The Ultimate Guide: Does Amazon Hire Felons in 2023?

The Ultimate Guide: Does Amazon Hire Felons in 2023?
keyKey Takeaways:
  • Amazon has publicly announced that they hire felons, but it may consider certain factors during the hiring process.
  • The time that passed since the conviction is essential for Amazon as it may have a huge impact on the chances of a candidate getting hired.
  • As a part of the hiring process, Amazon will conduct background checks and drug tests of an applicant.

Getting a job is proving to be quite a challenge across the globe. However, getting a delivery driver job as a felon seems to be a more daunting endeavor.

Over 5 million people in the U.S are convicted felons which usually makes it nearly impossible to land a good job. The saving grace for such convicts is companies such as Amazon and UPS which constantly look for workers to fill in various positions.

With the help of online shopping companies like Amazon providing a relatively isolated work environment when compared to other employment options such as grocery stores. This makes it much easier for felons to start their rehabilitation journey.

Can Felons Get a Job at Amazon?

Does Amazon hire felons? Yes, Amazon hires convicted felons in certain cases considering the type of felony, how far back it was, and whether it was a single or repeat offense, etc.

Though the answer to whether or not you can get a Job at Amazon is a classic “it depends”.

Your odds of getting a job with Amazon as a felon mainly depend on your conviction and your present record as they hire an employee based on their case and condition. They seem to be more likely to hire felons to fill in entry-level jobs and temporary jobs.

Keep in mind that your chances of landing a position at Amazon also depend on your location. So you might be in luck if you’re in a state that is relatively friendly towards hiring individuals with a criminal record.

There is a whole bunch of jobs at Amazon that a felon could opt for as it is among the big. One of the most lucrative options for such individuals is getting hired as an Amazon Delivery Driver.

What Jobs Does Amazon Offer to Felons?

Usually, there are no set restrictions for felons when it comes to their job opportunities as it differs on a case-by-case basis.

However, a good deal of previously hired felons seems to have leaned towards some career options over others as they have their own preferences to not assimilate a lot into civilian life.

The average salary is nothing to ride home about though it does vary depending on where you’re located. Here are some options that are open to felons.

Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse Jobs for felons at amazon

When you’re assigned a warehouse job your duties typically involve handling packages on a regular basis. Depending on the warehouse fulfillment centers your job options can vary, you can be assigned any job depending on your experience and relationship with the management.

Delivery Jobs

You can easily get a placement in the delivery division given that you hold a clean driving record. Such delivery drivers are usually in charge of performing timely deliveries to the assigned destinations.

They usually prefer hiring people with prior experience as truck drivers. This is also a perfect option for those that prefer working alone in solitude.

How to Get a Job at Amazon with a Criminal Record?

1. Build Trust

Try putting yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Why would any sane person hire a felon if they showed zero signs of improvement or reliability? This should be your main focus when applying to any job as a felon.

A Hiring manager for a company like Amazon is going to look for trustworthy employees that are not likely to ruin the company’s reputation. This is why you see them hire felons that are deemed safe for work by the criminal background checks and hiring process.

2. Refine your application

This is where a cover letter can make a massive difference. If you are an individual with a felony conviction then it is going to be very hard to make a positive impression with the job application alone and you don’t get to argue any points until the in-person interview.

This is why using a cover letter is important as it gives the hiring manager an idea of who you are and how you have moved on from your past actions as a changed person.

Your criminal background is of little difference to the company unless you were convicted for crimes that are explicitly condemned by Amazon. This is why you must make it very apparent that you have left your criminal history in the past.

3. Understand their requirements

Understand their requirements to get a job as a felon at amazon

There are two main ways to get a job at Amazon and they are to either get a job via a staffing agency or get directly hired by Amazon, the latter of which can be stricter when it comes to hiring.

Either Way, your best bet is, to be honest, and make your hiring manager understand that your past actions have no bearing on your present self as managers are usually wary when hiring felons.

Make sure to also be in the good books when applying for a specific position. Let’s say that you were being hired as a delivery driver then it is imperative that you have a clean driving record. The same applies to other jobs at Amazon.

Aspects that Affect Your Chances of Getting Hired at Amazon

Amazon, being one of the biggest companies on the planet cannot afford to have its reputation ruined by rogue employees. This is why although they hire felons, they do not do the same for prior convictions that are violent in nature or diminish trust in the employee.

If you have a felony record for violent crimes, theft, sexual abuse, or other such charges that come up during the criminal background check, then they could greatly affect your chances of getting hired.

However, these might be overlooked if said charges were placed long ago and you display signs of improvement since the time of conviction.

Applicants with criminal records involving theft could have a hard time being hired at Amazon and this is no big surprise as they have to take such safety precautions to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Potential employees that are convicted felons have records that do not contain violent crimes, drug charges, or theft charges.

Does Amazon Conduct a Background Check?

A background check is a common procedure in the hiring process for many private companies. They do this to mainly check whether the potential employee has a criminal background and to see what criminal convictions they have had so that they have a form of safety precaution in place.

Scope of a background check

Amazon’s background check stretches 7 years before application to scour all of your interactions with the law to make sure that you haven’t committed any major criminal activity such as violent crime or sexual abuse.

Since you will be dealing with other people, Amazon needs to make sure that you’re fit for such interactions to ensure that all parties are safe.

Drug Screening

However, Amazon also conducts drug tests for certain positions. They also have the right to conduct a drug test at any given time during your employment.

If you are a convicted felon with drug addiction then you should curb the addiction well before the time of the drug screening. Be completely honest about your situation as you wouldn’t want to lose the job offer due to them losing their trust in you.

A drug test is usually just an oral swab test but they could also ask you to do a urine test. There is also an Amazon drug test in place for Amazon Flex applicants.

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The only time that there is a red flag on a background check is when you have a felony charge. However, a company such as a logistics company might not consider it a big deal if the felony charge isn’t relevant.

Amazon’s background checks can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. This is because they go through criminal records for someone to be hired at Amazon even for entry-level jobs or temporary jobs.

Amazon has stated that it will not discriminate against felons and is fine with hiring felons, although your charges revealed by the criminal background checks have a big impact on your likelihood of getting the job.

People that have committed sex offenses, for instance, are going to have a hard time getting hired at Amazon.


Sure Amazon isn’t on the ban-the-box list. However, this should not discourage you from filling out the application form as Amazon does hire felons and guarantees to not discriminate against felons.

Your main priority when getting a job with a record is to be fully honest and transparent, hiding anything will only make the employer suspect moral turpitude.

If you trust that you have truly changed and started to get your life back in order then go forth with confidence and humility. Remember that you should be confident in yourself for the employer to be confident in hiring you for the job.

Getting the job is half the challenge. After you do get the job you will face the real challenge of consistently performing as or above expected.

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