings.
  • Customizable stops: You can customize multiple stops by providing special instructions or delivery preferences for each stop, making the entire process hassle-free.
  • Seamless integration with navigation apps: DynoRoute integrates with popular navigation apps like Apple Maps, providing turn-by-turn directions for navigating optimized routes effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive route reports: Analyze, share, and track deliveries effortlessly with comprehensive route reports in user-friendly formats like CSV and XLS.
  • Personalized experience: Choose your preferred distance unit, navigation app, and vehicle type for a personalized experience that suits your unique requirements.
  • Optimizes deliveries to save time and fuel
  • Organizes stops based on specific needs and constraints
  • User-friendly design makes it accessible to non-tech-savvy users too
  • Pay-as-you-go for budget-friendly optimization
  • Provides dedicated customer support
  • Absence of a free trial limits users’ ability to test the app before committing to the paid plan
  • It’s only available on iOS, which limits platform accessibility

Limitations of Free Route Planners for Multiple Stops

While best free route planners are great for basic needs, they have limitations when planning more complex multi-stop trips and deliveries:

1. Number of stops and routes

Most free route planners claim to offer unlimited stops. 

But the reality is different.

Free route planners typically have limits of 10-25 stops per route. 

For planning a massive cross-country road trip across 20 cities, a free planner may fall short or become highly inefficient. On the other hand, individual delivery drivers for a company may need to plan routes across 50-100 stops per day, which could exceed free tool capabilities. 

So, for large-scale commercial route planning, free route planning apps are limited. Instead, you can go for cost-effective route planning software, like Upper, which allows you to create unlimited routes with hundreds of stops. It’s a budget-friendly alternative for businesses looking for a solution with advanced routing functionalities.

2. Optimization for a single vehicle

Basic free route planners are designed for optimizing a single vehicle’s route

The average free tool won’t be robust enough to handle that level of complexity if you need to plan coordinated routes for a fleet of 50 delivery vans with hundreds of stops.

Most don’t have the advanced optimization algorithms needed for the dynamic routing of multiple delivery drivers and vehicles. Free versions usually limit you to basic optimization, neglecting factors like your vehicle’s size, fuel efficiency, or specific requirements.

3. Customer support

What happens when the road gets bumpy and you need assistance?

Technical issues can arise even with the most advanced mapping software. But with many free route planners, you typically won’t have access to human customer support for troubleshooting. 

With paid tools designed for enterprises, you often get access to a support team to resolve any routing issues quickly.

4. Customization of routes

Every journey is unique, just like your preferences.

Do you need to customize the route optimization to allow for coffee breaks every few hours? Or avoid left turns that are difficult for large trucks? 

These types of custom preferences are challenging to implement in free planners. Paid tools allow businesses to tailor routing to their unique operational needs.

5. Real-time updates

Routes planned yesterday could become outdated today if accidents occur or delivery orders are added. 

Free planners may not have real-time traffic data or let you dynamically update routes on the fly. That could lead to wasted time and miles. Paid solutions more seamlessly integrate updates.

6. Advanced reporting or analytics

To improve route efficiency over time, in-depth data analytics are invaluable. Most free routing options lack advanced reporting on metrics like miles per route, stop density, idling time, and delivery volumes. That data could provide insights to enhance logistics route planning operations.

Curious How Businesses are Breaking Free from the Limits of Free Route Planners?

The secret is Upper!

It helps you:

  • Create unlimited routes for multiple vehicles
  • Customize routes by setting priorities and time windows
  • Gain real-time visibility into driver progress
  • Send customer notifications via text or email
  • Leverage advanced reports and analytics
  • Enjoy dedicated customer support

How to Choose the Right Route Planner for Multi-stop?

Consider the below factors while choosing the right route planning software for multiple stops for your business:

Number of stops allowed

What’s the maximum number of stops your drivers need to plan each day or week? Are you routing across 5 cities or 500 stops? 

Carefully verify if the planner can handle the maximum stops needed per route at your scale. 

Most free planners limit stops to 10-25, while paid plans may allow thousands. Look at needs for individual drivers as well as company-wide daily volumes. 

Route optimization efficiency

Route planning is all about coming up with the most efficient routes. So, you must examine how the route optimization software optimizes the order and sequence of stops based on algorithms.

Additionally, prioritizing the shortest distances and times is also crucial. 

You must also check whether the planner dynamically optimizes routes based on real-time traffic or priority orders. 

Testing different planners with sample data helps assess these factors. Remember that the better the optimization quality, the lower the fuel costs, wasted miles, and customer queries.

Customization options

One size rarely fits all, especially in the world of route planning. 

Does your chosen planner allow you to tailor your routes based on your unique business needs? 

Determine if you can customize routing parameters, auto-assign orders, designate required breaks, set delivery driver availability, choose vehicle types, avoid tolls, enable/disable features, etc. 

The ability to customize ensures your routes align with your requirements.

Integration with other apps

In a world where apps communicate, does your route planner play well with other apps and systems?

Evaluate what integrations are offered out-of-the-box to sync routes and data with other software like accounting, CRM, inventory, etc. 

API connections are ideal for real-time data flows. Lack of integration leads to manual errors from duplicate data entry.

Customer support

What happens when you hit a snag, face technical glitches, or simply need guidance? A dependable support system turns potential roadblocks into mere speed bumps.

So look for route planners with robust self-help resources. But for complex issues, on-demand assistance and access to support reps via phone or chat can be critical for minimizing disruptions.


Planning routes with multiple stops doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The best free route planner with unlimited stops provides significant capabilities for optimizing multi-stop itineraries.

The diverse range of applications discussed in this blog offers unique features to cater to various route planning needs.

However, it’s important to acknowledge their limitations too. Factors like restrictions on the number of stops, advanced customization, real-time updates, analytics, and customer support may impact users with specific needs.

So, if you are seeking more comprehensive solutions and enhanced functionalities, considering a paid route planner could be a wise investment.

Ultimately, it’s wise first to evaluate your requirements, explore the options discussed in this blog, and then make an informed decision about whether to go for free and paid route planners.


A route planner with multiple stops is a tool designed to optimize and organize a journey with numerous waypoints. It allows users to input various destinations and efficiently calculates the most optimized route, saving time and resources.

As of now, Google Maps does not offer a built-in feature for unlimited stops in a single route. You can add up to 10 stops in Google Maps. However, you can explore several third-party route-planning applications that specialize in this functionality.

Yes, there are several free apps for planning road trips. Apps like Google Maps, Waze, and MapQuest allow users to input multiple stops and find the most efficient routes—all without any cost.

Certainly! Apps like RV Trip Wizard and CoPilot GPS provide RV-friendly routes. They offer features such as avoiding low-clearance areas, finding RV campgrounds, and considering RV-friendly roads to help ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for RV enthusiasts.

Both Upper Route Planner and Circuit for Teams offer robust route planning solutions, but the best choice depends on your specific needs. Comparing features, user-friendliness, and functionalities, Upper is an ideal choice for businesses with needs of real-time tracking, proof of delivery, customer notifications, dispatching, route scheduling, and seamless integration.

RAC Route Planner offers these features: Route optimization options, Interactive Map, Traffic Updates, Route Customization, and User-Friendly Interface.

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