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Whether you are planning delivery routes for your business or managing visits for your field service team, route planning is a critical aspect to leverage.

To plan routes, there are many tools and solutions available, but among them free route planners are preferred among users.

When it comes to free route planners, the options are endless, which makes it difficult for you to select the right one for your business.

Our blog aims to simplify your selection process by listing and presenting you the 11 best free route planner apps available.

In this comprehensive blog, you will find everything about route planners, from features to pricing and from pros to cons.

11 Best Free Route Planners With Unlimited Stops


Best Route Planner App

Starting price


Free trial

7 day

Key features

Plan and optimize routes, Add hundreds of stops, Send proof of delivery

About Upper

Upper is the top route planner app because of its varied use cases and supportability with various industries. No matter what business you handle, if you need route planning, Upper has got your back. With Upper, you can plan and optimize routes with unlimited stops.

To create an optimal route, Upper considers various factors, including vehicle type, bridges, narrow roads, distance with stops, traveling time, delivery time window, and stop priorities. Not just route planning and optimization, Upper has various other robust features that will help your business leverage maximum efficiency and stay on top of the competition.


  • Choose between time and distance-based optimization to create the most efficient route.
  • Plan multiple stops at one go to save time and effort through efficient route planning.
  • Easily import CSV or Excel files to add hundreds of stops at a time.
  • Prioritize stops by low, medium, high, or crucial.
  • Assign and dispatch drivers instantly after optimizing routes.
  • Obtain proof of delivery or digital signatures as proof of delivery for accurate documentation and customer satisfaction.
  • Keep track of your driver’s movement across the route.
  • Plan pickups before, after, or in-between deliveries.
  • Use the multi-selector tool to make quick modifications.
  • Send ETAs and delivery status to your customers using the customer notification feature.
  • Get detailed reports and analytics to know the statistics of your business and make data-driven decisions.
  • Verify incorrect and duplicate addresses to plan routes accurately.
  • Share routes to drivers via email, text, or the driver app.
  • API integration enables you to integrate your existing third-party software with Upper.
  • Swap routes between drivers in case of any emergency.

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Curve quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben Parker

Google Maps

Best for Navigation

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Street View, Stops rearrangement, Real-time ETAs

About Google Maps

Google Maps is the top choice among millions of users worldwide. It offers detailed maps with different views to give you a better user experience. Also, it gives turn-by-turn navigation so you can get along your planned routes easily. It plans routes with multiple stops considering factors like real-time traffic conditions, road closures, vehicle type, and

Another game-changing feature of Google Maps is its Street View. The “Street View” of Google Maps allows users to explore locations worldwide through panoramic, street-level images virtually. Google Maps route planner makes the commute easy for people. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive database, Google Maps remains a considerable free route planner to plan routes and navigate along them.


  • It offers real-time traffic conditions, allowing users to see current traffic situations and suggesting alternative routes in case of heavy traffic or road closures.
  • This is a feature in Google Maps that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.
  • The app is available on multiple platforms: Web, iOS, and Android.
  • Using Google Maps, you can automatically reroute in case you miss a turn.

Andrew B.

Google Maps provides a robust API that sets it apart from other solutions


  • Google Maps does not provide route optimization functionalities. So, you cannot save on fuel costs and time when planning a route in Google Maps.
  • Google Maps only allows to add up to 10 stops to its users (including the starting point), which makes it difficult for users to plan routes with multiple stops for more than 10 stops.
  • You will need to buy another proof of delivery software because Google Maps doesn’t have any proof of delivery feature.

Antony C.

There can be occasional hiccups with the location tracking feature.


Best for Small Businesses and Road Trips

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Personal statistics, Toll road controls

About Waze

Waze, supported by an extensive user base, provides dynamic rerouting based on real-time traffic information, accidents, and road closures. Its engaging interface fosters active user participation, allowing drivers to report incidents, hazards, and police presence, resulting in a highly interactive and efficient navigation experience.

With its emphasis on collaboration and crowd-sourced information, Waze has become a top option for commuters looking for the quickest and least complicated routes to their destinations.


  • The Waze app gives warnings regarding the possibility of road accidents when you take up a route that has a higher-than-average incidence of accidents.
  • Available in Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. This makes it easy for users to access Waze from anywhere.
  • With voice instructions, Waze makes it easy for users to get turn-by-turn directions even while driving.

Mike Williams.

Waze remembers your recent searches, but it’s well-suited to frequent commuters.


  • Limiting its functionality to single destinations only, Waze does not provide multi-stop route planning.
  • Not feasible for business purposes because of the lack of route planning and optimization features.
  • Waze can be distracting at first with its unusual interface, and it doesn’t have the ability to download offline maps.

Jaymar Cabebe

The user interface is unattractive and can be difficult to use. Voice command is hidden in the menu.

Apple Maps

Best for Navigation on iOS devices

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Simple and intuitive interface, Easy integration with Apple devices

About Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a free route planning tool exclusively developed for iOS and Mac devices. Apple Maps comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. You can add multiple stops and arrange them the way you want, Apple Maps will create a route according to it.

Alongside route planning, Apple Maps also provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and other useful mapping features without any additional costs. Apple Maps also has features like indoor mapping for some shopping centers and airports. This feature allows users to navigate through such large indoor spaces.


  • By integrating with Siri, Apple Maps allows users to easily access navigation and directions through voice commands, enhancing convenience.
  • Apple Maps offers interactive 3D views of various cities globally, offering a more immersive and visually appealing navigation experience.
  • As part of Apple’s overall customer service, you can receive support for Apple Maps issues at any time.


This is an awesome app. I see a lot of improvements you guys made to really make it shine. I look forward to more improvements in every update.


  • Apple Maps is Apple’s proprietary mapping service, and as such, it is only available on Apple devices.
  • Apple Maps allows users to add stops to their routes but doesn’t necessarily optimize these routes.
  • Apple Maps allows users to add up to 2 additional stops when getting directions, beyond the initial destination.


I really want to love this app. I want to break free of google completely now that I switched back to iPhone. However, this is just a horrible navigation app. I really don’t get why Apple is ok with probably most of their users preferring to use google maps, Waze, etc


Best for Professionals

Starting price

$250/45 days

Free trial

10 days

Key features

Simple and intuitive interface, Easy integration with Apple devices

About Maptive

Maptive is a route optimization software that can be used by a variety of industries. The difference between Maptive and other free route planners is it only gives a 10-day free trial. While if you want to continue to use it further, you have to get a subscription. It offers a suite of features that are not generally found in other free route planners.

Talking about features, Maptive optimizes routes so that it takes less time to travel. Also, it has other tools like distance calculators and radius tools. Maptive is easy-to-use with an intuitive interface.


  • Maptive offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and preferences for optimal usage.
  • With Maptive, you can easily import large amounts of data by simply copying and pasting, streamlining the process of inputting information into the system.
  • The inclusion of a heat map functionality in the app enables users to gain valuable insights and generate reports based on the visual representation of data, enhancing data analysis capabilities.

Akshat P.

customer service is spot on, once i bumped into an issue, they took care of it so effortlessly


  • Maptive is exclusively available as a web-based application, lacking dedicated support for Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Due to its complex features, Maptive may require a significant learning curve before users can effectively utilize it for their business operations.
  • The subscription plans of Maptive can be comparatively expensive when compared to other free route planners, potentially impacting the cost-effectiveness for some users.

Carmelo F.

Maptive may have fewer features than other mapping software for some types of more advanced mapping.


For Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Starting price

€35 EUR/month

Free trial

Up to 20 addresses

Key features

Plan a route with multiple stops, Flexibility to customize routes, Seamless integration with other systems

About RouteXL

RouteXL is a free route planner that enables you to plan and optimize routes. It is ideal for delivery drivers, sales executives, and travelers. For route optimization, RouteXL uses advanced algorithms that consider factors like traffic, time constraints, and distance.

Apart from route optimization, it also provides navigation and enables you to allocate resources. Despite having vivid features, RouteXL lags behind some important features, such as proof of delivery and active driver tracking.


  • With the “drag & drop” feature, this app enables easy modification of planned routes, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  • The ability to save previously planned routes eliminates the need for re-planning recurring routes, saving time and effort.
  • The option to add stops in bulk makes this app well-suited for efficiently planning and organizing product deliveries in large quantities.

Jared B.

I like Route XL and would suggest you give it a try!


  • It is difficult for new users to get their hands on it. Also, there is nothing like tutorial videos to help users get started.
  • There are no Android or iOS apps to download.
  • The free version allows you to plan only 20 stops per route.

John M.

I feel it could be more user friendly and intuitive. Hopefully the next update addresses this and then it would be a 5 star program.


Best Choice For Logistics Service Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Curbside delivery, Time window, Recurring routing

About Route4Me

Route4Me is a cloud-based fleet management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Its main features allow users to add customer addresses and generate optimized routes, as well as route planning and routing guidance. It is also possible to track the progress of the driver in real time and make manual modifications.

With options for daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand schedules, this route planner allows for flexible route scheduling. Route4Me includes a command center for a company-wide overview, and drivers and vehicles can be easily reassigned. The iOS and Android mobile apps provide seamless navigation.


  • Route4Me is known for route optimization, which makes it ideal for delivery service businesses, field service businesses, or anyone who needs to plan complex routes.
  • The app supports scheduling with time windows, which can be important for businesses needing to schedule deliveries or services at specific times.
  • This best route planner app offers real-time driver tracking, which can be beneficial for businesses managing logistics.

Matteo. G

Very easy to use with a fantastic interface that doesn’t require any kind of training. Platform speed is very high, and API availability makes Route4Me the standard de facto about route planning systems.


  • The free trial of this service abruptly deletes all the data without prior notification, potentially causing loss of information.
  • Access to detailed analytics is restricted to premium plans, requiring payment for advanced data insights.
  • Customer support is dissatisfactory. The only way to submit a complaint is by raising a ticket which usually ends up being inconclusive.

Stacy. S

Sometimes I can’t get a job to show up on the route where it is supposed to. When I need to rearrange the jobs it will throw one job way out in left field so to speak and all but ignore it. And then I have to report it as a problem on the map so customer service can fix it for me.


Best For Large Enterprises

Starting price


Free trial

30 days

Key features

Truck-specific navigation, Real-time GPS tracking, Vehicle diagnostics to improve efficiency

About Samsara

Samsara is a comprehensive fleet management software that offers GPS monitoring, ELD compliance, routing, dash cameras, and more. It serves a variety of businesses. Samsara provides hardware solutions like advanced dashcams and vehicle tracking to ensure compliance and safety.

This route planner integrates different fleets and assets onto a single dashboard. Real-time traffic updates are provided by Samsara’s cloud-based technology, which also optimizes routes for drivers and records crucial vehicle data for effective fleet management.


  • It provides various customization options so you can customize Maptive according to your business needs.
  • The Samsara app enables hassle-free data integration, allowing users to import bulk data merely by copying and pasting.
  • Samsara provides a wealth of insights, visualizing data patterns in an easy-to-understand format that facilitates more informed decision-making.

Tate. F

Everything you need is included, and in one place. Fleet tracking, cameras, HOS, safety, performance, and dispatch tools all live in one place. Additionally, the team is very responsive in creating one-off or custom integrations should you need them


  • The route optimization feature is not up to mark. So there are chances you end up using more fuel.
  • Due to its reliance on an inferior wireless network, the connectivity of the app can be inconsistent, resulting in a spotty network.
  • Customer support is biased towards large fleet owners. Meanwhile, small and medium fleet owners have to wait a lot to get their issues solved.

Mihail. S

Driver app its hard to use and it’s slow. Hard time to edit logs. Crossing border glitches. Doesn’t give warning to driver in case if driver forget to do DVIR

WorkWave RouteManager

Best For Delivery Business

Starting price


Free trial

4 days

Key features

Automated Scheduling, Delivery Tracking

About WorkWave RouteManager

WorkWave RouteManager is a cloud-based solution for route planning that enables seamless communication between field staff and dispatch managers. It comes in mobile app and web app versions. Its real-time dashboard and scheduling tools offer insights that can be used to manage the routing process from planning to optimization and tracking drivers.

Using a string of factors, the route optimization feature assures effective route planning. WorkWave optimizes business operations by enabling easy dispatch and removing duplicate data entry.


  • The customer service is prompt with all your requests. Each support executive is nothing less than professional and courteous.
  • The platform offers comprehensive customer information and other data, providing users with in-depth insights for better decision-making.
  • There are customization options available, especially for truck variables, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific requirements.

Steven K.

Workwave is a very flexible product and easy to use. The integration with our work order management system was very easy, and we were able to improve our field technician productivity by 25%.


  • Despite having some useful features, WorkWave is expensive compared to other available options.
  • The basic plan does not include some features like customer notifications, GPS tracking, and barcode scanners.
  • In case of loss of connectivity, the app does not automatically resume data synchronization.

Francisco A.

If the data connection falls for more than a few minutes, sync will drop, and after that, the route information on the phone won’t be available; this is a No No, and honestly, a reason why we are evaluating other options.


Route Planner For Field Services & Sales Reps

Starting price

$24/Pay as you go

Free trial

7 days

Key features

Multi-stop route planner, Animate directions, Territory mapping

About MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is a paid route planning app but with a 7-day free trial. It is a route planner with a credit-based pricing strategy. Administrators can manually plan and monitor routes, create service windows for various locations, and communicate route details to drivers and customers using the same platform.

Although the credit-based approach is flexible, it’s necessary to think about the potential financial implications if you need to route a lot of different addresses with various requirements.


  • Users can seamlessly integrate with their preferred navigation apps for turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, and avoidance zones, enhancing navigation efficiency.
  • This route planner app supports bulk entering and importing of data, enabling the creation of comprehensive route plans with minimal manual intervention.
  • With the mobile app, you get the flexibility to assign tasks and oversee team management regardless of location or time constraints.
  • Once you add an address using a credit, it can be reused for 30 days without any additional costs.
  • This delivery route planner app supports bulk entering and importing of data, enabling the creation of comprehensive route plans with minimal manual intervention.

Kelly D.

MyRouteOnline is user-friendly even for someone with no previous routing experience. The customer service is outstanding, with quick response time and friendly interactions.


  • The route planning process is time-consuming compared to other alternative route planners available.
  • The basic plan does not offer the option to save and reload routes, limiting the ability to access previously planned routes.
  • Since it is a “Pay as You Go” model, it could be costly if you are managing a large fleet.

Harshdeep Singh L.

The planning was so poor that we had to abandon the software after it planned the first route. We tried multiple software, and many had issues, but for a delivery route planner to have issues with planning it’s not understandable.

Speedy Route

Best for Delivery Businesses

Starting price

Free with paid subscription option

Free trial

up to 10 stops

Key features

Timeboxing, Simple interface

About Speedy Route

The last free route planning solution in our list is the Speedy Route. It has got a free version and a paid version. The free version allows you to plan 10 stops only. It enables you to optimize routes, resulting in time and fuel savings.

One of the convincing features of Speedy Routes is to drag and drop stops to make adjustments in the planned routes. Because of outdated design, this route planner ranks back when it comes to the user interface.


  • With the time boxing feature, users can easily adjust routes to meet specific arrival times, ensuring efficient scheduling
  • It’s easy to make route adjustments even after the routes are planned, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances.
  • The software offers the ability to adjust time constraints for each stop, ensuring your plan fits your exact requirements and schedule.

Jennifer K.

Great service for real estate professionals or anyone needing to go to multiple homes in a decent amount of time.


  • There’s no option to share routes to navigation apps. To do so, you need to upload the spreadsheet manually in the navigation app.
  • It has a web app version only. There are no Android or iOS apps. However, users can still access it through their web browsers on mobile devices.
  • The free version allows you to plan 10 stops only. To plan more, you will need to buy the paid version.

Chad B.

Trial worked great with under 20 addresses, but once I tried the full version with 50 addresses, the routing result was terrible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of a free route planner?

    A free route planner helps users plan routes, save time, reduce fuel costs, enhance navigation efficiency, and improve overall business operations.

  • Which is better: Free route planner or paid route planner?

    The selection between both options depends solely on your business requirements. However, free route planner being free to use, they often have numerous limitations including limit to add stops, limit to add drivers, lack of route optimization functionalities, proof of delivery, and analytics.

  • Is Google Maps a reliable route planner?

    Google Maps is one of the best free route planners. But, there’s one big drawback of using Google Maps. It allows you to add up to 10 stops only (including the initial point). So, if you are looking to plan more than 10 stops or willing to implement route optimization, you need to look for Google Maps alternatives that fit your business requirements.

  • Which features should an ideal route planner have?

    An ideal route planner is something that does all your work in and around route planning. It includes:

    • Route planning
    • Route scheduling
    • Route optimization
    • API integration
    • Quick customer support
    • User-friendly interface
    • Excel import
    • Easy route adjustments
    • Driver reassign
    • Reporting and analytics


Managing and reaching hundreds of customers in a day is not a task to be done manually. You need something that is fast, reliable, and automatic. This is where free route planners come to your use. As discussed in this blog, there are a number of free route planners available in the market, but choosing one is difficult.

The selection criteria completely depend on what you expect from a route planner. All of them are good at something while lags in others. In such cases, we suggest you choose a route planner that is fast, feature-rich, reliable, and hassle-free.

Comparing every free route planner and giving a summarized note, we choose Upper as one of the best free route planning apps. It has various useful and robust features that make it stand out from the list. From route planning and collecting proof of deliveries to automated customer notifications and detailed analysis, Upper does it all in just a few clicks. Upper provides a 7-day FREE TRIAL to help you get your hands on it.

Author Bio
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Upper Route Planner, a route planning and optimization software. With 28+ years of experience in the technology industry, Rakesh is a subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems. His ultimate goal with Upper Route Planner is to help delivery businesses eliminate on-field delivery challenges and simplify operations such as route planning, scheduling, dispatching, take a proof of delivery, manage drivers, real time tracking, customer notifications and more. He loves sharing his thoughts on eliminating delivery management challenges via blogs. Read more.