11 Best Google Maps Route Planner Alternatives in 2022

Google Maps is today being used by over 5 million live websites, and as of 2022, it has over 154 million monthly users. There is no question about why Google Maps is the most-used navigation and location-sharing app. 

But what about Google Maps route planner? How proficient is it? For the logistics industry, Google Maps has created a route planner service that eliminates the need to use paper maps. 

It has a perfect mapping technology to make things easy for delivery drivers and logistics companies. But this route planner by Google Maps is ideal for use only when you have a few deliveries. 

It is free and user-friendly but might not be a great route planner for bigger logistics companies that deal with multiple daily deliveries. 

If you intend to run a streamlined delivery business, then it is time you look for Google Map route planner alternatives, as the limitations of Google Maps will put your business growth to a halt. 

Best Google Maps Alternatives

Brand Name Logo Features Price
Upper Route Planner upper route planner
  • Multi-route planning
  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Availability of timeline module
  • Proof of delivery
  • Smart reports
Starts at $31.99 per month/driver
Maptive maptive
  • Variable grouping
  • Filter tool
  • Census mapping tool
  • Radius map tool
Starts at $250/45 days
Badger Maps badger
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Territory mapping
  • Custom check-in reports
Starts at $49/month
RouteSavvy routesavvy
  • GPS availability
  • Live driver tracking
  • Mobile access
$300/year for 3 years and $100/user/year for additional users
OptimoRoute optimoroute
  • Automated planning
  • Driver and vehicle tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Real-time order tracking
Starts at $17.10/driver
Bing Maps bing maps
  • Full suite of fleet management services
  • High accuracy in geolocation
Apple Maps apple-maps
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Immersive directions
  • Transit updated to miss no stops
Free for Apple Users
Waze waze
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Real-time traffic reports
  • Toll road alerts
Routific routific
  • Multi stop durations
  • Vehicle capacity updates
  • Vehicle type updates
Starts at $39 per vehicle/month
MapQuest mapquest
  • Guided navigation
  • Real-time traffic updates
TruckRouter truckrouter
  • Truck specific routes
  • Low clearance alerts
  • Trip cost estimate calculator
  • Optimization of route stops

Google Maps has its limitations. The biggest con of it is that you are deprived of the flexibility to optimize the order of your pre-assigned delivery stops. It is on Google to calculate and present the route in the order you enter the delivery stops. 

And Google doesn’t optimize it properly to save you time, cost, and effort in delivering your packages. An efficient route planning tool should allow you to list multiple stops even after the route has been calculated and set. This should help with priority deliveries.

So, here are a few Google Maps alternatives for you to get rid of these limitations and more. Most of the free tools with feature limitations might not help you scale your business as per your pre-set goals. So, it is time you consider a good change for your business with modern and productive route planner alternatives, both paid as well as a few specific free ones.

1. Upper Route Planner

Ideal for: Delivery businesses and drivers who want to maximize the number of deliveries made.

Available on: Android, iOS, and Web 

It is the best Google maps alternative for all the service capabilities that it enhances. Hence, this is the reason it has bagged the first position on this list. 

The purpose of Upper Route Planner is to map your delivery route and create an optimal sequence of all the stops in your entire delivery route. It is a paid alternative to Google Maps, allowing you to create a sequence of the consumer addresses for getting faster and shorter routes.

Upper route planner software comes with proactive features which include:

  • Excel import
  • Route optimization
  • Route planning
  • API integration
  • Immediate dispatch
  • Electronic proof of delivery

With all of these features and more, Upper intends to help the delivery businesses complete more jobs in a day with proper optimization. Hence, the saved time can be utilized to plan out the next batch of deliveries on an immediate note. The profit cycle will evolve and the business will grow stupendously. 

In addition, you are offered a 7-day FREE trial of Upper Route Planner to test the features before making the purchase. Upper Route Planner can be used by courier drivers, last-mile delivery, meals delivery, newspaper delivery, and flower delivery businesses as an ideal Google Maps alternative.

  • Real-time updates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile application for the drivers
  • Multiple route creation for different drivers
  • Creates reports and collects delivery proof
  • The street view feature is not added

Plan a Multi-Stop Delivery Route in Minutes

Looking for a route planner to simplify planning? Upper can optimize multi stop route in minutes & dispatch to drivers in just one click

2. Maptive

Ideal for: Small delivery businesses

Available on: Web-based platform 

Maptive is a considerable Google Maps alternative that eases all complexities of route optimization, which is left unattended by Google Maps. You can add your stops over the tool, and it will optimize them all to find the shortest route. 

With this free route optimization software, you get features such as radius tools and distance calculators. The interface is quite easy to use, as you can add multiple stops to the existing route by typing out addresses or clicking over the map. 

Maptive offers you a 10-day trial to test all of its features and functionalities before you decide on availing it. It has built-in guides for new and small businesses to learn and utilize the potential of route optimization.

  • Unlimited stops
  • Many sharing options
  • Allows layering of multiple routes
  • Download map data in bulk to show customer details and store locations
  • It is made just for business professionals and not for individual delivery drivers
  • It has no mobile application and runs only on its web-based platform.

3. Badger Maps

Ideal for: Big and small fleets, delivery businesses

Available on: Mac, iOS, PC, and Android

If you want an ideal route optimization tool for your field sales optimization, then Badger Maps has outstanding features as an alternative to Google Maps. 

Badger Maps uses real-time traffic to give you the fastest route to the specified destinations. It provides directions to your multiple stops and can feasibly integrate with almost all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

It consists of a Lasso tool, which can draw lines over the selected pins or stops on the map. This allows the drivers and business managers to build routes for priority deliveries quickly. 

Users can also easily add or remove stops for lunch breaks, gas refills, and any unexpected halts.

  • Has an in-app calendar
  • Seamless integration with multiple CRM portals
  • Real-time storage of field data
  • Unable to maintain notes you entered for the previous fleet
  • Poor customer support

4. RouteSavvy

Ideal for: Small- to mid-sized fleets

Available on: Android and iOS

RouteSavvy is another big name among the top alternatives to Google Maps. This tool is designed with more focus on delivery drivers than the sales representatives. 

Their online map tool is not specific to just delivery businesses, but they cover a lot of other industries as well, such as law enforcement, septic tank cleaning, airport shuttles, and dog walking. 

RouteSavvy permits the drivers to plug in several addresses, organize the routes, and find efficient options to schedule deliveries and pickups. The software does this with two pre-set features, “start-to-finish” and “round trip.” You get to choose what works well for your business.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • GPS tracking system
  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Data uploading process is slow
  • Cloud-based data saving is not available

5. OptimoRoute

Ideal for: Mobile workforces and delivery businesses

Available on: Android and iOS 

OptimoRoute offers detailed maps with route planning for several industries, including waste collection, outbound logistics, field sales, and delivery fleets (big and small firms). 

The primary function of this tool is to plan routes, optimize them through the software, and make them accessible through a tablet, computer, and smartphone. 

OptimoRoute has over 50 features to help delivery professionals navigate their stops and prioritize the deliveries easily. The routes can be updated over the portal even at the last minute. Unlike Google Maps, updates regarding sick drivers or canceled deliveries can be updated over this portal.

  • Routes can be planned for weeks in advance
  • Last-minute route changes can be made
  • Consists of vehicle specifications for businesses to pick the right trucks for select deliveries
  • Difficult to plan multiple routes for multiple drivers at once for the same city with the automatic route generator

6. Bing Maps

Ideal for: Big and small fleets

Available on: Windows PC

Bing Maps is one of the most preferred Google Maps alternatives, but not specifically for its route planning capabilities. It is a mapping software for small delivery businesses to plan the routes mostly within city or state boundaries. 

Bing Maps allow you to download maps for specific states to use offline. These offline maps can just be used over Windows 10 applications. Moreover, the drivers or businesses need to download it before starting the delivery journey.

  • It offers an easy-to-use interface
  • Maps are very detailed
  • Locations can be saved over the Bing library for future reference
  • No mobile application for Bing Maps
  • No trip planner
  • Limited tools and features

7. Apple Maps

Ideal for: Small- and medium-sized delivery businesses

Available on: Mac and iOS

Apple Maps was released in 2012 to beat its biggest competition, Google Maps, and it was intended to become the default mapping application on all mobile and computer devices. The idea wasn’t a success, but over time Apple Maps has updated many features that have improved customer experience. 

These features have also extended support for the delivery drivers. Many small and medium-sized businesses are using Apple Maps, making it one of the most thought-about alternatives to Google Maps. Even though it doesn’t offer all of the essential services needed for optimal route planning, it is still better than Google Maps in many ways. 

It allows you to save addresses, integrate priority stops, and sync customer contacts to the addresses for easy communication. But a downside is you cannot modify the set routes with Apple Maps, and that somehow impacts the overall process.

  • It is free to use
  • Saves customer addresses
  • 3D building views and maps
  • Traffic information is not provided
  • Route modification is not available

8. Waze

Ideal for: Delivery businesses of all sizes

Available on: Mac, iOS, PC, and Android

Waze is a popular route planning application with the greatest user experience. It was purchased by Google in 2013. Waze can help businesses collect data in real-time from the users. 

On Waze, you get traffic updates, shortcuts, and adjusted routes. Moreover, you can integrate this application with Spotify so you can listen to music even while getting the delivery directions. 

  • Real-time updates through community data
  • Spotify integration
  • Multiple stops can’t be added
  • Has distracting ads
  • Low availability of data in remote areas

9. Routific

Ideal for: Small fleet businesses and delivery drivers

Available on: Android and iOS

Routific is a standard tool focused on helping deliver drivers streamline the entire process of transiting packages.

It consists of multiple tools such as GPS, a physical map, and a route planner to reduce the manual operations of planning a delivery route. It offers you more detailed maps than Google Maps. 

Your company’s management team can download maps offline with proper routes before dispatching the order. The maps will then be sent to the driver’s mobile device through the application. They can then follow the map addresses and routes to deliver the packages in time.

  • Notification feature for informing customers about the arrival time
  • Enabled with driver tracking feature
  • Signature capture services for proof of delivery
  • The interface is quite complex to understand
  • Route modification is not available

10. MapQuest

Ideal for: Small delivery businesses and drivers with many stops in one day

Available on: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

MapQuest route planner is one of the many proficient alternatives to Google Maps. It matches Google Maps’ clean interface and offers you easy navigation through the features. 

If your delivery business makes a lot of stops in one day, then you should know that MapQuest allows you to add 26 stops in a route. They use the latest technology to keep their application streamlined and responsive.

  • The interface is easy to use
  • Use of modern technology
  • Info about gas stations can be updated on the routes
  • It has pop-up ads that might irritate the driver in the middle of navigating the routes

11. TruckRouter

Ideal for: Truck drivers and fleet drivers.

Available on: Web-based platform.

It is a free route planning map tool that the trucking industry can use to manage larger deliveries. Irrespective of whether you are a delivery driver or a management official for the delivery business, you can use this app to customize the routes to meet your priority deliveries and pick the shortest possible route to the destinations. 

The best thing about TruckRouter is that it suggests the ideal routes for trucks to commute. Due to weight and height restrictions, trucks cannot always travel on the usual highways or roads. All the diversions and alternate roads are marked over the delivery route created by this software.

  • Truck-specific routes
  • Designed especially for the trucking industry
  • Alerts the drivers about low clearances of the road ahead of their path
  • No mobile applications are available

Tips for Choosing Google Maps Alternatives

Now that you know the 11 best alternatives to Google Maps, here are some tips for you to pick the best software for your route planning needs:

  1. Number of stops: Check the number of stops a route planning tool offers. The free ones will have limited stops, whereas the paid ones will provide you the flexibility of adding more stops. 
  2. Route modification: You should check if the tool offers you modification of routes at the last minute. It might be necessary if you are running a big logistics company and have frequent delivery route change requests from customers.
  3. Multiple route planning:  A medium-sized or a large fleet business might need multiple route planning in a tool to assign all destinations at once. Without it, the sales team will have to update the route for the next destination only after completing the first.

How Upper Route Planner Helps You Plan and Execute Deliveries Better?

Upper Route Planner comes with a live map, saves routes, creates optimized routes, provides live route directions, stores up-to-date information about customers, and provides offline access. 

These are just some highlighted features of Upper Route Planner that make it an ideal routing and navigation tool for delivery drivers and businesses. You can download general maps of your regular delivery routes and mark the stops for offline access. 

You can take a of Upper Route Planner to compare it with Google Maps and other alternative options to decide its efficacy over others. Check all feature and service-related information over the website for added knowledge.

All-in-One Delivery Solution

Create delivery routes in minutes, import stops, dispatch to drivers, and collect proof of delivery with easy to use delivery management system


Google Maps is limited with its free features and doesn’t offer you the flexibility to change the order of stops in your route. It is only ideal for small delivery businesses. Therefore, a perfect alternative is crucial for delivery drivers and businesses to scale their income.

Google Maps can eventually do route planning and give you the upper hand to add around 25 stops in a single route. You must follow a trick to get this done and add more than 10 routes to your single delivery route.

Upper Route Planner is the best alternative to Google Maps for your route planning. You get to add multiple route options to your delivery schedule for the day, which will save a lot of your time, effort, and money on conducting the business operations.

The best mapping app for general navigation for traveling purposes is undoubtedly Google Maps. But when route planning is concerned, Upper Route Planner is the perfect alternative for you to streamline your fleet business operations.

Summing Up

For a delivery business or individual drivers, it is very important to have planned routes to make all the assigned deliveries in a day on time. And there are several options out there that offer route planning for various industries and business levels. 

Google Maps has always been an easy-to-go option because new businesses do the least amount of research to count on available options against it. But a free tool will always limit you with the features that it can offer. 

Therefore, consider the limitations of Google Maps and prefer to go with an ideal alternative that meets your business trade and scale of operations. Upper Route Planner can be your best pick to get optimized routes for your next batch of order deliveries.

Author Bio
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Upper Route Planner. A subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems, Rakesh has been involved in technology for 30+ years. Looking to help delivery businesses eliminate on-field delivery challenges, Rakesh started Upper Route Planner with the ultimate goal of simplistic operations in mind.