Top 10 Shopify Route Apps to Fast-track Your Deliveries in 2024

keyKey Takeaways:
  • Upper, EasyRoute, and Zapiet are some of the leading Shopify route apps.
  • Top Shopify route apps offer advanced features like route optimization, real-time tracking, and customer notifications to streamline local deliveries.
  • Customizing the delivery experience by defining preferences, creating branded tracking pages, and offering flexible options enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Are you ready to transform your delivery game and join the race for the fastest, safest, and most cost-efficient deliveries?

Whether you’re an online business wizard or a newbie in your industry, you know the importance of reducing delivery times and costs. It isn’t just a goal any longer – it’s imperative in the present furiously cutthroat scene. 

But how can you accomplish this feat? 

That’s where a game-changing solution Shopify Route Apps comes in. They are your pass to unwind the complexities of the delivery maze, allowing you to streamline operations, optimize routes, and succeed. Furthermore, as per a report, the market for route optimization apps is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2020 to 2025. 

In this blog, we are going to unravel the potential of shipping apps, showcasing how they fast-track deliveries, lessen expenses, and improve customer loyalty. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to transform your delivery challenges into victorious triumphs!

Forget Spaghetti Routes, Optimize Routes for Your Entire Team with Upper


Why is Efficient Delivery Important?

An efficient delivery often implies deliveries that are fast, easy, and profitable. It is a crucial part of modern commerce, offering organizations many advantages that expand well beyond simple order fulfillment. 

  1. Efficient deliveries guarantee that clients receive their orders promptly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  1. Businesses that offer the fastest and most cost-effective deliveries gain the upper hand in the market. 
  1. Enhanced routes and delivery processes decrease operational expenses, increasing profitability.
  1. Exact delivery schedules assist organizations in managing inventory more effectively.
  1. Efficient deliveries decrease fuel utilization and emissions, promoting sustainability.
  1. Organizations with effective delivery systems frameworks can focus on core operations and growth.

Overall, efficient deliveries are a catalyst for business growth, cost savings, and sustainability in an undeniably cutthroat landscape. 

10 Best Shopify Route Apps for Local Deliveries

Going ahead, let us discover the top 10 Shopify route apps that are set to revolutionize your local deliveries. So, let’s get started. 

1. EasyRoutes Local Delivery

EasyRoutes is a robust local delivery route planner intended to work on the Shopify local delivery process for businesses of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify orders, labels, items, clients, and other preferred applications for streamlined local delivery route planning.


  • Effortless route planning:  EasyRoutes offers an integrated route planner within your Shopify admin. It permits you to create packing lists and optimized routes quickly, ensuring efficient local delivery.
  • Driver management: It provides a simple-to-use mobile driver application for allotting and dispatching nearby delivery routes. This streamlines the driver’s management hence improving overall efficiency.
  • Real-time customer updates: Keep clients informed by offering order tracking pages and notifications through different channels, improving their delivery experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Simplifies route planning for easier business use
  • The mobile application supports driver proficiency, diminishing errors
  • Real-time updates improve delivery transparency for clients
  • New users may have issues in learning the software due to its complexity
quote testimonial

Harford Road Liquors

December 26,2021

I wish they could make this app like it has a really annoying dashboard that I don’t like. I hope the team looks at shipday and makes their app look better with branding for customers and us. I like how this has tracking built into Shopify tho so costumers can check right from their account page, shipday doesn’t. That’s the only reason why i downloaded this app

2. Upper

Upper is an advanced route planner for the Shopify store. It is designed to help businesses optimize vehicle routes efficiently. With the aim of smoothing out route planning, scheduling, and optimization processes, Upper offers a set of advanced routing features. Further, it also offers the option of curbside delivery to make pickups and deliveries seamless.


  • Effortless route planning: Upper smoothes out the process of dealing with various stops, empowering you to focus on deliveries. This app also provides details about exact time windows for on-time arrivals, supporting operational effectiveness.
  • Optimized routes, reduced costs: This Shopify app stands apart by generating optimized routes for various vehicles without a moment’s delay. As a result, it leads to saving time, diminishing fuel costs, and guaranteeing cost-effective routes. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: The dynamic route management software offers ETAs and automated client notifications for improved transparency, consumer loyalty, and building trust.

Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers 24/7 customer support through email, chat, and telephone
  • Dedicated app for drivers
  • Does not provide voice-guided navigation
  • Lacks the feature of barcode scanning as proof of delivery

Bryan Van Dyke

August 4,2023

I took a chance on a new route planner & I couldn’t be any happier. I really like UPPER. I use it every day for work. There’s no guessing with UPPER. I HIGHLY recommend it.

3. Route: Post‑Purchase Platform

Route is the go-to package tracker, trusted by over 50 million clients. It offers real-time tracking and notifications for all your online orders. This application seamlessly connects with various online stores and 600+ worldwide shipping carriers, including heavyweights like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.


  • Effortless package tracking: Route eliminates the problem of looking for tracking numbers by automatically interfacing with your messages. This allows you to follow all your orders efficiently. 
  • Visual tracking: Route improves package tracking for a seamless experience through visual tracking.
  • Real-time push notifications: From the second you complete your order until your bundle securely arrives at your doorstep, it remains updated with delivery carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS continuously.
  • One-click order resolution: In case of a missing or damaged package, Route improves the claims process with a single click. It works with a vast network of 11,000+ dealer partners to determine the issue.
  • Universal order history: Route automatically archives and organizes every order, including those from Amazon, for easy access and reordering.

Pros and Cons

  • Real-time updates from the majority of shipping carriers
  • Offers easy issue resolution and merchant support
  • Easy access to the complete order history
  • Route has restricted brand diversity for niche interests

Atmo Home

October 25,2023

It makes me really sad to write this because I do actually love the product, but we had to deinstall. It was spamming customers with notifications – sending them 3 emails for a single order: a confirmation, shipping of the “product” which isn’t really a product, and an email about their insurance. Within a span of 2 minutes a single customer was just getting way too much. Note that this is with.

4. LionWheel Local Delivery Route

LionWheel Local Delivery Route is a versatile solution that smoothes out nearby delivery tasks. This application offers advanced features like the calculation of the estimated time of arrival. Besides, the nitty gritty reporting feature empowers organizations to make informed decisions.


  • Automatic route optimization: LionWheel excels at optimizing routes, making it a valuable tool for local delivery businesses.
  • eCommerce compatible: It seamlessly incorporates popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and more, ensuring a wide range of compatibility.
  • Proof of delivery:  The app facilitates proof of delivery with features like capturing signatures and taking photos.
  • Easy integration: LionWheel provides easy integration with well-known route applications, Google and Waze, to upgrade route planning. 

Pros and Cons

  • LionWheel is ideal for Shopify as it streamlines route planning
  • The dedicated app helps to enhance driver transparency
  • It efficiently assigns drivers to optimize deliveries
  • A free trial is available, but additional charges may apply

Foodie Real Fresh

September 16, 2023

I had I good experience so far. Tal helped me a lot in the zoom chat video.

5. Logistia Route Planner

Logistia Route Planner empowers organizations with effective local ideal routes, delivery notifications, and customized reports. With this app, you can smooth out your delivery activities and upgrade the client experience while saving time and reducing manual work.


  • Efficient route planning: It smoothes out the process of route optimization, decreasing the time it takes to plan and oversee delivery routes.
  • Route editing: Logistia offers dynamic route adjustments to oblige explicit client demands or last-minute changes.
  • Performance analysis: It offers organizations the ability to generate customized reports that give top-to-bottom insights into their delivery performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Logistia offers a user-friendly interface for easy implementation
  • It seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms for fast setup
  • Prioritizes deliveries as per special requests and adapts to drivers’ schedules
  • This app will be too much for very small businesses with minimal delivery needs

The Speedy Dish

February 10,2022

This is a super powerful tool! I was looking for the ability to optimize across different drivers with different ending addresses and this is the only tool I found. I also like being able to export the data to create our delivery bag labels. Customer support is very helpful and resnonsive.

6. Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery

Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery is a flexible Shopify application intended to give clients flexible order fulfillment choices. It enables organizations to propose in-store pickup and nearby delivery, upgrading comfort and decisions for their clients. Zapiet smoothes out order management through a unified dashboard. This shipping app is an incredible choice for both physical organizations and online retailers looking for an efficient delivery option.


  • Date and time picker: The application incorporates a date-and-time picker feature on your online store, empowering clients to choose delivery or pickup times that suit their timetables.
  • Delivery zone management: Organizations can undoubtedly oversee delivery zones, set custom delivery rates, and characterize order limits, giving flexibility and command over their delivery tasks.
  • Shopify POS integration: For those with actual stores, Zapiet integrates seamlessly with Shopify Point of Sale (POS), considering the coordination of orders and pickups in-store.
  • Exporting capabilities: Organizations can export orders to different platforms, including CSV, Google Calendar, Zapier, and Klaviyo. It helps to improve their ability to smooth out order information for simplifying shipping processes.

Pros and Cons

  • Versatile solution for various customer preferences
  • Efficient unified dashboard simplifies order management
  • Flexible timing enhances the customer experience
  • Pricing varies, so consider your specific needs

Goose the Market

January 23, 2023

Does not work with Shopify Basic Pian (even if billed annually). Their website was misleading about this, which we shared with their Support Staff and they’ve updated the text now, but they also still have on their site as of right now: ‘If you are on Shopify Starter or Basic plan, you can still use our app without the Rates feature.” This doesn’t make any sense because, just as one example, in …

7. Lalamove: Deliver Faster

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery platform established in Hong Kong in 2013 with a mission to give fast, simple, and affordable delivery services. It offers convenient access to a wide fleet of delivery vehicles operated by professional driver partners.


  • Convenient fleet access:  Lalamove connects clients to a broad fleet of delivery vehicles operated by proficient drivers, guaranteeing reliable delivery options.
  • Availability: Lalamove offers 24/7 delivery services, including both instant and scheduled options, taking special care of the requirements of clients.
  • Versatile vehicle options: With different vehicle types accessible, from cruisers and vans to trucks, Lalamove can deal with deliveries of all cargo sizes effectively.

Pros and Cons

  • Transparent, cost-effective, and no hidden fees
  • Real-time tracking for peace of mind
  • Offers limited accessibility, Asia and Latin America only


September 7,2023

Very hard to do the Integration and contact slow response.

8. Hub Route Planner

Hub Route Planner improves the process of creating and managing delivery routes, offering a user-friendly solution for decreasing delivery costs. With its map view planner, you can easily choose orders, compute ideal routes, print shipping labels, and keep clients informed about expected delivery times.


  • Driver-friendly app: Drivers have direct access to explore planned delivery points with a one-click navigation feature, improving their effectiveness.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers simplified route planning for all users
  • Provides time and resource-saving optimized route
  • Better customer communication with delivery time estimates
  • Lacks advanced features of complex route tools

Valyõu Furniture

August 17,2023

Valyou successfully achieved over 8000 deliveries with the strategic assistance of the Hub Route Planner.

9. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR)

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is a flexible Shopify application that enables clients to settle on helpful decisions for request pickup or delivery. Its intuitive interface and simple setup give a flexible solution to boost conversion rates and improve the shopping experience. This app permits organizations to fit their pickup and delivery choices to suit their requirements.


  • Custom pickup and delivery schedules: This application empowers clients to choose their favored pickup or delivery dates. It also allows them to choose the flexible time slots they want.
  • Configurable store pickup options:  Shopify store owners can freely alter pickup times for every area, guaranteeing consistent order management.
  • Order tagging: Automatically label orders with essential information, for example, pickup or delivery date, time, and area. This process of order tagging smoothes out order tracking and fulfillment.

Pros and Cons

  • Boosts satisfaction, and conversion rates with flexible time choices
  • Enhances local pickup management with configurable times
  • Geographically limited; ideal for regional deliveries
  • Limited for complex, varied delivery needs

La Calsse à Savon

September 17, 2021

to flee! is full of bugs, and during uninstallation: full of error messages! you have to manually go and remove lots of crappy lines of code … luckily I had made a backup of my theme earlier !! a lot of time wasted anyway to sort out the problems caused by this messy application!

10.  Local Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE

Local Delivery + Pickup – SE is a comprehensive solution for overseeing local deliveries and in-store pickups. It offers route planning, order tracking, notifications, and driver applications, making it an important tool for both eCommerce stores and physical organizations.


  • Route optimization: This app empowers you to optimize delivery routes, which can assist in diminishing delivery costs and developing effectiveness.
  • Delivery assignment and scheduling: You can undoubtedly assign and plan local deliveries. It helps to guarantee a smooth process for the two clients and drivers.
  • Real-time tracking: The application gives constant updates on deliveries, improving transparency and consumer loyalty.

Pros and Cons

  • The optimized routes help to reduce shipping rates leading to cost savings
  • The tailored time and personalized tracking enhance customer experience
  • Requires mobile app for drivers

Cafe Vape Sawd

August 27,2023

Didn’t work for us unfortunately, but looked good, support was good but couldn’t sort out the issues even though they said they could, took me to chase them to verify this.

These were the best Shopify apps that can help eCommerce store owners to offer services and gain loyal customers.


Following are the key features to look for when selecting a Shopify route app for deliveries:

  • Route Optimization
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Customer Notifications
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Cost Efficiency

Yes, legal and regulatory considerations include compliance with local transportation laws and data privacy regulations to protect customer information. It’s vital to stay informed about applicable shipping rules and guidelines to guarantee legitimate adherence in local deliveries.

Below are the steps to customize the delivery experience for customers using Shopify route apps:

  • Define delivery preferences, including time window and notification options
  • Create branded tracking pages and order status updates
  • Customize delivery notifications and communication
  • Allow customers to choose local delivery options that suit their preferences
  • Implement a seamless delivery process that aligns with your brand identity and customer expectations.


In the world of eCommerce, success relies upon speedy, efficient deliveries. The significance of route apps, especially the top 10 Shopify route apps to elevate local deliveries in 2024, cannot be overstated. They offer the promise of quicker, more secure, and cost-effective deliveries paving the way for satisfied clients and a flourishing business.

So, gear up and embrace the future of deliveries with these delivery apps for Shopify by your side. Your clients are waiting, and with the right app, you’re closer than ever to surpassing their expectations. It’s the right time to fast-track your deliveries and conquer the ecommerce business race.

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