10 Free Route Planner Apps with Unlimited Stops To Try in 2024

Struggling with inefficient routes and a tight budget? 

We understand the frustration. 

Whether you’re a small business managing service calls and deliveries or an individual planning a road trip, finding a reliable and free route planner can be challenging. Wasting time and fuel on poorly planned routes can quickly increase costs and stress.

This is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to the best free route planners available. We’ve tested each tool personally, comparing them based on ease of use, features, and performance. 

We aim to help you make an informed decision without spending a fortune.

Plan Efficient Routes for Free

Upper’s free route planner helps you optimize routes quickly, reducing fuel costs and saving precious time. Perfect for small businesses and solo drivers.

So, here are some of our top picks for best free route planners:

1. Google Maps: Best for basic navigation requirements
2. Upper: Best for individual drivers and small businesses
3. Waze: Best for short road trips
4. Apple Maps: Best for Apple device users
5. MapQuest: Best for trip planning
6. MyRouteOnline: Best for logistics and field operations
7. RouteXL: Best for small businesses
8. TruckRouter: Best for long-haul truck drivers and small trucking companies
9. Plotaroute: Best for outdoor enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, and walkers
10. Speedy Route: Best for delivery drivers and salespeople

How We Evaluated Top Free Routing Apps?

We know how important it is to find a reliable route planner that fits your needs and budget.

That’s why, we started by researching over 30 free route planners available in the market. After narrowing down our list, we tested each app by planning and following routes with multiple stops. We used the same set of 20 addresses for consistency and fairness in our comparisons.

Our evaluation criteria

  1. We looked for intuitive interfaces and easy navigation.
  2. We evaluated each app’s functionality, including multi-stop route planning, real-time traffic updates, and customization options.
  3. We noted any restrictions, such as limits on the number of stops or features only available in paid versions.
  4. We tested the reliability and speed of each route planning app in different conditions, including urban and rural areas.
  5. We checked the accuracy of maps and directions.
  6. We considered user feedback and our own experiences to assess overall satisfaction with each app.

After thorough analysis, we selected the top 10 free route planners that stood out regarding usability, features, and overall performance.

10 Best Picks for Free Route Planners

1. Google Maps

Best free route planner app for basic navigation requirements upto 10 stops

Best free route planner app for basic navigation requirements

Google Maps is most people’s go-to choice for a multi-stop free route planner. This app is not just for finding your way; it’s great for planning trips with multiple stops, like road trips or deliveries.

Using Google Maps’ route planner, you can easily add up to 10 stops to your route. It also helps you avoid traffic with real-time updates to reach your destination faster. 

The best part is that Google Maps’ route planner works offline, too! 

You can download the maps you need before your trip, and you’ll be good to go, even without the internet.

Additional features of Google Maps that we loved include:

  • Voice navigation for turn-by-turn guidance
  • Street view for virtual exploration of destinations
  • Public transit information for multi-modal trip planning
  • Customizable route options (avoid tolls/highways)

Moreover, Google has recently integrated AI-powered features into Google Maps for added convenience. 

However, it’s important to note that while Google Maps is excellent for finding the fastest route between two points and basic multi-stop planning, it doesn’t automatically optimize routes. You’ll need to arrange stops manually.

💡✨If you prefer using Google Maps but wish to streamline finding the best route without manual arrangement, our Upper Google Maps Route Optimization Extension comes in handy.

It enables you to:

  1. Determine the optimal order of your stops on Google Maps to maximize efficiency.
  2. Calculate the shortest overall trip, reducing travel time and operational expenses.
  3. Ensure the quickest routes in the shortest time, boosting productivity.

How do I get unlimited stops on Google Maps?

Technically, you can’t. However, for complex deliveries with many stops, Google My Maps lets you create multiple maps or routes simultaneously for different vehicles. We’ve created a detailed guide on planning deliveries with Google My Maps, including how to create custom routes on Google Maps for your convenience.

Pricing: Free

Stop limit: 10 stops per route

Route optimization: No

Organize multiple routes: No, it allows for one route at a time

Platform: Available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

Route quality: Google Maps provides efficient routes but lacks automatic optimization for multiple stops. Users can manually arrange stops for the best route.


  • Stay informed about real-time traffic conditions
  • Access detailed business information, reviews, and opening hours
  • Receive accurate ETAs based on current traffic
  • Receive automatic re-routing suggestions or alternative routes


  • Only up to 10 stops (including the starting point) in a route
  • Lacks automated route optimization functionality
  • Limited options for customizing and planning delivery routes

2. Upper

Best for individual drives and small businesses

Best for individual drives and small businesses

When it comes to finding a reliable and feature-rich free multi-stop route planner, Upper is a superior choice. 

We provide a free route planner that allows you to plan and optimize up to 20 stops quickly and efficiently. 

  • With our platform, you can input addresses manually or import them directly from a spreadsheet.
  • You can customize your trip preferences by clicking “Advanced Settings,” such as avoiding highways, tolls, and ferries. 
  • Once you’ve set your preferences, simply hit ‘Optimize Route’ and let our system design the most efficient itinerary for your multiple stops.

Try Upper’s free route planner to plan route for upto 20 stops.

But what if you crave even more features and unlimited stops?

In that case, try Upper’s route planner app, which is perfect for small businesses, solo drivers, or individual contractors.

Key offerings of Upper route planner:

  • Win your day: Optimize your routes in just 5 minutes. With our best route planning tool, you can save time and fuel.
  • Adapt on the go: Encounter traffic jams or last-minute changes? Re-optimize your route in real time to avoid delays.
  • Hassle-free proof of delivery: Capture and store all delivery proofs in one spot, making it easy to validate each drop-off.
  • Elevate efficiency: Use our analytics to gain insights and make smarter decisions to boost your profits.

You can import addresses in bulk and enjoy unlimited routes through our platform. 

To experience the convenience and efficiency of our route planner app, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. We offer flexible pricing options, including weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, ensuring you can choose the best plan.

P.S. If you’re managing a team of drivers or a fleet, our platform also offers “Upper Crew,” specifically designed for streamlining operations and optimizing routes for multiple vehicles.

Pricing: Starts at $4.99 per week (Free plan available)

Stop limit: Free up to 20 stops (Can plan unlimited stops with paid app)

Route optimization: Advanced

Optimize multiple routes: Yes (You can create unlimited routes)

Platform: iOS, Android

Route quality: With Upper’s advanced routing algorithms, enjoy routes optimized up to 18% more efficiently, covering shorter distances and saving on fuel costs.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Quickly upload multiple addresses from a spreadsheet
  • Provide customers with precise delivery times
  • Easily reoptimize routes for last-minute changes 24/7 customer support


  • Upper doesn’t currently support barcode scanning
  • Requires a stable internet connection to ensure optimal route planning

Routes on Paper Take Time. Upper Optimizes Them in Minutes!

Every minute spent manually mapping routes is a minute stolen from your day. Upper eliminates the tedious task of planning deliveries, allowing you to optimize your entire route in 5 minutes.

3. Waze

Best free route planner for short road trips

Best free route planner for short road trips

Waze is a free navigation app that stands out as an interactive and community-driven solution for route planning.

Do you know what sets Waze apart from other free route planners?

Waze taps into real-time updates from its community of users. This makes your daily commute not just directions but a shared experience. With Waze, It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about optimizing your route based on live traffic, police alerts, construction updates, and more.

Waze, now part of Google, brings extra perks like custom voices and special routes for carpooling. One of the things we love most about Waze is how it learns your preferences over time. It remembers your favorite routes and provides personalized suggestions to make your commute smoother.

Perfect for car and motorcycle users, using Waze adds a social touch to your commute.

You may also like to read: How to Use Waze Route Planner

Pricing: Free

Stop limit: Up to 2 stops on a route, in addition to the final destination

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: No, Waze does not support organizing multiple routes simultaneously

Platform: Available on Web, Android, iOS

Route quality: Waze provides the most efficient route by leveraging real-time traffic data and community-generated alerts for precise route suggestions.


  • Enjoy personalized route recommendations based on your commuting patterns 
  • Earn points and achievements as you contribute to the community
  • Dynamic rerouting options keep you on the fastest path


  • In rural areas with fewer users, Waze’s crowd-sourced data effectiveness diminishes
  • Users are restricted to adding a single destination only
  • The inclusion of ads within the app may pose a distraction
  • Waze is not tailored for delivery business use, lacking features like GPS tracking

4. Apple Maps

Best route planner app free for Apple users


Apple Maps is a navigation application by Apple Inc. It stands out as a user-friendly and efficient free route planner. It specifically caters to the needs of iOS users and allows them to create a multi-stop Apple Maps itinerary

What makes Apple Maps special? 

It’s the seamless integration into Apple devices. It gives iOS users turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and efficient route-planning capabilities.

One of the things we appreciate most about Apple Maps is its clean interface and suite of features. 

Additionally, the latest iOS 17 update brings exciting features to Apple Maps, including: 

  • Offline maps are downloaded for navigation in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Real-time information on electric vehicle charging station availability with customizable filters.
  • Detailed 3D landmarks, road markings, and elevation levels for major cities.
  • Over 2,000 curated guides from publishers like AllTrails and Lonely Planet are available for enriched travel experiences.

So, if you’re an iOS user searching for a dependable and easy-to-use route planner right at your fingertips, Apple Maps is worth considering.

Pricing: Free

Stop limit: 14 stops

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: No

Platform: Available on iOS and Mac

Route quality: Apple Maps delivers dependable route suggestions, leveraging real-time traffic updates for accurate navigation.


  • Provides real-time traffic information
  • Integration with Siri enables hands-free navigation
  • Access information about local businesses, points of interest, and services along the route


  • Only allows to add up to 15 stops to a single route plan
  • Exclusively available on Apple devices, limiting accessibility
  • Lacks advanced route planning features

5. MapQuest

Best free route planner for trip planning

Best free route planner for trip planning

MapQuest has been a pioneering online mapping service since 1996. It is an American platform providing detailed street-level maps and driving directions for various cities and countries. 

MapQuest primarily caters to users seeking accurate navigation, real-time traffic updates, and point-of-interest searches. 

With features like preference-based inputs, gas price comparisons (U.S. only), and a route planner allowing up to 26 stops for free users, MapQuest proves valuable for route optimization. 

While using Mapquest Route Planner, we found it versatile. It delivers a free and subscription-based service to meet diverse route planning needs. 

  • MapQuest avoids toll roads, highways, or seasonal roads.
  • For flexible planning, you can add stops line-by-line, copy/paste, or import addresses.
  • MapQuest even provides layers for bars, airports, banks, and more.
  • You can access real-time traffic, accidents, webcams, and local temperatures.

However, MapQuest may be lacking in terms of longer routes. In that case, you can consider some advanced alternatives to MapQuest.

Pricing: Free

Stop limit: Supports up to 26 stops 

Route optimization: Yes

Plan multiple routes: No

Platform: Available on Web, iOS, Android

Route quality: MapQuest delivers reliable routes for shorter trips and city navigation. However, it may sometimes suggest longer routes or doesn’t work that well in rural areas.


  • Provides cost estimates for fuel, which assists in planning budget-friendly trips
  • The algorithm considers road types, speed limits, real-time traffic, and construction for route planning
  • Provides detailed and immersive street view options
  • Mapping tool to view, create, and interact with maps and other geographic data


  • Sometimes, it provides inaccurate time estimates and suggests longer routes
  • The free version requires users to watch ads for various functions
  • Users criticize it for displaying incorrect business addresses

Slash Delivery Costs with Optimized Routes

Gas prices are rising, and every unnecessary mile driven eats into your profits. Upper's route optimization ensures you take the most efficient routes, saving on gas and reducing vehicle wear.

6. MyRouteOnline

Best route planner for logistics and field operations


MyRouteOnline streamlines route planning, catering to businesses offering delivery services. With a user-friendly interface, it allows importing address lists, crafting routes for up to 1000 stops, and optimizing workloads through territory assignments.

The platform even offers robust customization options, allowing users to set service times and create routes based on specific goals, such as minimizing distance or time. 

The cloud-based solution offers integration capabilities and provides navigation assistance through the MyRoute app.

Though the route optimization software is not free, MyRouteOnline is a valuable tool for businesses looking to navigate their service routes with precision and efficiency.

It is worth noting here that MyRouteOnline works on a “Pay as You Go” model, which can be a bit costly for large businesses. For some liberal pricing options, you can explore MyRouteOnline alternatives.

Pricing: Free with options for paid subscriptions (Starts at $24 for limited access)

Stop limit: Supports up to 6 stops for free users

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: Yes, MyRouteOnline allows users to organize multiple routes

Platform: Available on Web, iOS, Android

Route quality: MyRouteOnline generally does a good job of optimizing routes, especially for many stops. However, some manual tweaking might be required in certain cases.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform
  • Direct data import from Google Sheets
  • Map-based planning with the Lasso tool


  • The route planning process can be time-consuming compared to other route planners available online
  • The “Pay as You Go” model may become costly when managing a large fleet
  • The algorithm may not always set up routes efficiently, requiring manual rearrangement

7. RouteXL

Best route planner for small businesses


RouteXL is a great route planner for multiple destinations. It cleverly organizes addresses to reduce travel time, making your deliveries or pickups faster and more fuel-efficient.

RouteXL provides a free plan with limitless routes and up to 20 stops. If you need unlimited stops, check out RouteXL alternatives.

For ease of use, you can simply import addresses from various applications, spreadsheets, or emails, enhancing convenience.

Then, once you have added departure and destination points, the route is calculated with a single button press. 

The generated routes can be printed, exported to navigation devices, or shared via email, offering flexibility in dispatching.

Some of the additional functionalities that caught our attention include:

  • The algorithm supports time windows, optimizing routes based on specific time constraints.
  • RouteXL goes beyond route planning, offering a range of features such as geocoding, GPS tracking, data sharing, search functionality, route sharing, and QR code scanning.

Pricing: Free with options for paid subscriptions (Starts at €35 EUR/ month)

Stop limit: Supports up to 20 stops for free users.

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: No

Platform: Available on the Web

Route quality: RouteXL’s route optimization performs well for smaller numbers of stops but may require manual tweaking for complex routes with many stops to achieve optimal efficiency.


  • Easily import numerous addresses at once
  • Share routes seamlessly with QR codes
  • Routes are automatically tagged as private, providing security and exclusivity
  • Can easily be connected with other applications seamlessly through API


  • It’s a web-based route planner; it lacks Android/iOS apps for on-the-go accessibility
  • The web interface is challenging and less intuitive
  • The free plan is restricted to 20 addresses, limiting functionality for extensive routing needs

8. TruckRouter

Best route planner for long-haul truck drivers and small trucking companies 

Best route planner for long-haul truck drivers and small trucking companies

TruckRouter is a specialized and free route-planning software tailored explicitly for the trucking industry. 

Ideal for truckers, fleet managers, and dispatch professionals, it provides truck-specific routes that consider height and weight restrictions

This is one of those features that is not usually available in conventional free route planner apps. 

This web-based delivery route planner offers crucial features such as alerts for low clearances, information on toll roads and costs, and a trip cost calculator to estimate expenses.

TruckRouter is among the top delivery route planner free choices for trucking professionals looking to optimize multiple routes and stay informed about road conditions.

Pricing: Free

Stop limit: 5 stops per route

Route optimization: Yes, but with a truck-centric focus

Organize multiple routes: No, TruckRouter is best suited for planning individual routes.

Platform: Web-based only (no mobile app available)

Route quality: TruckRouter excels at planning efficient routes for long hauls, considering truck-specific limitations. While it optimizes for distance and time, it might not be ideal for routes with frequent stops within a city.


  • Offers valuable features without a subscription fee
  • Easy registration and intuitive interface for quick route optimization free
  • Conveniently download trip details in XML format for record-keeping
  • Gathers and provides data on toll roads and associated costs


  • Limited accessibility without dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Best suited for long-haul routes, it may not be ideal for frequent stops
  • The absence of standardized rates may confuse larger trucking teams

9. Plotaroute

Best free route planner for outdoor enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, and walkers


Plotaroute is a versatile route-planning tool for runners, walkers, and cyclists. 

Whether you prefer the traditional point-and-click method, selecting waypoints, or having the app generate suggestions based on your desired distance, Plotaroute offers four convenient ways to create your perfect route. 

One thing that stood out during our review was Plotaroute’s advanced features. We loved the road surface checks, hill assessments, and access to Google Street View directly from the app. 

These features give you a lot of foresight and make planning your routes more detailed and enjoyable.

Moreover, Plotaroute doesn’t just stop at basic planning. You can merge or split routes, reshape paths, add detours, and analyze detailed route profiles and elevation stats. 

This level of customization and analysis is perfect for preparing for different terrains and ensuring your routes are tailored to your preferences.

Pricing: Free with options for paid subscriptions

Stop limit: 5

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: Yes

Platform: Available on Web, Android, iOS

Route quality:  Plotaroute impressed us with its ability to generate high-quality routes tailored to specific activities (running, cycling, etc.). However, it lacks live traffic updates and some premium features for non-paying users.


  • Create user-friendly routes for walks, runs, or bike rides
  • Explore the world with high-quality maps, enhancing your outdoor experience
  • Enjoy route optimizer on the go with the mobile device app
  • Offers a free route planning app with optional premium membership features


  • Plotaroute does not offer live traffic updates
  • Several standout features, including voice navigation, Garmin sync, and bulk route downloads, are exclusive to premium users
  • Plotaroute lacks features tailored for commercial users, such as inventory tracking and delivery driver GPS tracking

10. Speedy Route

Free route planner app for delivery drivers and salespeople

Free route planner app for delivery drivers and salespeople

Speedy Route is a powerful route optimization software designed for individuals and businesses with multiple stops. 

During our review, we found that it meticulously calculates the best route, ensuring each location is visited once before returning to your starting point as shortly and quickly as possible. 

This web-based route planning platform offers full driving directions between all stops, making it an invaluable asset for optimizing travel.

During our testing, Speedy Route impressed us with its features:

  • The platform provides scenario planning capabilities.
  • It incorporates considerations for vehicle maintenance into your route planning. 
  • It includes routing alerts to inform the user about potential issues and traffic updates.
  • It allows route simulation to visualize and assess the proposed plan and adjust as needed.

Speedy Route adapts to your needs and is ideal for single or multiple delivery vehicles. It produces the optimal route for the number of delivery service vehicles available, maximizing efficiency. 

Speedy Route excels at solving the Traveling Salesman Problem, providing free routing software that redefines the delivery and sales route optimization experience.

Pricing: Free with options for paid subscriptions (Starts at $69/month)

Stop limit: 10 stops

Route optimization: Yes

Organize multiple routes: Yes

Route quality: Speedy Route’s route optimization generally performs well, especially for routes with a moderate number of stops. However, manual adjustments may be needed for optimal results for complex multi-stop routes.


  • Speedy Route is available worldwide, providing route-planning solutions not only in the United States but also in various regions
  • Whether you operate a single vehicle or manage a fleet, Speedy Route accommodates both scenarios
  • You can choose from different subscription plans based on your needs


  • It is not entirely free; a subscription is needed for routes with over 10 locations
  • Voice navigation, Garmin sync, and bulk route downloads are reserved for premium users
  • No dedicated Android or iOS apps are available; access is limited to the web version

Get Powerful Features for Effortless Deliveries

Upper offers more than basic route planning. Get real-time traffic updates, capture proof of delivery electronically, and use Upper's analytics to identify areas for improvement.


The best free route planner depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Upper, Google Maps, MapQuest, RAC Route Planner, Waze, and RouteXL. Each has strengths and features, so exploring and finding the one that suits you best is essential.

Yes, several free apps, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Maps.me, Waze, and MapQuest, can help you plan a road trip. These apps allow you to input multiple locations, optimize routes, and access real-time traffic updates to make your road trip smoother and more enjoyable.

You can create a route with multiple stops for free using various route planning apps. Simply input your starting point and add the stops you want to visit. The routing app will then optimize the route based on your preferences and provide turn-by-turn directions.

If you’re looking for a route planner that offers advanced features like multi-stop route optimization, real-time traffic updates, and customizable route options, you might consider trying Upper. It’s designed to streamline your delivery process and maximize efficiency, making it a valuable alternative to Google Maps

Free route planners often have limitations, such as a cap on the number of stops you can add to a route, limited customization options, and occasional ads or sponsored content. Paid route planners typically offer more features, unlimited stops, and an ad-free experience.

To choose the right route planner for multi-stop trips, consider factors like the number of stops you need, route optimization capabilities, real-time traffic updates, ease of use, platform compatibility (web, mobile), and any additional features that are important to you, such as customization options or integration with other apps.

You can consider upgrading to a paid route planning software when you require features like unlimited stops, advanced route optimization algorithms, customization options (such as setting time windows for stops), integration with other business tools, priority support, and an ad-free experience. Evaluate your needs and budget to determine if a paid plan offers enough value for your use case.

Choose the Right Free Route Planner as per Your Need

Choosing the right free route planner can significantly improve efficiency and save costs for individuals and businesses alike. 

Whether you prioritize real-time traffic updates, advanced route optimization, or specific features like truck-specific routes or outdoor activity planning, free route planning software meets your needs. 

While popular apps like Google Maps offer basic navigation, tools like Upper provide advanced route optimization, customized trip preferences, and unlimited stops for enhanced productivity.

So, explore the options mentioned in this guide, consider your requirements carefully, and make an informed decision to streamline your route planning process and enhance your travel experience.

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