An easy-to-use ‘Upper For Driver’ App For Seamless Delivery Operations

Managing and exploring route plans is now available at your fingertips. Download the newly-designed ‘Upper for Driver’ app from Google Play Store or App Store to learn about delivery status, schedule routes, and other important updates

At Upper, we are not only just limited to generating delivery route plans but also offer a helping hand to the drivers. After all, it’s a driver who makes an effort to delight customers with quicker deliveries. 

To make you leapfrog delivery chaos and provide much-needed assistance, we rolled out the dedicated driver app.

Key Features of ‘Upper for Driver’ App

If the business owners are dealing with multiple deliveries, they hardly get time to guide drivers or deliver important instructions to them. Considering this scenario, what if you have an assistant who keeps the driver updated every time you send them messages. 

The ‘Upper for Driver’ app does a similar job to gather all necessary delivery information for drivers. Sounds good? Then, let us explore its features by looking at which your driver would get hyped. 

1. Automatic Route Modification:

Our driver app syncs automatically with the route planner which means it will display the updated route map. Also, it will let you open the map on the preferred mapping platform. In case the route has been optimized, it will show the updated route plan on the screen.

2. Stop Information:

By accessing the driver app, you will know stop information like priority status, service time, and stop types such as delivery or pickup. It covers all the necessary details so that you don’t have unnecessary stops to call dispatchers in between the delivery process.

3. Delivery Route Schedule:

Open the driver app and check out the delivery schedule for weeks or months in advance. Access the app anytime to know the number of deliveries for a specific day and plan your schedule accordingly. In case of changes in the route plan, it will reoptimize the entire route.

4. Delivery Status:

The driver app has an in-built algorithm that keeps the driver updated about the delivery schedule. Logging in, you can quickly check whether the package is ready for dispatch or not. It will be highlighted on the right side of the route list page.

5. Customer E-signature:

Customer E-signature

To make sure the package was delivered to the right place, drivers can receive the customer’s signature directly into the app. Plus, drivers can also capture photos of the delivered item in case the recipient is unavailable at the location. In such cases, the app allows you to add the delivery notes after completing the delivery.

Main Benefits of Using The ‘Upper for Driver’ App

1. Delivery Route Notifications

Installing the app, you will be notified every time you get the new delivery route. At the time of delivery, it automatically directs you to the destination point by avoiding road constraints. Keep following the route map in satellite, terrain, or normal view and reach the delivery location in the best possible way.

2. Driver Preference:

Driver preference

It is a dedicated app for the drivers that allows them to mark the deliveries as completed or skipped. According to that, it will modify the route map in such a way that deliveries must be completed within a decided time. A generated route plan would have highways or toll booths as per the driver’s convenience.

3. Accessible In Internet-free Zones:

Driver-friendly app has no working issues even if you go out of the network area. The route plan will continue to appear so that you can reach the next delivery stop without any hassles. Since you are on duty without internet support, delivery updates might be disrupted.

4. No Repeated Phone Calls:

Getting calls from customers would irk you amid the ongoing delivery process. But it won’t be the case on the driver app as it requests the customers to drop their comments in the delivery notes instead of making calls. Dispatchers, too, don’t need phone calls to update the status as you will receive the alerts directly on the app.

5. Proof of Delivery:

Once you deliver the package to the buyer, you can ensure it is delivered to the right customer by collecting electronic proof of delivery. The driver or delivery agent can record the e-signature of the customer or even take multiple photos.

Taking longer than usual to direct your driver to the delivery stop?

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How Does it Work?

Using the ‘Upper for driver’ App is quite simple when you are out for multiple deliveries. Download the app from your preferred platform and then access it through multiple deliveries. Before you start the app make sure that the admin must add your role in the user option on the route planner.

If done, request the admin to provide app credentials such as mobile number or email id to log in to the app. Once you are ready to log in, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1

At the time of logging in, use your credential to enter the homepage. In case, your password doesn’t work, try resetting it by clicking the ‘forget password’ button. Or else, simply log in using OTP from your mobile number.


Step 2

Resetting the password, you will be redirected to the home screen where you can see the route plans generated by the admin.

Step 3


Tapping on the route plan, you will be provided the option to start the delivery process. By clicking it, the time will be adjusted according to the actual start time of the delivery process.

Step 4

Keep following the optimized route to deliver your first order. In this process, you can check out the delivery notes (if added by the customer) right below the route details.

Step 5


Once you approach the doorstep of the buyer’s location, hand over the package and request your client to put an E-signature in App. Then, mark it as completed to confirm successful delivery.

In case, if you are unable to log in to the app after multiple attempts, directly reach us at [email protected] 


It is a specially designed app for delivery drivers to get real-time assistance while delivering the product. The driver app is a part of the Upper Route Planner, which connects the driver to the admin and customer simultaneously. As a result, it will be easier for drivers to perform deliveries in a timely manner.

Firstly, log in to the Upper Route Planner, and then add the driver’s information from the user panel. Thereafter, you can ask your drivers to install the app on their smartphones. If done, tell the drivers to use their email id or phone number (which you previously added as the user’s information) to log in to the app.

If you reoptimize the route on the route planner, the changes will appear on the driver app as soon as you finish reoptimizing routes. The driver will be directed as per the reoptimized route which means you don’t have to manually update the driver. Thus, there won’t be any miscommunication.

The ‘Upper for driver’ app runs swiftly even if there is no internet connectivity. But, the app will only sync the data or receive the update once it is reconnected to the internet.

Install the ‘Upper for Driver’ App and Get The Job Done

The introduction of the driver app ensures no communication gaps between the delivery crew and the buyer. Plus, drivers get on-demand support to improve their delivery

performance. Excited to start performing deliveries with the help of ‘Upper for driver’? You are just a click away from using it. 

Minimize the delivery time and perform on-time deliveries with “Upper for Driver” app.

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