Logistics routing software solutions

In the world of logistics, most businesses face a common challenge: how to optimize routes and streamline operations for maximum efficiency. The solution lies in logistics routing software that tackles this complex problem head-on.

Transporting goods from point A to point B may seem easy, but the logistics behind it are far from simple. Companies go through many different factors, including dynamic delivery schedules, fluctuating fuel costs, traffic congestion, driver availability, and more.

These are some of the variables that create logistical nightmares, leading to wasted time, dissatisfied customers, and a loss of competitive advantage. Adopt logistics routing software to face these challenges and optimize the entire transportation process.

Moreover, these software options also provide businesses a way to cut reduced delivery times, minimize fuel consumption, improve overall operation efficiency, and more. Herein we will take a look at the top 11 logistics routing software that will empower your business to thrive in route planning, optimizing, and scheduling.

11 Best Logistics Routing Software of 2023

Upper star(5.0)

Best Logistics Route Planning & Optimization Software

Starting price


Free trial

30 days

Key features

Optimize routes, Live driver tracking, Proof of delivery, Prioritize urgent deliveries/pickups

Upper is the top logistic route optimization software for businesses that need to plan multiple routes for delivery, pickups, and service. The last mile delivery software comes with advanced features, like route planning, optimization, dispatching, live driver tracking, and proof of delivery to maintain transparency.

No matter if you own one vehicle or a dozen of vehicles, Upper helps to create efficient routes in just a minute. Now, no need to copy-paste each stop manually, just import your stops with a single click


  • Simply import CSV or Excel file to add hundreds of stops at a time
  • Optimize your routes by time or distance
  • Schedule optimized routes in advance and dispatch them to drivers
  • Track the progress and status of your deliveries in real-time using live driver tracking
  • Collect proof of delivery via images, E-signatures, and driver notes and send them to the dispatcher in a flash
  • Reverse routes with just one click instead of planning it all over again
  • Use the timeline to drag and drop stops to your desired driver or timeslot with ease
  • Keep your customers updated on the progress of their deliveries using live notifications with highly accurate ETAs
  • Group multiple stops by drawing around them and modify them instantly using the multi-selector tool
  • Accommodate time windows, delivery priorities, and service times in your route plan for higher order accuracy
  • Accommodate last-minute changes by swapping routes between drivers in case of an emergency
  • Facilitate left or right curbside delivery to optimize your routes without unnecessary turns
  • Dedicated driver app for quick and easy navigation and communication
  • Ensure driver compliance with optimized routes by viewing their detours and traffic behaviors in real-time
  • Identify and eliminate any duplicate address with just one click while planning your route
  • Set priority for each individual stop and have your route be automatically optimized accordingly
  • Dispatch routes to your team with just one click
  • Get highly detailed reports and analytics to improve business operations
  • Contact book to save unlimited contacts and plan routes directly from there
  • Integrate Upper with any third-party platform or software, such as an eCommerce portal, CRM, and any other business platform

What People Say About Upper

Saved 10 hours per week & delivering 3x more meals with Upper Route Planner. It’s easy to take proof of delivery, the speed is great, it’s super super fast!Curve quote


Ben Parker,

Delivery Manager of Flavors2Go
Ben parker


Best For Large Enterprises to Streamline Operations

Starting price


Free trial

30 Days

Key features

Live sharing, Asset scheduling, Vehicle performance tracking

Samsara, an all-in-one platform for logistics businesses, provides companies with more than just optimized routes, as it also provides a myriad of fleet management solutions, including hardware solutions. Their hardware solutions include advanced dashcams and tracking for your fleet vehicle’s safety and compliance.

Seeing how they are able to incorporate so many fleet management solutions, they become the go-to option for enterprise businesses of all types. They use Samsara to simplify their daily operations and reduce costs.


  • Samsara software provides real-time visibility into fleet activities, asset locations, and operational data.
  • The advanced AI camera and fleet management systems from Samsara allow you to track your driver’s actions to avoid any future liabilities.
  • The software boasts an extensive array of hardware solutions within its product lineup that can be implemented and utilized alongside its routing system.
  • Get detailed reports and visualizations that help identify trends, optimize operations, and improve overall performance.

Houston L.

Samsara helps us remain compliant in our industry. So its routing functions are a leading example of what vehicle tracking should look like.


  • Customers report that the driver app from Samsara is very laggy and glitchy when used, as it has a lot of problems with editing logs.
  • According to past customers of Samsara, the customer service is not up to the mark, and they often employ unethical sales tactics to sell the product.
  • The breadth of features and functionalities offered by Samsara may be overwhelming or unnecessary for smaller businesses with simpler operational needs.

Vincent P.

The most disgusting part about this software is the team behind it. DO NOT purchase this software. This is a money-grabbing company that will use contracts and unethical tactics to take your money. This company will NOT work with you or be a good business partner. I have a Fleet that I am currently building up. Initially, we signed a contract for the starting 8 devices we needed.

LogiNext Milestar(4.3)

Best for Delivery and Logistics Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

14 days

Key features

Advanced route planning, predicting accurate ETAs

The next logistics route-planning software is LogiNext Mile. As the name suggests, the fleet management software helps you optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling, and routing for efficient delivery operations.

To create a fast and effective route planning, ensure all the pickups and deliveries are on time with LigiNext Mile. They provide optimized routes considering traffic patterns, weather conditions, KPIs, and other constraints.


  • Get real-time visibility and tracking of delivery vehicles to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and improve overall delivery efficiency.
  • The software uses advanced algorithms to determine the most optimal logistics routes for deliveries.
  • The software provides a digital proof of delivery feature, allowing delivery personnel to capture signatures, photos, and other relevant information.

Vikas G

“We are using LogiNext’s Mile solution for 2 years now. We were using amazing features of a mile like tracking, Visibility, Various customized Reports, iframe tracking and the customer support has been amazing. We are now saving logistics cost for about 9% now with them consistently.


  • Loginextmile lacks certain last mile delivery features, such as bar code scanning and air waybill generation, which may be essential for businesses that require these functionalities in their delivery processes.
  • The absence of these features could potentially create inefficiencies or additional manual workarounds, impacting overall operational effectiveness and productivity.
  • Many users have experienced that customer support team is not as reliable as it should be

Verified LinkedIn User

There is a need to catch up with changes or customization required by the Customer. In such scenarios, it takes a lot of time. Better to expose data through Webhooks which can be used directly. Webhooks need to be reviewed thoroughly as publishing whole bunch of details which are not required.


Best For Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

14 Days

Key features

Optimize your fleet based on vehicle, easily integrate with third-party software, monitor progress of your team

Tookan is an all-in-one logistics route optimization software to meet your end-to-end logistics needs of daily routing. This logistics route optimization software lets you customize your payment plan with a massive range of add-ons from the Jungleworks suite. The basic price for using the platform starts from $259 per month for 700 stops.

A unique feature of logistics route planning software Tookan is that it lets you keep track of all agent transactions via a dedicated agent wallet. It also has advanced features such as barcode scanning for quick and easy delivery authentication. You might also want to check out some alternatives of Tookan that are also gaining popularity.


  • Tookan streamlines delivery operations by providing a comprehensive platform that facilitates order management, real-time tracking, and route optimization, leading to improved operational efficiency.
  • The real-time tracking feature of Tookan allows businesses and customers to monitor the progress of deliveries, enhancing transparency and enabling effective communication between all stakeholders involved.
  • Get better workforce productivity by tracking on-field personnel in real-time with powerful Geo analytics tools.

Pennye J.

Its ease of use and the ability to set various filters to scale the routing based on time or distance.


  • There is a steep learning curve to using Tookan because its functionalities aren’t easily understandable. Also, your team members needs to go through training to get used to it.
  • Integrating Tookan with existing systems and workflows is challenging. Proper planning and coordination are required to smoothen its complex integration.
  • The price of Tookan is comparatively higher than other options. So, it is a major drawback for companies with lesser budgets.

James L.

Not working as it should, and no contact from Tookan support.


Best For HVAC & Field Service Companies

Starting price


Free trial

14 Days

Key features

Plan, schedule & optimize routes, Track drivers in real-time, Streamline your field service operations

eLogii is best known for its level of customization when planning routes for delivery operations. It has plenty of parameters and optimization settings to tailor the route plan to your needs. They have three separate plans, though none of their prices are made publicly available.

Also, unlike other logistics and distribution route planning software, eLogii charges you based on a specific number of monthly stops. Due to this, they allow an unlimited number of users, drivers, and vehicles to be added to the route plan.


  • eLogii provides a diverse range of routing options, including dynamic, multi-stop, and multi-day, offering businesses flexibility and efficiency in planning their delivery routes.
  • A broad range of proof of delivery methods that includes barcode and QR scanning along with COD confirmation.
  • eLogii’s live vehicle tracking feature helps businesses monitor the real-time location of their delivery vehicles and provide customers with accurate updates on the delivery status and ETA.
  • A massive number of configuration parameters like early or late deliveries, vehicle capacity optimization, driver skills, custom start and endpoints, and many more.

Philip P.

Highly flexible and easy-to-use local delivery management software. The driver app is simple and dead easy to use. Route optimization is fast and effective.


  • Lack of many basic features like multi-day routing, multi-depot optimization, and truck routing in their starter plan.
  • Canceled orders are displayed on the screen. Instead, there should be a filter that enables you to hide or show the list when needed.
  • It’s not very user friendly and takes weeks for a user to get hands-on using eLogii.

Batuhan C.

UI is complicated. Date choosing can be rearranged on the page.


Best For Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial


Key features

Real-time data, Analysis & improvement, Collect proof of delivery

Onfleet is a complete toolkit for last-mile delivery that is best for enterprise-level businesses. Find all the features available in this logistics management software, including a feature set with barcode scanning, unlike GetCircuit and Routific.

Users can easily import orders and addresses to plan routes, specify parameters, and get optimized routes in minutes. Drivers can access their app and receive updates as they confirm the delivery. However, we recommend checking out other user-friendly Onfleet alternatives.


  • Onfleet provides real-time tracking of delivery vehicles, allowing businesses to monitor the exact location and progress of drivers in real-time.
  • It has advanced routing capabilities that help you optimize delivery routes based on factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and delivery priorities.
  • The proof of delivery feature enables delivery personnel to capture proof of delivery through photos and electronic signatures.

Ben M.

Onfleet has been a huge help to my business. It’s robust yet easy to use, and the customer service is fantastic.


  • Onfleet does not offer a dedicated mobile app for dispatchers to monitor the progress of drivers in real-time.
  • Onfleet’s pricing structure becomes expensive if you require more advanced features or if your business needs scale.
  • The management of performance tracking reports is difficult, requiring extra effort and potentially impacting efficiency.

Dan S.

The worst part of the software is the lack of mobile support for the dispatchers. It would be great to have a mobile app for dispatchers who can’t be in front of a PC while needing to run dispatch. Also, the driver app greatly slows down older phones. Sometimes to the point of totally locking them up.


Best For Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 Days

Key features

Dispatch to the driver app, Live GPS tracking, Proof of delivery

Routific is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use route optimization software with a mission to make logistics route optimization operations smoother than before. Using this logistic route planner, you can optimize routes that are, on average, 20% shorter than those planned by humans.

With Routific, follow drivers’ route progress to check the completed tasks and skipped tasks. Delivery drivers can use the logistics route planning app to start with their routes. Routific lets you optimize routes for the quickest time possible or shortest distance possible based on the highest priority drop location. What if we share some of the best alternatives of Routific? Wonderful? Refer to top Routific alternatives.


  • Routific provides a seamless setup process for integrating Shopify orders, simplifying the implementation, and streamlining the delivery routing workflow.
  • Through integration with mapping apps, users can leverage navigational assistance to efficiently navigate their delivery routes, enhancing overall route optimization and productivity.
  • Routific offers customization options to adapt to specific business needs.


It is easy to use, intuitive, and super efficient for setting up our delivery routes. Drivers found it easy to use. Marc, Suzanne, and the team were super quick to respond and helpful with all of our queries and engaged in depth with us on particular functionalities unique to our business.


  • It takes time to figure out where the planned routes are. So, the dashboard isn’t very appealing to new users.
  • An unnecessary dialog box makes it annoying for users to use the software uninterruptedly.
  • Routific lacks live tracking functionality, which means you cannot monitor the exact location of your delivery vehicles in real time.


Just a little bug that you can’t manually input the coordinates of a place, it has to be uploaded from Excel every time.


Best For Delivery Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

4 Days

Key features

Automated scheduling, Delivery tracking, & Collect proof of delivery

WorkWave RouteManager is a route optimization software that is designed for logistics companies and delivery businesses to meet their daily routing needs. The software increases profitability by reducing operational costs.

WorkWave has a separate driver app that lets you track your driver’s progress and collect proof of successful deliveries. Using the WorkWave driver app, drivers can collect proof of delivery by either capturing pictures or scanning barcodes. If you are looking for another option than WorkWave, then check top WorkWave alternatives and find some suitable options.


  • WorkWave enables businesses to plan routes with time windows, ensuring drivers are assigned routes that can be completed within the specified time frames, enhancing on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.
  • As an optional add-on, WorkWave supports hard-wired GPS and ELDs for telematics, providing businesses with advanced tracking and compliance capabilities.
  • WorkWave offers seamless integration with other tools, allowing businesses to connect and streamline their operations with existing systems, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Steven K.

Workwave is a very flexible product and easy to use. The integration with our work order management system was very easy, and we were able to improve our field technician productivity by 25%.


  • WorkWave can be relatively expensive compared to other software options in the market.
  • The basic plan lacks key functionalities, and additional features may require an upgrade to a higher-tier plan.
  • The app does not automatically resume data synchronization after a loss of internet connectivity, potentially leading to disruptions in real-time tracking and updates.
  • Driver GPS functionality is not included in the basic plan, requiring an upgrade to access this feature.

Francisco A.

If the data connection falls for more than a few minutes, sync will drop, and after that, the route information on the phone won’t be available; this is a No No, and honestly, a reason why we are evaluating other options.

Badger Mapsstar(4.6)

Best For Field Sales Reps

Starting price


Free trial

4 Days

Key features

Plan and optimize routes quickly, Manage and track team, Custom check-in reports

Badger Maps is the first and foremost route optimization software for on-field sales reps and their managers. This route planning software can help the sales rep save time and money in finding the best routes. It does not extend customized services as per your business needs.

It is proven to be the best route planning software designed for field sales as it allows sales reps to automatically plan a route and maximize their time on the field by decreasing 20% of their driving time.

Advanced reporting allows you to track sales activity and reassign if needed. It also integrates with CRM software, making the customer data accessible from the field.


  • Badger Maps enables easy filtration of areas based on sales prospects, allowing businesses to prioritize and target specific regions for improved sales opportunities.
  • By optimizing routes, Badger Maps combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with calendar functionality, enhancing scheduling efficiency and productivity.
  • Badger Maps includes team management features, allowing businesses to effectively manage and coordinate their teams, improving collaboration and overall operational effectiveness.

Kerby B.

The lassoing of clients into routes automates my daily planning. The ability to capture and track key account information. The ability to track and weed out bad prospects. The ability to search for specific entities and then have them visually represented by a color on my map.


  • Badger Maps’s app can be glitchy, often requiring frequent reloading to complete certain actions, which can disrupt the user experience and workflow.
  • The software lacks a live agent communication feature with clients, potentially limiting real-time customer support and communication capabilities.
  • Badger Maps falls short in managing real-time tracking and customization options, limiting businesses’ ability to have granular control and visibility over their operations.

Matt M.

I don’t like the fact that once I start the route, I can delete a name from the address book, but it still keeps it in the route. If I delete it, I want it deleted off of the route, too. Also, once the route is started, I can’t delete it off the route without reloading the app.

RoadWarrior star(4.5)

Best For Delivery Drivers, Courier Teams, and Service Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 Days

Key features

Track your team’s progress, Optimize routes in a snap, Assign routes in a click

RoadWarrior offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex plan for dispatchers, making it suitable for both individuals and businesses alike. The mobile app is very similar to the Flex plan, as it allows you to plan a route with up to 200 stops.

The flex plan starts at $15 per driver but at an additional cost with access to the online control panel for its logistics managers. This software is too basic for users. So even startups or small businesses that need route optimization could benefit from this routing software.


  • Road Warrior is user-friendly, allowing users to optimize routes quickly and easily, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • The paid plans offered by Road Warrior are affordable, making it accessible for small businesses with budget constraints to benefit from its features.
  • Road Warrior supports third-party integration with FedEx, enabling businesses to seamlessly incorporate FedEx services into their route planning and delivery operations.

Riley B.

I love RoadWarrior it is so easy to use and easy to set up. helps me know how fast my crews are moving through their lists and lets me know what they get done so I know who and how to bill.


  • Road Warrior lacks the option for live tracking of the driver’s vehicle, limiting real-time visibility and monitoring of deliveries.
  • Road Warrior does not have built-in customer notifications or the ability to send an estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates to customers, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and communication.
  • The software does not offer a built-in proof of delivery feature for package pickup or delivery, which could be a limitation for businesses requiring proof or confirmation of successful deliveries.
  • Road Warrior does not support multi-day routing, and the advanced plan has a limit of 200 stops to add to a single route, potentially restricting larger-scale operations or businesses with complex routing needs.

Matthew D.

Lost the ability to see other drivers’ routes from the mobile app. I now have to bring my tablet with me and log in to the website. 2. Websites security certificates have expired for over a year now 3. Customer service is limited to email.


Best Choice For Logistics Service Businesses

Starting price


Free trial

7 days

Key features

Curbside delivery, Time window, Recurring routing

The delivery route planning service Route4Me is comprehensive and adaptable and offers a wide range of add-ons for your company. This delivery management software provides client updates, proof of delivery, route optimization, and route monitoring.

Over 2M users have used Route4Me since 2009. The software serves different businesses and helps them plan, create, and manage optimized routes. Furthermore, Route4Me might be more appropriate for companies offering a wide range of on-field services (such as plumbers, electricians, etc.), given its primary focus on routing and the exclusion of various delivery-related features.


  • Route4me offers valuable add-ons such as curbside delivery, avoidance zones, and routing capabilities specifically designed for big and heavy vehicles, catering to a wide range of delivery requirements and optimizing operations.
  • This software solution provides the option for numerous third-party integrations, allowing you to connect and leverage other tools or systems you use, enhancing workflow efficiency and data synchronization.

Paul F.

Ease of use and connection to my GPS app. Finds all the stops I need to visit accurately. I like the weekly report you send as well.


  • The entry-level plan of Route4me does not include automatic route optimization, which may require an upgrade to access this key feature.
  • Route4me lacks extensive delivery management tools, potentially limiting the capabilities of businesses that require advanced features or specialized functionalities in their delivery operations.

Antonio O.

I think the price is a bit high for my liking, especially since you need to buy each feature separately, making the subscription expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is logistics routing software, and how does it benefit businesses?

    Logistics routing software, also known as route optimization software, is a tool that helps businesses plan, optimize, and manage routes for their delivery vehicles, service personnel, or any resource that needs to move from one place to another. It benefits in many ways, like enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, improving customer service, optimizing resource allocation, and providing real-time visibility.

  • How can logistics routing software solutions optimize route planning and improve efficiency?

    Logistics routing software solutions optimize route planning and improve efficiency by:

    • Analyzing different parameters like delivery locations, time windows, and traffic conditions to determine the most efficient routes.
    • Dynamically adjusting routes based on real-time data to avoid delays and bottlenecks.
    • Optimizing resource allocation, including vehicles, drivers, and assets.
    • Consolidating multiple orders into optimized routes to minimize distance traveled and fuel consumption.
    • Providing real-time tracking and communication for better visibility and prompt issue resolution.
    • Generating analytics and insights to identify bottlenecks and continuously optimize operations.
  • What are the key features to look for in logistics routing software?

    While choosing a routing software for logistics, you need to consider the following key features:

    • Route Optimization for efficient route planning and reduced mileage
    • Real-time tracking capabilities to get better visibility and accurate ETA updates.
    • Dynamic route adjustments to respond to real-time changes and minimize delays
    • Multi-stop route optimization to minimize distance traveled and improve efficiency
    • Resource allocation optimization to maximize utilization of vehicles, drivers, and assets.
    • Integration capabilities with existing systems like transportation or warehouse management.

Choose the Right Routing Software for Your Logistics Business

With the right route optimization tool in your arsenal, your business will experience greater operational clarity and efficiency, even on a small scale. Reduction in fuel cost and maintenance costs are also to be expected when following optimized routes.

Apart from allowing you to create the most efficient routes, the ideal route planner will also boast features such as proof of delivery and live driver tracking.

So why not go with Upper, which comes loaded with features that are made to optimize your logistics operations? If you require the reassurance of Upper’s capabilities, you can try out the software for yourself with our .

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