Why is Calendar-Based Scheduling Software Important For Your Delivery Business?

The appointment scheduling software industry can grow at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2109 to 2026.

61% of the businesses experience better and accurate business scheduling using scheduling software. 

With the increased inclination of businesses toward professional scheduling software, every other business wants to access a professional scheduling ecosystem to achieve desired results.

Especially in a delivery service-based industry, the scheduling software can help your delivery drivers stay on track with the daily delivery schedule and avoid delivery delays and failures.

The most effective form of scheduling, Calendar-based scheduling, can help your delivery team handle the operations effectively.

Multiple software can be used to streamline your delivery business requirements. Let’s go through the best of them and filter a professional scheduling tool for your business.

Benefits of  Calendar Based Scheduling in Delivery Business

Calendar-based scheduling is an effective form of managing your service job tasks and ensures that the delivery team never delays or misses out on a delivery schedule.

It can help the drivers visualize the scheduled delivery plans better and keep track of the updates or appointments to save time and effort. 

The calendar-based scheduling can help businesses:

1. Schedule meetings and appointments

You can instantly schedule multiple appointments and meetings within a few clicks that can help you with effective project management. You can minimze the back and forth emails between teams and streamline the communication channels.

You can quickly handle employee scheduling, resource scheduling, team scheduling, and manage your bookings using a powerful software.

2. Centralized view

The automated scheduling software can help you get an overview of the week, month, or year’s schedule. You can schedule events using the meeting scheduler and send automated reminders to the meeting attendees to avoid missing on the meeting timings.

3. Detailed access

You can obtain details of different delivery appointments within a click on the booking page and get access to different connected calendars to manage different business aspects. You can set automated meeting reminders, create events, and perform different scheduling task using a professional calendar-scheduling software for your business.

4. Automated reminders

The powerful scheduler can automatically schedule the deliveries based on the orders and the availability of the drivers. It can notify the drivers about the delivery schedule and ensure they don’t miss out or skip the delivery.

Use these benefits for effective delivery management and execution. A calendar view gives a wider perspective of the delivery schedule and enables the drivers to manage their work based on the set schedule.

Let’s look at the different calendar-based scheduling apps that you can use for your delivery business to streamline the delivery tasks and ensure the maximum efficiency of your drivers.

5 Best Calendar-Based Scheduling Apps for Your Business

We have listed 5 top calendar-based scheduling apps that help you improve your scheduling process and streamline your delivery business. Have a look.

1. Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner tops the list as it is the best appointment scheduling software you can use for your delivery business. The best part is that the software is not limited to providing you with calendar-based scheduling solutions; it can help your delivery drivers optimize their delivery paths to save time and effort. The software offers a paid version and a free trial for the users.

  • Multiple route optimization options

    You can use the powerful scheduling ecosystem, automate the delivery process, and dispatch different delivery drivers to different locations within a few clicks. It can help you with multiple route delivery and management.

  • Easy access

    The software is easily accessible to your delivery workforce through different mobile devices like Android or iOS. Your team can check their daily delivery schedule and get optimized routes to deliver to the listed locations successfully.

  • User-friendly interface

    It offers quality route planning and optimization features and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to integrate into your business ecosystem. The human-centric design approach enables the route planning process to be easier and makes the application used in different industries like pharmacy, food, retail, and courier.

  • Minimize operational cost

    The software analyzes different real-time traffic and weather scenarios that can extract the shortest and the most optimized path for fulfilling your delivery orders. Upper Route Planner can reduce the cost and time while managing and executing delivery tasks to increase business profits and productivity.

The top features offered by the software are:

  • One-click driver dispatch
  • Schedule routes for months in advance
  • You can import up to 500 addresses
  • It can help you optimize routes to save up to 40% fuel costs
  • Sync across various devices, including Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices
  • Easy to upload, use, dispatch, optimize, routes in bulk
  • Generate reports, proof of delivery, and analytics

  • Proof of delivery, reports, and analytics
  • Mobile app for drivers
  • Create cost-efficient and time routes
  • You can create multiple routes for multiple drivers
  • The design makes the app more attractive
  • No live driver tracking
  • Only 7-day free trial

Use Upper for Delivery Scheduling

Set up your delivery schedule within a minute and perform multi-stop deliveries on time. Release a package with a single-click dispatch and get real-time updates using Upper.

2. Google Calendar

Being one of the best scheduling apps in the industry, you can add a delivery schedule to Google Calendar that makes it easier for your delivery drivers to access the delivery address with details. It is a free calendar app that can help you to achieve your desired results.

Google Calendar has an intuitive interface and provides you with built-in access to Google’s ecosystem. It’s one of the leading Google apps that your delivery drivers can access the Google Maps features to get the route for the delivery process.

It’s not designed for the delivery business, but you can use it for free if you don’t want to spend a penny on a dedicated delivery software that can handle the complexities of your delivery management.

Google Calendar provides you with great support where you can address different scheduling issues that can help you achieve your desired delivery targets easily. 

Your team members can easily access the application on different mobile devices, which increases the accessibility of the app. It’s a great tool for scheduling meetings with your team members to discuss different business-related issues.

  • It offers alerts, integration, and simplicity
  • The application’s design is smooth, and you get regular updates from Google for its smooth functioning.
  • You can integrate Google Maps, and Gmail with your delivery schedule to create a solid business management ecosystem.
  • Not a dedicated application for delivery business
  • Manual addition of delivery schedules
  • Inefficiencies in managing business operations

3. Route4Me

Another efficient calendar-based scheduling software ideal for delivery businesses is Route4Me. Like Upper Route Planner, it can help you automate the scheduling process of your delivery schedule and ensure that you can streamline your delivery operations. You can find different resources online to increase the efficiency of the application and achieve your desired results.

You can optimize the delivery paths and ensure that the delivery drivers deliver results with maximum efficiency. You can customize your routing process as you get centralized control over the delivery operations. 

To maximize business efficiency, you can create a solid communication link between the management team and the on-ground delivery force.

The software allows multiple users to access the delivery schedule and make changes based on availability. The tool ensures that the changes are reflected in real-time, and there’s no hindrance in the data management and processing.

You can create optimized routes for multiple delivery locations within 10 seconds and scale your business to new heights. Use the free version

  • Unlimited route planning
  • Uses sign-on-glass verification
  • Quick route optimization
  • Easily connect with GPS
  • You can’t delete stops
  • No warning for duplicate addresses
  • Multiple restarts are required for proper functioning

4. WorkWave

It’s a powerful route planning and calendar-based software ideal for your delivery business that can help you increase business efficiency and ensure that your delivery drivers deliver quality results.

Different team members can access the scheduled calendar and data to collaborate effectively and deliver quality results. The tool also offers great route optimization options that can help you ensure the deliveries are cost and time-effective.

The customers can also get real-time updates about the changes in the delivery schedule and the ETA of the deliveries for better transparency.

The calendar software offers multiple meeting types and provides you access to multiple calendars for better viewing experience. The scheduling app can remove the hassle to schedule appointments and provides excellent features to effortlessly manage bookings. 

You can send the appointment reminders and follow up SMS reminders to your employees and clients to ensure professional follow ups.

  • Great technical support
  • API with easy integration
  • Shows ETAs
  • User-friendly access
  • Has consistent clutches
  • Multiple locations take time to get added

5. OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is a powerful route planning and scheduling software that can set the right delivery management environment. It has premium features that streamline your delivery business in different industries like food, eCommerce, field sales, HVAC, and healthcare.

It offers powerful software that helps you optimize your delivery paths and check the delivery schedule with finesse. You can increase the productivity of your employees and create a flawless workflow that can help you scale your delivery business.

Small businesses can use different features of the software to track upcoming events, book meetings, and other resources with finesse.

You can get real-time updates about the driver’s location and can update the delivery schedule for optimization. The customers and drivers can get instant notification regarding any changes in the set schedule.

The mobile application is compatible with multiple devices and is lightweight with low data usage.

Now that you know the top calendar-based scheduling software for your delivery business, it’s time to choose one for your business.

  • The complexities of the delivery process are not handled effectively
  • There might be issues with the GPS locations
  • The software can encounter glitches at different points


Calendar-based scheduling means that the appointment or delivery schedules are visible in the calendar with the date and time of the individual tasks. You can get a complete overview of the month’s schedule and access the individual details of the deliveries. It can help the users handle the upcoming work properly based on the schedule set.

Yes, Google offers Google Calendar that can be used to schedule different business tasks and get reminder notifications to never miss out on the scheduled work. The interface is smooth, and you get the backing of Google to ensure you don’t face technical troubles using the application.

You can choose from multiple delivery business scheduling software, but there’s nothing better than Upper Route Planner. It can help you to streamline your delivery business workflow and ensure that you can increase your business efficiency with finesse. It can help you create a professional communication network between your on-ground delivery team and management to remove errors and redundancies for increased business effectiveness.

A delivery scheduling software can enhance the business productivity and help the delivery business scale the work operations. It can add automation and schedule management to the delivery business to streamline the delivery operations and ensure that you achieve your business targets within a specific time.

Yes, it is profitable because of the rising demand in different retail and wholesale industries. People are looking for professional delivery providers to help them get the online order product with a great quality experience.

Make a Wise Decision

Choosing the best calendar-based scheduling software can be difficult for you, but there’s no better option than Upper Route Planner based on the features and cost-effective price it provides.

It can help you transform your business and save up to 95% of your route planning time. You can scale your business to a new height and stand out from the rest in your industry.

Get access to a to experience professional calendar-based scheduling.

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