How to Save Money and Time Using Route Planning Software

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Route planning software saves money by reducing fuel costs.
  • Efficiency gains with route planning software save valuable time.
  • Real-world examples show route optimization’s significant benefits.

Today the market is flooded with growing competition between delivery businesses as they aim to complete more deliveries on time at lower costs. 

There might be a lot of circumstances where logistics companies struggle to streamline their services due to unpredictable route conditions. Unplanned delays can cost your business. However, the only solution to avoid all of these is to use the right route planner. 

The quick delivery commerce market size was valued at $92.88 billion in 2021 and is poised to grow to $291.17 billion by 2030 with a CAGR growth estimated at 13.10%.

If you want to run a successful delivery business, then you have to know how to save money and time using route planning software. 

Let’s help you to find out.

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How Does Using Route Planning Software Save Your Money?

If you are planning routes for multiple stops, then it may be a lengthy process when done manually. At the same time, there are possibilities of mistakes or delays in the delivery plan. It may be time-consuming and lead to perpetual risk, and operational risk. 

Whereas, simple delivery management software or route planners can save you time and avoid mistakes. In addition to this, it provides the shortest path to cover more drop-off locations. 

Here are some additional points to consider while we discuss how route planning can save money. 

1. Reduced fuel costs

Route optimization software is designed to find the most efficient and shortest routes for deliveries. By minimizing unnecessary detours and planning the sequence of stops, the software reduces the distance traveled by vehicles. As a result, businesses can significantly cut down their fuel consumption. With fuel being one of the most substantial operational expenses for companies with a fleet of vehicles, this reduction translates into substantial cost savings over time.

2. Decreased overtime expenses

Efficient route planning allows drivers to complete their routes within the designated work hours more easily. By optimizing the order of stops and considering real-time traffic updates, the delivery route planner ensures that drivers can finish their tasks on time. This minimizes the need for overtime pay, which can represent a significant expense for businesses that have extended working hours or unpredictable service demands.

3. Lower vehicle maintenance costs 

Route planning software reduces the mileage driven by vehicles and minimizes wear and tear on the fleet. There are multiple other vehicle routing problems that can be solved with efficient route planning

By following the most efficient routes, drivers encounter fewer instances of sharp turns, and challenging road conditions that can contribute to vehicle maintenance. As a result, businesses experience reduced maintenance costs, including fewer repairs and replacements of vehicle parts. 

4. Increased capacity

Increase capacity

Efficient route planning enables businesses to make more deliveries within a given timeframe. By eliminating inefficiencies and reducing the time spent on the road, the same drivers can handle a larger volume of tasks. This increased capacity means that businesses can expand their operations without necessarily needing to invest in additional vehicles or drivers, leading to cost savings and improved scalability.

5. Decrease the need for resources

Efficient route planning helps businesses utilize their resources more effectively. With optimized routes, companies can accomplish the same workload with fewer vehicles and drivers, reducing the need for excess resources. This, in turn, leads to reduced capital expenditure on fleet expansion and decreased operational costs related to maintaining additional vehicles and staff.

6. Minimize manual route planning

Before the rise of route planning software, businesses had to rely on manual route planning, which could be time-consuming and prone to errors. Planning routes efficiently automates this process, streamlining the route planning task and eliminating the need for dedicated staff to handle complex scheduling. By minimizing manual intervention, businesses save both time and money while ensuring more accurate and efficient route plans.

Now let’s check how route planners can save time for delivery drivers and businesses. 

How Does Route Planning Software Save Your Time? 

Mistakes like adding the wrong address may waste a couple of hours while scheduling deliveries. Therefore, to avoid such errors you can use route planning software. It helps to identify wrong addresses or incorrect postal codes. At the same time, in case of any mismatch, the route planner will suggest the errors and ask for the correct addresses. It also helps to remove duplicate addresses if found.

Here are some of the benefits a business can avail and save time with the help of the best route planner. 

1. Automate route planning

Automate route planning

Route optimization software automates the process of optimizing the entire route. If you continue planning routes manually, it is time-consuming. The software uses advanced route optimization algorithms and data analysis to automatically determine the most optimal routes. This automation significantly reduces the time spent on planning and enables businesses to focus on other critical tasks, leading to improved overall productivity.

2. Realtime adaptability

One of the key advantages of route planning is its ability to adapt to real-time changing conditions. This includes dynamically adjusting delivery routes based on real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, road closures, or unexpected events. By staying responsive to current circumstances, businesses can avoid delays and reroute drivers as needed, ensuring that deliveries are completed on time.

3. Multi-stop route optimization

Optimize routes with the route planning software and excel in optimizing multiple routes in one go. This is particularly valuable for businesses that need to complete multiple deliveries in a single trip. The software gives the most optimized routes saving maximum fuel expenses. It eliminates unnecessary backtracking and reduces overall travel time. 

4. Reduction in delivery time

With optimized routes, businesses can significantly reduce the time spent on the road. Taking the shortest and fastest route enhances the driver’s performance as they can complete their tasks in less time. This reduction in delivery time improves overall efficiency, allowing businesses to handle more orders within a given timeframe.

5. Schedule with ease

The route planning software has the ability to optimize routes efficiently and also extends to scheduling and rescheduling tasks. If there’s a change in the schedule, such as a customer request to reschedule a delivery, the user can rapidly adjust or drag and drop any stop. Hence, the route gets reoptimized automatically. This ease of schedule management saves time and ensures that businesses can maintain flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

6. Driver navigation

Route planning software often comes with integrated navigation features that provide turn-by-turn directions for drivers. This eliminates the need for drivers to rely on separate navigation systems, paper maps, or manual route planning. The software guides drivers through the optimized routes, saving time, and ensuring timely deliveries at each destination.

To prove to you that efficient route planning saves time, we have a case study for you in the next section. 

Case Study: How Meal Delivery Business Saved Time and Money with Route Planning Software

Chef Nicole, a thriving meal delivery company achieved remarkable results with the help of route planning software – Upper. With this advanced software, Chef Nicole saved 10 hours per week while boosting their delivery capacity by three times. 

In the video below, the managing partner of Chef Nicole shares their experience, detailing how Upper streamlined their deliveries and transformed their operations. Witness firsthand how route optimization software can revolutionize businesses and lead to exceptional time and cost savings. Let’s dive in!

If you are also aiming to achieve big and invest in a route planner, selecting route optimization software like Upper is an ideal option. 

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Upper is a leading route optimization software that can improve your delivery time and save money. Timely deliveries can remove inefficiencies and help manage your last-mile delivery operations with ease. 

The software offers an intuitive user-friendly interface that can help your employees to adapt to the new integration. Managing deliveries in peak season becomes easy with Upper. The software automates delivery planning, optimizing, and scheduling of routes to the drivers. Drivers can use the proof of delivery feature to get the final count of successful deliveries per day. To try Upper’s exclusive features, you can avail .

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Let Upper be your end solution. With advanced features and algorithms, Upper is ready to save you money and time.

Let’s take a look at a few other examples of companies that use route optimization software to save time and money. 

Real-World Success Stories of How Route Optimization Software Transformed Businesses 

    1. FedEx

    FedEx has used route optimization software for many years now. Through the use of Upper, a routing software, FedEx is able to handle millions of deliveries each day while cutting down on miles, fuel expenses, and delivery times.

    2. Domino’s Pizza

    Domino’s is one of the best on-demand food delivery business models that use route optimization software. Their ability to deliver on time increases client satisfaction and lowers the number of deliveries that are late. As a result, they reduce their labor expenses and boost their general effectiveness.

    3. DHL

    To oversee its enormous worldwide logistics network, DHL employs route optimization software. The method enables DHL to determine the most effective delivery routes while adjusting to shifting traffic circumstances in real time, saving both time and money.

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Route planning software calculates the most fuel-efficient routes, taking into account factors like distance, traffic conditions, and vehicle capacity. By reducing unnecessary mileage, businesses can achieve significant fuel savings, ultimately cutting fuel costs.

Yes. Efficient route planning allows drivers to complete their routes within regular working hours, minimizing the need for overtime. By optimizing the delivery or service schedules, businesses can reduce labor costs associated with overtime payments.

Yes, route planning software provides an accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and optimized schedules. By ensuring better time management and route optimization, businesses can minimize the chances of missed deliveries or service appointments, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Besides fuel efficiency, route planning software can lead to additional cost savings by optimizing vehicle maintenance. By reducing mileage and wear on vehicles, businesses can extend the lifespan of their fleet, thus lowering maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, the software helps in optimizing workforce allocation, maximizing productivity, and reducing labor costs.

Yes, route planning software is highly suited for businesses with multiple stops or complex routes. The software’s algorithms are designed to efficiently manage and optimize routes, ensuring that businesses with diverse delivery or service requirements can save time and resources while maintaining excellent service standards.


Route planning software offers an invaluable solution for businesses seeking to save money and time. By automating and adapting to real-time changes, you can streamline planning and improve productivity while reducing fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. 

Choosing the right route planner will help with integration capabilities, scalability and enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses can unlock their full potential, gaining a competitive advantage, and driving long-term success. Embrace route planning software as the ultimate solution to save time, reduce costs, and optimize your business’s bottom line.

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