The 15 Best Multi Stop Route Planner Apps to Choose From

Thousands of drivers throughout the United States rely on route planners when completing an order. 

With a growth in the number of e-commerce deliveries due to the pandemic, the usage of cost-effective route planning tools has also increased. The key question for users is: “What is the best multi-stop route planner?”

Navigating a map when attending to numerous addresses can be a highly frustrating task. But you can choose to have the support of a popular route planner. So we have listed our top picks for you here.

List of 15 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps:

  1. Google Maps Route Planner: Ideal as a free route planning tool for road trips, public transit info, and the daily commute, creating the most efficient route for delivery 
  2. Upper Route Planner: The best route planner to create an optimized route for small and medium-sized delivery businesses in different industries.
  3. MapQuest Route Planner: Ideal for independent contractors, and professional drivers associated with field service industries or the delivery industry.
  4. Waze: Ideal for individuals, road trips, daily commutes, and recreational purposes
  5. Onfleet: Ideal for couriers, retail business owners, distributors, and on-demand delivery startups.
  6. Circuit Route Planner: Circuit Route Planner is ideal for creating the most efficient route for businesses managing pickups and deliveries.
  7. Routific: Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses making pickups and deliveries.
  8. Speedy Route: Ideal for route optimization and time boxing for teams of delivery drivers and small delivery businesses
  9. TruckRouter: Ideal for creating multiple optimized routes for trucks, trip cost calculator for trucking companies, and independent truck drivers
  10. MyRouteOnline: Ideal for deliveries, sales, and service businesses
  11. Route4Me: Ideal to create the best route for delivery & pickup drivers, and salespeople 
  12. RouteXL: Ideal for small and medium-sized delivery service businesses
  13. Maptive: It can plan routes for businesses in sales, supply chain, and real estate
  14. RouteSavvy: Ideal for small to mid-sized fleets that do service calls, pickups, or deliveries
  15. RAC Route Planner: Web-based route planner to plan routes for daily commutes and road trips

15 Multi-Stop Route Planners: Detailed Reviews

Here are the 15 top delivery route planner apps that will help you plan and optimize routes for multi-drop deliveries.

1. Google Maps Route Planner

Google Maps route planner is a popular voice-guided navigation app for route planning and turn-by-turn driving directions. It offers real-time GPS navigation, transit, and traffic information to reach the final destination in time. 

google maps route planner

Google Maps offers real-time ETAs and traffic conditions for users to reach from point A to point B. In addition to that, the mapping software platform provides automatic rerouting based on incidents, road closures, live traffic, and offline maps on the mobile app to search and navigate if there is no internet connection.

You can set specific route parameters to avoid highways, toll roads, and ferries. You can also explore a particular area with Google 3D Street View before going there. 

The biggest drawback of Google Maps is that it doesn’t allow you to import addresses using an Excel sheet.

2. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is an all-in-one route planning solution that has advanced routing features. The multi-stop delivery route planner is capable of finding the best routes for your multi-stop deliveries. It allows fleet managers to get insights into delivery operations via reports and analytics. 

It uses a completely automated delivery process so that you don’t rely on manually calculated routes. You don’t even need to add stops manually as you can import the addresses in one go. Upper helps you fetch delivery data directly from third-party apps. 

Moreover, route optimization software also offers route scheduling for dispatch managers. This means you can create a route schedule in advance and the software will notify you of the actual time of delivery.

The route planner aims for reducing working hours, operational costs, and manual efforts no matter how many deliveries you perform. 

Here’s how Upper can be your go-to multi-stop route planning software:

import stops

Import Stops

Import multiple addresses using Excel or CSV files. Or just drag and drop the file to let the route planner fetch the delivery details.

get best routes

Get Best Routes

Find the most efficient delivery routes within seconds and surpass the on-road obstacles to reach the destination 3x faster.

prioritize deliveries

Prioritize Deliveries

Set priorities levels to crucial, high or low for your scheduled deliveries and get notified on the particular delivery day.

time window

Time Windows

Add service time for each stop. Add breaks, and multi-stop, set average time per stop, and modify the start and end times.

analyze reports

Analyze Reports

Generate on-demand reports & analytics for analyzing drivers’ performance. Keep the delivery reports handy on cloud-based route optimization software.

one click dispatch

One-tap Dispatch

Dispatch routes to drivers with a single click of a button. Assign, reassign or swap drivers anytime throughout the process.

api integration

API Integration

Integrate any third-party system to transfer the data. Use API integration to transfer data seamlessly from existing CRM systems.

custom notifications

Custom Notifications

Send SMS and email customer notifications to keep your customers informed. Let your clients be updated with real-time customer alerts.

proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

Capture proof of delivery by clicking pictures or recording customer signatures. Add digital notes and e-signature to resolve customer claims and assure delivery.

Upper Route Planner is the ideal route planner app when it comes to planning and optimizing delivery routes. Whether you are running a small meal-kit delivery business or an enterprise-sized retail business, Upper can assist you with the best driving routes for your deliveries. 

Multi stop route planner review on G2

Get Upper for Multi-stop Route Planning

Include more than hundred of stops in your route plan and find the efficient routes instantly. Use Upper for your multi-stop delivery and save planning time.

3. MapQuest

MapQuest is one of the most popular and efficient route planner apps, it has been around for quite some time now. It has worked towards adapting to the changing needs and preferences of its users. It offers additional features for both personal and professional use.


With MapQuest, users can add multiple stops and future stops (up to 26 locations) to the trips and find the quickest route of the most efficient order by avoiding toll roads, highways, and country borders. It allows users to import addresses using a spreadsheet. 

Users can also add an option to automatically reorder stops to find the quickest route, locate restaurants, shops, and book hotels.

4. Waze

Waze is another popular, user-friendly delivery route planner to get the most efficient and quickest route and driving directions for it. It shows real-time traffic flows, reports, and other Waze users on the road around you. It works on offering a more practical solution.


Waze provides community-oriented driving directions from other users. It partners with cities, transportation authorities, broadcasters, businesses, and first responders to collect community-driven data.

Waze route planner offers voice features, street closures, parking notifications, and community feedback. The game-like simple user interface and the ability to connect with your Spotify account for a fun user experience. Waze is one of the best free route planners and professional user interface. You can download it from Google Play Store or App Store if you’re using Apple devices.

5. Onfleet

Onfleet is one of the most advanced logistics software, Onfleet helps companies across dozens of industries, including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, and pharmacy to power their delivery process.


Onfleet offers a way to import addresses using an Excel sheet, end-to-end multi-stop route planning, route optimization, dispatch, communication, and analytics. With the help of Onfleet’s last-mile delivery routing capabilities, businesses can focus on their customers.

Onfleet is a complete delivery management software that includes a real-time web dashboard, driver tracking, automated SMS notifications, and a mobile app for drivers.

6. Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner is an intuitive tool that supports businesses and single drivers in making a special feature for drivers and delighting their customers.


The Circuit is divided into two parts: A Circuit for Teams and Circuit Route Planner for individual drivers.

Individual drivers can download the Circuit Route Planner on Android and iOS devices, their device of choice. While Circuit for Teams is for a delivery business that helps team leader to manage delivery drivers. Like most route planners, Circuit allows users to import addresses using a spreadsheet.

7. Routific

Routific provides businesses with tools to deliver faster and on schedule, whether you are delivering food, parcels, or furniture. Routific makes it easier service for teams to upload addresses to the app to create the fastest route for delivery. 


Routific planning and route optimization software considers real-time tracking features like shift times, service time, vehicle capacities, delivery types, priority stops, and driver speeds. Doing this improves the overall operational efficiency of the delivery business.

It is an ideal route-planning app for delivery services that are looking for plush features.

8. Speedy Route

Speedy Route is a multiple-stop delivery route planner, whether you have a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles. With the most premium plan offered by Speedy Route, users can create the most efficient routes for unlimited stops. With Speedy Route, users can create delivery routes for any number of delivery vehicles.

speedy route

Speedy Route offers features like drag & drop scheduling, bulk import of addresses using Excel sheet, re-ordering business location in optimal route order, time boxing, mileage tracking, and performance metrics that help an average user make planning and tracking their trips easier. 

9. TruckRouter

TruckRouter is an extremely useful route optimization tool for creating trucking routes depending on vehicle capabilities. It is a route optimization software that is designed specifically for meeting the requirements of the logistics industry. 


With this web-based route planning service, users can create truck-specific routes with weight, height, width, and length restrictions. It also offers a trip cost calculator, low clearances, and routing preferences, along with information for route elevation, toll roads, and toll costs.

10. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is one of the best options for trucking and logistics and last-mile companies for the purpose of quickest delivery route planning and optimization. MyRoute offers dispatch management, work order management, fuel management, mileage tracking, and territory management. 

myroute online

Users can plan and optimize 350 stops per route. All they have to do is import addresses using an Excel sheet. Users can optimize routes according to preferences to either minimize travel time or minimize planning time.

Users can not only save routes online, but they can also access route animation for viewing the entire route and has an activated driver tracking feature that allows tracking each driver.

11. Route4Me

Route4Me allows you to find the quickest route for a journey, entirely for free, simply by inputting the zip code. The free version of the app provides you with 10 routes per month. Any more than that and you will need to sign up for a monthly or annual plan, but this means you can access unlimited routes.


The app is exceptionally easy to use and certainly minimizes the stress of navigating a map by offering turn-by-turn directions. Users can simply import addresses using an Excel sheet. 

On top of cross-platform functionality and planning routes in 60 seconds, Route4Me also manages route customization for several drivers simultaneously and offers GPS tracking, and collects driver data.

12. RouteXL

RouteXL is a go-to route planner for multiple delivery destinations. It helps individuals and businesses find the best multi-stop routes for pickup, delivery, and services. The free version of RouteXL allows up to 20 stops per route while the month per user or paid options allow up to 100 and 200 addresses per route.


Users can import addresses using a spreadsheet, access GPS tracking, and export a delivery route to Google Maps and Apple Maps. 

In addition to that RouteXL, there is a feature for delivery drivers where that splits multiple deliveries among multiple drivers and provides WEBFLEET integration.

13. Maptive

Maptive allows users or businesses to create custom maps from their own data. Maptive offers some of the best-in-class mapping tools to improve the Google Map foundation. 


In addition to that, Maptive built-in optimize route feature helps to create the quickest route. Businesses can create sales density maps, territory maps, store locators, heat maps, and so much more. 

14. RouteSavvy

RouteSavvy is a powerful and affordable online route planning software. It helps with route optimization of hundreds of routes with hundreds of stops instantly. It also offers mobile device integration for turn-by-turn directions.


Businesses can create spreadsheets full of stops. Simply import addresses to RouteSavvy’s efficient route planning software. The rest of it is handled by RouteSavvy. 

15. RAC Route Planner

RAC Route Planner is a commercial web-mapping service, an alternative to AA Route Planner to plan efficient orders of routes and receive driving directions and real-time traffic data. RAC Route Planner put drivers’ safety first, a very useful feature for any delivery business growth.

rac mapping

The routing app provides a separate section on Traffic News and Mileage Calculator. Users can access maps and driving directions in the UK, Europe, and other countries. The map also helps users find hotels, garages, and car dealerships. 

The web-based app helps users stay aware of accidents and weather along the route. The fuel cost calculator in the app helps users make sure they are not spending too much on gas.


Upper Route Planner

A simple-to-use route planner
that every one is talking about

Tips to Choose the Ideal Route Planner for Your Business

There are multiple route planning apps available in the market, but it is essential to choose one that is completely ideal for your business development. Hence, before considering a route planner app, look at the following tips to select a suitable app for your business:

  • A route planner app should match your business needs and meet your criteria in terms of planning and optimizing routes. 
  • Make sure your preferred app should take less time for route optimization.
  • The app should allow you to integrate with other apps as well. 
  • It should not add more cost to your work and help to assign your task easier. 
  • The route plan app should be user-friendly, so you can optimize routes faster and more efficiently.

These were the basic questions that you should ask before adopting a route planner.


Yes, you can create routes at multiple destinations on Apple Maps. Follow the steps to create a multi-stop route using Apple Maps:

  • Open Apple Maps
  • Then, search for destinations by entering the address
  • Later, tap the direction button
  • If you have more stops, click on add stop button

Upper is the best app for creating optimized routes and planning. The route planner app helps you to the find quickest routes for delivery within a few clicks, set priorities, proof of delivery, digital signature, delivery time windows, and curbside delivery.

The best way to plan a route with multiple locations is to use route planning apps instead of using inefficient routes via a manual process. The delivery routes via software will give you mapping, distances, steps, a clean user interface, and the best ways to proceed to all your destinations.

Definitely, Google Maps can help you create a multi-stop route plan. However, the user can only add limited stops up to 10. If there are more than 10 stops, you need to consider options other than Google Maps.

Yes, Upper allows you to plan more than hundreds of stops in your route plan. By using Upper, you can have the shortest routes, and import up to 500 addresses from Excel or CSV. Moreover, users can easily add delivery teams of drivers and shared routes via a link.

Want to Plan a Multi-stop Route in Haste? Give Upper a Shot

While most of the helpful delivery and route optimization apps are free and can handle the input of numerous stops.

But if your business and delivery demands are challenging, you must go for a paid route planner app for delivery drivers. A paid subscription to a route optimization solution can help you plot multiple locations on a route without any limitations. 

If you are looking to manage multiple destinations and multiple drivers daily, try out Upper Route Planner. To know more about our route planner with unlimited stops, .

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