5 Best Sunglasses for Delivery Drivers: Protect Your Eyes on the Road

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Delivery drivers may find sunglasses to be an essential investment, to shield their eyes from damaging UV rays and glare.
  • Polarized lenses are the best choice for cutting down on glare from reflecting surfaces like snow, water, and other cars.
  • While selecting sunglasses for regular use, comfort and durability are crucial considerations.
  • If you need corrective lenses, you could need prescription sunglasses.

What is the golden rule of driving?

Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes and head on the road.

However, the latter part of that rule is not always as easy to follow as you would expect, especially when the sun shines brightly through your delivery vehicle’s windshield.

This is why wearing sturdy and efficient sunglasses is crucial for delivery drivers who need to make on-time deliveries while still being safe on the road.

To help you find the perfect one, we have compiled a list of the best sunglasses for delivery drivers in 2022.

But before you get to that, read on to learn what types of sunglasses are suitable for delivery drivers and the key factors to consider before purchasing one.

Less time on the road, more time at home

5 Best Driving Sunglasses for Delivery Drivers

1. J + S classic military style UV sunglasses

J + S sunglasses will instantly become your absolute favorite because they provide perfect vision with sun protection and UV protection. The polarized view eliminates all harmful rays, allowing only required sun rays to reach your sight. It is also one of the best prescription driving sunglasses of 2022.

The lightweight metal frame and bridge provide excellent support for superior fit. Metal frames and upgraded joint fittings implement a quality finish to make these perfect pair of sunglasses sturdy and outstanding in quality. If you drive a delivery van or truck, you must wear eye protection. These sunglasses meet that demand perfectly.

Polarized lenses are made up of numerous layers, each of which serves a specific purpose. When traveling on the highway or other shining surfaces, it is typical for your view to be hindered by excessive glare. These glasses are designed with all of the factors in mind.

Many customers would prefer that their sunglass lenses provide protection for their eyes’ skin as well. Knowing this, J + S designs their sunglasses wide enough to prevent harmful solar rays from touching your eye skin. The lenses are 62 millimeters wide, which is large enough to cover and protect your eyes and an eye circle.

2. RIVBOS polarized driving and sports shades

RIVBOS is one of the best sunglasses for driving; it offers high quality and has an elegant design. These glasses are available in a variety of hues and color combinations. The color of its frame is matched to the color of its lens usually.

If you’re concerned about your eyes’ level of protection, these sunglasses are your ideal option. Each pair of glasses contains numerous layers that provide different levels of protection. 

Undoubtedly, it provides 100% protection from harmful  UV lights to its customers. These are one of the best driving sunglasses to shield you from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays too. It also offers 98.9 % protection from harmful blue light.

The polarized filter lens separates light and exposes enough so that you have the right view at the optimal level of light. The tac lens layer and the UV tac lens shield your eyes from all types of harmful radiation. 

Furthermore, the glasses are protected from damage by a mirror coating, which extends the durability of these sunglasses.

3. Fiore polarized and non-polarized sunglasses

We are certain that you wish to see the same original color of all the items while keeping your eyes shaded. If you have these Fiore sunglasses, it is achievable. These are ideal and one of the best sunglasses for driving. All objects ahead are seen in their true color, allowing a clear view.

These sunglasses include a plastic framework and lenses with all the revolutionary features. Because of their design, these glasses are lightweight and comfy to wear and are also scratch resistant. You can drive for a long time while wearing these sunglasses and not experience any discomfort or exhaustion in your eyes.

These glasses not only provide an excellent color display, but they are also glare-free. There will be no glare to obscure your eyesight. You don’t even see the faint radiance of the sun. 

It reflects the sun’s rays directly from the glass. With the UV 400 capability, these glasses guarantee 100 % UVA and UVB radiation protection.

4. Serengeti titanium velocity sunglasses

Serengeti eyewear is one of the best sunglasses for driving and presents you with a pair of beautifully crafted and classic fashion supporter sunglasses that will be with you for a long period of time. These non-polarized sunglasses are made using photochromic mineral glass.  

As a result, these sunglasses will provide glare protection and filter out harsh sun rays. You will have a clear eyesight even in the brightest sunlight. These driving glasses are also preferred during hazardous driving conditions.

This eyewear also offers UVA and UVB protection. Glass lenses are clearly superior for viewing. When you ride your delivery vehicle while wearing these sunglasses, you will have a high-quality sightseeing experience.

These driving glasses are constructed of glass, yet they are not likely to break. It includes an abrasion-resistant layer to reduce the possibility of breakage. It is also scratch resistant. To counteract scratches on it, chemical tempering is also used as a protective layer. These glasses are the best choice for driving, camping, or sports.

These lightweight sunglasses are easy to wear all day. They are the best option if you require them every day at work. You will enjoy using them because of their wide fits.

5. Maui Jim Peahi UV filter sunglasses

Maui Jim introduces a pair of customized sunglasses that give off a luxurious look. These glasses are one of the best driving sunglasses. They are particularly amazing because they have all of the necessary protection features, such as UV protection, built into their stunning design.

There is no compromise in terms of the level of protection or quality. Its glass-made bronze lenses offer a high contrast choice with a warm color and gentle vision. The glasses’ light reflecting strength is so strong that they are ideal for shielding your eyes in every weather situation.

By using these Maui Jim glasses, a delivery driver who has to drive for extended periods of time and almost every day of the week will have a good solution to many of their vision difficulties. 

Because these glasses are made of glass, you could be concerned about their durability. But don’t be because these sunglasses have a scratch resistant and fall-resistant coating. As a result, you can wear them with confidence and ease. 

Importance of Using Sunglasses While Driving

Every day, as a delivery driver, you must cope with hazardous road conditions. From car crashes to rash drivers on the road, you should be able to recognize a hazard as soon as it occurs. 

A cheap pair of sunglasses will not help you spot more dangers since light reflects off them and generates glare. 

You spend a major portion of each day driving in the sun. So, a quality pair of sunglasses is indeed necessary because you must still allow adequate light into your eyes. 

Therefore, choosing a suitable pair of sunglasses will provide you with high-quality lenses that are not distorted, enabling you to see clearly in all directions. 

Although you should still allow light into your eyes, quality sunglasses will protect you from harmful UV rays. They will also reduce glare from reflecting objects on the road.

Delivery drivers require complete eye protection that is also long-lasting. Because there are several sunglasses collections, it is essential to consider some core aspects of glasses before purchasing them.

If you critically analyze them, you will find sunglasses with quality features and functionalities.

What Type of Sunglasses are Suitable for Delivery Drivers?

Various aspects influence whether or not a pair of sunglasses are suitable for driving. Different lenses allow varying amounts of light. When it comes to UV protection, 100 percent UV protection is your best bet to avoid burning your eyes.

It’s also vital to consider the tint of your sunglasses. Amber, grey, and copper-tinted lenses are the finest for driving since they maintain color differences. However, blue, red, pink, and light green lenses can distort critical colors, making it difficult to see traffic lights.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Sunglasses for Delivery Drivers

Let us go over the key attributes that you should look for before purchasing sunglasses:

1. UV ray and glare protection

Driving sunglasses provide UV protection from the sun’s rays, particularly damaging and harmful UV rays. When driving a delivery van or truck, it is important to choose appropriate driving sunglasses that protect your eyes at least from UV rays.

However, certain recent best sunglasses models can work on UV 400, which provides 100 percent protection from UV rays (UVA, UVB, and UVC rays). Furthermore, don’t opt for non-polarized lenses, as polarized lenses can help reduce glare since they have an anti-glare coating and are best for days with bright sunlight.

Bright light from the sun or other light sources is common and can obstruct a driver’s eyesight. For delivery drivers, glare protection is essential. Look for sunglasses with anti-glare coating or anti-reflective coating and UV ray protection features while purchasing.

2. Lens color and tint

There are many crucial factors to consider, such as color and tint, in addition to polarization and other protective coats on your driving sunglasses. The significance is related to the effect on vision. 

Yes, as the lens color and tint change, so does your sight. The darker the color of the glasses, the darker the vision.

The vision also delivers a darker to lighter image with the tint effect. There are tint levels ranging from class 0 to 4. Class 0 refers to softer sight, whereas class 4 refers to darker sight.

There are also photosensitive lenses that safeguard your eyes by reacting to changes in brightness. A brighter light produces a darker image, while a darker environment produces a lighter image.

3. Frame material

The material of the frame is an important factor for driving sunglasses. Manufacturers of driving sunglasses use a variety of frame materials, such as metal or stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and synthetic materials. Metal is better for quality and durability, but it is heavier in comparison to other materials.

Aluminum and titanium are also viable options. They are less heavy than metal frames. All of these metal, titanium, and aluminum materials are hypoallergenic and skin-safe.

Several customers also choose synthetic materials such as nylon and plastic frames. They are super lightweight frames and easy to use. You must choose the best one for you based on your requirements and benefits, and style preferences.

4. Fitting

Size, temple, and bridge length of the head are all important factors for the proper fit of a sunglass. You will not be comfortable if the sunglasses are too loose. Instead, there might be a possibility to drop off the glass while driving your delivery vehicle

You cannot wear a tight-fitting eyewear all day either. As a result, proper fitting is critical because poor fitting can result in total waste.

It gets more comfortable if the frame is composed of a flexible material. When purchasing driving sunglasses, you should try them on to ensure proper fit.

Now that you are aware of the key factors to look out for before purchasing your new sunglasses, let’s go over some of the best sunglasses in the season.

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Yes, sunglasses with polarized lenses are much safer and more comfortable for delivery drivers than standard tinted lenses.
Polarized sunglasses contain a unique filter in the lenses that prevents light from being reflected by flat and reflective surfaces. Therefore, wearing polarized eyewear while driving can improve your vision and keep you safer.

This varies depending on the individual, but the ideal lens colors are usually grey or amber tint. Grey lenses are most suited to bright or sunny weather. Amber is typically more effective on cloudy, overcast days, and also when it rains.

Some of the best sunglasses for delivery drivers in 2022 are:

  • J + S classic military style UV sunglasses
  • RIVBOS polarized driving and sports shades
  • Fiore polarized and non-polarized sunglasses
  • Serengeti titanium velocity sunglasses
  • Maui Jim Peahi UV filter sunglasses

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