7 Best Fleet Routing Software Solutions To Checkout

What is the one common link that connects an independent driver, delivery businesses, moving companies, and logistics businesses? It is a need to plan routes with multiple stops and optimize them. This simple process of planning and optimizing routes improves delivery performance and overall operational efficiency.

Dealing with complex distribution networks and increasing customer expectations makes it necessary to adopt a tool that helps automate the manual process and easily tackle the problem. Fleet routing software is one such solution that helps you find optimal routes for multiple vehicles visiting a set of locations.

Talking about fleet routing software, there are many options to choose from. Selecting the best option from available options is quite a daunting task. To make things easy, we have highlighted the best fleet routing software solutions that are best in terms of features, ratings, and popularity.

Top 7 Fleet Routing Software To Checkout

Fleet Routing SoftwareUser RatingsTop FeaturesDownload
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Live tracking & ETA
  • Automated planning
  • Real-time route modification
  • Proof of Delivery
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Most PreferredUpper Route Planner
  • Multiple stops, turn-by-turn directions for multiple routes
  • Plan 500+ stops at once
  • Auto import with Excel
  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Analytics & smart reports
  • Human-centric design approach
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Workwave Route Manager
  • Automated scheduling
  • Driver management
  • Live driver tracking
  • Order tracking and management
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Circuit Route Planner
  • Optimize multiple stops at once
  • Easily drag-and-drop your stops
  • Search and add destinations fast
  • Get accurate ETAs
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  • Route planning
  • Mileage tracking
  • Order management
  • GPS tracking
  • Predictive weather
  • Avoidance zones
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  • icon
  • SMS gateways
  • Geofencing
  • Payment gateways
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Verizon Connect
  • Real-time fleet and driver monitoring
  • Route replay feature
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Fleet maintenance information
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  1. Optimoroute

    Optimoroute is a cloud-based fleet management software that helps different types of businesses in organizing and managing their mobile workforce.


    It optimizes your orders and tasks by taking into consideration factors like day of the week, time windows, priority, reverse logistics order, and skills.

    Last-minute route modifications and adjustment of stop sequence are easier with Optimoroute. The software can help businesses in planning for up to 5 weeks in advance with just one click. Other features like Multi-day Long-haul routes, Workload Balancing, and Breadcrumbs, help you manage your delivery operations better.

    Pricing Model:

    • Starter: $17.10 per driver/month
    • Business: $26.10 per driver/month
    • Enterprise: $35.10 per driver/month
    • Higher cost-effectiveness over some other apps
    • Plan the whole week with multiple driver settings
    • Easy to use software
    • Ability to add stops to routes in progress
    • No SMS notification for customers
    • No option for delivery verification
    • Can’t adjust routes easily using drag-and-drop interface
  2. Upper Route Planner

    Upper Route Planner is a route planning and optimization software solution. It creates the most suitable delivery routes and is widely used by independent drivers/contractors, small businesses, and trucking businesses. The simple and easy-to-use interface of the app is one of its most unique  features.

    Route Planner Upper Crew

    Upper Route Planner follows a human-centred design approach that focuses on making things easier for the users. It is reflected in the way the interface of the app. Upper Crew allows businesses to create multiple routes with multiple stops for multiple drivers at once and within just a few minutes. 

    It optimally divides the routes between the number of drivers and making sure the load is distributed equally among all the drivers on the list.

    Pricing Model: Pricing

    • Create the time and cost-efficient routes in a few minutes
    • Offers turn-by-turn directions
    • Provides optimized routes for your drivers
    • Create optimized routes for multiple drivers simultaneously
    • A human-centric design approach for a user-friendly interface
    • Proof of delivery, reports & analytics
    • Does not offer live driver tracking
    • No voice directions

    Optimize Your Route For Multiple Drivers With Upper Crew

    Upper Crew allows you to add 500 stops in your delivery route and help scale multiple driver deliveries.

  3. Workwave Route Manager

    WorkWave Route Manager automates and manages each step of the delivery process effortlessly.

    Workwave Route Manager

    It tracks and optimizes routes in real-time, accommodates changes easily, dispatches those routes to your drivers on their mobile apps, offers real-time updates regarding each delivery in-process.

    The same SMS notifications can be sent to the customers to inform them about the location of their package. This little feature can improve customer service and communication. With the reports generated by the software, fleet managers can gain insights and make important business decisions. WorkWave is a route manager in the truest sense of the words.

    For pricing, you need to contact WorkWave.

    • Easy-to-use driver application
    • Better technical support team
    • A little bit pricey
  4. Circuit Route Planner

    Circuit for teams is a great delivery route planning software for creating routes, tracking packages, managing drivers, customers, and delivery operations.


    Taking control of your delivery operations becomes easier with features like route optimization, driver tracking, SMS notifications, and accurate ETAs.

    Circuit software allows users to optimize unlimited routes with up to 500 stops per route. Sending out delivery updates to your customers becomes easier with Circuit through text or email notifications. The need for proof of delivery is often undermined for delivery businesses. But Circuit has grasped the problem and offered proof of delivery through customer signature or marking the delivery of the package in a safe place.

    Pricing Model

    • Dispatch: $40/driver/month
    • Recipient: $60/driver/month
    • Enterprise: $100/driver/month
    • Quick and easy to use for admins, dispatchers and drivers
    • Route creation and optimization is easy both in-browser and on the app
    • Editing routes on the app can be a bit of a pain
  5. Route4Me

    Route4me is a fleet routing software solution that saves businesses from early morning routing chaos, and it is ideal for companies with multiple stops for one driver and claims to generate 25-30% shorter routes.

    Route4Me Multi-Stop Route Planning

    They give a ton of information as well as allow for a lot of customization on the routes and give you the ability to view them as a grid on a map, single route views, etc. However, this delivery route planner app assumes all your drivers start at the same time from the same point. 

    Pricing Model:

    • Route Management: $149 per month
    • Route Optimization: $199 per month
    • Route Optimization Plus: $299 per month
    • Easy to use and quick
    • Improves scheduling and makes the most effective deliveries
    • Easily add new stops to vehicles already in route
    • Ability to plan routes using pre-set ETAs
    • It is very expensive
    • No room for customizing driver profiles
    • Add-on features have additional fees
  6. Tookan

    Tookan is a fleet routing software that helps businesses streamline dispatch operations and facilitate communication between managers and delivery drivers.


    It comes with an administrative dashboard, which enables users to track orders in real-time and receive automated notifications about new issues. It also lets users analyze the performance of fleets and drivers using actionable analytics.

    Pricing Model:

    • $17 per month
    • $53 per month
    • $113 per month
    • $215 per month
    • Awesome customer experience
    • There are not many customization options available
  7. Verizon Connect

    Verizon Connect’s fleet routing and management software that is specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

    Verizon Connect

    It helps you uncover hidden costs while revealing the potential for greater efficiency. With its active smart dashboards and reporting tools, it allows you to quickly analyze trends and accurately measure your fleet’s performance. 

    With around-the-clock monitoring, you can effectively manage unsafe behavior, unauthorized use or deviations from standard procedure. You’ll soon know where you can save, and operate a more efficient fleet.

    Pricing Model: Starting from: $45.00/month

    • Help you to generate savings and improve productivity
    • Best customer service
    • Little bit pricey

Essential Points To Consider Before Choosing the Fleet Routing Software

The following are the features that must be offered by the routing solutions you choose.

Top Features to Consider in Routing Solutions
  • Route Optimization: The ability to optimize your multi-stop routes daily is an important feature for efficient deliveries. Having a route optimization solution is important to find out the most efficient way of making deliveries. Every fleet management solution must offer this feature.
  • Proof of Delivery: Collecting proof of delivery by capturing a picture of the product being delivered at the doorstep or capturing the customer’s signature at the time of delivery is a good way of making sure the deliveries are being fulfilled and planned. If there is a missing package, the driver has proof to show that the delivery had been fulfilled from his end.
  • Customer Notifications: Customer notifications allow businesses to inform their customers about the estimated time of arrival of their package. In simple words, the process to track a package becomes easier as the customers are updated on the same. The customers can be ready to receive the package or make adjustments to be present to receive the package whenever the driver reaches the destination.
  • Delivery Constraints: Planning a route with specific delivery constraints like a priority, time windows, vehicle size and capacity, and more can be difficult to take care of manually. When you have an algorithm taking care of these factors, you can easily focus on your deliveries.

Download the route planner app that everyone is talking about.


There are several route planning apps for routing multiple addresses. You can choose free apps like Waze & Mapquest, though these apps have their own limitations. For better results, you can use route planner software like Upper Route Planner to plan multiple stops with multiple addresses at once.

A fleet management company is responsible for maintaining the performance and safety of vehicles to improve overall productivity by ensuring fleet safety, maintenance, and reduced fuel costs.

  • Food ordering via tweet, smartwatch, smartTV, and even self-driving cars
  • Big Data analysis
  • Multi-delivery options
  • Delivery via robots, drones, and even parachute
  • Ghost kitchens

Final Thoughts

Which fleet routing software is best for your business needs?

Select the fleet routing software solution that can easily resolve the common issues of travelers and businesses alike. You must select the software solution that helps you to do more deliveries with every route and save more time. Your software must be capable of dealing with managing driver’s complexities like traffic congestion, lousy weather, or some road diversion. 

So, if you are not sure which routing software is good for your business, then you can start your FREE trial with Upper route planner and know how easy it is for you to plan routes and optimize them in just a few clicks.