10 Multi-Drop Delivery Driver Tips to Know in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • For multi-drop delivery drivers, careful planning and organization are crucial.
  • Make sure your vehicle is maintained to manage multiple stops and deliveries.
  • Prioritizing your delivery and using your time wisely are essential, so do both.
  • Have a backup plan in case unexpected situations arise, such as heavy traffic or road closures.

In recent years, online shopping has become an integral part of eCommerce. And with the expansion of the internet, online shopping and shoppers have also gradually increased. According to a report by Statista, more than 2 billion people have made purchases online, registering a sale of 4.2 trillion USD worldwide.

With the rise in online shopping, the volume of shipments will increase, and this will gradually put a load on drivers. Hence, drivers are an essential component of a delivery business.

To help you understand better, we have listed below some multi-drop delivery driver tips that you can use to work efficiently. So let’s get started without further delay.

What Is Multi Drop delivery?

Multi-drop delivery, as the word signifies, is the making of courier distribution to several customers on the same route instead of making separate delivery to each customer or addresses for each package.

This helps the courier drivers to make multiple deliveries in one go. It also saves time, fuel, and energy and also reduces overall expenses for the business. Multi-drop carriage depends on variables like fleet and driver availability, delivery address, volume of shipments, fuel efficiency, driver skills, and scheduled returns.

It is beneficial for shippers who ship multiple shipments at different locations, and there can be several stops along the way until it is delivered. Now that you know what multi-drop delivery is, let’s check the types of multi-drop delivery services.

What Are the Types of Multi Drop Deliveries?

  • Single Pick-up/Multi Drop: The outbound shipments are picked up from a single origin and dropped off at different locations.
  • Multi Pick-up/Single Drop: The inbound shipments are picked up from different origins and delivered to a single destination.
  • Multi Pick-up/Multi Drop: This is the combination of multiple pickups and multiple drop-offs.

Why Is Multi-Drop Delivery Important?

  1. Delivering packages to multiple destinations with the help of numerous drop services helps run the last-mile operations efficiently.
  2. Multi-drop distribution can also help deliver orders on time to numerous places.
  3. The multi-drop system supports getting a dynamic route for planning order deliveries.
  4. With a multi-drop delivery route, drivers can deliver multiple orders with a single vehicle.
  5. The feature of multi-drop delivery helps drivers to manage every trip efficiently and smoothly.

What Are the Responsibilities of Multi Drop Delivery Driver?

Though multi-drop delivery is the best way of making a lot of money in a short time, it is also challenging at times. In most multi-drop deliveries, the drivers take the planner’s help to make the process smooth. The drivers have several duties & responsibilities at the same time like:

  • Understanding the most efficient route for Multi-Drop
  • Maintaining good customer relationships
  • Planning the routes in advance
  • Try to do daily maintenance checks to avoid any unnecessary delays
  • Loading and unloading parcels safely
  • Make sure the vehicle returns in good condition after the distribution
  • Adhere to driving and logistics legislation of your business 
  • Ensure all customers receive their parcels 

10 Simple and Efficient Tips for Multi Drop Delivery Driver

1. Organizing and Route Planning

Delivery route planning

Being multi-drop drivers, they carry several packages at a time. So prepared route planning and optimization will help to save a lot of time, thus making the driver’s life easier. It will also save fuel and help to plan the next delivery resulting in more successful deliveries.

Therefore, the driver will know exactly what the delivery route is and how they are supposed to deliver it.

2. Parcel loading/unloading

The driver must ensure they load the parcels into the van in reverse order. For example, the deliveries they want to make at the end of the day should be kept in the truck first, followed by the mediate deliveries. And the parcel to be delivered at the start should be held at the end.

This will help them familiarize themselves with all their parcels in the car before going out for distribution. It will also ensure that multi-drop is done more efficiently and faster, helping them to earn more money for less effort.

3. Simplify finding the package

The multi-drop drivers often carry a lot of packages in a single van. This simply means more time wasted and more struggle to find packages at each stop. We at Upper have the option to add the parcel information for the drivers. The parcel information includes :

  • Location of the parcel in the van
  • Placement of package
  • Stop type
  • Parcel picture
  • Parcel count
  • Barcode

These things will not only reduce the wastage of time but also save drivers stress and keep them happy giving their best performance.

4. Plan all the deliveries and pick-ups

While planning their route, the courier driver should keep both deliveries and pickups in mind. This will help the courier driver to perform their job faster. If they miss any delivery or pick up, their job will be incomplete, resulting in less money earning and unhappy customers.

Hence, always double-check all the deliveries and pickups before you leave the depot to start your day.

5. Prioritize urgent deliveries

When planning routes with Upper, you have the option to set priority for the distributing shipments. For urgent deliveries, the appropriate priority level (crucial, high, medium, or low) can be chosen, and a stop can be added. Additionally, drivers can also select the delivery time window.

For example, if there is any delivery for frozen foods, the driver should try to deliver them faster to reduce the chances of ruining the food.

6. Make deliveries on time and to the right address

It takes time out of your day to make the deliveries, and time is money. One of the best tips to keep the customers happy is to ensure that you always deliver the parcels on time and to the right person and address. 

The dispatcher should make sure that when they ship the parcel, the name and address should be correct on it. Also, drivers can double-check the address before trying to deliver so that the delivery is not made at the wrong place. 

7. Ensure to abide by the laws 

It is very important for the delivery drivers not to rush in completing the deliveries. This means they should perform multi-stop delivery efficiently and safely. It includes driving at the posted speed limit and also following the traffic rules keeping those around you safe.

The drivers should take their time to do their job so that the parcels are delivered in good condition. It is also recommended that drivers maintain the speed limit during bad weather or extreme traffic.

The drivers should also keep the traffic and weather conditions in mind while delivering. They should consider the parking restrictions and complete all the delivery-related paperwork.

8. Providing exceptional customer service

Provide exceptional customer service

The customers do not want to wait longer for their shipments. Once the delivery person is out for delivery, the customer should be notified through SMS/email, unlike other delivery apps. Upper sends an automatic notification about the Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) and the delivery status. This will ensure the customer’s presence to accept the parcel.

After the driver hands over the package, they can capture ePOD (Electronic Proof Of Delivery) through a photo or signature to ensure that the parcel is in safe hands.

9. Keep the vehicle maintained and clean

A vehicle is the most important tool for a delivery driver. So, after completing all tasks for a day, the car should be cleaned, removing the trash or any leftovers. Keeping it clean will make the car ready for the next day and help to avoid the mixing of old and new parcels.

It is also necessary to schedule vehicle maintenance from time to time to keep the vehicle operating efficiently and safely.

10. Review the whole week

After the delivery is done for the whole week, the driver can review their completed work, and customer reviews and prepare themselves for the next week with a positive attitude. If there is any pending work left for them, they can easily plan it for the next week. 

Additionally, if there is any scheduled delivery for next week, they can plan it to provide a better customer experience. They can also prepare a multi-drop delivery route in advance for the scheduled deliveries.

How Upper Route Planner Helps You Make 3X More Multi-Drop Deliveries?

Having a driver-friendly and efficient route planner is important for multi-drop drivers.

Upper Route Planner is an advanced route planning software to streamline delivery operations. The software automates the process of delivery routes through route planning and optimization.

Upper reduces the manual work of planning routes and helps to ensure your customers get the parcel on time. Additionally, it also guarantees delivery to the customer’s doorstep on time. Here are some benefits of Upper for multi-drop delivery:

  • Increased earning potential with more deliveries at a time
  • Easy to use on the go
  • Cost-effective delivery
  • Tracks drivers, traces location, and analyses performance
  • Improves customer experience
  • Low fuel usage
  • Maximize productivity

Customers also receive automatic notifications of delivery status and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). This helps them to be present at home when the package arrives and reduces the chances of redelivery or missed deliveries.

At Upper, the ePOD (Electronic Proof of delivery) is recorded through an electronic signature or the photograph. It helps ensure that the package is in the right hands and marks a great service. Therefore, the Upper Route Planner is the right choice for planning routes.

To learn more details about how Upper can help you automate your multi-drop delivery, sign up for a 7 days free trial today!


The multi-drop delivery industry is seeing rapid growth. These jobs can be more difficult than single drops, but there are plenty of perks to being a multi-drop driver.

Multi-drop delivery delivers to several customers on the same route using one vehicle. Instead of making separate deliveries to each customer or address for each package. This means that drivers and couriers can deliver to multiple customers in one go.

A multi-drop delivery driver can deliver nearly 7-12 multi-drops depending on the size of the parcel and its location.

A multi-drop delivery driver earns an average salary of $17.54 per hour and $50.00 tips per day. An average delivery driver earns $216,000 per year whereas the most experienced driver can earn up to $600,000 per year.

To become an efficient delivery driver below things can be considered:

  • Be a responsible driver
  • Know about your vehicle
  • Ensure an excellent customer service
  • Be organized and honest
  • Plan your routes
  • Review your day

The difference between multi-drop and single-drop delivery is that multi-drops are delivered to multiple customers in one go, whereas a single-drop is delivered to one customer at a time. Multi-drop delivery will save time by doing all of the deliveries in one go.


We can see that multi-drop delivery is seeing rapid growth. These ten handy tips will help drivers plan their routes better. Additionally, it will help to make deliveries faster and more efficiently. It can also be ideal for both small and large businesses.

We hope that with Upper, the delivery process can be simplified. You can make your deliveries faster and more efficient. If you want to earn more profit, you can also sign up for a free trial.

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