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While traditional delivery businesses managed well with manual route operating techniques, the drive for enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and cost savings has pushed many to adopt route optimization software.

When it comes to route optimization software, Circuit stands out as an efficient route-planning software suitable for both team and solo drivers. The software aims to boost route efficiency, scale businesses easily, and simplify delivery route planning with its flexible driver app and delivery routing software.

However, recent price adjustments may make Circuit less appealing to some businesses. As such, it’s worthwhile to explore other options in the market that offer similar features at more affordable price ranges. Let’s delve into why these alternatives are worth considering.

Why Consider Alternatives to Circuit?

Irrespective of the exclusive features and functionalities offered by Circuit, it may not be suitable for everyone.

For small businesses or individuals venturing into the route planning industry, finding an affordable yet effective solution is paramount. This is where exploring Circuit alternatives becomes crucial.

Consider the following drawbacks of Circuit:

Paying for expensive pricing plans while missing out on essential features may not be a wise investment for your route planning business.

Switching to other top alternatives in the market could offer a more favorable solution. We’ve curated a list of the top Circuit alternatives to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best route optimization software.

Top 10 Circuit Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

1. Upper


Developed for businesses with routing needs, Upper is the best alternative to Circuit for route planning, optimizing, and scheduling.

Despite the fact you are a solo driver or dispatcher, managing a team of delivery agents or one involved in the logistics industry, Upper is for all. It helps you speed up and streamline all your essential route-related operations. You can seamlessly perform route planning, optimization, scheduling, and dispatching all in one go.

Upper Compared to Circuit

Competitive Pricing Plan: Upper would be a much preferable option to choose from when compared to Circuit. This is because, with Upper, you just have to pay $80/month and get facilitated with 3 free users. On the contrary, for Circuit, you need to pay $250/month with up to 500 stops.

Availability of Core Features: Significant features like color coding the stops for easy categorization, as well as reordering the stops manually for any last-minute change, are not offered by Circuit. However, these are readily available in Upper. These can easily add value to your daily routing operations.

User-oriented UI-Interface: Both experienced and new users find Upper supremely easy to navigate because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It ensures a smoother learning curve and saves productive hours while getting used to the software. At the same time, Circuit has a more complex interface. These complexities while using the software or difficulty navigating through it can lead to frustration and unwanted wastage of time as users try to figure out how to use the software.

Appreciated by all: Upper offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate businesses of different sizes and requirements. It also ensures that you can rely on it to streamline your route planning and optimize your deliveries with ease.

Pricing comparison between Circuit and Upper:

Standard Plan


No discount offered

Each additional stop+ $0.06

Up to 2000 stops only


Growth Plan


Save 20% flat with annual billing

Upto 5 Users Free

$39.99/month per user added

Detailed feature comparison between Circuit and Upper:

Feature Circuit Circuit UpperUpper
Set Vehicle Type wrong right
Price Per Additional Driver $80/month $39.99/month
Parcel Info & Placement right right
Proof of Deliveries right right
Delivery Analytics Limited Unlimited
Color Coding the Stops wrong right
Contact/Address Book wrong right
Export to Garmin right right
Route Scheduling wrong right
Time Windows right right
Pickup & Deliveries wrong right
Custom Fields Addition wrong right
Duplicate Routes wrong right
Export Routes Only to CSV CSV, XLS, and e-mail
Passive Driver Tracking wrong right
No credit card required

Other amazing features that are offered by Upper that can’t afford to skip are:

  • Import stop addresses in bulk via Excel or CSV file format. You can even add stops manually.
  • Create contacts/address books for the stops that are recurring in nature and create instant routes from the address book.
  • Duplicate or reverse the route entirely.
  • Swap the routes among drivers in case of any sudden emergency or unavailability of one of them.
  • Plan pickups and deliveries in a single route.
  • Schedule stops a month in advance and assigns them to respective drivers.
  • Send assigned routes to the driver via SMS, text, email, or driver app notifications. Direct URLs can also be shared.
  • Send accurate ETAs to serve the recipient with live delivery updates.
  • Send customer notifications via SMS and email.
  • Dedicated driver app supported on all iOS and Android devices.
  • Use a multi-selector tool, & make quick modifications even after routes are optimized.
  • Actively track the location and progress of your drivers through live driver tracking.

What People Say About Upper

Ben parker

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker

2. Zeo



Zeo Route Planner efficiently manages the route scheduling and dispatch operations for SMB courier companies, home service providers, and retailers. It caters to the delivery business needs and requirements of around 800k drivers across 150 countries.

Web and mobile apps both are available for user flexibility. The web app works to accomplish route-related operations of admin or dispatch managers. On the other side, a dedicated driver app on iOS and Android devices is for drivers. From adding multiple stops in bulk to preferably optimizing the same and dispatching it to the drivers for successful and timely deliveries is possible now.

Here are some of the other essential functionalities offered by Zeo Route Planner:

  • Multiple stops can be added either manually, through the import of Excel files, or by searching them on Google.
  • Direct import of stop addresses can be done through third-party integration like Shopify, Wix, etc.
  • User-preferred instructions like time windows, service time, vehicle capacity, vehicle type, etc., can be entered to optimize the routes.
  • Optimized routes can then be dispatched to drivers with one click button.
  • Advanced route scheduling can be done considering the driver’s availability and their day-to-day scheduling.
  • Multiple tracking of the routes, as well as live driver’s delivery location and progress, can be tracked
  • Unassigned stops can be automatically assigned among the available drivers.
  • Seamless integration of third parties, especially e-commerce platforms, can be easily done.

Zeo Compared to Circuit

Zeo Route Planner fits best when Circuit alternatives are being discussed. This is because it helps dispatchers schedule the routes in advance. This can ensure efficient allocation of resources and minimize driver downtime. However, Circuit does not offer this.

Further, Zeo even helps you feed store-related information like store addresses, operating hours, specific requirements, and any other pertinent information in one place. After adding store details, drivers are assigned specific stores, and their operating areas are defined. Such flexibility is, however, not served by Circuit, leading to inefficient store assignments, haphazard route scheduling, and unnecessary delays in delivery.

Zeo Route Planner also offers live support around the clock, irrespective of the plan the user purchased.

3. RoadWarrior



RoadWarrior is a cloud-based multi-stop route planner that is used by thousands of professional drivers and teams to plan their day-to-day stop routes. Multiple stop routes can be created manually or can be directly uploaded from spreadsheets. Once routes are created, they are optimized effectively, considering advanced routing algorithms. Not just this, but dispatching them to drivers and tracking the progress in real time can also be done.

Along with the web app, the driver’s app is also available on all iOS and Android devices, enabling the drivers to tackle their routes and get home early seamlessly.

Have a look at the features offered by RoadWarrior:

  • Best-In-Class route engine
  • Set preferred service time and time windows
  • Considering traffic congestions, highways, ferries, and driver availability for optimization
  • Quick route assignments to drivers
  • Track & monitor route progress
  • Multi-select & lasso tool
  • Spreadsheet uploads
  • History & reporting
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Manage access permissions
  • FedEx and OnTrac integration

RoadWarrior Compared to Circuit

Best known for its route mapping and dispatching capabilities, RoadWarrior Flex can excel in various ways when compared to Circuit.

The first point of excellence is the affordable pricing plans it offers. Circuit charges you $100/month in their Essential plan with limited features and functionalities. Also, there is a limit of engaging only 2 drivers in the Essential plan. If you want to add drivers, additional charges will be levied. On the contrary, RoadWarrior allows you to add 200 stops per route for just $14.99/month per user.

Going further, RoadWarrior enables the driver to configure a round-trip feature for closed loops and synchronize multiple modes of transportation, which is not the case with Circuit.

Moving further, the historical delivery analytics data cannot be retrieved in Circuit. In the case of RoadWarrior, all the data is synced and backed up to the servers, ensuring that you can access your historical delivery analytics data at any time from anywhere.

However, relying completely on Road Warrior even might not turn out to be a healthy option for your business. Going through RoadWarrior alternatives should be considered.

4. Routific



Routific being the smartest route optimization software can efficiently manage delivery operations for small to medium-sized businesses. With a 4.2 rating out of 5, Routific is trying its best to plan, optimize and dispatch the local delivery routes in minimum time intervals.

Right from creating shorter routes, real-time driver tracking, accurate ETAs, and flexibility to keep customers in the loop via SMS notification and a delivery tracking link, Routific is trying effortlessly to scale your delivery operations.

Here are some of the essentials offered by Routific:

  • Route planning & optimization in minutes
  • Timeline route plan view
  • Driver and dispatchers notes
  • Custom data fields
  • Customer profile
  • Map-based route plan view
  • Proof of delivery
  • Drag & drop scheduling
  • Easily import orders
  • Real-time driver tracking through GPS

Routific Compared to Circuit

When talking about the pricing plans, there is a simple thin line of difference between Routific and Circuit. The former starts at $49/month per vehicle, while the latter charges $100/month for 2 drivers. So, as such, there isn’t any difference that can lead to a clear superiority of one over the other in terms of pricing.

However, if we talk about entering credit card requirements while signing up for a free trial, Circuit asks you for it, while Routific doesn’t.

Next, when features are compared, in Routific, you need to pay an additional $19/month to send accurate ETAs and delivery-related notifications to customers, which are freely available in the case of Circuit. Other than this, the option to reverse or swap the routes is not offered by Routific, which Circuit does.

So overall, as a Circuit alternative, Routific may not be able to provide the same level of convenience and flexibility in route adjustments. However, you can explore Upper, which competes as a Routific alternative here.

5. OptimoRoute



OptimoRoute is one of the most efficient route planning and optimization software, with 4.6 stars out of 5. It has advanced route planning and optimizing algorithms to tackle real-world operations efficiently. This fastest route optimization software is trusted worldwide among 30+ countries.

It can easily import thousands of orders instantly and get the most efficient routes out of it. Not just this, you can even schedule the optimized routes for your drivers in advance, ensuring that your resources are utilized in the best possible manner.

Along with planning, optimizing, and scheduling, real-time order tracking with accurate delivery analytics, last-minute order modification, accurate ETAs, and efficient proof of deliveries, everything can be done in no time.

Below are some of the features offered by OptimoRoute:

  • Automated route planning
  • Easy order scheduling
  • Live driver tracking and accurate ETAs
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Automatic customer feedback
  • Pickup and deliveries in a single route
  • Multi-day long haul routes (BETA)
  • API integration
  • Delivery analytics
  • Easy route modification

OptimoRoute Compared to Circuit

When compared to Circuit, the pricing structure of OptimoRoute is less complex, charging just $39/month per vehicle from the user. On the contrary, Circuit charges you $100/month for 2 drivers. OptimoRoute offers a 30-day FREE trial period, while the latter offers only 14 days.

Despite excelling in these above-listed matters OptimoRoute steps back when it comes to serving delivery analytics. Once deliveries are successfully completed, you cannot find them from the past history. Here Circuit can help you get any specific delivery-related details from your entire history. However, the time period to get delivery details is restricted to a minimum of 90 days to permanent under Essential and Pro plans, respectively.

If you are unable to come to a conclusion on which of these two is better, you can always switch to OptimoRoute alternatives to make an informed decision.

6. Tookan



Tookan is an efficient delivery management software that is engaged in ensuring on-time deliveries with real-time route optimization and end-to-end delivery tracking. Along with this, it further provides an advanced agent tracking system to manage and optimize all your deliveries, ensuring on-time deliveries.

Not just this, the real-time SMS alerts at various stages throughout the order delivery lifecycle can keep the recipients updated. Give a look at some of the best Tookan alternatives.

Apart from this, there are various other significant functionalities offered by Tookan. Have a look:

  • Performance analytics
  • Easy API integration
  • Auto pickup & delivery dispatch
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Delivery agent app
  • Customer app
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Add turn-by-turn directions
  • Custom and predictive routing
  • Vehicle-based optimization

Tookan Compared to Circuit

In comparison to Circuit, Tookan is best suited for smaller businesses that are price savvy and are handling local deliveries with an in-house driver team. In a much more affordable pricing range, it offers all the essential features that an ideal Circuit alternative must have.

With a very low entry price and a 14-day free trial, it is renowned for being easy to use. However, if you are looking for consistent route optimization software that can reward you with optimal routes on a daily basis, Tookan might not entirely fit you. It is because of the pricing plans, which are based on pay-per-task.

Right from route optimization that costs you 12 cents extra per task to accurate ETAs on your dashboard at $49 a month, you need to pay per task. Other than this redirecting the tracking link, automated barcode, waybill generator, number masking, Tookan logistics, custom CSV import, etc, costs you additionally.

Can’t switch to Tookan, do not worry here are some other Tookan alternatives that you won’t regret switching upon.

7. MyRouteOnline



MyRouteOnline is a cloud-based route planning and optimization software. It offers credit-based pricing with various features and functionalities as per the pricing plans. It can plan a multi-stop route with as many as 1000 stop addresses.

It is a multi-stop route planner that can help you upload and map multiple locations, plan your visits in just a few taps and get the most efficient route. Considering the fact that the credit-based pricing is quite expensive against the limited features offered, MyRouteOnline can still be an ideal choice for those whose deliveries are not recurring in nature and who require occasional route planning.

Here’s what MyRouteOnline has to offer:

  • Import contacts
  • Set service time
  • Reload saved routes
  • Mapping territories
  • Animate directions
  • Pickups and drop-offs in a single route
  • Export to Excel
  • Live delivery tracking
  • API integration
  • Zapier integration

MyRouteOnline Compared to Circuit

When it comes to price sensitivity, MyRouteOnline proves to be a more suitable option than Circuit. The competitive pricing structure of MyRouteOnline is appropriate for users who are conscious of their budget while still desiring to deliver reliable routing solutions.

On the contrary, if you are least concerned about the pricing and do not wish to compromise on the quality and advanced features, Circuit might be a preferable choice. Be it preferred time windows, curbside deliveries, parcel info, and location or accurate ETAs, Circuit provides everything that you need to get the best routes optimized. All these features are lacking in MyRouteOnline.

Other than this, the flexibility to add multiple addresses is also restricted in MyRouteOnline. This is because the address credits are linked with the pricing plans. Higher the plan you purchase, the more address credits you will be rewarded with.

8. Onfleet



Onfleet is one of the most trusted and advanced last-mile delivery platforms. Because of its robust and smart route-optimization algorithms, Onfleet manages route planning, optimizing, and dispatching routes to drivers effortlessly. Consolidate and seamlessly manage all your routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard.

Integrated driver and consumer chat platforms, predictive ETAs, efficient proof of deliveries, real-time driver tracking, and automated delivery updates can help make smarter business decisions with a delightful customer experience.

Explore more features offered by Onfleet to streamline your route operations:

  • Search and filter
  • Auto-assign engine
  • Predictive ETAs
  • Integrated customer communication
  • In-built feedback collection
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Intuitive iOS and Android-based app
  • Real-time data
  • Detailed delivery task history
  • Comprehensive driver performance metrics

Onfleet Compared to Circuit

When comparing Circuit and Onfleet, there are minimal differentiating factors across aspects such as pricing, free trial offerings, and the signup process for the trial. The two platforms exhibit similarities in these areas, making it challenging to distinguish between them.

Both of them offer a 14-day free trial only when you give your credit card details. Not just this, but the pricing structure is also similar. However, there are chances that it cannot fit into the shoes of small businesses just stepping into the industry. This is because there are other Circuit and Onfleet alternatives in the market, like Upper, which are offering the same functionalities at a much lower and even discounted price.

Yet a closer examination of their features and capabilities can shed light on their suitability for specific business needs and preferences.

9. Badger Maps


Badger map

Badger Maps is an efficient route-planning software for field salespeople. It basically helps field salespeople to automate the sales routes, manage the territories, and find new prospects while they are on the field. Be it sales reps or sales managers, it functions efficiently for both of them. iOS and Android-based mobile apps are also available.

Let Badger handle the sales route planning, optimizing, and scheduling as well. With Badger Maps, your team can serve existing customers and even conduct 2 new prospects meetings each day because of advanced lead generation algorithms. You can also take a look at the Badger Maps alternatives.

Have a look at a few other functionalities offered by Badger Maps:

  • Lasso tool
  • Route Optimization
  • Route mode
  • Color & filter
  • Custom check-in reports
  • CRM integration
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Preferred turn-by-turn navigation

Badger Maps Compared to Circuit

Badger Maps being one of the best-preferred route optimization software for field salespeople, excels Circuit in many ways. One or two of them are listed herewith.

First among them is the flexibility to color code the stops as per their categories or behavior. This can help you easily identify them when you are in a hurry to complete the scheduled deliveries on the field. The Circuit does not help you here.

Going further, the multi-selector Lasso tool for quick route assignment and optimizing routes on the go is lacking in Circuit. On the contrary, is made available by Badger Maps.

10. Route4Me



Route4Me is one of the top route planning solutions that effectively deal with your early morning chaos. It can help businesses upload addresses to visit, get them optimized, and quickly dispatch them among drivers. This cloud-based fleet management solution focuses on optimizing the routes considering sustainable and carbon-neutral last-mile optimization.

Right from modifying the assigned routes in case of emergencies to updating the customers about their deliveries in real-time via accurate notification alerts, Route4Me is capable of balancing certain as well as uncertain routing chaos.

Other than this, there are various features offered by Route4Me. Have a look:

  • Curbside deliveries
  • Time windows
  • Predictive weather
  • Address book and territory planning
  • Advanced team management
  • Telematics getaway
  • Geofencing analytics
  • In-app voice-guided navigation
  • Customer email alerts
  • Scheduled notifications

Route4Me Compared to Circuit

When comparing route optimization software like Circuit and Route4Me, you cannot make an informed decision. This is because you won’t be able to choose either of them. Route4Me is delivering the best of what it has to its users, yet if we try fitting the budgeting requirements, we will surely step back somewhere.

Right from core features to the optional ones, they have Add-Ons for all of them. You cannot avail of them unless and until you pay for them, along with the basic price of the chosen plan. This can significantly question the affordability and flexibility of Route4Me, especially for users who are in between budget constraints.

Looking for Route4Me alternatives fits best in this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Circuit good for my business?

    The answer can never be one-sided here. It cannot be said firmly that Circuit is totally good or totally bad for your business. It entirely depends on what business requirements you have, what budget fits you best, and what can turn your obstacles into opportunities.

    Though Upper can be one among those Circuit alternatives that is better than Circuit. All the features and functionalities sufficiently offered by Upper catering all the basic route processing needs of small to medium-sized businesses. The pricing is also way far more affordable than Circuit. It starts at $80/month for 3 drivers, compared to what is offered by Circuit at $100/month and for 2 drivers only.

  • What is the best Circuit alternative?

    The top cost-effective Circuit alternatives are listed herewith:

    • Upper
    • Zeo Route Planner
    • RoadWarrior
    • Routific
    • OptimoRoute
    • Tookan
    • MyRouteOnline
    • Onfleet
    • Badger Maps
    • Route4Me
  • Is Upper better than the Circuit?

    Yes, Upper can turn out to be a better option when compared to Circuit. This is because of the fact that it is quite a budget-friendly option giving almost similar features and functionalities to users. No worries if you are a solo driver or a team of 5, Upper is trying to deliver the best it has.

    Things that should be considered while measuring Upper’s efficiency against Circuit are:

    • Affordable pricing plans
    • No additional pay per driver up to 5
    • Dedicated driver app
    • Instant edits and route modification on the mobile app
    • No credit card is required while signing up for a free trial
    • A flat 20% discount is available
  • Which route optimization software is for small businesses – Upper, Route4Me, or MyRouteOnline?

    Upper is the best route planner app for small businesses as they are offering premium features at pocket-friendly prices with dedicated customer support wherever you need it.

  • What is the best delivery management software to consider in 2023?

    The best delivery management software to consider in 2023 is

    • Upper
    • Route4Me
    • Routific
    • OptimoRoute
    • Onfleet
    • Broadcast
  • Does the Circuit offer a barcode scan for capturing proof of deliveries?

    No, Circuit does not offer a barcode scan feature to capture efficient proof of deliveries at the time when delivery agents complete their assigned tasks successfully.

  • Will I need to enter my credit card details at the time of signing up for the Circuit’s free trial?

    Yes, Circuit asks for your credit card details at the time of signing up for their free trial, and when you forget to cancel the trial, in case if not interested, it directly charges you for the same. However, there are other Circuit alternatives like Upper, which never asks for your essential credit card information and lets you freely sign up for their 7-day FREE trial.

  • What is the additional pay per driver for Circuit if I want to add more than 3 drivers?

    In case you have more than 2 drivers under the Essential plan, you will be charged an additional $40/month per driver. However, under the Standard plan, you will be charged $60/month per driver.

    While Upper leverages you with 3 free drivers under their Essential plan, and in case you are in need of a fourth driver, just pay $31.99/month per driver. In Growth plan, you will get 5 free drivers, and if you need the 6th one, pay just $39.99/month per driver.


Circuit is one of the widely adopted route optimization software but only till the arrival of more robust and cost-effective Circuit alternatives like Upper. It goes without saying that delivery companies or logistic businesses are always tight on the budget. Hence, rethinking twice before integrating any route optimization software into the business is a must.

Upper is one of the best Circuit alternatives that can not only beat Circuit in various ways, and pricing is one of them. Consider using Upper for 7 days without paying anything out of your pocket.

will help you realize that you can deliver efficient results at minimum resource utilization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your routes and take your business to the next level.

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