Discover the Top 5 Phones for Delivery Drivers

keyKey Takeaways:
  • For delivery drivers, durability, battery life, and GPS accuracy are the most important things to look for in a phone.
  • One of the greatest smartphones for delivery drivers is the Sonim XP8, while another is the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.
  • Communication with customers and dispatchers requires a phone with a wide, clear screen and excellent sound quality.
  • A decent phone for delivery drivers should have dependable cellular coverage and be compatible with fleet management software.

With manually handling work processes becoming a thing of the past, the popularity of automated functions keeps increasing.

Nowadays, one thing that has become necessary for delivery drivers is a good smartphone.

Smartphones are essential to keeping client contacts, but with the advent of delivery apps like delivery management software or route optimization tools, a smartphone is the lifeline of a delivery operator’s business. 

But which smartphones are the best suited to a delivery operator’s job? 

Ideally, the easier your smartphone operates, the more likely you’re expected to finish your work efficiently. You’ll use your phone to organize delivery routes, map pick-up and drop-off spots, etc. 

So, which is the best phone for delivery drivers? What features should one consider before buying them? 

Worry not, since all of this will be answered below. 

Less time on the road, more time at home

Things to Consider When Buying a Phone for Delivery Drivers

The above information proves that having the best phone for delivery drivers is essential.

There are things that delivery drivers should consider before buying a smartphone for themselves.

Some of these can be explained as follows:

1. Suitability

Some delivery applications are only compatible with certain phones. If you deliver for them, ensure your phone complies with any specified requirements. 

You don’t want to spend money on a new smartphone only to discover that it can’t be used for work. You need to ensure that your cellular service providers offer compatibility with your unlocked phone because, being a delivery driver, you might need to travel across borders.

2. Size of the Display

Nobody enjoys squinting at a small screen, especially if you need to check a path or delivery detail quickly. 

A suitably sized screen eliminates the need to squint. It will also be simpler to add delivery notes, switch apps, and check notifications.

3. Lighting and Pixel Density

The size of your phone screen isn’t the only factor influencing how simple it is to read. 

If your smartphone has a higher resolution and is bright enough to see even on sunny days, it will be simpler for you to save time. 

To understand how the phones work and function, like brightness adjustment, you should examine them in person.

4. Time Between Charges

As a driver, you depend on your smartphone for everything, from GPS charting your routes to listening to music. 

You don’t want your phone’s battery to run out before your assignment is through. Long battery life eliminates the need to constantly connect your gadget to a charger or an inductive charging station. It’s also nice to be able to charge quickly.

5. Longevity

You’ve almost dropped a phone (we all have). As a result, you should opt for a sturdy phone with a strong water-resistant casing. 

You don’t want to buy a new phone since the first one fell out of your delivery van and fractured into a million pieces.

6. Cost-Benefit Ratio

As a delivery driver, it’s critical to have a good smartphone. You don’t have to acquire the most up-to-date iPhone or invest five figures on the most gleaming Android smartphone.

You need to ensure that you purchase two phones. One phone can run your delivery or uber app, and another can be used for personal work.

For example, being an Uber driver, you need to have your Uber phone with a designated sim card, so it gets difficult to handle personal tasks during the delivery process.

Top 5 Best Smartphones for Delivery Drivers

It can be difficult to choose the perfect device among the various options available but don’t worry. 

There’s a product for everyone, whether you’re a die-hard Apple lover or a lifelong Android user. Here are a few of the best phones for delivery drivers.

1. Apple iPhones

Apple iPhone is regarded as a smartphone pioneer, and its devices are frequently the cutting-edge technology. They’re an incredibly simple phone with a quick setup for busy delivery workers. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

    The iPhone 13 series contributed greatly to Apple’s growth of 8% year on year.

    This phone has a 120Hz ProMotion display, 6GB of RAM, and four cameras, making it much easier than ever to take a photo of an item after it has been delivered. 

    You can choose from storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB. Apple’s latest bionic chip is also included in the phone.

  • iPhone 12 Mini

    This phone has 4GB of RAM and is small, so it sits in your hand as a more cost-effective option. Despite the relatively small size, it sports a 5.4-inch high-density screen.

    Note: An advantage of an iPhone is that its network uses the most recent iOS, allowing you to scan locations instead of typing them in.

    If you don’t have any other Apple devices, you may face difficulties rapidly connecting the iPhone to other devices.

2. Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is another well-known smartphone brand and, in many ways, one of Apple’s main competitors. Despite the launch of the Galaxy S-series, the demand for Samsung smartphones has declined by 7% year on year.

But it still offers quality Android smartphones that can provide the delivery drivers great technology access for better outcomes. Here are a few models to consider:

  •  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    This phone has all the latest bells and whistles, but it’s most notable for its stunning screen display, excellent luminance, and 120Hz refresh frequency. With a Snapdragon CPU, the S21 is also lightning fast. The newer version is the Galaxy S22 Ultra which has four camera lenses, and the phone’s release was made official in February 2022.

  • Galaxy S21

    This phone has a significantly smaller display (6.2 inches) and costs less ($800 vs. $1,100 for the S21 Ultra). The 4,000mAh charging capacity should also last the entire day.

  • Samsung S20 FE

    This smartphone is a little less expensive but still delivers a lot of bang for your dollars. An excellent battery life, a superb camera, and a nice display are expected.

    Note: Samsung phones have poor battery life and much-unneeded software or extra apps, to name a few drawbacks.

3. Google Pixel Phones

Even if Google is newer to the mobile game than Samsung or Apple, that doesn’t mean they can’t compete! 

Google built the Android operating system; thus, they are well-versed in technology. 

Below are a few good choices to consider:

  • Google Pixel 4

    The Snapdragon 855 chipset and up to 128 GB of internal memory are included in this phone. It has a 2800 mAh battery for drivers who perform long shifts. This can last up to 14 hours, depending on your use. It is C band compatible and is great for driving gigs.

  • Google Pixel 5

    The screen on this Google phone is quite large (6 inches). It’s also light, weighing only 0.33 pounds, so it won’t slow you down during your shift. One of the quality Android phones for Uber drivers with dual rear cameras, camera lenses capable of capturing minute details, and quality phone features. 

    The drivers can use the same Uber account synced with their Gmail accounts. It’s a durable phone with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, headphone jack, and a larger screen.

  • Google Pixel 6

    Get the Google Pixel 6 if you want the best of the best. It includes a more streamlined appearance and improved camera than the two prior phones and AI capabilities. 

    The display is 6.4 inches, and the battery capacity is 4,614 mAh. It’s an excellent choice for Uber drivers as they can run an Uber driver app and an uber platform web portal that can help them different access features.

    Note: One of the greatest disadvantages of Google devices is the absence of expandable storage. Apple, for example, offers additional storage via iCloud to iPhone customers.

4. LG Smartphones

LG phones may not be as well-known as some other brands on this shortlist, like the Sony Xperia series and most Huawei phones, but it is still a dependable manufacturer of high-quality smartphones. Here are a few good ones:

  • LG G8X ThinQ

    The device from LG G services has two screens which are unique as they face one another. For example, drivers could have a map app on one end and their music collection on the other.

  • LG G8 ThinQ

    This is just another excellent option for drivers. It has a speedy fingerprint mechanism, an OLED camera with excellent quality, and a vibrant color display. A dual-SIM variant is also available.

  • 5G LG V60 ThinQ

    This is the phone to acquire if you want top-tier LG technology. It has a 10-megapixel rear camera and 8GB of RAM. The huge screen, which extends 6.8 inches, is the show’s star. It’s a high-end phone with the latest Android version, which offers great features.

    Note: The LG smartphone’s limited battery life is a disadvantage.

5. Nokia Smartphones

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a smartphone for a delivery driver, Nokia phones are a great option. Here are a few well-known models:

  • Nokia 6.2

    This phone costs around $250 and includes all the necessities, such as a strong camera and up to 4GB of RAM. It offers own designated sim card that can be used to connect.

  • Nokia 5.3

    This phone has a bigger display and 6GB of RAM. It also includes a strong Snapdragon processor and a quad-camera. The battery can last up to two days, depending on usage.

  • Nokia 9 PureView

    The Nokia 9 Pureview is a flagship smartphone with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 3,320mAh battery. There is a back camera and a front camera with a resolution of 20MP.

    Note: One disadvantage of the Nokia phone is that it only has a few features.

Role of Smartphones in the Job of a Delivery Driver

With everything running on smartphones nowadays, they have become an integral part of a delivery driver’s everyday work.

Delivery operators use smartphones to

  • Contact their clients
  • Save client and hirers contacts 
  • Identity pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Operate GPS to locate possible routes
  • Run route optimization apps to know about the shortest possible routes
  • Keep track of delivery items delivered and to be delivered

Use Upper Route Planner to Improve Your Delivery Routes

When it concerns deliveries, today’s truckers are reliant on their phones. We’ve highlighted additional factors, such as display size, power consumption, and cost, that are just as significant depending on your demands.

Once you’ve found the perfect phone, it’s time to activate it with your favorite apps, such as Amazon Music for music and Google Maps for traffic updates.

Upper Route Planner is a robust delivery management software for delivery operators. Upper Route Planner can prioritize your delivery stops and get optimum delivery routes

You may use these to keep track of delivery notes, schedule delivery windows, achieve same-day deliveries, and provide evidence of delivery in an electronic signature or a photo of a box being delivered.

Upper Route Planner combines all these tools, allowing you to decrease the number of applications you need on your new phone, freeing up space for important things, like your music collection and food apps!


Essentially, delivery drivers use smartphones for two primary purposes: to run GPS to navigate routes and contact clients. Alternatively, these can be done without a smartphone since drivers can just remember the routes and contact clients using old button phones. But think about a scenario where one delivery driver uses a good smartphone to optimize his process, and the other is not. And with the advent of modern apps like Upper Route Planner, having a good smartphone becomes even more essential. Some delivery drivers might even have a second phone for their work processes, but having one good cell phone will suffice for a good work function.

The choice of an operating system depends on the user. Suitability or compatibility is a major factor before buying a smartphone. iPhone lovers can opt for iOS, considering their comfort and preferences. On the other hand, people comfortable with Android should stick to them for smooth functioning.

The must-have feature of a good cell phone is

  • A minimum screen size of 4.7 inches
  • Internet access and a SIM card
  • An A-GPS or GLONASS chip built-in
  • Messaging apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp
  • A minimum of 2 GB RAM


Smartphone is an essential thing for delivery drivers and therefore, you should consider above points before buying a new gadget for your drivers. Here, we discussed top 5 smartphones that are widely used by delivery agents while performing multi-stop deliveries. 

But having a reliable smartphone is not just enough to carry out deliveries. That’s true because you may need best route planner that can direct you towards the destination. A route planner which can find optimized routes considering factors like weather, avoidance zones and toll booths. In case you are using an ordinary navigation app, we suggest you try advanced route optimizer like Upper.

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