A Guide on How to Deliver Packages with Your Own Car

keyKey Takeaways:

  • Ensure that you have the right insurance coverage and required permits to operate as a commercial driver before you use your personal vehicle for delivery.
  • Maintaining an organized vehicle helps you deliver packages more efficiently and professionally.
  • You can plan your routes ahead of time and get help for optimizing your deliveries and decreasing the overall risk of getting lost in traffic.

According to Zippia, around 1,305,155 delivery drivers are currently employed in the United States. So, if you want to start a side hustle as a contract delivery driver, it can be the best decision ever made for you. Let us explain how.

Being a delivery driver, it is not necessary to carry out deliveries by associating with a company and delivering using their vehicles only. You can be an independent contract delivery driver and deliver packages with your own car only.

But how to deliver packages with your own car?

And considering you have to be responsible for things like your own fuel expenses and working hours, how rewarding will this job option be in the long run?

If you are worried about these factors, then you are in the right place. 

In this blog, we made sure to answer all the necessary things you need to know before starting your journey on this career path.

How to Deliver Packages with Your Own Car?

Being efficient and fast when delivering shipments is one of the key success factors for multi-stop delivery driver who uses their own car.

That is relevant whether you are paid hourly or per package delivered. You could be delivering time-sensitive parcels, such as same-day deliveries or next-day deliveries.

Making time-sensitive deliveries efficiently will help you satisfy your organization and your customers. Furthermore, finishing work early or on schedule gives you more fulfillment and personal time.

So, here are a few valuable recommendations on how to be quick when delivering parcels in your car:

1. Prioritize your customer’s demand

Delivery business isn’t just about delivering packages and earning a profit out of it. You need to focus on various aspects that help you solve customers’ needs. So, focus on fulfilling their expectations rather than just following the trend of delivery businesses.

Figure out how they want their deliveries to be made. Some want their packages to get delivered on priority, while some don’t have any urgency. Also, offer different payment methods because not everyone pays online, some asks to pay cash on delivery also. So, if you prioritize the customers’ needs, your new business is likely to get recommended by them.

2. Plan your delivery route in advance

Don’t assume that being a contract courier or independent driver is always easy. Every job, including delivery jobs, has its challenges.

Finding the destination for every single delivery drop-off is one of the most demanding and tedious aspects of delivery services. Therefore, planning your route beforehand will save you time and fuel costs and streamline your work.

You can use Google Maps or the effective delivery route planner app on your smartphone device to locate each location and schedule your day before you hit the road. Planning your route in advance will also help you avoid visiting incorrect delivery addresses.

If you plan to deliver many parcels each day, you might want to look at a more comprehensive route planning software solution that allows you to include and plan multiple stops in each route.

3. Ensure your delivery route is optimized

You must understand that your delivery route is not only the shortest path between two points but rather the most optimal path to all of your delivery locations.

An optimized delivery route factors in the number of stops you must make and the location of each stop. It considers traffic jams, construction delays, accidents, unforeseen weather conditions, and any other bottlenecks that could slow you down on the road and cause delivery delays.

This is why you need to use an effective route planning and optimization software, as it will find you the most efficiently optimized route for your deliveries.

You may provide customers a delivery window and plan rest stops or restroom breaks at the most convenient locations if you determine the optimized route each day.

4. Know where parcels are located in your car

Another method that can save you time and money is to use an advanced delivery route planning and optimization software application to assist you in organizing delivery packages in your car.

Take into account the fact that you will be transporting a variety of goods and frequently stopping to deliver them throughout the day. If you have to search your car at each stop, the time you spend mounts up over the course of the whole day.

You can counteract these effects at each location by organizing your parcels in your car based on the delivery address and drop-off sequence.

5. Drive efficiently to save fuel

The way you drive your car can also help save fuel and reduce the heavy fuel expenses that come straight out of your pockets.

For instance, drive your car slowly and within speed limits. You can also turn off your car when you are at a halt for a longer period of time. This will help you prevent wasting fuel unnecessarily.

Why Delivering Packages with Your Personal Vehicle is a Great Choice?

Using your own vehicle for making deliveries gives you a lot of convenience and freedom. 

You can also establish your working hours and decide on the number of deliveries you can make in a day. Basically, you can be your own boss.

You also don’t require a special delivery driving license since the car belongs to you. You need to be 18 years old or older and have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, and you are all set to make good money with great flexibility.

You will get the package delivered to customers’ doorsteps, and they will receive it in a timely manner. If you are looking for ways to make your business more efficient, then car delivery is one of the best options for you.

You don’t need to own a delivery company or get a full-time/part-time delivery driver job in any delivery business. You can just start delivering packages using your car only and utilize your independence to give maximum productivity. Here are two major benefits of using a car to carry out deliveries.

Gives you flexibility

If you have your own vehicle, it means that you can be more flexible in your delivery hours. For example, if you have to go to a customer site on Friday afternoon and deliver a package on Sunday morning, then you can do so when it is convenient for you and your family. 

You wouldn’t have to drive all night just to deliver one package that was scheduled for delivery on Monday morning. Drive only when necessary, save money, and get home faster! Car delivery is a choice that can make your life easier. It is convenient for you and the recipient.

Choose your own mode of work

You can either work for a delivery service company or successfully become an independent contract delivery driver.

It’s hard to beat the flexibility of being your own boss. You can work from wherever you want, whenever you want, and set your own schedule. There are no bosses to answer to, no managers standing over your shoulder checking up on what you’re doing and how quickly you’re doing it.

You are the only person responsible for making decisions, whether they are about schedules, client management, investments, or profit generation.

Your car doesn’t let you stop

Your personal car will always be in good condition. That means there are fewer chances of it breaking down en route to deliveries. Eventually, you face less downtime for your business and spend more time delivering packages instead of dealing with special insurance claims or repairs.

What are the Different Types of Courier Jobs That can be Done with a Car?

As you can guess, as a driver delivering shipments using your car, you’ll obtain contracts for smaller packages that don’t require a large van or delivery truck.

But what specifically will you be delivering?

It could be everything from online shopping parcels to small furniture pieces, apparel, accessories, and books too. You can also deliver food and groceries from local restaurants and grocery stores.

You could acquire contracts for delivering time-sensitive legal documents, for instance. You could also work as a healthcare or medical courier.

You will be responsible for transporting and delivering medical records and documents, lab samples or medical test results, medical supplies such as needles and bandages, and pharmaceuticals in this position. 

Pharmacies often hire independent delivery drivers to deliver medications and other supplies to customers.

If you deliver pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, you may need to learn additional protocols to ensure proper management and confidentiality.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industrial areas with the highest concentration of work opportunities for couriers and messengers in 2020 were:

  • Local messengers and local delivery
  • Diagnostic and medical laboratories
  • Express delivery services and couriers
  • Assistance in animal production operations
  • Legal aid services

There is also an increasing demand for food delivery drivers, as restaurants and bars, and cafes use food delivery apps or employ independent contractor delivery drivers to deliver food for them.

Some Benefits of Delivering Packages with Your Own Car

Listed below are some perks why you should make deliveries in your own vehicle:

Flexible working hours

Because of the flexible working hours, many workers prefer to transport and deliver packages in their own vehicles. You can establish your own working hours and delivery schedule. You can also use delivery apps to receive orders as soon as you open them.
Having flexible working hours allows you to spend more time with friends and family and participate in extracurricular activities outside of work. It allows you to maintain a healthy social life without making any sacrifices. Even if you choose to work long hours, it will be your choice, and you will be able to earn more money.

If you already have a full-time job, you can use your car to deliver packages as a side venture to supplement your income.

Opportunity to earn good money

Another advantage of transporting and delivering packages using your car is the opportunity to earn more money.

Opportunity to earn good money by delivering with your own car

Some delivery drivers charge a per-mile delivery fee, which is convenient if you travel a considerable distance. You can also charge a flat delivery cost for each box you drop off. You can also charge an hourly rate.

You can make a good living by delivering packages using your car, regardless of how you choose to be compensated.

Job security

In the United States, there will always be a demand for delivery services. Therefore, you can be assured that you’ll always have work coming in, and you will never have to wonder if your livelihood is in jeopardy. The demand for delivery services will not disappear, no matter what you deliver.

One of the primary reasons for the rising need for independent contractor delivery drivers in the local delivery and courier sector in the United States is the growth of the B2C eCommerce market. The above statement is based on a report published by Technavio, a renowned market research firm.

Because of the increase in online purchasing, transporting and delivering packages with your car has become a reliable and secure job now more than ever.

How can Upper Route Planner Be a Helping Hand in Carrying Out Deliveries with a Car?

Making deliveries using your car has several perks, which you are aware of by now. But as mentioned before, to be efficient in your job, you also need to make deliveries on or before time.

If you miss deliveries or make delayed deliveries, it can cause you to lose loyal customers as well as your job in the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, to plan efficient delivery routes every day, you need route planning and route optimization software. In that case, Upper Route Planner is your go-to route optimization and delivery scheduling software solution!

It can streamline your delivery operations by saving you time and money too. It can also help you collect digital proof of delivery to safeguard your job position. Go for a FREE 7 days TRIAL period today and learn how you can leverage the benefits we offer to streamline your delivery operations


To save money while delivering packages with your car, you have to take care of some points like:

  • Optimize routes to save on fuel charges
  • Maintain your delivery vehicle
  • Switch off the engine in traffic or signals
  • Avoid long or rural routes
  • Operate the car correctly to avoid any damage

When carrying out car deliveries, it is necessary to create an optimized route to save plenty of money on fuel and delivery time. For the same, it is advisable to use route optimization software like Upper Route Planner. Upper is a robust software designed to provide route optimization solutions to delivery businesses. You can import hundreds of stops and optimize them in one route.

You can make your car deliveries more efficient by adopting the following methods:

  • Make a list of your deliveries
  • Make a route plan
  • Prioritize the stops
  • Decide your business hours
  • Offer excellent customer support


Delivering packages using your own vehicle is widely preferred by package delivery drivers. But, at the same time, you need to make sure you are using the best delivery route planner app. If not, chances are that you may spend more time on the road, and it might result in under-delivery.

Referring to the above-mentioned factors, we recommend you use Upper Route Planner to smoothen your entire delivery process through quick route planning and route optimization. Besides, Upper is packed with features like one-click dispatch, report & analysis, proof of delivery, and API integration. The use of such advanced route planning software is that it makes a completely automated process where there is no room for human errors. So, next time you go out with your car, ensure you have taken a 7 days FREE TRIAL of Upper Route Planner.

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