Top 7 Customer Retention Strategies for Delivery Businesses

keyKey Takeaways:

  • In the delivery industry, customer retention is most important for businesses, and investing in customer support and communication builds long-term relations.
  • The key to delivering exceptional customer experience and retaining customers is giving personalization and customization.
  • Make sure to collect and analyze customer feedback to identify the areas for improvement and refine customer retention strategies.

Did you know that the current market size of the US couriers and local delivery services is valued at $151.6 billion? Now, considering the increase in the e-commerce business’s rapid growth, the delivery business is also expected to reach great heights.

You can expect increased business competition if you already own such a business. So, having a strong customer base for your business is highly recommended. One of the simple ways to take your delivery business to the next level is through customer retention. 

But how can customer retention help improve your business? Well, you will find all your answers regarding customer retention, its importance, and the practical strategies to enhance it in this article.

What is Customer Retention? 

If a customer repeatedly purchases your product or service, then the business calls this customer retention. Technically, this is a metric that businesses use to measure their customer loyalty over time and understand their overall success.

How to measure customer retention rate?

The customer retention rate can be calculated using this formula,

Customer retention rate = (Total number of customers at the end of the period – newly customers acquired) / customers at the start of the period.

To boost customer retention, companies implement different strategies to reduce the loss of existing customers over time and improve the customer’s experience. Thus, the customers remain loyal to the business.

Why is Customer Retention Important?

With customers being the heart and soul of making any business run successfully, you must give extra attention to your loyal customers. Customer retention is one of the crucial factors to concentrate on to make more customers and, yes, more money. 

So, why does customer retention, in particular, hold importance?

  • It’s a cheap option: Did you know that it costs less to retain customers than a new customer acquisition a new one? Give a quick thought to all the different marketing efforts you put in to get new customers. But, if you take care of your existing customers, you can save your effort and money. 
  • Referrals: When you provide good customer service, happy customers tend to refer your business to their network. So, you not only retain clients but also get some free promotions. 
  • Loyalty: You were expecting this point, right? Retained customers tend to buy often and spend more than new ones. But, you must work hard to build customer loyalty.

But how to enhance your customer experience and retain them? Well, improve your overall quality of service.

We have come up with some practical and useful customer retention strategies that many global brands use to boost their customer retention. 

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Customer Retention in Your Delivery Business

To help you in so, we have put together a few successful customer acquisitions and retention strategies. You can follow these to make new consumers choose you over the competitors in the competitive delivery business.

1. Offer speedy deliveries

Offer speedy deliveries for customer retention

In today’s fast-paced world, most customers want same-day deliveries or as fast as possible. As responsible delivery partners, when you let your customers offer as fast a delivery as possible, more precisely, same-day delivery across the country, it will surely boost their sales. 

So, it’s obvious they would likely stick with your delivery service, even if you charge more than your competitors.

2. Allow the customers to choose a delivery time slot

Facilitating customers with faster delivery isn’t enough to make your customer happy. They want the product to get delivered to their address at preferred delivery timings on a fixed date. 

For instance, most office goers may want to receive their delivery parcels at their home address on weekends or holidays and at their office address on weekdays during office hours to avoid missed or failed deliveries.

With the assistance of an efficient delivery time management tool, you can enable the online dealers, your consumers, to let their customers choose the delivery date, place, and time according to their convenience and availability.

Giving customers control over when they will receive their deliveries will upsell your business. 

3. Take challenges for retaining customers

How about addressing the needs of customers on special occasions?

For instance, on some special occasions, like, wedding seasons, and great sales, many people place an online order at once. In those times, online portals, dealers, distributors, and even retailers could want to deliver a huge number of products within a short time.  

The delivery agencies face a huge workload during those times. If you provide services according to their demands, they will start trusting your efficiency and will become your brand promoter. 

The usage of delivery scheduling software will help you mitigate such challenges, though you may need to hire staff to cover all the different delivery times. For that reason, you can take a higher number of charges also. Thus, you can also improve your sales and build the loyalty of your customers.

4. Keep consumers updated about the delivery status

There’s nothing worse than making customers wait for deliveries without telling them the expected time of arrival. Most customers would like to get regular tracking updates on delivery status. So, your customers will also demand unique tracking numbers with which they can provide an update on the delivery status to the receivers.

Most online shopping portals generally mention the expected time of arrival and provide real-time updates via email, WhatsApp, or SMS on where the delivery packages are while in transit with a map view facility.

So, your customer will expect the same, or even better, service from you. It’s a strong aspect that you can work on to retain customers and attract new ones. 

Using advanced routing software, like Upper, you can provide a custom notifications feature. 

The delivery system will notify the receivers by pushing notifications when the item is shipped, picked up from the warehouse, loaded onto the truck near the customer’s location, and about to be delivered.

5. Come up with cost-effective delivery pricing strategies

We all keep looking for better services or products at affordable prices. It’s common customer behavior. Faster and cheaper delivery is the goal that attracts new customers and keeps the existing ones happy. So, this is another best customer retention strategy.

As an intermediate or beginner delivery business owner, you may not come with the lowest price. But make sure to fix your delivery charges by comparing your costs with those of your competitors. Nothing could be better if you provided services at a cheaper rate.

If you charge a higher price, make sure the customer can afford it and that the quality of your service justifies the extra cost. Customers who have previously trusted you will not be swayed by price or other availability. 

Loyal consumers would rather pay you more for the quality delivery services they love and recommend to others.

6. Offer customer support 24/7 

Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial customer retention metrics. With excellent customer service, you can also offer something special and unique for new customers. 

By doing so, you can make them more inclined to repeat purchases and make referrals for your business. Other ways to provide great customer service are below.

Listen to your customers: In case the percentage of repeat customers is dropping because of boredom or any other issues, then do this.

Listen to the customer’s complaints carefully and with patience, apologize for the inconvenience, and offer a solution.

Handle the tough situations in a better way: Suppose a customer is complaining about the delivery delay or receiving damaged products. In this case, you can apologize at first for not meeting the expected delivery delay, tell them about the issues, thank them for their patience and try to solve it at this moment.

You can suggest them for replacement free of cost, take a full refund, or do something else to resolve the issue and make it an acceptable solution. Once their problems get resolved, after a while, you can ask for feedback on the refund or return process.

Collect customer feedback: Negative feedback and customer complaints will help you identify the areas that require improvement. So, if possible, come with 24*7 customer care support to let the customer lodge their complaints or say about your services.

7. Retain your existing customers

Some useful tips you can follow to keep loyal customers from defecting to competitors and to keep customers who are leaving:

  • Collect feedback with customer surveys.
  • Apologize when you make mistakes.
  • Adopt customer service tools.
  • Keep the customer updated about your new offerings.
  • Empower customers with convenience and options for personalization.

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Let Upper Help You Improve Customer Retention for Your Delivery Business

When it comes to managing a huge number of deliveries, many things can go wrong. Making a single mistake means you are sending your customers into the hands of your competitors. 

You will identify the mistakes and try hard to solve the consumer pain points, but your competitors are already present with certain exciting offerings to capture new customers and also nurture customer relationships.

One of the major issues faced by delivery business owners is delivering the goods on time to their customers. They earn many unhappy customers because of this.

Late deliveries happen because the delivery drivers spend ample time figuring out the best route. High traffic, long routes, and last-minute changes in route schedules also contribute to late deliveries.

When you use route optimization software such as Upper Route Planner, you can save time and money on gas bills.

With Upper, you can plan optimized routes in seconds. It offers customer-preferred delivery windows to meet customer expectations.

Also, you can reverse the entire route planned and get a new route immediately using this software.

Since it provides accurate driving directions and delivery instructions to drivers, you can send an automatic notification to remind customers about the estimated time of arrival and delivery status.

So, let Upper help you improve customer retention for your delivery business. Try out the here.


Below is how you can retain more customers:

  • Find out a few ways to encourage customers to make repeat purchases and recommendations.
  • Identify probable mistakes that can result in the loss of customers forever and say a big no to them.
  • Look for the most effective customer retention strategies to solve their and your pain points in a more convenient and better way.

By collecting customer data with regard to preferences, buyer personas, and personalized interactions, delivery businesses can easily increase customer retention rates.

A customer loyalty program is usually sponsored by businesses that offer rewards, discounts, and other special incentives to appreciate a customer’s loyalty toward a company or brand. Loyalty programs are one of the best customer retention strategies that help repeat customers.


“What are the best ways to turn first-time customers into repeat customers?” is the most tricky question all business owners from all industries are struggling with.

It’s not a matter of rectifying mistakes or implementing new strategies to gain new customers. It’s more about enhancing your brand value and keeping your customers happy and engaged so that they keep returning to your business. 

Also, they will recommend your service via word of mouth and even benefit from referral programs. So, give more attention to your customer retention programs and get more retained customers for your business. 

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