How to Do Newspaper Route Planning Using Software?

Since manual route planning is consuming more time for delivery business owners, a lot of people have started using the software. And why not? If it is an effective way to find optimized routes. Whether they are planning routes manually or relying on advanced software, they need easy optimization and quick route navigation.

Nowadays, newspaper route planning is usually done using the right route planner. With the route planner, you just need to import the files, and it will find out the optimized routes. So, whenever you want to plan routes, you can take advantage of a route planner instead of using pen and paper. 

Here, in the blog, we will understand how to do newspaper route planning and which are the 7 best apps that offer route planning solutions.

How to Plan a Newspaper Delivery Route?

Planning a delivery route requires consideration of various factors like weather, traffic congestion, and avoidance zones. So, when you generate a route plan, you need to take care of such factors. Delivery routes can be generated using manual planning or with the help of a paper delivery route planner.

Manual route planning might look easier, but you may require serious effort to find the best routes. Implementing a manual method means you are likely to suffer from delivery inefficiencies and limitations in generating a route plan. 

Paper route planning could be the reason for creating a communication gap between drivers and dispatchers. Plus, you don’t get real-time information such as the driver’s location, dispatch status and parcel delivered or not. 

It’s obvious when you are relying too much on manually calculated route planning, unintentional human errors are likely to pop-up in the plan along with complex routes. These small errors may give rise to issues like under-delivery or performing next-day delivery. 

This is why a paper delivery route planner is a worthy alternative to manual route planning. The route planner program understands the needs of your delivery business and provides the best driving routes within seconds. Also, there is no room for errors as it is a completely automated process. From planning and optimizing routes to guiding delivery drivers, the route planner runs automatically. 

How Can Software Optimize Route Planning?

Route optimization software considers the real-time traffic flows and outside weather before finding the best routes. The beauty of route planning is it addresses manual route planning issues, and possible route planning errors.

The software can achieve these efficiencies thanks to sophisticated algorithms that automatically account for an immense number of variables that can impact a route’s efficiency at any given moment. 

The core features of routing software should include:

  • Route optimization algorithm –  The algorithm is at the heart of route optimization, which is essential for adding thousands of stops per route.
  • Route planning visualization – A visual map of addresses will provide the driver with valuable reference points for their route.
  • Mobile app – Drivers/delivery persons must have access to the modern route planning software while in the field. Ideally, quality route planner apps should be available on both iPhone and Android.
  • Real-time tracking – live tracking of delivery vehicles/drivers provides valuable information to the dispatcher, who can identify delays in real-time and adjust customer addresses or rest stops accordingly.
  • Analytics & reporting – The stored data can help dispatchers identify ‘weak links’ in their regular routes and adjust accordingly. It can also help dispatchers identify which drivers are performing best (or worst).
  • Proof of delivery  – It confirms that the drivers successfully handed over the package to the customer.

7 Best Apps for Newspaper Route Planning

Newspaper route planning is made simple and faster, thanks to these delivery route planner apps that offer an automatic route optimization process.

1. Upper Route Planner

Designed for small or large delivery businesses, Upper is the most popular app that offers instant route planning and optimization. It has an advanced routing algorithm that churns out optimized routes as soon as you import the file. The route planner allows up to 500 additional stops and automatically assigns the tasks to the available driver. 

Upper’s automated route planning process doesn’t stop even after assigning tasks as it keeps updated drivers with routes and dispatch status. It ensures your delivery teams don’t require too much planning time. As a result, your drivers will hand over the parcel in a short time. 

Just like directing the drivers on the road, Upper also takes care of your clients as well. It keeps them posted about where the parcel is lying. Your clients automatically receive updates regarding the time of delivery (time of arrival), and as a result, it assures customer availability.

Main features of Upper Route Planner:

  • Single-click import file option
  • Instant route dispatch
  • Route scheduling
  • Error-proof address input
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Real-time sync across all different platforms
  • Offers bird’s eye view
  • Customized delivery notifications

  • User-friendly route planner app
  • Route optimization is real quick
  • Offers dedicated a driver app
  • Priority customer support
  • It doesn’t gives street views
  • Limited free trial for 7 days

Do Newspaper Route Planning in Minutes

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2. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute has route planning and optimization features for major industries like HVAC, food delivery, alcohol delivery, and logistics services. The delivery route planner is accessible on web apps as well as mobile apps so that drivers can navigate routes easily. You can even reoptimize routes in case you have cancelation orders.

  • Ability to add extra stops
  • Updates last-minute changes to drivers
  • It reminds you to ask for customer feedback
  • It sends customizable notifications
  • It uses outdated maps
  • Customer support is not good
  • You can’t add custom fields

3. Routific

Routific is built to facilitate delivery operations so that drivers can transport packages in a short time. This dependable delivery route planner consists of a sophisticated algorithm that gives you shorter routes. You do not need manual intervention as it uses a fully automated delivery process. It helps you in route management and offers maximum support to the drivers or couriers to reach the delivery stop.

  • It’s customer alerts drops on time
  • Driver tracker offers a better view
  • Option to capture e-signature
  • Interface is not easy to understand
  • No option to modify routes

4. Badger Maps

Badger Maps could be ideal for those who are into the delivery industry. It has in-built features that quickly find an optimal route with ease. Plus, it has an integration option which means you can connect with any CRM software and transfer the data. You can organize the delivery schedule and set priority levels as well. The admin can generate reports anytime to analyze the delivery process.

  • Offers integration with CRM software
  • In-app calendar
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Unable to keep delivery notes
  • Poor customer support

5. Onfleet

It is the route planner that offers an automated delivery process to perform last-mile delivery. The user can access analytics & reports and improve the delivery operations. Business owners can even manage delivery schedules months in advance. A delivery route planner is a suitable option for small or mid-size businesses to plan and optimize routes quickly.

  • Users can set drivers individually
  • It has integration with other software
  • Client tracking option
  • It is quite expensive
  • Limited history of completed tasks

6. Circuit

The delivery route planner is available for delivery teams and for individual users as well. With Circuit route planner, you can manage multi-stop deliveries using its advanced routing features. The driver’s location can be tracked by the admin user. You even get automated delivery notifications for your clients. Also, it gives you live driver chat features to get connected with the delivery team.

  • Package finder
  • Task auto-allocation
  • Live driver chat option
  • iOS apps have working issues
  • It takes time to fetch exact address

7. RouteXL

If you are taking too long for manual planning and scheduling, RouteXL is the ideal option for you. It helps you plan multi-stop deliveries and keeps you informed about the delivery process. In addition, it helps you manage drivers and fleet using the efficient route planning web app. Eventually, it brings down the operational cost and reduces your working hours. Route XL can be integrated with third-party software as well.

  • Automatically divides tasks between available drivers
  • It allows viewing entire route map on a popular mapping platforms
  • Real-time tracking gives accurate data
  • No customization option for larger delivery fleetsues
  • Difficult to understand for new users

Key Considerations, and Features for Newspaper Route Optimization Software

Here are a few of the key considerations you’ll need to take into account before choosing a software:

1. Mode(s) of transport

Are the routes and addresses are generally by foot/bicycle, type of vehicle, or a mix of all different transport types? As you can imagine, software to optimize for vehicles will not necessarily be suitable for walking routes that can ignore one-way streets, traffic jams, etc.

On the other hand, if your quick delivery routes depend exclusively on vehicle type, you’ll know that wear-and-tear can be extremely high and costly.

When choosing your solution, take into consideration the modes of transport you depend on strategic newspaper delivery route. If the list of stops relies on walking or biking, you’ll want to ensure that the software can optimize for these modes of transport. If your routes rely on vehicles, look for built-in features such as the ability to measure ‘fuel consumption/costs.

2. Number of Users

Are you merely trying to find a more efficient way to plan your route? Or do you manage delivery routes for a daily newspaper with a large circulation and many carriers?

The solution that’s most suitable for you could depend on the number of users that will be accessing the software. Typically, the more users, the pricier the monthly fee for the software. On the other hand, if you’re merely looking for a way to optimize your route, you may have some luck finding a free option!

3. Number of Customers

How many dozens of customers do you have? Is there a limit? What is the distance between them? While high-quality software or app solutions will likely permit an unlimited number of routes and addresses per route, some lower-priced or free versions will cap the number of addresses or routes.

4. App Platforms

What devices or platforms do you currently use? Do you need a smartphone device to access apps found on the App Store? Or would you rather Android? Do you prefer a web-based (or cloud-based) app? Do you use a tablet such as the iPad? Do you need the flexibility to choose between these? It’s often beneficial to look at which interface you want to use to track progress and operations.

5. Pricing Structure

What type of prices are you looking to get? Is there a cost that is too high? Would a subscription model work for you? What types of accounts does the company support? Does it offer a free trial? How frequent are payments?

6. Specific Features

There are many other questions that one can ask here. Does it integrate with Apple Maps? Does this do driver tracking? What logistics account settings can I toggle? Does it have planners, locations (destinations), directions (navigation), and fleet options? Can it also handle appointments and customer relations management software (CRM)? These are a few of the scenarios to consider in your overview and research.

Route Optimization Done Paperless

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The best way to map a route is to use ideal route planning tools such as Google Maps, MapQuest, or any other paid application like Badger Maps or OptimoRoute. In the digital age, it is no longer efficient to map service calls or sales routes using a spreadsheet.

In general, two leading apps are considered the best and free options. The first option is Google Maps, which has the advantage of being powered by Tech juggernaut Google which means that it contains an incredible amount of data integration and features. The second option is MapQuest, which offers a simplified user experience as well as optimization features.

Generating the speedy route needs consideration of many factors. It is better done using a delivery route planner app. Here are the steps to find the fastest route.

  • Collect accurate data for delivery orders.
  • Adopt an effective method to get the best routes.
  • Determine the overall cost of delivery.

Make Paper Deliveries Smoother with Route Planning Software

In conclusion; we hope this article helps newspaper field salespeople improve their delivery service performance, improve productivity, and address challenges of route optimization. We hope this list of tips on delivery management will help you in delivering outstanding customer service to all clients reading newspapers. 

We always hope to add the maximum amount of value to you. Switching to the automated delivery process means you won’t have to use pen and paper or do frequent call-ups. If there’s anything we missed or anything you’d like to see added in the future, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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